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  1. Welcome to Rocksmith!
  2. What guitar are you goig to play with the game?
  3. before I buy - any issue with active pickups?
  4. Stuck at soundcheck
  5. Rocksmith real tone cable
  6. Keep getting Tone cable unplugged message
  7. Game freezes at startup screen. Please help.
  8. PC Bundle?
  9. Unofficial Amp, Stompbox Identification Thread
  10. Christian Music DLC
  11. Serious buzzing/feedback issue making game unplayable.
  12. Got Lag? Got Latency? READ THIS FIRST.
  13. Footswitch?
  14. intonation question
  15. ps3 rocksmith freeze
  16. Rocksmith for Mac?
  17. Song Sort Menu
  18. You have everything for unlimited effects and home recording
  19. Problems setting up Rocksmith...interference
  20. Rocksmith User Manual for Download
  21. Real Tone Cable Problem.
  22. Unofficial Amp and Stompbox Thread
  23. Initial Tuning Problem
  24. Bands I Want on Rocksmith
  25. MIDI Guitar
  26. Help please, PS3, delete save data??
  27. Live event video lag
  28. Cable dead after playing twice????
  29. Event Qualification Score
  30. Rocksmith and PS3 headset
  31. Rocksmith displays incorrectly on my TV
  32. Rocksmith USB cable and Windows PC - how to make it work ?
  33. Forum Rules
  34. Five artists you would like to see in Rocksmith
  35. Recording to Laptop/PC using Rocksmith Cable?
  36. Stomp box anyone???
  37. Real Tone cable with Amp Simulators and Digital Audio Workstations
  38. RockSmith with Constant Online DRM for PC?
  39. Rocksmith microphone???
  40. I built a controller for rocksmith!
  41. Anyone still playing pro guitar in Rock Band with the Squier?
  42. Rocksmith freezing on PS3
  43. Riff Repeater... again. Patch ETA?
  44. Set Mastery - for Play Full Song
  45. Rocksmith doesn't like some guitars
  46. Really great idea I had for Rocksmith 2
  47. whats your gear
  48. Buzzing noise making Rocksmith unplayable
  49. Can DLC be used by different users on same PS3?
  50. New song request system
  51. UK release --- a few questions
  52. what do you think about a pedal for the game
  53. Rocksmith for PC and Mac?
  54. What maintenance should I do for my guitar(s).
  55. Guide for fixing PS3 lock-ups coming via Twitter and FB
  56. Non Registering Strums
  57. Possible solution to the freezing issue after an event.
  58. Used Guitar Help Needed
  59. Need Help to Know if I am Doing Something Wrong
  60. Game purchased in the US, played in the UK. No option to update or buy songs in store
  61. Anyone seen a breakdown of the patch?
  62. Zero lag sound bars?
  63. Think they will fix the xbox slow loading also?
  64. Hey Guys, need some help
  65. Inlay stickers
  66. rocksmith drum edition
  67. Rocksmith PC on Windows XP?
  68. HNGD to Me!
  69. YES!!!! HNGD to me too!!!!
  70. Looking to upgrade
  71. HNBD Now like a kid waiting for xmas
  72. This is freakin cool!
  73. Rocksmith Guitar Official Bugs and Issues Thread #2 (360 & PS3)
  74. Rocksmith Guitar PC Official Bugs and Issues Thread
  75. Rocksmith Bass Official Bugs and Issues Thread (360 & PS3)
  76. Rocksmith Bass Official Bugs and Issues Thread PC
  77. Rocksmith Official Bugs and Issues Threads
  78. Rocksmith Gear & Tech Useful Links and Information
  79. note highway speeds up
  80. Noise/sound drop out
  81. Drop D answer
  82. Me to! Me to! HNGD!!
  83. With the new patch coming
  84. Got DR Neon strings I ordered
  85. What bass will you be using?
  86. STAGG Stratocaster - Serie 700
  87. Hngd
  88. Just a question
  89. New Rock smith user: Who picked the songs for this game?
  90. Couple questions
  91. Will you buy the PC version also?
  92. Anyone know why its only 3 songs every 2-3 weeks?
  93. The update has landed on my XBOX 360
  94. Official Patch Notes- 8/14/12
  95. New update is awesome!!
  96. Setting Speed
  97. Might buy a new amp later today.
  98. Patch made it better, but not better enough for me.
  99. how do you change from guitar to bass?
  100. almost there!
  101. No more replays?
  102. Some criticism in regard to the new patch (8/14/2012)
  103. Bonus Songs re-locked??
  104. Question
  105. Whoa whoa whoa, nice shootin' Tex
  106. Guitar and Bass Simultaneous split screen?
  107. Missing DLC songs
  108. I Can See!!!!!!!!
  109. Great, Now I have more G.A.S.
  110. Audio Lag Gone?
  111. Scale Runner on xBox (post 8/14 update)
  112. No Events allowed in Bass Expansion!!!!!!
  113. Double Encore Confusion
  114. Sometimes, I like to ...
  115. Almost unlimited lives
  116. Microphone Usage
  117. Where is DLC stored/saved?
  118. Master Mode
  119. PC Audio Interfaces Supported?
  120. Bug when it asks for lowering qualifying score
  121. US copy of rocksmith in europe
  122. And you thought their Guitars were expensive.
  123. Lost RSP points/scoring bug?
  124. rocksmith cable extension
  125. Microphone Help Please
  126. Game locks up on load on PS3 - just goes to a black screen
  127. Download of Bass DLC taking 10 hours?
  128. Guitar Rig, the best practice tool ever
  129. Question about set up.
  130. Great video on how to string your guitar quickly and reliably (no slip)
  131. MIM Jazz Bass Modifications
  132. Is Ubi still behind the games and its development??
  133. Open E String not sustaining?
  134. Own USB Interface [PC]
  135. Multilanguage (PL)
  136. where or how do you store your guitar?
