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  1. You can now change your Uplay name
  2. Rocksmith 2014 for IOS
  3. Rocksmith songs written by people who work for UbiSoft?
  4. Genre Mix and Target Group
  5. XBox One & Original RS Tracks
  6. RS Cool Factor: Post about family, girlfriend finding your playing cool to see
  7. What is your Guilty Pleasure (Band)?
  8. Uploading Rocksmith 2014 Videos
  9. Rush 41st Anniversary Tour
  10. Cheap Trick Opening for Billy Idol !
  11. Is Playing Bass Like Guitar
  12. Busking
  13. I wish...
  14. How much do people rehearse?
  15. PS4 version issue.
  16. RIP Jack Bruce
  17. the Hotei "Battle without Honor or Humanity" tips thread...
  18. Interesting Local Band
  19. Drivers Seat
  20. Just want to say "Thanks"
  21. Request Denied
  22. Favorite Jazz Guitar Artists/Songs
  23. Wonderful, just wonderful
  24. Your Favourite Funk Guitar and Bass Artists/Songs
  25. How is the used Guitar market in the USA?
  26. Anyone successfully tried http://www.jamkazam.com/?
  27. Flea is doing an AMA on reddit right now
  28. I am so out of the loop
  29. soooooooo lemme get this straight
  30. RIP Wayne Static
  31. what regions is this releasing in digitally and what are the dates
  32. CAD Price on Xbox One
  33. Possible future Rocksmith games?
  34. Dell World Conference
  35. Ban Happy?
  36. Should I Get A Bass Guitar
  37. Did you adopt the PS4 or XBone copy? Worth it now or wait?
  38. Last Gen Support
  39. Root, Octave, 5th?
  40. Someone's Angry w/2015 Gibson's
  41. AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd charged with attempting to procure murder
  42. Disgusting pricing for XBOX ONE/ PS4 digital editions (UK)
  43. Xbox One Videos Gameplay
  44. Ubisoft ditching Steam?
  45. Review of the PS4 version of RS 2014
  46. Things Rocksmith CANT do?
  47. Not Age Appropriate, Again?
  48. Import Music from XBox 360 to XBox One
  49. 2014 Second Hand Guitar Show Milan (Guitar Porn Inside)
  50. Can I use cable from X360 with my X-One ?
  51. Robert Plant ripped up $800M Led Zeppelin reunion contract
  52. This is a poll
  53. Game Room Update
  54. Pink Floyd's The Endless River
  55. What Time Is The Live Stream In Australia
  56. SeattleSauve moving to Vancouver
  57. Slide guitar on Rocksmith?
  58. Does this really work
  59. Wounded!
  60. Potholes in the road of life
  61. Surround mixes of rock albums
  62. Bass Song, mayer hawthorne her favorite song ?
  63. Rocksmith 2014 webcam?
  64. JJ Cale - how did I miss this guy for so long!!
  65. DADAdd-y Issues
  66. Where is christmas sale page
  67. Difference between Xbox One and PS4 version
  68. Saw Steve Miller Band last night!
  69. [Android] Music Theory Helper 0.5.0
  70. Anyone here use Last.fm?
  71. Rocksmith 2014 Network
  72. Black Friday Rocksmith deal reporting thread
  73. Solution for dried cracked fingers that won't soften my callouses?
  74. Video game tv themes
  75. Greatest guitar riff of all time?
  76. Musical Cringe
  77. Lesson Video
  78. Is this legal?
  79. Why do I have to log in evey time on these forums
  80. Gas!!
  81. Is there such a thing as the perfect album?
  82. Staying Power
  83. Guitar inspiration videos
  84. Rocksmith Fret Stickers
  85. Men's heal guitar article
  86. wish list for next version or update existing
  87. Buying the game, curious about audio set up.
  88. Questions About Switching from Xbox 360 to Xbox One Edition
  89. Cyber Monday!!! RS 2014 (ALL PLATFORMS) w/ cable - $39.99 (31.99 for GCU members)
  90. 25 Days of Christmas
  91. Been playing RS for years; still a thrill; Riff Repeater rocks
  92. new AC/DC album
  93. How Much Internet Does Live Streams Use?
  94. Feature request: Improv mode
  95. Which version is better, PS4 or Xbox One?
  96. Bon Jovi metal?
  97. which verison PS3 or PS4
  98. You hear Audrey and Kate's first song?
  99. Next Rocksmith Game Ideas
  100. Sad Anniversary
  101. Will Rocksmith help me learn and get better
  102. The Best and Worst Songs of 2014
  103. Need help with scales.
  104. Suggestion for the next version
  105. Christmass song pack ?
  106. advice for auditioning for a band
  107. The Beatles...So You're Saying There's a Chance?
  108. Log in Glitch
  109. rock...fuse?
  110. How Do I Minimize The Game And Have The Amp On
  111. argh, my string!
  112. How Do You Report A Bug?
  113. How does gifting work on Steam?
  114. Any chance of getting a list of bands that are uncouth with Rocksmith?
  115. YouTube's New Tool For Uploading Copyrighted Songs
  116. R.I.P. Joe Cocker
  117. what age is average rocksmither
  118. Should my bass be such a workout?
  119. Rocksmith review
  120. Latin American Artists?
  121. PSN login troubles
  122. Next gen on sale in the UK
  123. The Justinguitar Beginners Songbook
  124. Signs of Progress: Year in Review
  125. My band, circa 1992
  126. Bad support
  127. Helping Out
  128. Best place to buy new Real Tone cable in the UK?
  129. Expansion Packs ?
  130. What is your tactic to get through reading new posts quickly?
  131. Your Last Song of 2014 and Your First Song of 2015
  132. Ah now I remebmer why I stopped playing it on my Ps3
  133. Happy New Year !
  134. Idea - More instruments
  135. Valve Hardware and Software Survey
  136. Do I have to own Rocksmith 2014 to get a gift from me for the giveaway
  137. GChords.org
  138. Game Play Confusion
  139. Use PS4 Realtone Cable in PC?
  140. Grandson's rocksmith test
  141. RS1 better suited for Beginners than RS2014?
  142. [Xbox one edition] Anyone else dissapointed that you can't record videoclips?
