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  1. game frozen on tournament
  2. Servers down
  4. how to get a refund?
  5. Do You people really think that GAME DEVELOPERS are living in UBISOFT server room?
  6. Siwss Tournaments have bugs? Dont play them!!
  7. Can the Devs please remove the Deck under 59 cards message?
  8. Challenge #4 - 1 JP-Tournament - 200 t-elo with every faction + 300 t-elo in the end!
  9. noob question
  10. What counters those yukiko lockout decks?
  11. Never seen such things, this is crazy !
  12. Infernal Pit is a bad joke...
  13. Jackpot attendance in last 3 months
  14. swiss still/again broken?
  15. Bundle your rage and make something constructive out of it.
  16. Seems like no more bugs lets swarm :D
  17. Compensation for server outages?
  18. this might be the next faction
  19. Deck Building, and Lack of ability to use a card in more than 1 deck.
  20. Will this game ever be availalbe on Android?
  21. Anyone still play?
  22. Tickets bug???
  23. Help: How to record my play with twitch?
  24. Should I save up for future features and expansions
  25. Duel of Champions first impression (Kiss from a rose!)
  26. Does anyone know the logic behind event cycling?
  27. Help~
  28. Swiss Tournament woes...
  29. Lose at 9 the at 19 health?
  30. WTB 4x WC
  31. Chat rooms in game?
  32. Swiss Tournaments still bugged?
  33. Im starting to hate this game...
  34. Worth getting Heroic packs for achievements?
  35. Just when you think it can't be worse....
  36. 1st German Face-Off - Live Stream information
  37. I just lost my 5 win in a row due to matchmaking
  38. Bored...
  39. Seems i have encountered another bug
  40. Do you ever wonder if Ubi is actually listening?
  41. Able / willing to organize a tournament ?
  42. Typical Swiss bug
  43. 'Beat The Enclase'...and win nice prices :-)
  44. The Dev Team
  45. You know what annoys me the most at the fact that we don't have a trading system?
  46. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have had enough.
  47. Atropos is to weak, need a buff.
  48. The game looks good, but needs work
  49. gold/xp boosts and seals in daily reward; no, NOT another thread about gold value
  50. I wonder what the Devs think about stall/OTK type decks?
  51. Why is the game designed like a huge cash grab
  52. Another frozen swiss... How many more ?????
  53. Windows 8 Touch
  54. Enough is enough!
  55. Ubisoft is losing money with no way to acquire singles
  56. Aother Bugged Tournament Crash - good thing Solforge launches this week
  57. Anyone Gotten 2nd Place in Swiss After Losing Round 1?
  58. Shop Bug: Purchased Clashing Tides, not received yet!
  59. Day of Austerity Cheaters List
  60. How exactly do Events Work?
  61. Duel of Champions Comunity
  62. Request for cosmic balance to be on pit!
  63. New code for 12,500 pack
  64. Achievement reward glitched?
  65. Any new (active) redeem codes?
  66. An Alert to Ubisoft
  67. Elo gate
  68. The "I am dissatisfied thread"
  69. Newcomer...What to spend seals on?
  70. Non Premium, Non Rares in Infernal Pit
  71. Some player play two mintues every turn in duel on purpose Can I report such loser?
  72. What Were the Scores for Each Tier For the Last (Current?) Jackpot Tournament?
  73. Does matchmaking work as intended?
  74. Getting 1 specific card
  75. Surrendiering Hurts Both Players. Don't Do It!!!
  76. Ban **Name removed**
  77. The wait in suspense about the friday hero card in pit...
  78. So i just got my banshee, luck? lol
  79. Things I do not understand about this game...
  80. Globale Zernichtung TV
  81. simple jackpot tourney calculator, know what rank you need and prizes for each tier
  82. No trading in this TRADING CARD GAME?
  83. What is more fun, playing Solitaire or playing against a stall deck?
  84. Dhamiria for everyone.
  85. Why are tournament tickets 275 seals?
  86. Alright, finally over 1300 and in the top 1000
  87. Hearthstone First Impressions
  88. Need some advice on what to do next...
  89. Trouble getting through Training with Necropolis
  90. Search options
  91. Cost analysis: Getting a Pao Deathseeker
  92. Worst Swiss Tournament you've had so far
  93. Duel of Bugs is BACK a.k.a. Ubi, relog times saving you support tickets?
  94. new to DOC and wondering
  95. Game frozen, or am I doing something wrong?
  96. Something Must Be Done For People Leaving Swiss Tournaments
  97. A Person with a WWL record in Swiss Should Win Something
  98. So are you going to do anything or just scare us with empty words?
  99. I really hope the expansion is full of ways for all combinations to deal with OTK
  100. Where is the basic information on Sets
  101. exit message?
