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  1. Closing shop not working
  2. time jump then defeat???????
  3. New mulligan screen is unfair
  4. Graphics bug maybe
  5. Any DoC Mirc channel ?
  6. Bug with new banners
  7. errore carte evento
  8. Week of Austerity + Shadow Master
  9. Lost on time out
  10. iOS 5.1.1 Issues
  11. I've copleted the first two missions...
  12. Delay on seals and gold?
  13. Support - where to write?
  14. I lost but I 'won'
  15. I can't create new deck?
  16. Holiday Gift don't work
  17. Event card usage problem
  18. Buy seals
  19. That's a nice hero you have here !
  20. Clarification on spell card " Guardian Angel"
  21. Bug with Atropos and Altar of Asha
  22. Bug Card: Arcane Ward
  23. Tree of truth didn't work on frozen maze?
  24. Bug: Kick the Hornet's Nest
  25. Skipping cutscenes
  26. The infamous 00 bug returns.
  27. orc camp
  28. Bug deck
  29. No sound, no music.
  30. Deck bug
  31. Blizzard spell bug
  32. Payment rejected...why?
  33. Uplay Delete my account?
  34. Bug - "For every card played discard one"
  35. Typing error on Throne of Renewal
  36. Connection issues
  37. Can't Play
  38. Can't login [Spanish game version]
  39. uneven matchmaking, Dark magic cards too OP, less xp per level same rewards?
  40. Connecting to Server...
  41. Shop!!!
  42. Cant log in! HELP pls
  43. It is possible to chat in lobby with friend?
  44. 2bugs : updater and Event's manager
  45. Charged for in game gold, but gold not in game.
  46. Network not respoding
  47. Constantly disconnect every 2-3 minutes after log in.
  48. Bug: EVENT CARD
  49. Please ban those cheaters!!!
  50. Few bugs.
  51. The UI on iPAD made me choose a random faction. Can i have it resetted?
  52. Payment issue
  53. [Problem] dont recive sellos
  54. Metanse mi plata en el culo el soporte a usuarios apesta
  55. Errore negozio carte
  56. Closing menus sometimes don't work
  57. the store does not work
  58. How to add friend
  59. Infinite turn
  60. Where can I report cheater please ?
  61. Disappearing Deck issue - Partially fixed
  62. how to play against a friend???
  63. Bloomberg Error
  64. Game crash
  65. Language mistakes
  66. How to get this card?
  67. Loggin error
  68. Bonus Content activation in Dance Macabre and Pirates of the savage sea
  69. Not Available?
  70. Didnt get my pack of cards after i bought it!
  71. Didn't obtain the card from infernal pit
  72. something wrong with font of zoomed cards
  73. Kieran + Imperial Guard
  74. Tree of Truth + The Frozen Maze
  75. Bug: Lost a reinforcement pack when ipad app crashed
  76. Wolf Praetorian vs Wolf Justicar
  77. Bug with shop(wtf?)
  78. Recieved wrong card
  79. I can not create a new deck
  80. Did not get achivement...
  81. Bann sistem like lol for tournaments
  82. Timing Problem
  83. Maws of Chaos is bugged
  84. is this a bug?
  85. Rally Flag wording.
  86. Avalanche -> Tree of Truth
  87. How can i unlock the wolf soldiers
  88. Shop bug
  89. Abuse of cards
  90. Error buying Seals.
  91. Spell Twister
  92. Help please - lost 35 euro!
  93. I have a problem with scripts
  94. Lol bug
  95. servers down?
  96. Opponent's cards revealed
  97. Problem with starting the game
  98. Help,in App Store !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. (no) maintenance
  100. Help cant build an army
  101. Fake Gold from Achievement
  102. Problems with Tournament
  103. Tournament not refreshing
  104. Arcane Ward against The Banshee?
  105. problem with entering the game
  106. Transferring MMDOC to another computer
  107. I have a problem with start the game
  108. Question about
  109. Launcher fail / unable to connect with server.
  110. altar of the shadow
  111. iPad 2 crash
  112. Anyone know how I use UltimatePoints to either buy seals or gold?
  113. Cant buy in the shop
  114. Texture issues
  115. 3rd mission "wolf soldiers"
  116. First impressions
  117. "1 to 6 chance to get a Premium card" rule no longer applies?
  118. Lost seals
  119. Can't buy in the shop.
  120. How to get the hero cards in sanctuary?
  121. Desync'd
  122. Time Jump end of turn bug or mistake on my side?
  123. Launcher says "Launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry...
  124. How to download the game?
  125. Mgic Spider and Naga Tactician not imune to retaliation, BUG or intended??
  126. Spell Twister chain: Spell Twister - damaging spell
  127. Can't start the game
  128. Cancel queue
  129. Launcher doesnt work
  130. Hack no joke
  131. heaven deck and never been given heaven cards in the shop ?
