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  1. iOS bug: All card & hero number values disapear or stop updating during duel
  2. How do i unlock the daily quests?
  3. tournament 3:0 ... scored second place WTF ?
  4. Problems with achievements
  5. How to download Polish Version of MMDOC?
  6. XP boost time
  7. Un voeu cauchemardesque
  8. Counterspell spell
  9. Swiss tournament bug
  10. Unable to check for Update, the server file failed to load
  11. Ranking Points - bug?
  12. why nobody cares my problem?
  13. Chat not working properly
  14. Ariana Ability: can't use on Shi-No-Shi
  15. all hero abilities disabled after patch?????
  16. Game doesn't update.
  17. All cards descriptions disapeared.
  18. New hero?
  19. A Couple Questions
  20. Automatically Losing Matches
  21. Daily quests aren't working correcly.
  22. I can't download the game
  23. Blackskull Spellsmasher... little bug
  24. Game doesn't start... "The application failed to initialize"
  25. Poisonous Bulb is bugged!
  26. Seria's Last Order bug
  27. Ur-jubaal's call bug
  28. Cannot duel rank
  29. Seems like some achievements aren't working properly
  30. Game freezes (massive slow down) near last turn of duel!!!
  31. Having a problem with the shop.
  32. The Herald's Hand Achievement reward
  33. Melee shooter and melee guard
  34. Card stats disappearing bug
  35. Arkaths wrath question
  36. Zefiria bug: Can only put her in some decks?
  37. Can't Increase Class
  38. Might and Magic: Dual of Champions MAC/LINUX ?
  39. The Game crash after the ubisoft logo
  40. Repeat Crashes
  41. Deleb + Lava Spawn bug!
  42. Practice mode broken?
  43. Ur-Jubaal's Call bug
  44. Showing 0 progression even after winning 7 matches in a row
  45. Magic shield not working
  46. New guy questions
  47. Network Not Responding
  48. Name of Uplay not valid!!
  49. Not sure if it's a bug but..
  50. unit not tagetabble bug?
  51. Twitch TV Issue In Game Stream Not Working
  52. Incorrect Polsih translation of Sacred Walls effect description
  53. Boneyard + fountain of youth + conflicting orders
  54. Bug? Issue.
  55. Report player that abuse timer
  56. WIll not let me activate cd key! Please help!
  57. Tier1 jackpot (help)
  58. Arcane Intuition + Insect Swarm BUG
  59. Foes Crusher Daily Quest stuck at 17/50
  60. Gargoyle?
  61. Launcher not updating
  62. Swiss tournament bug, ticket lost..
  63. Call to Duty not functioning
  64. Some Buggy Actions we Observed.
  65. Sorry the Server is offline right now. Please check back a bit later in perpetuity
  66. Shop Purchasing Issues
  67. I dont get any exp after match
  68. Achiev Bug
  69. Viewing cards
  70. Please fix Uu-Jubaal's Call ASAP
  71. I lost champion points to an opponent who gave up
  72. Sacrificial Pit bug fix that asap...
  73. Can't perform any action after using "Blackskull Spellsmasher"
  74. Can't run Laucher
  75. event cards bug
  76. Can't download patch (launcher error)
  77. Game bugged out during a Swiss Tournament
  78. bug or hacker
  79. Time Out
  80. Landslide activate the ability of some buildings the time u destroy them!
  81. Deleb ability bug?
  82. 2 bugs being abused
  83. Game freezes when joining a duel
  84. Players using spell schools not assigned to them
  85. Altar of Wishes
  86. How do I watch replays?
  87. Account disabled??
  88. Video settings not saving
  89. Cannot login
  90. War Tents and Combat damage?
  91. I was about to win a game, but I was timed out.
  92. Featured offer in shop still/again broken
  93. Bug or Hack? creature immune to damage without reason
  94. Prices in shop are in Euros
  95. Blackskull Crusher + Arkath's Wrath
  96. Achievement dissapeared without reward nor refund
  97. Achievments
  98. crash
  99. Serias last order
  100. Standard deck not valid bug
  101. Win/Lose : Both players negative
  102. Forked Lightning Bug - Kills non adjacent creature
  103. Not so exact matchmaker
  104. Thrall of Hatered + Shockwave = Game Crash... fatal bug
  105. Crash, crash and crash again
  106. Pao+New Dojo=Return to Hand?
  107. Warbound cyclops typo
  108. Opponent seemingly left and disconnected, game froze EXP and Gold denied
  109. daily/weekly bonus resetting itself
  110. Not sure if a bug or not but
  111. Endless load during Swiss startup
  112. Stack at Lord commander
  113. promoc code porblem
  114. Thrall + Pao resulting a game crush
  115. Maniac Taskmaster Bug
  116. Boneyard + conflicting orders bug ?
  117. Duel of champions installer
  118. Loading Problems
  119. Quick Question...
  120. Imperial Guard behind creature with Towering doesn't take damage if Hero is attacked
  121. Probably bug!
  122. Swiss problem
  123. Endless load when attempting to play open
  124. How does one draw a game?
  125. Error: Failed to login for unknown reason...
  126. 'immobilized' is not in glossary or abilities list
  127. Im not able to play in jackpot tournament
  128. [Bug or not ?] Killing Thrall of Hatred with Void-Tainted Djinn triggers its ability.
