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  1. Rocksmith: Cable unplugged errors
  2. Christmas songs to be released only in Japan?
  3. Rocksmith & Playstation EYE?
  4. My Song Playback Is Missing
  5. Increased # of players in Multiplayer?
  6. FRAPs No sound.
  7. Qualified but cannot play Event!
  8. Scale Runner
  9. Poor feed through USB cable
  10. XboX freezing, Could some one help Please?
  11. Qustion about the songs you bought
  12. output Rocksmith to an amp?
  13. An Alaskan Original.
  14. Problem with rocksmith real tone cable
  15. Recording ingame videos
  16. Streaming Rocksmith with Xsplit
  17. XBox and PC versions
  18. Looking for a starter guitar... opinions please?
  19. [PC] Game not choosing default sound device
  20. Where are the nickleback songs on steam?!?
  21. Is it possible...? (DLC question)
  22. Laptop system requirements Rocksmith
  23. So why does AUS and I'm guessing EU not have the Pantera or Nickelback DLC yet? :(
  24. Anoying guitar issues
  25. Please mark single "SONG" purchased as part of a "SONG PACK" as purchased
  26. Help, Realtone stopped working
  27. Rocksmith : suddenly no sound
  28. What's in a game??????
  29. Rocksmith PC Re-release
  30. Help! Rocksmith does not run!!!
  31. Downloaded songs on PS3
  32. Sennheiser MM 550 X
  33. Test Case copying RS's Plug In Baby tone to the HD-500
  34. Question about the Steam version of Rocksmith
  35. Rocksmith PC need a fix really fast!!
  36. Is my cable broken?
  37. [PC] Rocksmith stopped working
  38. Weird, persistant static noise coming from my Rocksmith cable...
  39. Frustrated in attempts to buy the game.
  40. Where can I buy just the cable?
  41. PS3 Owners whats your setup??? Both In game options and How you hook your sound up..
  42. Is there way to play Rocksmith without Real Tone Cable (ex. with microphone) ?
  43. PC re-install question.
  44. Steam Backup Info
  45. sound check first rift bug
  46. GAS'ing REALLY Bad.
  47. Rocksmith PC problem - Sound when in amp mode, but not in songs?
  48. Rocksmith addon missing from store.
  49. Rocksmith e-string problems
  50. Strange event issues or Strange things are afoot.
  51. Guitar tech help needed please
  52. no new holiday songs this year?
  53. Foo Fighter DLC on EU steam?
  54. No CD Key in box
  55. PC version crashing at Ubisoft logo following Steam reinstall
  56. Online Multiplayer in Rocksmith Please :D
  57. PS3 Microphone Question
  58. ? Rocksmith 2 ?