  132. How can I play Duel of Champions from the USA?
  133. Necropolis Starter
  134. offline
  135. The application failed to initialize properly...
  136. "Game currently not available in your location"
  137. Cards seem to stick together.
  138. Purchased 1200 seals via Ultimate Game Card bu "lost" the 200 seals I previously had
  139. Celestial Armor bug?
  140. Celebration coupled with empty deck not giving a draw
  141. LvL 45 bug
  142. Altar of Asha with Atropos, and other issues...
  143. Discard bot
  144. Bug - Card text partly disappears when right-clicked for zooming
  145. Bug - Can't toggle some menu switches
  146. Bug - Resolution menu problems
  147. Bug -spell twister and house of madness
  148. i lost some cards
  149. Bug disconnect automaticaley is considered a loss
  150. Unable to connect to server
  151. Shadow Image on Blackskull Goblin client crash
  152. Sorry the server is offline problem.
  153. Unable to play the game...
  154. Network Not Responding
  155. Not sure it's a bug but... wrong calculations with spells
  156. elo+0 bug ?
  157. campaign
  158. Hellfire Imp + Fire Trap
  159. BUG ! did not get gold from infernal pit!
  160. Can't select left event card
  161. help!! What happened????
  162. Opponent timing out on final turn.
  163. login uplay profile
  164. BUG Warrior angel- time jump- and Kieran ability
  165. Bless vs Kieran
  166. Can't buy packs in the ingame shop, please help
  167. I am not able to play anymore
  168. I have serious Issues with Inet Explorer, and cant play the game anymore
  169. The shop ever don't load
  170. Bug with Kieran and time jump
  171. I cannot use the shop
  172. Bug while buyng Emilio
  173. Duel doesn't start
  174. Can't connect to store
  175. Campaign >> Training camp > "Denstadt - Chemin de ronde" > I can't play Griffon
  176. Direct3D ERROR
  177. Payment rejected. Paypal, credit cards, ultimate game card
  178. No seals were accredited
  179. launcher close automatic
  180. 2 pc sharing an internet cannot conect into game???
  181. Surprise Attack Typo
  182. Bloomberg bug
  183. The application failed to initialize properly.
  184. I cant use the event card from the left side sometimes
  185. [BUG]Timejump, 2nd turn wrong resources calculation.
  186. Cannot select some cards while playing
  187. Fake While buying - lost seals
  188. Addressing the issue of Tower of Oblivion and other OTK-type decks
  189. Biig bug/hack whatever
  190. Falling from 1001 ELO
  191. Launcher Problem
  192. Christmas Tree Bug
  193. Destruction counter
  194. Is it a bug?
  195. The dragon "&" sign on Premiums
  196. Language filter.
  197. Correct password is incorrect???
  198. PayPal error 13113
  199. Server overload? Game freezes all the time. Is it the new Pope? 00 seconds bug.
  200. i'm can't play new game
  201. Shop bug
  202. Big problem Game very slow!
  203. Problem with prison nerf.
  204. Internet-connection failing
  205. lost cards
  206. Connection problems/Error
  207. Doubts with rules - Serafin + Poison
  208. Bug cant exit settings if u would like to change it when u play please fix it!!!!;/
  209. Altar of Asha / Rite of Necromantic Transfer
  210. where did 10k gold go
  211. Cancel search into freeze into loss
  212. Nunber of disponible/owned cards in the deck builder are no more visible when zooming
  213. Problems with Magic Resist
  214. bug in swiss tournament
  215. Problem with the reward of swiss tournament
  216. swiss crash
  217. Game crash while Duel begins
  218. Dispel magic / Ipad
  219. BUG: empty screen (game won't start)
  220. Friends requests
  221. Lost a duel during Swiss without playing it
  222. Puppeting a creature with Martyr
  223. I dont received Pharias card
  224. Any other way to get seals?
  225. The problem with buying Seals. Pay for the Seals but they did not get
  226. Sorry the server is offline problem.
  227. Bots ingame
  228. Fatesealer killing the game.
  229. Money taken from bank account but no seals added - 120 hours and counting
  230. Fate Sealer again ?
  231. Shop pics not cached anymore
  232. i cant play any tournament
  233. Line and row
  234. Tournament Bug Help
  235. Sorry you have timed out!
  236. need more wealth button not working
  237. more Bots in game
  238. Can't play - server offline error
  239. elo 1000+ and starting player
  240. Can't log in
  241. I can't buy seals with with my debut card but all the failed attempts hit my account
  242. Received no seals after transfer.
  243. Game just went stuck
  244. Suiss tournament bug
  245. Unable to connect to Server
  246. SoulReaver Spell vs Crystal of Revelation
  247. Frequent crashes
  248. Launcher Error
  249. Tournament Page
  250. The game just freezes during a suiss tournment. Anyone with the same problem or is ju