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  1. Performance issues after beating game
  2. Escape from Nostalgia stuck 110%
  3. I cant play multiplayer :(
  4. Forums for dummies!
  5. What do I need to do before selling this game?
  6. Uninstalled this rubbish
  7. Stuck on mission 28: Doppelganger
  8. Disappointment in Ubisoft
  9. So, a discussion on the story
  10. Lets play on our own maps
  11. Open World Game, do whatever you want whenever you want, but you can only try once
  12. How does one report a mp hacker?
  13. feel free to answer
  14. [HELP] How do i activate my key on uplay ?
  15. Far Cry 3 sniper flickering scenery glitch?
  16. Far Cry 3 Performance Issues - Low FPS
  17. *UBI pls read* unwanted maps clogging ubi servers
  18. Ingame messages to other players during co-op missions?
  19. Really! How hard can it be?
  20. cant play in full screen mode????
  21. Far Cry 3 Services unavailible like... since i bought this game.
  22. Hurk's Final Moves (Insane DLC)
  23. Man vs. Wild | Path of the Hunter - Albino Crocodile
  24. Farcry 3 Single player bug
  25. had to change my window
  26. Any news on the next patch?
  27. [Modding] Far Cry Nexus Launched
  28. Can't join any friends! Can't join via invite! Help!
  29. Returning back to Vaas compound..
  30. I just activated the Exclusive Content Bonus Pack - Now what do I see?
  31. Far Cry 3 has stopped working
  32. Does the PC version of Far Cry 3 have achievements?
  33. Solution to constant Crashing found!
  34. Draw Distance (Far Cry 1 > Far Cry 3)
  35. "Out of Range" Error Message
  36. Should I get more RAM ?
  37. Unable to connect to FarCry servers since i bought the game
  38. How do I install the game without a DVD-player.
  39. Jungle Run Fix
  40. Haxor central - whats your opinion?
  41. Steam version runs slower than nonsteam?
  42. Exclusive content code already used
  43. Omg zombies! Its gonna be zombies! Oh...just a dog and some snakes :(
  44. Far Cry 3 PC Performance Horrible after 30secs of play
  45. A great game
  46. Why You Should Play Multiplayer on Low
  47. Multiplayer Hosting
  48. bad side of town (badtown) crashing anytime i get near it.
  49. Selling Far Cry 3
  50. Pc map editor crashes
  51. How do i join mods together please, i am new to modding this game.
  52. Mysterious purple tents
  53. Far Cry 3, não consigo sair desta fase!
  54. Add clantag to game name
  55. How to get the Survival Guide?
  56. Cannot unpack with Gibbed.farcry.unpack..
  57. suggestion: uplay have a status for each player, not just online/offlline
  58. Looking to add people for Co-OP play and decoder friends speed boosters
  59. fire arrow, fire not on arrow head.
  60. Rare Final Movies in Multiplayer.
  61. Save games are all "greyed out"
  62. About names on multiplayer.
  63. Hey Devs
  64. another or junk or what cant connect to ubisoft what the hell
  65. wont connect to anything
  66. Weapons magazine gets full everytime I Fast Travel or Pause the game!
  67. Yet another problem with Far Cry 3
  68. Are we going to see Dinosaurs
  69. Bug when trying to complete quest "Triple Decker"
  70. Finally Gave Up on Killing Vass Because of Inconsistent Lighting
  71. Crashes
  72. When will the multiplayer be fixed
  73. high power rifle scope
  74. Open Coop in Group
  75. Installation Error
  76. I can't connect to far cry 3 servers on my PC
  77. FAR CRY REMAKE in Far Cry 3 Map Editor
  78. video card advise
  79. My Far Cry 3 doesn't work..
  80. Far Cry 3 Saved Games.
  81. team chat on MP?
  82. plz help me its important!!
  83. mutli and coop not work
  84. My feedback, Far Cry 3
  85. plz help me its important!!
  86. Any mention of an expansion in the near future?
  87. Servers down???
  88. I will pay 10$ for the man who...
  89. cheater spotted
  90. Where is Weapon Properties folder located?
  91. Anyone else having this issue (uplay problems) Tried everything.
  92. Buying a new PC for far cry 3 need advice
  93. FC3 Map Editor PC Q?
  94. Far Cry 3 Performance Issues
  95. Far cry 3 and the outpost for my pc wont sync due to uplay error.
  96. need help urgent !!!
  97. help is needed! please read the tread!
  98. remove far cry 3
  99. Keys jamming on multiplayer
  100. MP performance optimization
  101. Far Cry 3 Players meetup (for coop, online playing)
  102. The pleasure of playing multipayer
  103. You have been kicked from the server
  104. Issues with COOP that should really be adressed
  105. Killing of vaas- ridiculous
  106. Game keeps Freezing
  107. Why there is a lot garbage maps (non textured as well) in Silver Maps!
  108. Is there a way to delete my cloud data?
  109. Player-made maps matchmaking issues
  110. Graphics
  111. Crashing and Freeze unlimited time.
  112. Multiplayer takes FOREVER to load
  113. Time Acceleration
  114. Weird graphics glitch, help!
  115. Erik-Boss : cheater
  116. Question about the multiplayer?
  117. Custom Controls issue
  118. FAr Cry 3 is Offline. Bul****. Ubisoft is looser.
  119. New single player mission free on Uplay. Where?
  120. Help with first time run
  121. Online gaming with FC3, feedback
  122. Why bother
  123. explaination please
  124. Infiltret Nolstalgia
  125. New Nvidia Driver Is Out - Help Smooth Farcry 3 Gameplay somewhat
  126. Editor individual settings
  127. Can I delete the .rar files from download folder
  128. FC3 Co Op question
  129. Need a tiny bit of help.
  130. [Suggestion] Throwing Knife As A Weapon
  131. Help with MP
  132. Can't get heave beatdown skill
  133. Not receiving any credit after multiplayer match.....!!!!!
  134. crashing while selling
  135. 2 questions from a beginner
  136. The far cry 3 service is not available....and never has been !
  137. Savegame
  138. WOW there is some kind of ultra smoothness on low.Anyone else noticed it?
  139. Ambush mission crash - PLEASE HELP
  140. Farcry 3 on New Windows 8 Computer ???
  141. i can reset the outposts but i lose my towers is there a way to keep them open ?