  129. [Rules Question] When does Void Wraith trigger?
  130. [Bug or not ?] Focused Mind doesn't allow to attack a creature with Fear.
  131. im new and very confused
  132. Game timed out even though I could chat in game?
  133. The bug of swirling cards
  134. Shi-No-Shi ( Dark Ward Immunity )
  135. Arkath's Wrath Killing Creatures it Shouldn't be Able to...
  136. Daily Quest Fix Problem
  137. Elite Squire - Scttershot Marksman
  138. So is infernal Pit 100% random?
  139. Mass Rage + Shockwave problem
  140. Can Intel GMA X4500 run the game properly ?
  141. Standard Swiss and weekends
  142. Ur-Jabaal bug?
  143. Campfire Bug?
  144. wrong hero in 'most played hero' section in profile statistics
  145. I am academy banner
  146. bug with the fortune fleeting oasis
  147. no numbers bug
  148. Ranking bug/error
  149. Game Crash
  150. Victory is bad
  151. Thrall of Hatred bug?
  152. MSVCP110.dll is mising
  153. "Did you see it?"
  154. Stuck with Vradek
  155. [Rule Question] Regarding dying & getting destroyed
  156. "A New Deck" Achievement Bugged?
  157. Recovering from bad draw
  158. How does one recover from a bad draw?
  159. R2P achievment : 'get 100 votes on your best moves' doesn't work
  160. Stuck in champaign..
  161. Swiss Bug...
  162. Base Set 2 Pack buying for gold failed
  163. iPad bug on choosing target ongoing spell
  164. Ylath spelling error
  165. M&MDC on Virtual box
  166. Issue with Format drop down list
  167. Problem with Session?!
  168. stow/claim rewards?
  169. Can't deploy cards
  170. Decimator achievement problem/bug?
  171. Strength in Diversity bug
  172. Can't login
  173. Spectator mode only partially implemented on iPad
  174. Ice Splinters + Song of the Lost
  175. Daily Reward Bug
  176. game made me discard because i had too many cards....
  177. Quick Game resets to standard format after I play select and play an open duel
  178. [Forum] infinite loading in My Profile
  179. Steam Puzzle not unlocking the puzzle itself
  180. What's the deal
  181. Deck Builder bug(s)
  182. cards i own are locked and i can't use them?....
  183. Seals not being awarded.
  184. playing 2 lava streams in the same row makes client disconnect
  185. Cards are not up to date on official website
  186. Coral Seer not showing cards to spectator
  187. Cannot log into DoC-says server offline
  188. First Round Insta Crash in Swiss Tournaments
  189. Game auto switching to Open.
  190. Surrender bug for doc
  191. Swiss Bug
  192. Insta crash on Duel Launch
  193. Adar Malik + Pao Deathseeker
  194. General Griffin Bane bug thread
  195. How can I refer a friend?
  196. Came in 3rd in Swiss, Received no Prizes.
  197. Swiss tournament: bug whit achievement.
  198. Purpose of Gold
  199. Hide Duplicates bugs
  200. Can't run correctly on Ipad
  201. Can't buy seals - Been trying for DAYS
  202. iPad double tap
  203. Server connection problem
  204. Swiss tournament is lagging
  205. Network connection error at the end of a ranked quick game.
  207. Refer Friend Broken?
  208. problem with a card ?
  209. Hall of Torment & Stone Shield Interaction Bug?
  210. iPad app not working anymore
  211. [UBUNTU][VIRTUALBOX] The game does not run
  212. [Windows 8][tablet] Is my account banned? FIXED
  213. [Windows 8][tablet] Bug just got stranger
  214. Campaign bug - The Orcs of Sahaar
  215. Game constantly crashing
  216. Connection Problems
  217. Cannot build Ishuma deck
  218. Cant buy Seals with Mobile Payment
  219. Streaming on Twitch?
  220. Boneyard Bug
  221. Sorry, the server is offline right now
  222. Windswords - Demonic Infestation - Haven bug
  223. Game process unable to start
  224. Sudden Defeat!
  225. Your upgrade broke two things that I've noticed so far.
  226. [Bug] losing CP in unranked
  227. Swiss Game: Victory Screen, but counts as a loss
  228. Can't start the game anymore!
  229. Collection numbers don't add up
  230. returning player and starter deck format issue
  231. Steam puzzle Gazal: Missing Scout
  232. Unusable cards
  233. Replays not saving
  234. Account reset
  235. Tournament Rotation Schedule?
  236. email hacked...
  237. Opening Packs
  238. Bug with Barracks not deploying stacks
  239. Doesnt see a card i have
  240. Token identification on board: big trouble
  241. Cant use 50% of my cards.
  242. I win but nothing increase
  243. Issues with buying packs and receiving packs as rewards for campaign completion
  244. Chat stops updating
  245. Im a commander and i never change grade.. its always 0% and i win many games..
  246. Unable to start quick game
  247. Odd number of seals from pupil purchas
  248. Lesser Light Elemental bug?
  249. "A New Herald" with BS2
  250. Hide Duplicates bugs in AoW