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  1. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
  2. rocksmith 2014 cheat codes??
  3. Rocksmith Success Stories
  4. Sweetwater or Musicians Friend or other?
  5. Save $30 At Gamestop for RS2014
  6. Rocksmith Spotify playlist
  7. Signs of Progress!
  8. Do you have a favorite metal band?(metal heads only)
  9. Forum Tools Drop Down....
  10. Tunings - Am I understanding this right?
  11. Pressing down too hard while playing
  12. Hey Rocksmith'ers! I'm Majito!
  13. any luck finding real tone cables "locally" (i.e. an physical store in your area)
  14. Having trouble with a song ? Ask Gibson.
  15. Super Bowl Predictions!
  16. Well, duh
  17. Superbowl: Seahawks vs. Broncos avatar bet - get some skin in the game...
  18. Censorship in RS 2014
  19. Difficulty ratings
  20. rocksmith PS4
  21. Memorizing Songs
  22. Splitscreen Videos
  23. Favorite 1950's and/or early 1960's song? YouTube inside!
  24. Training exercises for beginners (like me) in Musical Theory
  25. Holy crap, it's working!
  26. Thinking of taking lessons
  27. Who Are The Most Annoying Requesters?
  28. Rocksmith Guitar and Color Wheel Music Theory
  29. searching for Coke commercial with bottleneck slide
  30. Captcha...every time!?
  31. PS3 Rocksmith Friends
  32. 2014 Rocksmith Madness
  33. Original Tunes from Rocksmithers
  34. How to improve Rocksmith experience, a newbie's perspective.*
  35. Flip Strings in Options?
  36. Five features I would love to see in an update/patch/Rocksmith 2015
  37. One last question before my journey begins.
  38. session mode .
  39. Rocksmith with PS4
  40. Why Captia should be stopped
  41. Trying to learn "Futuristic Imagination" on bass...
  42. Be careful about the game
  43. Maybe there is hope after all...
  44. Site Inaccessible?
  45. Would It Be Possible to have a Rocksmith Network?
  46. Uplay Missing?
  47. Evolve Trailer
  48. Anyone try to fix a cable?
  49. Rocksmith 2014 for Xbox and PS3 on Groupon
  50. Fretting hand problem
  51. Spam
  52. SocketHead?
  53. Let's learn Satch Boogie! /w Tabs
  54. New to Rocksmith. Playing without using the game.
  55. Noob guitar picking question
  56. Cultural differences in music: the US versus Europe
  57. Power Trios -- discuss
  58. girls dead monster
  59. Rocksmith 2014 To Be Or Not To Be
  60. Multiplayer over the internet idea
  61. Happy 65th birthday, Tony Iommi
  62. Skin peeling
  63. Other guitar forums?
  64. Spanish Rock anyone?
  65. DSP app to show the *real* tuning?
  66. The cure for plectral dysfunction
  67. Youtube to MP3 tool
  68. If I knew then what I know now...
  69. Pentatonic scales
  70. Make me a Playlist for the gym
  71. We need this in North America!!! (Rocksmith content)
  72. disappointment
  73. hand damage
  74. Pledge to not buy ANY more DLC til Captia goes
  75. Rocksmith 2014 Rap
  76. Mission Accomplished!
  77. Thanks to Rocksmith, _____ year(s) from now I will have my own band named...
  78. Tips for teaching 4 and 6 yos
  79. Paco left our world today
  80. Am I the only one who does...
  81. Tabbing a Song
  82. Bass pop/hip hop/rap
  83. Sweet, sweet winter
  84. My little (big) rant post.
  85. So, I got Band Fuse to play along with Rocksmith 2014
  86. 2014 Rocksmith Madness - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Bracket
  87. What songs to buy next?
  88. Imported songs
  89. The next big thing for Rocksmith - The Poll
  90. More easy songs, please!
  91. Rocksmith Guy
  92. Dependent on Rocksmith??
  93. Best way to learn the fundamentals?
  94. Is the "Wodashin theory" the quickest way to learn?
  95. About time ...
  96. 2014 Rocksmith Madness - Classic Rock Bracket
  97. Any artists here?
  98. locked songs in song list now??
  99. Stradivari museum in Cremona.
  100. southpark rpg censored on consoles
  101. Anyone keep track of skipped capchas?
  102. Let's Learn A Song!
  103. RIP Buren Fowler - Drivin' N' Cryin' guitarist.
  104. Dan Amrich has left Activision to become Community Developer for Rocksmith
  105. and now I have a blister on my finger....
  106. How to get a new cable
  107. Custon stats sheet!
  108. Practicing Bass outside of Rocksmith
  109. R.I.P captcha
  110. Needs to be a way to bypass tuner
  111. Bandfuse Is In Trouble.
  112. I am a metal head, and I have a confession to make.
  113. How do you handle multiple tunings?
  114. Sore Fingers ? try Quik Callus
  115. Old injured fingers?
  116. How to Properly Adjust Passive Humbuckers
  117. Check me out!
  118. Sweet Sweet 5000
  119. Why Rock Band must be on the PS4, with a plastic controller.
  120. 2014 Rocksmith Madness - Modern/Alternative Rock Bracket
  121. RS thoughts and issues
  122. RockSmith color-coded tabs?
  123. A Few Feature Requests From A Noob
  124. Ready To Jam
  125. Spammer Notice
  126. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Save The Population Video
  127. ne1 watching Resurrection?