  142. Far Cry 3 вылетает после заставки на минимальныm
  143. The Self Loathing Genre
  144. Problems of FARCRY 3
  145. we can reset the outposts but what about the hunting side missions ?
  146. ubi your servers are crashing again i think
  147. Far cry 3 - Crash upon starting Single Player Campaign
  148. ubi WARNING
  149. Everyone has black eyes
  150. No Machete In Far Cry 3 Map Editor
  151. Hosting public custom map matches
  152. [MOD] Greetings to Malmö - Compass/minimap control, weapon holster, hud switcher...
  153. Help me please :(
  154. BLUESCREEN - result in game not working PC verison ;)
  155. How about this MOD?
  156. Farcry 3 Matchmaker Problem!!!
  157. Far Cry 3 blew it
  158. MP Weapons not leveling
  159. Microphone issues
  160. Real brilliant save system guys...
  161. Video solution?
  162. Invitation to FC3 devs
  163. Farcry 3 connection problem
  164. Don't buy this game
  165. Can ANYONE play Private Co-op Through UPLAY
  166. Someone explain some graphic settings? And a little suggestion.
  167. мультиплейер-ПОЛНОЕ ГОВНО!!!
  168. Multi Player
  169. FC3 crashes when I select options in-game
  170. User Created Map Group[No hackers][No lag][Custom and old school maps]
  171. Far Cry 3 Gamesaves for Individual Missions
  172. Far cry 3 keeps crashing HELP!
  173. sunset and sunrise
  174. Potential Fix for Coop Public or Private can't join error
  175. Farcry 3 wont download patchs though uplay or off website?
  176. Earning mods
  177. Can't use my Logitech F510 gamepad on Far Cry 3.
  178. Why cant i play my fc3 coop, with my friend who's fc3 is on steam????????????
  179. problems unlocking tatoos with mouse and kboard
  180. MSV-Vextor can we get clearence on mapping issue
  181. Why is bullet travel distance shorter than viewing distance?
  182. Common Far Cry 3 PC problem but no fix
  183. Does the bad end sound right for a sequel??? (End spoiler alert)
  184. game
  185. Frustration causes deletion - fc3 ink monster
  186. I have a big problem with graphical glitch that occurs randomly
  187. whats the song from the hoyt volker trailer?
  188. Experimenting with Target launch commands
  189. Mouse acting weird in settings win
  190. Multi Player Load outs - what's your favorite combos
  191. Ubisoft wont give me my serial key back
  192. FAR CRY 3 is freezing
  193. For those stuck on Deepthroat mission: How to beat without glitching the mission.
  194. Host migration boots me, and others remain in game
  195. Custom singleplayer maps
  196. MP Tattoo on one arm?
  197. [Severe] Player Maps playlists have been stalled since 4 days now
  198. Question to the mod makers
  199. Weekly challenges now working properly again!
  200. Need Co-op Partners!
  201. Fc3 multiplayer?
  202. 75 level growing too fast
  203. New Character
  204. Host migration boots me, and others remain in game
  205. update
  206. Crash after tutorial
  207. Main Game over, but still encounter pirates ....
  208. Physical Items
  209. about a decent coop lobby system?
  210. FC3 binded to my Uplay account, FOREVER?
  211. Game crashing on third load up screen.
  212. Help me ! I have black screen when after loading screen and freeze !!!!!
  213. NEW! Realism Package Download
  214. Black flashing screen on start up
  215. This is what the guys are doing when Vaas isnt around..
  216. FarCrky 3 - Pc
  217. Pissed off player!!!!
  218. Texture and loadin issue/bug
  219. Regarding Multi-Player and Co-Op.
  220. Mouse controls suddenly died - can't shoot or aim (take-down also doesn't work)
  221. Problem with Patch 1.04: E Key no longer works.
  222. Need help-advice locking onto target in MP
  223. help
  224. Funwar / Wars
  225. Direct X 11
  226. enemies after i finish the game
  227. Ubisoft Support is just Ducky!
  228. help me set up my games, need help
  229. far cry 3 low frame rate, amd, catalyst control centre update
  230. Object Collision Bug and General Collision issues
  231. Graphics HELP!
  232. Something I'd love to see added for the PC side of Far Cry 3
  233. FC3 Multiplayer.
  234. Desperate in need of help!
  235. Question for owners of the "Monkey Business" ULC
  236. Fc mp bugged?
  237. Iron site discrepancy, Micro Lag, Voodoo, What?
  238. Resolution Keeps Changing from 1280x800 Back To 1920x1200
  239. [NEW MOD] Disable in-game menu/map loud humming sound effect + interactive sound!
  240. Guide to get strong holds without being detected.
  241. NOTICE: Scheduled Maintenance for PC - 2013-01-10 10:00 GMT
  242. Need 210 hours to decode...
  243. what is the music from the tyrant trailer?
  244. I can not reload when run...
  245. Far Cry 3 CD Key/Activation Code missing
  246. take gun to enemy
  247. Far Cry 3 disappeared from my account!
  248. 138 hours to decode a Hard Drive
  249. How can i get this first mission
  250. getting the middle finger from Ubisoft yet again