  143. Pedal add-on idea
  144. LaS over 50% Again
  145. How to play RS1 songs?
  146. Your Favorite Riffs in RS 2014, incl. in DLC?
  147. Can you monetizing the arcade and session mode?
  148. Music Video Sins
  149. My Rocksmith Route blog
  150. New addition to my RS Band
  151. Silly 70's songs with great guitar parts
  152. Whos in a band? Post your youtube videos here..
  153. Is rock band coming back?
  154. Master Song list Spreadsheet (download link)
  155. Where to find information on DIY guitar setup and repair
  156. Is This Metal?
  157. Reverse Real Tone cable?
  158. Check your ear skills
  159. Tuning "Stress"
  160. Singing Expansion
  161. real tone cable problems
  162. Youíre not age compliant
  163. Rcoskmith: 1980's edition?????
  164. many people claim tonewood does make a difference in electric guitars
  165. Looking for songs with piano and guitar
  166. Ideas for what packs and singles every 8 weeks
  167. Just a small suggestion that would make it so much easier for Absolute Beginners
  168. Symphonic Electronic Funk ?
  169. Importing Tracks for XBOne
  170. Deep South music tourism: any suggestions?
  171. To hockey fans and all sports fans ;)
  172. Rocksmith for windows 10?
  173. Suicidal tendencies institutionalized revisited
  174. Playing guitar after Rocksmith
  175. How New Englanders Play Rocksmith :P
  176. Ed tracker and Rocksmith
  177. Saw Lover Boy Play at Casino Rama
  178. Kickstarter for Justin (justinguitar.com) Sandercoe's new album
  179. Conversation with any living musician.
  180. GTA Songs In Rocksmith
  181. Best Youtube Channel for Guitar lessons/learning?
  182. Rocksmith Forum Super Bowl XLIX Party
  183. My wish list for Rocksmith 2016
  184. Doyle Clark
  185. Daybreak Game Company
  186. Learning Songs by Key?
  187. Happy B day Dan
  188. Rocksmith 2016
  189. Entire Setlist YouTube Playlist
  190. The Nickelback Challenge (for charity, not RS)
  191. 2015 Rocksmith Madness Nominations
  192. Hardware Rocksmith AMP SIM
  193. Metal Militia - Metal that metalheads like
  194. Palm-muted power chords
  195. Print Tabs?
  196. Your valentine's day i'd rather play that to her song.
  197. It's freakingly cold out here! How about your place?
  198. Tips for the Note Trackers
  199. Logos: Rocksmith 2014 x American Restoration
  200. Bad News for Iron Maiden fans.
  201. Look what I bought!
  202. All this Rocksmith has finally payed off!
  203. Great Rock Shows on TV
  204. Rocket Scientists
  205. 100% 10 Song achievement
  206. Elbow pain suggestions
  207. Shiny
  208. What Color Is This Guitar?
  209. 311 Amber Ale
  210. Progressively Rocking
  211. Neil and Neil
  212. Ric or Ben?
  213. Bad news....Good news? for Rocksmith?
  214. Video of a group of students rehearsing a medley of Led Zeppelin xylophone covers
  215. RS1 Guitarcade Achievements - Need advice on Ducks
  216. Iíve got a gig (sort of) (yeah I know I always sorta get something xD)
  217. Favorite Concept Albums
  218. Original track and Player info in game
  219. Okay, now that the DLC problem is mostly fixed, will latency be improved?
  220. Rockband 4 announced, EPIC FAIL!
  221. How do I get stats about my rocksmith playing?
  222. Great Guitar Music, Unsuitable for Rocksmith
  223. If You Were A Baseball Player, What Would Your Walk-Up Song Be?
  224. Anyone else taking advantage of the SALE?
  225. Are there any Song Lesson Videos Using Rocksmith??
  226. thinking of migrating to PC... a few questions...
  227. Thinking about picking up a 360 solely for this.
  228. String oscillation as recorded from inside Guitar
  229. idea for ubisoft - use your guitar to write emails - help me bring to their attention
  230. Does Rocksmith or DLCs ever go on sale within the Xbox Marketplace ?
  231. Island Riddim: Spread the Love of Reggae
  232. Muse
  233. Where are them ads threads coming from
  234. Bandhub
  235. Rocksmith online
  236. getting songs from rocksmith
  237. Why does the original Rocksmith run so slow on my Toshiba Satellite Laptop?
  238. Scale patterns - an illustration
  239. just a question about the game.
  240. Glass slides like Jeff Beck uses -- any experience/tips?
  241. How do you use technology for learning guitar?
  242. (Attn: MAng0r3, sh1kamaru-, et al) Guitar Vocabulary
  243. Where Is My Mind?
  244. Independent music is not dead!!! Cool country article/news from the weekend....
  245. giving old game away
  246. volume issue
  247. Used Game
  248. Seriously, when is new RS version coming out???
  249. One for the Bass Players
  250. Greatest Rocksmith player ever....