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  1. Fixed Stutter Issue (for now)
  2. Cannot get out of the car
  3. just a question about patches.
  4. Third person mod for Far Cry 3?
  5. How to fix Far Cry 3 MP
  6. crash after one round of multi player
  7. Shooting whlie driving plzz
  8. !how change language!
  9. red ping and suicide on multiplayer
  10. Download Not Being Made Available After Being Charged
  11. US amd promo preorder, no download email yet
  12. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  13. What is going on should of released a beta fiirst
  14. FarCry Outpost destroyed my memory card :(
  15. OMG why did my question got deleted about ammo dumps
  16. Photos of camera?
  17. Game not loading after patch 1.02
  18. Poppins In custom map.
  19. 1.02 Patch, but loadouts/levels are not saving
  20. I think this is a very good game
  21. Far Cry 3 System Requirements
  22. Crash after patch
  23. Fix your game Ubisoft
  24. Multiplayer - Spawn in a rock
  25. **SPOILER ALERT** So what happened at the end? **SPOILER ALERT**
  26. Why no Dx10 ubi?
  27. Where is the command console?
  28. Trouble with installation
  29. Loadouts
  30. Demo / Benchmark?
  31. Knife fight with buck bug?
  32. AMD Beta driver 12.11
  33. clanTAG enable
  34. Camera Key Config
  35. Server browser
  36. problem with multiplayer
  37. Leaderboards!
  38. Does PC version includes splitscreen?
  39. Not keen on this "console type" Key tapping sequences
  40. *NEW* Nvidia drivers - 310.70 jsut released
  41. FC3 Editor Missing Elements
  42. Far Cry 3 - Gameplay Commentary [FULL HD 1080P]
  43. Long load
  44. Why does it say ive installed the game?
  45. FPS Russia takes on Vaas and other enemies from Farcry 3
  46. My overall thoughts on Far Cry 3 mirostutter
  47. Can you change your multiplayer name
  48. Dead animal tracking
  49. Multiplayer problems.
  50. Custom key help please
  51. What version am I running?
  52. Game Crashes after each Team Deathmatch
  53. FC3 Editor MAJOR bugs
  54. !!!Spolier!!! Crashing
  55. Loading Screen Time.
  56. Steam Eorror: Cannot launch game. Essential registry information missing.
  57. Why FC3 Multiplayer sucks and how you could make it better!
  58. Bug That needs fixing with playing user generated maps
  59. FPS issues
  60. Invalid Argument was Encountered
  61. We want dedicated servers
  62. Using the bow controls on PC
  63. Where's the walk key?
  64. Is it possible to host ranked custom matches ?
  65. So far Awful performance
  66. Worst game ever!!!!!
  67. Cannot Exit the Jeep
  68. Game autosaved while falling to my death.
  69. Will we get a Zombie or horde mode?
  70. Steam Version of Far Cry 3 Does not work
  71. Game won't recognize saved files!
  72. Far Cry 3 Fish-Eye Problem
  73. 1.02 patch, still mp crashes at end of match
  74. Is the audio low for anyone else?
  75. How to enable SLI and fix stuttering in Far Cry 3
  76. Video card rattle?
  77. Farcry 3 don't run in DirectX11 mode
  78. Tutorial freeze, always starts from beginning
  79. ~Far Cry from perfect 3~ WHY?!?!?! Put me in coach you're Devs need a muse.
  80. What the hell did they do to Far cry
  81. Stuck in a car
  82. Trying to play multiplayer and find no one?
  83. Can sm1 explain Nvidia SLI to me?
  84. Key Binding Problems
  85. Cant join a game
  86. "would cant join game"
  87. MAJOR Far Cry 3 PC issues:
  88. this game is unplayable patch 1.02 guns still dont level
  89. Awful
  90. Cannot make it into the main menu
  91. Vehicles: Custom Games
  92. Black Screen upon launching
  93. So Far So Good
  94. Collectible animal stuff issue
  95. Equipment is not saving (ONLINE)
  96. ...::::black screen::::.....
  97. Trials of Rakyat !!!PROBLEM!!!
  98. Improving sights
  99. Crashing every 5-10 minutes. Help?
  100. Got Farcry3 for free, wish I paid steam money for it
  101. do not patch the game to 1.02 and how do I remove this patch
  102. Multiplayer balance discussion
  103. Major Crossfire Issue
  104. Gente para jugar al Far cry 3
  105. Many many many problems
  106. Request mod that allows you to holster your weapon?
  107. Where can i exppect to find the key code
  108. wierd problem
  109. Far Cry 3, purchased through steam.
  110. Uplay activation (not problem, query)
  111. Many issues with Far Cry 3
  112. Steam Patch 1.02 - far away?
  113. shadow problems
  114. Should I wait?
  115. Weapon saying I have an attachment (1/1) when I don't.
  116. Far Cry 3 not launching
  117. Need help! Game doesn't open!
  118. I found a game breaking bug. I can't access weapons.
  119. co-op weapons level up bug?
  120. Help - Picking Up Weapons From Ground
  121. Game Pad Aiming Problems
  122. do people who did direct download get to play with steam users?
  123. Terrible performance
  124. Two question for anyone
  125. Map Editor Single Player Maps uploaden ?
  126. Ubisoft...
  127. 32 bit or 64 bit?
  128. I need help!
  129. Deluxe Edition/Pre-Order content how to acess them???
  130. Hello...prepaid for this stuff!
  131. Great Performance.. Until Cutscenes start..
  132. what kind of fps should i be getting?