  137. Hnsd?
  138. are they rereleasing rocksmith with the bass dlc and other dlc on disk?
  139. Free preview packs?
  140. what do people use to clean there guitars?
  141. Help me Rocksmith, you're my only hope
  142. What to do outside of Rocksmith.
  143. PC Requirements Revealed!
  144. Noises...Crackles & Pops on the PS3 !!
  145. Sanding guitars
  146. Community DLC for Rocksmith Discussion
  147. Is it save to buy DLC already ? (EU)
  148. Jam session hook up thread.
  149. Recording bass and guitar question?
  150. Digitech rp500
  151. how do I delete individual dlc songs from my ps3?
  152. Is there any way to switch to a differnt user profile while in game? (PS3)
  153. Techie Question: Interface Cable Proprietary?
  154. For those buying the PC version...consider thisQQ
  155. Help with double stops
  156. Buying a USA PS3 store credit - any replacements for bestbuy ?
  157. Is Rockband officially dead?
  158. does a better guitar make rocksmith...sound better?
  159. TonePrint Pedals
  160. LAg Issues
  161. General TAB help
  162. the 5 and 7 strings
  163. Can't see any dlc in the guitarshop or in the playstation store
  164. Guitar Rig Kontrol or Stealthpedal?
  165. Best/Easiest Capture Card for PS3
  166. Official Rocksmith PC System Requirements
  167. Best PC Configuration for RockSmith?
  168. BEST FREE BACKTRACK SITE. 1000's of songs, many with vocals.
  169. The delay figures from Rockband2 - useful?
  170. Check out this free 6 weeks online class on Guitar from Coursera.org
  171. Recommended speakers?
  172. Guitar Pro 6
  173. DRM for PC version?
  174. Rocksmith breakaway cord
  175. PS3 Game Freezes @ Lightspeed
  176. still freezing after all this time?
  177. Rocksmith uk question
  178. Audio lag (UK PLAYER)
  179. My First (good enough) backing track
  180. PC pre order bonus is (wait for it)
  181. EU Version of Game Region Locked?
  182. Sound cutting out. Anyone else experiencing similar problems?
  183. Woried about lag for 360
  184. whats the best guitar or string or pickups for this game
  185. console version vs pc version
  186. multiplayer options
  187. GameSeeker - Uk online retailer
  188. Would you put your money where your mouth is?
  189. Replay l
  190. M-audio Fast Track v.2 instead of rocksmith cable?
  191. Where is my DLC ?!?!?!
  192. Bandfuse - some new tracks
  193. Which version to get?
  194. Is there any way to get Dolby Digital audio from the game?
  195. DLC in Europe
  196. STEAM - PC it's here!!
  197. Rocksmith PC + Native Instruments Rig Kontrol??
  198. pc demo crashing
  199. language. uk version ps3
  200. PS3 how to setup for multiple player with different abilities?
  201. Rocksmith European region DLCs
  202. downloading songs problems
  203. Line 6 UX2
  204. Amazon preorder
  205. PC: Pre-order bonuses
  206. Real Tone Cable not working on PC?
  207. Native Asio Driver for the Real Tone cable?
  208. Sound Check Glitch - PC Rocksmith
  209. How do I scale back the difficulty, just a little?
  210. Rocksmith XBOX 360 Germany - Amp Settings
  211. Audio latency in analog->digital conversion, actual number?
  212. PC bundle with Steam achievements?
  213. can you play the games with a selected tone?
  214. Using a video chat camera
  215. Real Tone Cable not being recognized on PC
  216. Real Tone Cable EU availability
  217. DLC for PSN Europe?
  218. Bug tracker?
  219. Can UBI please tell us if DLC from consoles will be usable in the PC version in any w
  220. A few criticism of the PC version of Rocksmith
  221. Playing to backing track in amp mode?
  222. Bonus Music pre-order code not working?
  223. Idea for this...
  224. A interesting idea
  225. PC-Real Tone Signal Loss and Crash
  226. Increase / Decrease dificulty ?
  227. Uk dlc
  228. Trades
  229. Downloaded songs
  230. European Rocksmith cannot se europe,twisted sister in the store
  231. Xbox connecting to stereo while using HDMI?
  232. Rocksmith PC Beta Doesn't Work with Logitech G930 Headphones
  233. Tracking number
  234. Will I be able to use the cable from the 360 version of Rocksmith with the PC version
  235. My guitar neck is missing some notes. :O
  236. Just got my PS3 copy of Rocksmith
  237. Rocksmith development tools
  238. trophy glitch
  239. PC Audio Lag
  240. Sound check problem - missed note = game freezes (Xbox 360)
  241. Rocksmith - Song Maker
  242. What kind of drm will rocksmith for pc have?
  243. Uke-Smith
  244. playing along to mp3 whilst in the amp room
  245. Gear Issues: Guitar Straps and Strap Locks
  246. Question about Preorder/Beta for PC
  247. Rocksmith PC Configuration and FAQ's
  248. Rocksmith Buddy site
  249. Rocksmith: should teach users to read music and then play it
  250. DLC descriptions and in game store - no way of knowing all arrangements before buying