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  1. Patch for fixing Multiplayer. WHEN?
  2. Game frozen at Slpash Screen.
  3. Display Frame rates
  4. not keeping weapon upgrades and lvl ups in co-op
  5. Burned by Ubisoft
  6. The Multiplayer Diary <3
  7. Far Cry 3: Unable To Download Game Information
  8. WOW to this game! Thank you soooo much Ubisoft
  9. Satellite dish - bug ?
  10. Multiplayer crashing after each round.
  11. Out of Range message when lauching game
  12. Free Cam (video inside)
  13. deep throat glich
  14. I can censor nudity in Far Cry 3?
  15. Customizing keyboard control forward bug
  16. Sound Question
  17. Loading Screen Time
  18. No Weapons glitch.
  19. Keep losing Custom Loadouts and my Level and New Weapons keep dropping
  20. Farcry 3 russian menus, english sounds?
  21. Uplay is garbage and now my far cry 3 is gone, wtf?
  22. Stutter FIX! Nvidia (will probably work AMD too)
  23. [RANT] Ubisoft PC mutliplayer sucks!
  24. Sniper Rifles
  25. Does UBI even read here??
  26. Far Cry 3 funny videos and give aways!!(:
  27. Game wiped my autosave
  28. How do i get the deluxe edition items?
  29. General Graphical Errors
  30. Far Cry 3 The Lost Expeditions Edition missions?
  31. Is there a way to move my far cry 3 game from uplay to steam?
  32. controls?
  33. Patch 1.02 bug : Game exiting from full screen to windowed when looking to the sky
  34. Sapphire HD 7950 ISN'T SUPPORTED!? (Support ticket RAGE)
  35. Control Issues That Need To Be Addressed.
  36. Upcoming patch to allow users to toggle most HUD/UI elements
  37. Will Ubisoft appease early customers now game has been released on steam?
  38. Glitchy 'shaking' characters
  39. Farcry 3 Map Editor Patch Please!
  40. Anyone from UK looking for some co-op
  41. How the heck do I load a save point?
  42. NVidia surround HUD weirdness
  43. Invisible players and rubber bullets
  44. Farcry 3 crash
  45. FC3 dedicated servers using the FC2 tool?
  46. Second Island Merc Uniform Disguise (SPOLIERS)
  47. Suggestion: Custom Game Mode (Vehicles, AI & weapons turned ON)
  48. Does it get any better
  49. Can we have quicksave please
  50. Farcry:3 Mind craft potential
  51. Map Editor Far Cry 3 PC
  52. vote for cars in multiplayermaps dlc
  53. My Map Making Experience
  54. GTX 570 [DX11 - MAXED - 50~fps average - Settings Tut]
  55. How can I shrink/move the HUD?
  56. No speech sound?
  57. I thought this was "open world" like Far Cry 2?
  58. you need to close any existing running version of uplay before you can continue
  59. How is using a sileneced weapon not a "stealth kill?" [spoilers]
  60. Improved FC3 PC Editor: A community effort/request
  61. Boundry Ristriction unable to get to Tower
  62. Logitech Wireless F710 not working with Far Cry 3
  63. 1.02 Rewened my game for me ):
  64. Aiming feels slightly "wrong"
  65. Turns out we can quick save/load.
  66. deluxe edition?
  67. No Hold Crouch option?
  68. 2Buggy4me
  69. Mouse: Negative Acceleration
  70. Bugs
  71. Fire elemet is bugged
  72. can't open my camera and throw rocks
  73. Multiplayer Predator Bow unable to level up
  74. Props becoming static to your character model
  75. Ubisoft Support link broken?
  76. I've got a few questions for the Developers mainly...
  77. struggling to find aussie and kiwi players
  78. Far Cry 3 - Epic Giant Boss Fight! FULL HD/ULTRA SETTINGS
  79. Far Cry 3 pc: poorly optimised!
  80. Pixelated rendering when zooming in/out with sniper or camera
  81. thats it .. i give it up
  82. Loading Screen Time
  83. NEW DLC coming co-op
  84. Not enough enemys.
  85. The experience of P2P for MP is a disaster
  86. Any update on weapon leveling bug?
  87. Often stuck on loading in mp
  88. Far Cry 3 editor question
  89. Strange bug (a mine stucked on my right hand)
  90. xfire setup and only one GPU being utilized
  91. MP : nth probem!!
  92. how do i get - Deluxe Edition content
  93. For **** sake!
  94. where to save the map? (map editor)
  95. Help please
  96. (PC) Game freezes after mutliplayer round end.
  97. Is there any way to slow down the time?
  98. cant escaper ship after accessing laptop , bomb blows up
  99. camera controls - binding zoom
  100. Tell us about your Most Epic FC3 battle so Far, please keep comments about ingame!
  101. Questions regarding the bow
  102. Multiplayer - MP5 error
  103. How do I know I actually have Deluxe edition?
  104. Video Settings?
  105. Freezing on start screen - bought game few hours ago
  106. fc3 und der mulitplayer mist
  107. FC 3 und der multiplayer mist
  108. Uplay sucks(I played for 6 hours in a row with autosave on) Now game stops working...
  109. In the future, vehicles will be allowed to add in multiplayer?
  110. FC3 Video: Snake.Fire.Knife.Run!
  111. Interact key (E) Fails
  112. bug classe ?