  59. Custom Guitars
  60. PC rocksmith update
  61. PC Patch?
  62. Anyone else have problems downloading the Holiday DLC from Steam?
  63. Use somebody problem..
  64. Rocksmith Continuous Play?
  65. Rocksmith starts in Slow Motion/ Rocksmith startet in Zeitlupe
  66. I have PS3 version, do I have to purchase a PC version?
  67. Can I save my Steam download in case of computer restore?
  68. downlaoding new songs
  69. adding new tracks
  70. Best Set up for Rocksmith?
  71. Season's Greetings - any advice re RR freezing and another problem? Thx!
  72. Got Rocksmith for PC but can't see the track
  73. How to set mastery?
  74. I'm back at level one
  75. Using a Kala U-Bass and having an issue with minigames
  76. Guitar problems
  77. End of the World Song Cover!!!!!!!!!
  78. no playback
  79. A quick question about platform
  80. Descissions.
  81. Intel core i3 with Intel HD4000 graphics anyone?
  82. 360 Hard Drive question
  83. Merging ps3 account and pc account possible?
  84. dcl songs expensive
  85. Latency - shall I buy PC or XBOX version?
  86. Video NoteWay Lag
  87. 2 things Random Song and Grinder
  88. Help Needed
  89. product key
  90. [Bass/pc] Notes not registering on second song in event
  91. Rocksmith and Audio 4 Dj
  92. Crash!
  93. [PC] Rocksmith doesn´t Start - Black Screen (can´t see anything) but Sound
  94. A Rocksmith rewiew from someone with ZERO guitar experience.
  95. PS3 Problems
  96. CD Key issues - STILL
  97. Guitar works but game says it doesnt.
  98. noise making game not picking up notes as it should
  99. Red string doesn't work.
  100. Flashing "R" at the bottom right corner
  101. New player review
  102. UK PS3 Store- why so different?
  103. Help out on the Facebook page?
  104. Having no sound at all in Rocksmith (xbox 360)
  105. Help appreciated regarding the realtone cable
  106. Rocksmith & Sony Pulse Wireless Headphones
  107. Game stops registering notes during performance
  108. create cache files time out error / cant instakll from disc
  109. Slither
  110. Is there any harm to consoles?
  111. guitar wont play
  112. String colors
  113. No sound in PC version of Rocksmith..?
  114. Final Bonus Song will not unlock
  115. Everytime I play Rocksmith I have to start it up twice
  116. Please add "No Fail" mode for training purposes
  117. I'm upset.
  118. semi acoustic question
  119. Help help help omg
  120. Problem with score!
  121. Song Key, Scale type and position used, Chord Progression
  122. Wireless Headphones
  123. Cannot find downloaded songs
  124. not very plasma screen friendly
  125. Hello! Extra content key?
  126. PS3 - UK - Fake US PSN use Store?
  127. How do I play PC version offline?
  128. Transferring ps3 trophies and unlocks to pc version
  129. Rocksmith Serious Audio Hum Feedback
  130. Latency lag tip for PC users - DPC Latency checker
  131. When, if ever, will a proper working version be released? / pc-version
  132. Rocksmith Note Problem
  133. Slash Tonez
  134. Rocksmith Real tone cable Problem
  135. Newcomer must have ideas
  136. Help - new Rocksmither! Cannot get started....
  137. Where is feedback forum?
  138. Bends not recognized correctly
  139. Hnad!
  140. A couple suggestions
  141. Ampeg BA-108
  142. laptop buying advice
  143. Thankyou DHL for the air guitar !!!
  144. HNGD, to me
  145. Rocksmith [Digital Download / No Cable Included] $14.99 on Amazon today!
  146. Just got a 94 Fender P Bass and it needs some TLC badly
  147. having trouble
  148. I need info about buying an amp
  149. [novice] Where do I best learn string colors?
  150. Note detection at tuner stage dropping out
  151. I regret purchasing DLC for PS3
  152. HNGD (and conclusion to Guitar Deals thread)
  153. BSOD Rocksmith
  154. Rocksmith Real Tone Cable question - USB Part replacement?
  155. Powered USB hub recommendation?
  156. Australian DLC not working with American version purchased early through Amazon (PS3)
  157. Feedback: RS newstarter on Bass (PC)
  158. Old Marshall lead 12/CPU for Rocksmith gaming
  159. The horror!!! a cautionary tale
  160. My Rocksmith Rig!
  161. Feedback - request
  162. Audio delay PC
  163. Any way to transfer a Rocksmith Profile on PC version?
  164. Anyone use IRC (#Rocksmith Chat)
  165. Windows 8 - Comments
  166. How to use your old RB3 Pro(!) Guitar in Rocksmith...
  167. "Real Tone Cable not Connected"
  168. Can't unlock anymore Guitar Pedals
  169. Intel HD Graphics not supported. Advice needed.
  170. [PC] Huge fps Drops when playing a full event - Unbearable
  171. Massively improved playability
  172. Electronic Contact Cleaner for increased performance
  173. Multiplayer - 1 player sounds fine, other player crackles and hisses
  174. What's next for Rocksmith?
  175. Rocksmith Duplicate CD Key
  176. Can I use the cable with another PC software?
  177. Rocksmith Crashes after tuning check or first few notes.(PC)
  178. Does DLC transfer from PS3 to PC?
  179. Super Ducks issue
  180. stupid question
  181. PS3 version freezing
  182. Rocksmith Article
  183. Multiplayer screen layout question
  184. When was it decided to leave ps3 behind?
  185. list of songs by difficulty
  186. Can DLC be used on two different platforms?
  187. crash on PC Win Vista
  188. Chords: Need Better Explanation
  189. [Steam] Collectors Bundles not downloading
  190. Considering getting an acoustic. Suggestions?
  191. Help, small delay in sound from my guitar
  192. PC Version Latency - How bad is it? What about "ASIO4All" Driver?
  193. Xbox Multiplayer Question
  194. Tuner "muted" - won't work
  195. Multiple players, one household?
  196. Rocksmith changelog on steam?
  197. delay in sound when in amp mode but it is fine when playing a song
  198. Slight latency issue on PC
  199. Can I use the Rocksmith real tone cable with PodFarm?
  200. How do I take video with fraps while playing RS?
  201. DLC missing from shop
  202. Halp!
  203. thoughts of pickups
  204. patches/changes
  205. 23 new songs added
  206. problem: random loss of guitar sound
  207. Doesn't Register Blue String? (PS3)
  208. Windows 8: Cable drivers not installing properly.
  209. Installed Rocksmith but graphics not displaying correctly on interface.
  210. Patched in my own effects pedal
  211. How i stoped my ps3 freezing
  212. Soundcard for Rocksmith: Integrated, PCI or PCI-e
  213. 3 Guitar Projects Finally Completed
  214. Gear that I'm using this wekend!
  215. Holiday Pack for PC
  216. I am so deflated - I had such high hopes for this game.... Unplayable on PS3.
  217. Multiplayer on PC.
  218. [PC] USB 3.0 ports don't recognize the cable
  219. Laptop overheating / shutting off
  220. PS3 DLC still missing in PAL regions
  221. A new PS3 bug?
  222. update rocksmith
  223. Windows 7/64bit, Steam version, Start, White screen, return to desktop, no error
  224. three wishes...
  225. guitar hero and rockband comment
  226. Camp fire mode / emphasize learning aspect of RS
  227. PS3 Freezes/Lock-Ups - Possible Causes and Possible Fixes
  228. 5.1 surround problem
  229. Menu Volume
  230. Linking PC and PS3 accounts?
  231. Cannot access store
  232. Crating Backing Tracks from GH and RB
  233. Holiday song pack ps3 united kingdom
  234. Chord Book Suggestion
  235. USB ports question on PS3
  236. RSP stuck?
  237. UI comments
  238. Whats best way to record screen on PC?
  239. I have two questions.
  240. A few questions from someone planning to buy Rocksmith
  241. How do you subscribe to a thread ..?
  242. Forum display since maintenance update
  243. Problem after tuning...
  244. The game really is crying out for this....do you agree?
  245. Gear Question
  246. Rocksmith Amp mode and WMP at same time?
  247. Real tone cable stopped working
  248. Real tone cable stopped working
  249. Anyone else's PC freeze on exit?
  250. Rocksmith michropone