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  1. Spam posts
  2. Shi-No-Shi in graveyard. Yes it's true
  3. Two straight bug In jackpot and I lose my T3 two time for your stupid bug!
  4. Code generator Hack?
  5. Suddenly can't login
  6. Every time i stay win a game system disconect from game !!
  7. game suddenly turned gray when i was winning
  8. Swiss bug again and again and again...give me my elo back and my ticket.....
  9. Timer gets stuck on 00, game greys out, and we just sit there...
  10. 7 day reward didnt give me gold/seals
  11. Friend or Foes? Achievement
  12. Garants Purge Bug
  13. Two cards with the same name?
  14. Empty Cards: Display Bug
  15. Updating 0%
  16. Garant Purge and Fate Twister bugs
  17. Hellfire Bloater does not deal full damage to Lifegain creatures
  18. Bugs: "search cards" with confirmation box
  19. Missing Kat
  20. Friends or Foes Achievement not working!!!
  21. you gotta be f****** joking me
  22. Arcana ward: not functioning properly? or misleading description..
  23. Bug get block and turn never ends
  24. Again SWISS tournament bugged
  25. Duel of champions
  26. Remove background and zoom in?
  27. Tutorial Unbeatable?
  28. Can't Log in~~Please Help me
  29. Shadow Image new bug: Auto Kills original Target
  30. A Sanctuary Deck just appeared on my decklist and I didn't created it.
  31. Server maintaince / swiss tournament
  32. Anyone know the mmdoc.net admin contacts?
  33. Misleading Emilio Pack description?
  34. Can you successfully cast Soulreaver on a creature with Magic Shield
  35. Impossible to run the launcher
  36. BUG: Stone Shield vs Hall of Torment.
  37. Randomly died in a match with 4 health remaining?
  38. Got only 65 seal for last 3 weak
  39. [Bug]Weekly reward
  40. How do you get hero cards?
  41. Bug de lancement
  42. Still Waiting on Tournament Prizes From Meltdown London 28 July
  43. IPAD crashes!
  44. What am I missing?
  45. Launcher - "Updating 0% - 0B/0B" Help!
  46. Min req
  47. Swiss Bugged sometimes :< :< :<
  48. Match Frozen, Game Isnt?
  49. How many seals for day 7 reward?
  50. Faulty timer
  51. Bug Sanctuary's chosen one is not working
  52. Bug: Blackskull Vulture Rider visible on opponent hand
  53. Shaar: missing text
  54. Failed to login for unknow reason
  55. AFKers
  56. Game doesn't end.
  57. Dhamiria/Hellfire bloater bug?
  58. Impossible victories
  59. Afking Abuse
  60. Client crash during swiss
  61. What's with the lag today?
  62. yawn, servers offline, network not responding and other stuff while unable to log in
  63. Anything in the Upcoming Patch to Address Swiss Freezes? Compensation?
  64. swiss bug: timer of the opponent timed out but I got the loss
  65. Today's status: 3 Swiss tournament games played, 3 freezes at the end of the game...
  66. Can't look at cards.
  67. The game finish and i loose even though i win largely the battle ?
  68. Unable to login, server offline error since yesterday
  69. Don't get all my daily rewards
  70. Opponet is timed out but...
  71. Did the servers explode this weekend?
  72. Hack spotted ??
  73. unable to win/loose elo point
  74. I end my turn and system give me a loss
  75. ¿¿¿Cosmic Balance???
  76. Do I have to make a new account now?!:(
  77. instant defeat
  78. Unable to connect to Server
  79. duel Achievement Bugued
  80. Discarding Shi-No-Shi from opponents hand results in instant defeat
  81. Duel of Champions - No sound in game (Login screen and beyond)
  82. Reached lvl 45 but i don't recive bonus for achivment
  83. Italian Launcher screen is half in ES
  84. Server Maintenance Removing 7 Day reward
  85. And, just like that, more then 8 EXP Bonus disappeared.
  86. No redeem code button in the shop
  87. did not receive the gold portion of the 7-day reward....
  88. Tower of Oblivion randomly losing games (no shinoshi involved)
  89. Game Timed Out During Card Draw
  90. need an advice
  91. Impossible to get throught tutorial mission 6 for Necropolis
  92. didn't receive full 7 day reward. how do I post a ticket? Need moderator assistance!
