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  1. Does the Xbox 360 cable compatible on PC & PS3?
  2. Us/uk dlc
  3. Portugal Pre-order DLC Discontentment
  4. Can't decide on guitar or bass?
  5. US Imported Copy of Rocksmith in EMEA?
  6. Gutted!!
  7. HNTD to me :)
  8. Steam for Linux -- Any chance?
  9. Concerts and Songs: Larsen effect
  10. Ordered my cable and
  11. Crazy situation
  12. So is AUS and UK releases getting more DLC or something???
  13. Need friends on Steam? This is the thread.
  14. Another pedal topic.
  15. DLC not available
  16. Is the retail version "Steamable" or not ?
  17. PC version is completely BROKEN!
  18. DLC waiting period
  19. Vasoline Combo 2 - ever confirmed as bug, will we get it back?
  20. two player question?
  21. (XBOX360)(AU) JB HIFI Pre-Order code didn't work. Anyone else?
  22. Anyone use a Traveler guitar with Rocksmith?
  23. Backing track levels
  24. So... what happened the forum yesterday?
  25. Guitar not working - fresh out the box
  26. Playing chords on Rocksmith? Ducks and video lag.
  27. Note jerkiness
  28. replay in master mode?
  29. Got Rocksmith, need a Guitar.. recommendations
  30. Rocksmith PC - No audio whatsoever
  31. Question about PC soundcards/onboard and audio lag
  32. Importing songs feature
  33. PC version DLC purchased
  34. Anyone going to dump your DLC and move to PC?
  35. Anyone listen to Hot Tuna?
  36. Question re: the PC version and Bass Bonus Song Unlocks
  37. Real Tone Cable not working with my PS3
  38. Game freezes on PS3 when choosing replay
  39. USB audio device stopped working win7/win8 64 bit
  40. Tone Designer X360 DLC UK
  41. (Europe PC) price DLC?
  42. Has anyone else had this issue............
  43. Downloadable Tracks
  44. Recording PC with FRAPS
  45. Trying to get Rocksmith to work on my PC and having a lot of technical difficulties
  46. Which version PC or PS3?
  47. Anyone get this working on a Mac via Parallels Desktop?
  48. [PC] Possible to change language in-game?
  49. Rocksmith 2 not needed, just tons and tons of new DLC for current game!!!! :)
  50. Rush's Alex Lifeson's Rig
  51. Real-world equipment matched to models
  52. Event/song/artist filtering.
  53. Improve Audio latency by a little. PC ONLY
  54. where is the saved profile in PC?
  55. Will Rocksmith ever have online play?
  56. Rocksmith DLC in EU ?
  57. Rocksmith Cable (for PC/Software)
  58. Change Song Difficulty Crash Workaround (all versions)
  59. Holy DLC Batman!!!
  60. Question about DLC
  61. Why get PC version if you have XBOX?
  62. Training tool - Songsterr - Now comes with free lessons
  63. Creating drum tracks
  64. PC guitar Input question
  65. Using a PC ASIO USB input device such as the Lexicon Alpha
  66. Interesting.
  67. This forum confusing ?
  68. Can I use my audio interface?
  69. Rocksmith/MacBook Air (2011)/Boot Camp/Windows 7
  70. How will DLC work on the PC? Retail vs Steam
  71. Will it work on intel i3 laptop?
  72. PC and Internet connection
  73. I do not know where to buy the cable ...
  74. MaxOutputBufferSize - what's it buffering
  75. Difficult-Level
  76. Available DLC
  77. Networking
  78. Does the version of Rockmith on Steam include the Bass content?
  79. Rocksmith room on Turntable.
  80. Real Tone Guitar Cable
  81. Some help with PC audio latency - I've tried everything
  82. Does the PC version come with a cable too?
  83. Guns 'n Roses DLC for rocksmith?
  84. Can't play the game on PC?
  85. My retail copy of Rocksmith PC does not have a product registration code???
  86. Cost of DLC songs in Australia versus the USA
  87. You should be able to sort songs from easiest-hardest vice versa.
  88. Unrecognized disc error
  89. Xbox hard disk
  90. so little rocksmith downloadable content
  91. Rocksmith DLC
  92. Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu, Black Widow!
  93. Requirements for unlocking bonus songs.
  94. uk guitar packs pink floyd possible licensing problems
  95. Will we get all the DLC in the EU?
  96. Using XBox with HDMI - what to do?
  97. Availability DLC on PC version (box, non-steam).
  98. Anyone get this to work on Mac using Parallels?
  99. Help... Events are unplayable!
  100. Steam Sales - is DLC ever included?
  101. Steam and Rocksmith
  102. Connecting classical nylon strings guitar to Xbox 360.
  103. rocksmith multiplayer
  104. No CD Key
  105. Steam PC Pre-Order Bonus
  106. RS for PC: sorry we don't carry that title
  107. Awesome Free Amps and Cabinets Softwares (VST plugins)
  108. Anyone try to buy DLC from Steam?
  109. for all pc rocksmith guys without cd key come here
  110. PC Install Question
  111. New to Steam New to PC install... Please help.
  112. Is DLC available for the PC version?
  113. List of DLC for the cheapest price
  114. Where are these 3 big packs at? Its the 16th and they are no where to be found.
  115. Pre Order bonus on Steam
  116. 3 mega pack doesn't appear in my rocksmith
  117. Real Tone Cable umplugged message issue
  118. Stupid PC cable question.
  119. Lag problem with PC version
  120. Windows XP
  121. backup DLC?