  133. for people with low PC try game booster
  134. How to invite uplay friends to parties?
  135. multiplayer painful
  136. FPS Drop Fest in Main Mission Zones
  137. Fix for input lag (mouse lag) in Far Cry 2 that works for Far Cry 3 as well
  138. Strange stuttering/jagged movement while trying to play
  139. Different websites
  140. A few bug reports
  141. why is it always the people with high end systems complaining?
  142. What was the Far Cry 3 "SE" Preorder Bonus?
  143. No voice sound in first scene when tied up?
  144. Binding Left Ctrl Key
  145. Scope crosshairs not Showing
  146. So the cheats are live in MP
  147. Multiplayer won't let me join my friends.
  148. How to pass the guy with the knife right at the beginning of the game
  149. Downloaded Installer: File Decompression Drive Selection
  150. Sniper maximum range
  151. Bought the game today, can't play it.
  152. Resetting options outside of game.
  153. Quicksaves or otherwise knows as Quick! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!
  154. functional server/lobby browser
  155. Let's buy broken games!
  156. CPU temperature in game
  157. Texture flickering and v sync
  158. A massive THANK YOU to Ubisoft!
  159. Crashing at end of multiplayer game
  160. Cannot sync Far Cry 3 to steam
  161. Nvidia Geforce 310.70 Driver now available
  162. why did you delete me from leaderboard ???
  163. For those of us that are NOT having any issues...
  164. A very good article about benchmarking Far Cry 3 from Guru3d.com
  165. No voice sound in Intro Cut scene
  166. Is there a quick reference list of all the items etc in the map editor?
  167. Is there any way to use a gamepad for driving only?
  168. Mods for Far Cry 3
  169. LOL, how get out from jeep (singl)
  170. Far Cry 3 [PC] Feedback and Support Links
  171. flashlight?
  172. Need a disc to install a downloaded game
  173. when I start up the game on uplay, all I get is a black screen, help!
  174. Downloaded Far Cry 3 But It's Not In My Game Library
  175. Having fun in multiplayer too!
  176. Bizarre reason for framerate loss. Can someone please explain this???
  177. Super shiny walls in caves and temples.
  178. Micro stutter due to CPU or GPU? Please Help
  179. Post FX is the main cause for Micro Stuttering..
  180. Half of FPS in multiplayer than in singleplayer
  181. Possible memory leaks
  182. Loading Screen Time
  183. Exclusive PS3 DLC...
  184. What I would change in multiplay!
  185. My life now.
  186. Strange graphical bug
  187. Better sights mod
  188. Can we get the ability to desaturate colors in the options menu
  189. Someone know a good tutorial about the map editor?
  190. Need Poeple Speak French (avec micro si posible)
  191. So What Happened to Single Player Mission/Map Sharing
  192. Trying to upgrade items
  193. Bad way to start an fps game
  194. Ubisoft why you treat badly pc gamers - need free savegame patch.
  195. uplay server dayly updating.....so slow
  196. Yet Another Stuttering issue
  197. Vaas' pirates? They are rubbish.
  198. spotting enemys
  199. What is wrong with this game?
  200. Reason for Far Cry 3's extreme hand-holding.
  201. After update 1.02 CRASH in menu SinglePlayer
  202. Multiplayer crash/freeze
  203. So what happened to the water color from screenshots prior to release?
  204. So dissapointed with multiplayer
  205. far cry 3 crashes when i ggo to meet daisy in the cave for the 1st time
  206. Online Multiplayer is unplayable
  207. A Far Cry 3 Montage (PC)
  208. No crocs in my game :(
  209. How do I unlock the Deluxe Edition missions?
  210. No functionall keys by the 1.02 patch.
  211. I don't get it, please read !
  212. No AA options in DX9???
  213. GOD save the mp, and DELIVER US from lobby
  214. runtime error, r6025
  215. Game save files?
  216. Have microstrutter-people tried this?
  217. MP Weapons wont level up
  218. Aiming toggle missing
  219. Uplay launcher error
  220. How do you check FPS?
  221. Fire physics broken?
  222. Farcry 3 Deluxe Edition soundtrack missing some music that was in game
  223. Cant launch Far Cry 3 "The application failed to initalize properly (0xc0000142)"
  224. Healing syrginge...
  225. A way to increase draw distance?
  226. Far Cry 3 Steam backup
  227. see enemy through grass / buildings etc. ? how to get rid of this?
  228. single player - no weapons + immortality bug
  229. Co-operative issues.
  230. Ubisoft = best coders EVER
  231. Solution: The FarCry3 service is not available
  232. Multiplayer still not working?
  233. Only map editor stutters
  234. Problems I'm having with my FarCry 3
  235. Far Cry 3 Patch 1.02
  236. far cry 3 doesn't launch after fc3 logo !!!
  237. Betting Aginst the House.. HELP!?
  238. Far Cry 3 has Stopped Working & Blue Screens (BSOD)
  239. Why no keyboard reassignment or customized use of mouse buttons?
  240. Amanaki...how to get there?
  241. Found an awesome cave system.
  242. P2P Sucks.
  243. Far Cry 3 Service is Not Available
  244. A couple of questions on farcry 3
  245. Flashlight option?
  246. Balck screen after finishing a mssion . solution? anyone?
  247. first cheater
  248. Yeah no. That makes sense. Diswasher? Yes!
  249. Why are there no great white sharks or sea monsters?
  250. dx9 sky bug