  128. My first guitar injury
  129. Acoustic Wonders of the World
  130. So, Activision officially pull the plug on Guitar Hero at the end of this month
  131. Rock exorcism
  132. Are you (or were you) in a band?
  133. Bohemian Rhapsody - Acoustic
  134. My first recording!
  135. My achievements so far...
  136. 2014 Rocksmith Madness - Japanese Rock Bracket
  137. Friendly Advice -Keeping your Shoulders Squared-
  138. Finally! (Cable Fried)
  139. Scales
  140. Any Good Bands to Recommend?
  141. Real Tone Cable lifespan and preservation?
  142. Livin' The Dream
  143. Just curious, how many people have you introduced Rocksmith to?
  144. I dont want to see songs I dont own in my lists.
  145. getting a "you must select a thread prefix" issue when trying to post a problem
  146. Another Scales Question
  147. Enjoy!
  148. The free musicianship course from berklee is starting soon on coursera
  149. One Man Zepp
  150. Death Rock N Roll Society
  151. 2014 Rocksmith Madness - Final Four and Championship
  152. Is this PC good for RS2014 ?
  153. What I want to see in Rocksmith 2014
  154. Angus Young 59th birthday! What's your favorite lead work by him?
  155. I developed a TheRiffRepeater app (Android 4.0+, looking for feedback!)
  156. Poll : how old are you guys?
  157. I feel old :(
  158. Bitwig Studio + Rocksmith USB on Linux?
  159. New Johnny Cash Album
  160. What would it take to get you to buy more DLC?
  161. What best describe your relation with Rocksmith?
  162. What best describe your relation with Rocksmith?
  163. Differences from original Rocksmith?
  164. Gamer vs. music student (we're all both)
  165. Cable cutters, wat du?
  166. Spice up your blues and Lydian jam sessions
  167. Entering a Guitar Competition
  168. The Music You Like
  169. Reporting obvious spam
  170. Anyone watch Suits on USA?
  171. Is Guitar Center broke?
  172. uplay server unavailable
  173. Another datapoint in the "Can't post to the support forums"
  174. Yet another obstacle to learning guitar
  175. Branson Mo this weekend - Surprised at the lack of Music Shops
  176. My friends covering "Helter Skelter"
  177. Introduction
  178. What is your favorite dishe?
  179. Brit Flyod shows was Great
  180. Rockband will be back! Confirmed!
  181. Can't play guitar....
  182. Without the power of LOVE...
  183. The Masters
  184. Practicing songs outside of Rocksmith
  185. Covers you'll never hear but would like to...
  186. What happens to requested songs info?
  187. AC/DC finished...?
  188. Thanks for fixing post log-in RTP
  189. The Harmonic Capo
  190. A gameplay option that would make Rocksmith work much better.
  191. Spinal Tap
  192. Came back to the forums for this?
  193. Top of the Charts!(Bragging Rights for Mastery)
  194. Has anyone tried eMedia Interactive Rock Guitar for PC?
  195. Happy Birthday!!!!
  196. Piano Juggling
  197. Coinstar and Xbox live
  198. Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey "Going back Home"
  199. Another 365 around!!!
  200. Are friendly rivals good or bad when learning guitar?
  201. Help Figuring Out Tab On A Song?
  202. Embarassing Lyrics from artists you like
  203. 1,100+ Arrangements
  204. On PC, can you move songs out of the DLC folder to eliminate them from the list?
  205. Rocksmith 2015 will NEED a better cable
  206. For the guitarist in all of us
  207. Any Xbox 360 rockers here?
  208. As much as I female dog about it...
  209. Post a song that always makes you smile
  210. FretPen (Kickstarter)
  211. Switching to South Paw?
  212. Define cheese, please
  213. Guitar player's brains
  214. Black Sabbath Concert
  215. when I last played a gig.....
  216. Fav Song you either never heard or didnt think you would like
  217. Amplitude will be back! YESSSSSSSS!
  218. Alternate Reality Rocksmith
  219. The Rise and Fall of the Clash
  220. Guitar Theory Sites for Beginners
  221. Bass then Guitar OR Straight to Guitar?
  222. You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!
  223. In need of a good excuse to buy a 2nd guitar
  224. Teaser Trailer for our upcoming music video
  225. Learning Guitar Isn't Easy!
  226. Got a Gig!
  227. 'Inverted' or 'Rocksmith' Tabs
  228. I don't even know where to start. Could someone point me in the right direction?
  229. Let's discuss music and overrated guitarists
  230. So, Here is what I'm aiming for.
  231. Happy Birthday Poll.
  232. Introduce yourself!
  233. My RS 2015 wishlist
  234. Show me something new
  235. New garage-pop supergroup: The Empty Hearts
  236. Non-rock guitarists
  237. How can I contact a forum manager?
  238. Blocked At Work
  239. Rocksmith for Ear-training.
  240. Figuring out this riff
  241. Campfire Songs
  242. A random person asks you to play something on guitar, what you got?
  243. Wish to learn the guitars in this song
  244. Rocksmith 1 at Amazon for $14.72?
  245. Starting a band... quick question
  246. Forum Changed Again?
  247. Drummer Time Blues.
  248. Local heroes
  249. Feature Request: Let's take off the "training wheels"
  250. What is the ONE thing that will modivate you to pay $70 for Rocksmith 3 ?