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  1. Need patch to fix Negative Mouse Acceleration!
  2. Jason's voice actor...
  3. Coop constantly disconnecting mid-game - Piece of garbage
  4. PLEASE READ. Game close after rounds in MP.
  5. Rubber Banding / Vsync Issues
  6. I need some help over here!!!
  7. Why no Free-Roam Co-op or Multiplayer?
  8. Sound Problems
  9. update problem
  10. I got FC3 on steam
  11. Far Cry 3 Stutter Fix AMD
  12. So... when will the weapon leveling bug be fixed?
  13. Sheet I shudda uzed eh rubba!!!
  14. Reset all outposts to "Unfriendly".
  15. Fire Arrows Not Starting Fires?
  16. Vehicles in the MP
  17. Running Far Cry 3 on a Mid-2012 Macbook Pro via Parallels
  18. Voice in cut scenes is way too low for some weird reason all of a sudden!
  19. No Middle Mouse Button
  20. Strange bug, enemies get killed just by hiding on a killed pirate
  21. Far Cry 3 Pre Ordered, was not emailed link.
  22. Parental Info
  23. :mad: We want to play CLAN WARS :mad:
  24. Reinstalling the game FarCry3 and savegames files.
  25. Save Problems: Going from DX9 to DX11
  26. Strange V-Sync issue please look
  27. MP is messed up
  28. Fc3 & uplay
  29. Why does it lag so much?
  30. Cant find lobbys = cant play mp/co-op
  31. [BUG, Performance] Steady 40-60 FPS in game, but 10 (!) to 150 in menus randomly
  32. Need help with game!
  33. The Random Crashing Bug -.- Possible Fix
  34. FAR CRY 3 has stopped responding
  35. The same error every time Multiplayer/Co-op/SinglePlayer
  36. Saved games keep disappearing!!
  37. Editor not responding when trying to launch.
  38. Is anyone else too hooked on killing creatures and swimming around for fun?
  39. Streaming the Map Editor now: MGS3 Groznyj Grad
  40. Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed in the modern world?
  41. this game is broken now cant play
  42. Interesting Glitch
  43. where is the map editor?
  44. Weapon Sights Problem
  45. Farcry 3 Map Editor Stuttering
  46. where is the great white shark?
  47. Can you tell the difference?
  48. Map Editor... que?
  49. Mini Map Size
  50. Bypassing the scripted pointless gameplay (no excuse for this crap)
  51. This stopped the crashing for me... AMD CARDS
  52. Underwater caustics
  53. ASUS 6970 Stuttering issues
  54. Locked in Windowed Mode.. Please help
  55. Internet - Not able to connect to Far Cry 3
  56. Map Editor Help
  57. Arrow Heads... .I am a noob
  58. What could be possible causing this?
  59. Is there anyone can tell me or explain, WTF IS THIS!?
  60. Anyone with ATI and still getting performance issues using ingame AA possible fix
  61. Inventory suggestion
  62. Far Cry 3 - Where/How to find the Crocodile
  63. I love this game except for the HUD
  64. This has been my visual experience of FC3 (screenshots included)
  65. Skip the cut scenes?
  66. What Far Cry 2 did better.
  67. having weird graphical shadow problems
  68. Question about arrows
  69. Foreground objects and particle effects
  70. multiplayer
  71. What different between pc and consoles in 30 fps ?
  72. Broken and cheating enemy AI
  73. Fishing - and why this game needs it.
  74. HD7970 Crossfire, driver / game fail
  75. Pro Player of multiplayer and my say on Far Cry 3 Multiplayer.
  76. Singleplayer wont start!
  77. Fun with the map editor - Survival Circuit
  78. More focus on co-op please Uni
  79. Far Cry 3 Download - HELP
  80. Petition for a true flashlight
  81. Worst Multiplay Game
  82. FC3 Problems I'm having
  83. manual saved games confusion
  84. Keyboard controls issue!
  85. help needed on game strategy farcry 3
  86. how many nude scenes Farcry 3 has?
  87. Fast Travel
  88. Left Handed Mouse problem.
  89. Post 310.70 nvidia stutter fix!
  90. How many levels and story missions in the game
  91. Maybe its a little anal, but... An immersion issue.
  92. Weapons have way too low range.
  93. Vehicle Controls and the Hang Glider... Also, Grenades
  94. My Game glitched in a Good way :)
  95. A solution for AMD stuttering problem!
  96. Video stuttering and sound issues
  97. Ultra-Low Configuration Mod
  98. Can't play private co-op
  99. Character voices
  100. Menu lag after each mp round
  101. Worst PC Optimization Nominees
  102. Please insert the correct CD-Rom, select ok, and restart application????
  103. Leaderboards dont work!
  104. please someone help me?:(
  105. Multiplayer - Game freezes / process not responding after each round (intermittent)
  106. black screen
  107. micro stutter/flickering/graphic flickering
  108. Autopatch System Has Encountered A Problem and Must Make the Game Unplayable.
  109. Unable to join with my friend in custom Co-op mode
  110. Saved game files...where?
  111. ShowFPS (HOW TO?)
  112. red ping
  113. Doppelganger
  114. Can anyone point me to these locations?
  115. InjectFX FC3
  116. my far cry 3 youtube videos
  117. seventh MP day
  118. Suggestion for Bronze Playlist.
  119. help !!!!!