  113. MP: many Problems for a Perfect Failure!
  114. Spider Relic #1 Stuck at 119\120 relics.
  115. Exclusive Content - PC
  116. Private CO-OP Issue
  117. Why
  118. ETA for the next patch?
  119. Well that was a waste of time!
  120. The first Relic after finishing game
  121. How do you drag bodies?
  122. Far Cry 3: Farcry3_d1d11.exe has stopped working
  123. Mousewheel weapon switching...
  124. [Weapons] Not leveling up
  125. Your dying multiplayer.
  126. Artifacting with Nvidia 310.70
  127. Is there a tutorial for the co-op loby?
  128. Can't activate last radio tower
  129. Game deletes my custom classes in multiplayer!
  130. [SUGGESTION] Aquatic life and exploration
  131. Cooperative free roam
  132. Poor performance. Help?
  133. N0 Leaderboard?
  134. Anyway to Turn Off the Fowl Language?
  135. This game makes me jump back from my monitor
  136. Absolutely nothing eliminates the stuttering. Please fix UBI !!
  137. Wingsuit view terrible like fishbowl
  138. What did you unlock/do on FC3 today?
  139. Who else sees these artifacts?
  140. quick time event problem
  141. Game not respondining after EVERY MP MATCH ENDS>
  142. Farcry 3 friends
  143. Check out my farcry 3 map!
  144. [BUG?] No second commander anywhere to be found
  145. A BEAR inside my SAFEHOUSE! WTF?
  146. Final boss fight
  147. Bug - memory in dr.earnhardt cave´s red pill
  148. Supporting User Created Maps- Please Fix Menu Interface Ubi
  149. MP loadouts disappearing
  150. Sevrers Empty
  151. Random Crash Every Hour Or So
  152. If you ALT-TAB or hit Windows key while ingame, expect degraded performance
  153. unable to exit the car
  154. Flickering Texture Issue?
  155. keep getting killed
  156. Still in Beta ?
  157. Maneater Shark Hide Accidentally deleted (This may spoil your game)
  158. U100 bug
  159. www.farcryoutpost.com bug no access to predator bow in loadouts
  160. Question to you PC guys?
  161. Difference between the E3 press conference play graphics and now
  162. Please Fix the Low Audio Quality!!
  163. Resetting Paint Job?
  164. anyone else have freeze issues?
  165. PC split screen
  166. [MOD] Enchance to weapon holster
  167. Cant leave the first takedown tutorial and crafting screen.
  168. Far Cry 3 Map Editor shortcomings
  169. message me and i will try help much as i can about far cry 3 :)
  170. Suicides ?
  171. not sure if this is a monitor/refresh rate issue, please help!
  172. This shows how superior the PC version is...
  173. Fix the **** mp part of the game.
  174. [ISSUE]Trials of Rakyat - Rocket Launcher Challenge - EVERYTHING STARTED DIEING!!!!!
  175. Default Install Directory?
  176. Solution to game stop working - multiplayer !
  177. We Need a FUNMAP mode on EDITOR
  179. Redeemed fc3 with AMD promo code, but where is the download link?
  181. Hey can i sell my far cry 3 on uplay
  182. Weapons never level up
  183. Autopatcher System has encountered an error and shuts down.
  184. So uh, is ubisoft going to do any of the suggested things to the game?
  185. What keys get used for quick time events?
  186. Love this game but...
  187. My Fix for Microstuttering (Tested on an ATI rig)
  188. How to take screenshots?
  189. FXAA injector and DOF off
  190. First mission help
  191. Tired of it.
  192. Ok, enough is enough
  193. Need help on Wild Boar Hunt!!
  194. Stop the madness. A game is a game, not a movie!
  195. Anyone got CAP2 12.11 to work? (AMD Application Profiles)
  196. How do you disable FXAA and Ambient Occlusion?
  198. Leaderboard question
  199. How to set player number on custom map?
  200. next patch really needed
  201. Must change list
  202. Humerous FC3 quotes
  203. Co-Op bug - Rage imminent
  204. Ink Monster tips
  205. ubsifot sucks
  206. How to detonate C4 ?
  207. Bad performance? Please post here.
  208. Map Editor For Far Cry 3
  209. Map Editor - Camera
  210. Is this even been looking into, or reported????
  211. Wallhack (seeing pirates through walls) - Please consider Ubi when developing patch
  212. keys not working in single player
  213. Est il possible ?
  214. Far Cry 3 how i can Upload Maps?
  215. Frustrating not to be able to play on his map
  216. I love the map editor!
  217. Mod New Weapons For Singleplayer
  218. Game crashes when selling items
  219. Bug and issues reports
  220. Dlc
  221. Does the camera even work?
  222. (Recommended use of) Uplay (reward?) "units"?
  223. who actually baught this game for the MP?
  224. saves dont work my mp stats reset firends list empty wtf
  225. mouse's negative acceleration
  226. Please help!
  227. [PC]Teamspeak Overlay
  228. "Betting Against the House" is meant to be impossible to finish
  229. How am I suppose to talk to Buck
  230. Console Commands?
  231. Getting between 40-55 fps on a mid range, most settings on high, shadows/postfx -low
  232. Please fix matchmaking, ping is never green always red or yellow
  233. [MOD] Stop object blinking
  234. Maybe a Little Misleading Marketing?
  235. someone who knows alot about pc's and tv's/monitors
  236. Far Cry 3 M.I.A - Paper Planes Gun Sound Synchrinization
  237. Can't Play Multiplayer
  238. Farcry 3 has stoped working
  239. Curious - Is anyone with a core 2 duo (Not quads) able to play the game?
  240. There's a bottle stuck in my arm!!! -glitch
  241. Liberate outposts without being detected bug?
  242. Can't Play Story Mode without Annoying Tones!
  243. My new Far Cry 3 gameplay for my new channel ^^ - Lin Cong I Presume
  244. nuff said.
  245. All Rocks Glow neon and Water is invisible...?
  246. Is uplay still having security issues?
  247. No game luncher
  248. Mouse probleme
  249. If a dog detects you, but no pirates do, is it still considered undetected?
  250. ubisfot just lock my therah