  93. Didn't receive daily bonus due to long maintenance - anything that can be done?
  94. Blind brother bug
  95. Altar of shadows bug or cheating?
  96. Didn't receive my 7 day reward !
  97. Launcher Bug
  98. Swiss Dc
  99. WHY there is no confirmation at market?
  100. Card bug in german version
  101. Week of Austerity
  102. Word of Light bugged?
  103. Campaign is not working anymore.
  104. Swiss Endless "loading" bug
  105. Launcher Not updating
  106. Failed to login for unknown reason,PLEASE HELP!
  107. Swiss duel freeze-bug
  108. Either Clashing Tides is bugged, or...
  109. How to get xp?
  110. First impression
  111. Suddenly i get defeated in a match, having almost all my Hp
  112. Payment Methods bug
  113. Kaiko´s special ability, what does it do?
  114. Crash with two error dialogs
  115. Cards not working as described.
  116. Having 2 Fiery Weapons on a single creature does not give double bonus
  117. Network not responding,why?
  118. Launcher stopped working
  119. Gold reward of the week do not give all the gold it says
  120. Fir your client/server god damn it.
  121. Ariana abusing
  122. I've got 1001 and now i have got 900 RYLY ?
  123. CONFIRM button in shop transaction.
  124. News that will be seen
  125. Download Error
  126. 7 day gold reward bugged
  127. From 1000 to 1001 ELO just buy clicking the "Fight!" button
  128. ranking gone, freeze in battle
  129. Bugs
  130. lost 1400 seals while buying Forgotten wars expansion
  131. Typos on FW cards
  132. Shop crashes game
  133. Game Crashing Shop
  134. replay not working
  135. Pimped out deck
  136. Game will not launch
  137. Launcher cant connect to the server.
  138. Servers are online but when i try to log in says "sorry the server is offline now.."
  139. Herald of the Void ability bug
  140. Sound going off
  141. Altar of wishes
  142. 3x Crashes in tournament today
  143. Duel scoring
  144. No wildcard from premium reinforcments packs... EVER
  145. new achievement primetime
  146. The Game Crash
  147. Annihilation / Crushing Victory Achievment broken
  148. Typo on card [Outraging Vision]
  149. Sound problem since patch
  150. Daily Rewards
  151. Premium Base Deck Archivement BUG
  152. Blackskull Crusher and Forbidden Flame
  153. Offline Mode/Options
  154. Launcher.exe - .NET Framework Initialization Error
  155. Game keeps me login off
  156. Twitch.tv tab missing
  157. Elo not increased
  158. Client not responding crash when streaming on twitch.
  159. Paysafecard shop bug
  160. Text/overlays missing from cards
  161. Spellstealer wizard & Cyclone
  162. game crashes going to shop
  163. No Emilios in Swiss Tournaments
  164. Achievement Bug
  165. Shop is being very slow.
  166. Account gone after login change
  167. Swiss tourns need modification - for everyone's sake
  168. iPad app crashes during Wild card, Inferno pit, and Deck construction.
  169. Swiss Bugs
  170. Dear Ubi
  171. iPad version not working
  172. swiss crashing after forgotten wars patch
  173. Moonsilk Spinner + Ranged Reflect
  174. Cannot access the shop: game freeze
  175. Possible bug with Area Blast damage and evade
  176. cant buy seals with sms
  177. Moon Phoenix bug
  178. Bug with Lurker in the Dark and Sweep attacks
  179. Crash after Swiss
  180. Unable to make payment--credit card, Paypal, and all other methods denied
  181. Shalan, Voice of the Lotus bug/typo
  182. Duel of Champions Server Offline Bug
  183. I lost without being defeated or surrendering
  184. What just happened?
  185. Can't log in - unknown reason
  186. Bug - Shalan's ability does not work as worded.
  187. Error when trying to log in
  188. Shop bug.
  189. Tournaments bugged?
  190. Adar-Malik vs Rise of the Nethermancer problem
  191. Swiss Is Still Bugged
  192. 2 bugs
  193. Nether Soul vs Week of Training
  194. New Win Swiss Tournament Achievements not working
  195. I have questions and a lot !
  196. Swiss Finals didnt load..Need some kind of refund!
  197. Sound bug with 'banish soundbyte -- plays at LOUD volume while volume is turned down
  198. Hack or bug
  199. Shop Crash... Time to solve!!!
  200. ishuma immoblizied damage bug
  201. Need Help.ty
  202. help with achievement
  203. Achievement for 10/10 cards for each faction is broken.
  204. Sound stops working after minimizing game/alt tabbing.
  205. Buying Seals by SMS
  206. ELO gain for leavers
  207. Wineskin error
  208. Seal prices on iPad wrong
  209. ELO bug
  210. Swiss Win Achievements dont unlock if not Logged in
  211. Buying seals with sms
  212. Bug non réglé
  213. My pheonix actually died.
  214. Mistakenly bought a deck. Can I get my seals back?
  215. Bought The Sanctuary Deck - but cannot add it to my create deck??
  216. premium archivment
  217. Yet another new bug
  218. Forgotten Spell Bug
  219. Error in patching.
  220. Instead of "Haven Supremacy" achievement, I got a crash.
  221. crash during match in Swiss
  222. bug in match Ariana VS Ariana
  223. Spell Twister does not work with Cyclone
  224. Card layout bug
  225. error at the start of the game
  226. How stop English DoC site redirect me to "crappy" russian page?
  227. Why does the HoV box lie about how many Wild Cards you get?
  228. altar of wishes and cylone
  229. Won with Necro but didnt get the Hero
  230. I wanted to spend real money ... but
  231. I have a question regarding Premium Heoric Packs
  232. bugged Swisses
  233. Dissconect = lose????
  234. Multiple bugs today for Necropolis deck.
  235. Patcher Not Updating
  236. Ubisoft password required
  237. elo lock and shop bugs
  238. Homebound Winds bug?
  239. Void-Tainted Dijin Bug
  240. Spellstealer Wizard: bug or inconsistency?
  241. Shop Bugged??
  242. disconnect from the game
  243. I lost 3 match and ELO for disconnect of the server
  244. Error - the application failed to inizialize properly
  245. achievement bugged?
  246. Bug or intended ? focused mind does not override fear
  247. Daily report bug
  248. Launcher on iPad not working
  249. How to ignore users.
  250. Streaming problem