  122. Rocksmith PC with multiple displays
  123. Anybody tested Rocksmith on ultrabook with success?
  124. RS4PC - Accidentally Deleted my Profile
  125. Lag/sync issues?
  126. I can't download the DLC Bass expansion!!
  127. Pc drm
  128. Where is the serial key?
  129. Classic Rock DLC
  130. Where is the Classic Rock Pack DLC?
  131. PC steam DLC not working?
  132. Newbie here, Have some questions
  133. Installing retail PC version
  134. rocksmith tracklist on mp3 and guitar pro tabs.
  135. [PC] I am unable to get both my headphones and Guitar to work...
  136. first day impressions
  137. Rocksmith can't count
  138. Real Tone Cable Already Worn Out After 2 Weeks???
  139. Events - going back in time?
  140. How to copy my save file to a friend's system
  141. Is Rocksmith PC out/playable already?
  142. When will the DLC for PC (not the super packs) will be available for Europe???
  143. High latency on the PC version
  144. Problem with latency...is there anything I can do?? (PC Version)
  145. Colorblind.. really difficult on the thin strings
  146. " There is No Bass Content for this song " ?? - 'What's Going On by Marvin Gaye
  147. Rocksmith and External Soundcards
  148. Double Dipping??
  149. If I buy retail version of Rocksmith (PC), is it a Steam version?
  150. PC Audio Latency - My Fix
  151. RockSmith for Wii U
  152. New Release date Netherlands?
  153. Any chance of linking psn/steam in the future like portal 2 did?
  154. PC for Japan?
  155. Rocksmith Key
  156. Black screen after ubisoft logo
  157. Classic Rock DLC on European PSN Store
  158. Where do I find my serial key?
  159. Output anomaly. Guitar output too high, lower your volume
  160. (PC) Profile Corruption?
  161. Guitar Tunes Fine On PC but Not on PS3 always [+50]
  162. PS3 Time Saver Bundle not unlocking anything
  163. Game won't start
  164. Missing CD Key for Rocksmith PC? *LOOK HERE*
  165. Guitar(cade) Lessons via DLC ??
  166. Update on PC?
  167. Still missing my DLC
  168. Guitar not working?
  169. Pause, Restart, Exit????
  170. Problem with my Bass, help?
  171. Bassist Feedback :( help!
  172. Bass LAGG help.
  173. Missing cd key?!
  174. Question about pc installation/download
  175. Question about system requirements
  176. Any other PCs overheating?
  177. Rocksmith Amp - Songs Setups
  178. Green Day
  179. No sound coming out when playing guitar
  180. Sound lagging on pc?
  181. PC Demo - Crash on startup
  182. classic rock not so classic?? uk player
  183. PC vs. Console interface
  184. Guitar problems with rocksmith
  185. impedance matching?
  186. I've Gone Wireless on Rocksmith and It IS GREAT!
  187. Rocksmith PC downloads everything from Steam?
  188. Any consensus on whether to get pc, xbox, or ps3 version?
  189. DLC still missing in Europe PSN
  190. are song packs available for limited time only
  191. "Tuning" for those who aren't tone deaf
  192. 3 days still no activation code
  193. FRAPS on PC
  194. Stickers
  195. ASUS Xonar DX - Latency issue
  196. DLC this week?
  197. when can i send in another song request?
  198. Amplitube Custom Shop crazy group buy
  199. Any other Razer Megalodon (7.1 USB headset) owners without any audio at all ?
  200. DLC on PSN (EUROPE)
  201. DLC on PSN (EUROPE)
  202. Multiplayer issues
  203. RockSmith on PC - new user - how to score better?
  204. What songs have you requested?
  205. Rocksmith keeps crashing during soundcheck
  206. A guide to achieving low latency in Rocksmith on PC
  207. Delete songs in pc version?
  208. Mixing Acoustic and Humbuckers means no note detection.
  209. Windows 8 and Rocksmith PC
  210. Rocksmith for PC in India
  211. Profile files
  212. pc version questions
  213. Weird stuff with the real tone cable on PC
  214. 6 bonus songs in the bundle version
  215. Can`t get through the soundcheck - am not the only one
  216. Stuck in Soundcheck, volume ok, tuning ok, second tuning check not ok.
  217. If I buy this game on steam, can you use this?
  218. RockSmith issues
  219. Is it possible on PC version to..
  220. Can anyone from ubisoft answer?
  221. PC DLC - UK Pricing: $3.81 (£2.39) per track??
  222. Rocksmith PC Crashes
  223. Realtone Cable stops responding
  224. pc version sound compared to ps3
  225. PS3 Australia dlc not working
  226. Setting the PC Lag Setting - has anyone worked out a methodology?
  227. still no accesss to the anounced DLC
  228. PC audio lags even after all tweaks, but none on console.
  229. Wii Game System
  230. *Feature Request* CAMERA RECORDING
  231. No CD key for Rocksmith/or answer from the support service
  232. Faulty Rocksmith Guitar
  233. Please find your Activation and Guitarcade content code below for the inconvenience
  234. Metal gear pack DLC on steam?
  235. Couple of quick questions
  236. Rocksmith Song Library
  237. Rocksmith Pc- External soundcard not supported :(
  238. Steam steams me
  239. Any way to filter out purchased songs on steam?
  240. Is it true?
  241. complete tablatures or rosksmith notation
  242. About Rocksmith(PC) Cable Problem
  243. I have a problem! :(
  244. Let's Build a Rocksmith PC
  245. *Solved* Rocksmith not starting issues
  246. PC pre-order bonus - anyone get it?
  247. UK DLC with a US Disc
  248. Song downloads PC
  249. PS3 copy Game to HDD and loading all the time = annoying
  250. Holiday Song Pack for the PC?