  120. First time ever complaining about a video game...
  121. FarCry 3 thinks im InGame -> I can't play online
  122. Decal fade time?
  123. Game to easy for me,or to hard for others?
  124. Can't Publish Maps, need help! :)
  125. Quick Multiplayer Question
  126. BUG found in burning the weed fields
  127. The multiplayer netcode...
  128. Some Bugs i listed which needed to be fixed.
  129. Far Cry 3 (SP), cannot exit vehicle, advice?
  130. After using Uplay I don't plan on buying another Ubisoft game.
  131. Is it just me......
  132. Cant even play
  133. New Player Does Not know How To Play.
  134. Will not load savegames sporadically?
  135. Far Cry 3 is the best game I have ever played!
  136. Just stop it!
  137. Soldier turning into pig
  138. Import Savegames
  139. Lagging issues...
  140. Russian Language in Steam version Far Cry 3
  141. How does it work?
  142. PC demo available?
  143. Hosting other User Maps DL - replace - UL - Hosting
  144. Cannot install the game properly
  145. Any Ubisoft Employees ?
  146. Lobby MPlayers Attendance
  147. Fast Fanless Graphics Card?
  148. Guns not working anymore?
  149. PLEASE tell me there is a way to turn off quest notifications!
  150. Extreme stuttering when under 60fps.
  151. what do i have
  152. Death from above and other heron skills
  153. same old epic fail
  154. insanely low FPS and laggy script?
  155. Far Cry three
  156. Parachute deployment problem
  157. 'F' Key Fails
  158. Dev Q -- Guns not levelling and weapon mods
  159. this wapon level savings!!!
  160. This game is so griefable
  161. Uplay save system for Far Cry 3 - Most Ridiculous Thing ever?
  162. New Guns through side Missions?
  163. How do i get paast the guy with the knife _ please help
  164. Wingsuit mechanics
  165. For those who got insane edition/deluxe edition for pc...
  166. Cant play the game.. Are you kidding me?
  167. Stuck in the First Mission (not in the car)
  168. Far Cry is easily one of Ubisofts greatest accomplishments..
  169. Starting to hate this game....
  170. Far Cry 3 Multiplayer Feedback (PC) - Ubisoft must fix this game!
  171. how do you shrink the UI ?
  172. How do I disable those useless popups and objective waypoints?
  173. Far Cry 3 Sound Problem - Can't hear characters voices, can hear everything else
  174. Streaming my first map
  175. started new mission with no guns
  176. Cant enable target reticle
  177. Please test my map.
  178. Why does Ubisoft hate Copernicus?
  179. No Vehicles?
  180. Game minimizing in MP?
  181. HELP. Tutorial for the Tutorial!
  182. Long Initial Load
  183. How can I know my game is patched ?
  184. Game wont load
  185. Soooooooooo Sad
  186. Stealth outpost clearing constantly being ruined by patrols/animals.
  187. Stuck in First Mission--help
  188. No vehicles or animals?!
  189. Regarding UPlay...
  190. Transfer save file?
  191. Far Cry 3 Missing Executables
  192. Weapon Levels Resetting
  193. Exclusive DLC Content - Predator Pack
  194. Playing Custom Single Player maps 'single player sandbox'
  195. DX9 recognizes save,but DX11 doesn't?
  196. Map Spotlight- QUARANTINE
  197. Super soldier sight..?
  198. help please with boat sinking
  199. Recurve bow bug (Floating bow?)
  200. IS betting against the house mission MENT TO BE IMPOSSIBLE?
  201. Co-Op Weapon Levels Bug
  202. Can't finish Co-op campaign: Payback mission part 2, cant complete
  203. no remapping for tagging key in MP/co-op
  204. Invisible Barriers In Map Editor?
  205. Animals take way too many shots to die
  206. Menus slowing down up to a CTD
  207. Gamepad Not Recognized
  208. We need server files for this wonderful game.
  209. How to return to game from shark skills page on Farcry3 PC
  210. Map editor texture limit?
  211. Farcry 3 lags horrible in 3 screen gaming?
  212. Binoculars
  213. Dont buy this game
  214. There's a way to change video settings in the map editor?
  215. How do you chat?
  216. How do you save game using the second and third save slot?
  217. Far Cry 3 Race Maps - von AskTheCuban und Co
  218. MP Bow
  219. Far cry 3 insane edition bug?!
  220. How to put clan tag ? And why can't we choose faction as in far cry 2?
  221. FPS drop, Die without reason, Invisible ennemy :s
  222. Solution needed - Tattau Tree (Tutorial) freezes and stall the game
  223. What anti cheat is fc3 using, if any?
  224. mouse too fast, pls help
  225. Fires Are Underwhelming
  226. Why has FC3 been deleted?
  227. There's already Cheaters in this game?!
  228. Stuck at 99%, game design flaw!
  229. More Rain Mod/
  230. weapoms dont keep lvls
  231. Camera photos?
  232. Could not join game
  233. Simple question about FR
  234. Is My game up to date? (ver. 1.0.2)
  235. Question about Far Cry 3 Deluxe edition
  236. How to exit skills window
  237. fc3 and eyefinity
  238. am i using the correct key?
  239. Adding Friends at FC3
  240. Far Cry 3 "black boxes"
  241. Far Cry 3 never got activation code
  242. Cant play online with friends?
  243. Burned out and sick...
  244. uplay update
  245. Few cool suggestions.
  246. Far Cry 3 Camera ?
  247. devs: please increase draw distance and vegetation distance/density on DX11 for PC
  248. Burned by Ubisoft store
  249. 3 days after release, still have not gotten a Game Key in email or on Uplay account.
  250. Far Cry three installation key...