  102. What next? advice wanted.
  103. Good Game That Might of Nature Nearly Turned it Around For You...
  104. Is Running Your Opponent Out of Time In Swiss Considered a Legitimate Strategy?
  105. Cannot beat final training mission
  106. I should buy a lottery..
  107. How to report someone?!
  108. How long can it be to fix week of austerity?!?
  109. Is Anyone Charting the Number of People Playing Jackpot Each Day?
  110. support for Russian language
  111. So when are we gonna get the details about the next patch??
  112. Solution to pack RNG: Allow users to select a "no duplicate" option after they have 4
  113. Losing without doing anything.
  114. Geting Cards From the New Set
  115. Does level have any effect in the game?
  116. Is there an easy way to get a list of your cards?
  117. Number of cards in a deck.
  118. Not respondng
  119. My first tream!
  120. I would pay for a subscription
  121. Stronghold deck.
  122. you can read, I'm not HIM
  123. Swiss Tournament!
  124. Do we need more achievements after 100?
  125. How Many Copies of Each HoV Unique Epic/Hero Do You Have?
  126. Void Rising Box vs Heral Of The Void Box
  127. Why do I come in third after only losing to the undefeated?
  128. Is The Chance of Getting an Epic the Same Across All Sets?
  129. Best way to determine what packs to buy
  130. w00t, got a turkey!
  131. Crag Hack seems impossible
  132. Time zone
  133. Let us buy the heroes
  134. What is wrong with Hero packs (or my luck)?!
  135. ELO boosted on auto-victory should be fixed.
  136. Shades of Darkness Ariana Promotion question
  137. Sanctuary heroes
  138. Same deck as me in campaign but on steroids, plz read!
  139. Is there a way to force your opponent's client to crash?
  140. New player here...
  141. android version?
  142. Poll before changing any hero ability
  143. Giveaways and Impressions of the M&M-Fanday @Gamescom
  144. funny cassandra combo
  145. why my account got suspended?
  146. Fairly new player, advice for playing against necro.
  147. Good and Bad Luck
  148. ELO + / - method
  149. Promo heroes!
  150. The most amazing and closest game I had so far
  151. Little advice for a newbie playing against necro?
  152. The Lacking of Game Mechanics and Player Statistics
  153. Can all the basic set heroes drop from Heroic Boosters?
  154. Thumb drive?
  155. Did I just get hacked?
  156. "Petition" for the ability to build more than one deck with the same cards
  157. Streaming on a Friday Night -- Come Join!
  158. The Real Reason Why The Austerity Bug Isn't Fixed
  159. Referral Program
  160. Cards rarity
  161. My personal Stream-Topic :)
  162. some strings of good luck from a bad one
  163. Silly noob question
  164. What to buy -- advice wanted.
  165. Should People Leaving Swiss Tournaments Be Able To Decide Who Gets Second Place?
  166. Swiss Prices
  167. What do people do when faced with a bot?
  168. arriving here off the hearthstone hype and...
  169. i got 2 premium in my first packs
  170. Unfair XP/GOLD system
  171. laucnher doesnt update
  172. Question about Chaos Lacerator
  173. What Possesses People To Play Such Awful Decks That Waste So Much Of Everyone's Time?
  174. Are OTK/Lock Decks A Benefit For DoC as a Whole?
  175. How about an official rename ???
  176. friends on duel of champions
  177. Opening of the 60-70 Void Raising Packs 01-09-2013 20:00 CEST (sunday)
  178. missions?
  179. Necropolis OP vs Haven
  180. Players Cheating to Win
  181. Jackpot Tournament: a small complaint
  182. Is there a way to know how many players are in the Jackpot?
  183. New music please!
  184. how can i report a player?
  185. Have long stopped Caring...Sad
  186. ubisoft should be proud of there community
  187. Bot report
  188. Preferrance for Turn order?
  189. New player, which booster to buy after completing campaign?
  190. Higher Reward for Higher Elo?
  191. Which achievement is harder - 15 minutes of fame or Strike!?
  192. Why is the Tutorial end game so hard now???
  193. The Box or Herald of the Void Box? [ I'M NEW ]
  194. Is there a possibilty to build two Decks?
  195. Sealed and Draft - we need it!
  196. Roads to Flammschrein...
  197. Bug when plaing Hall of fortune
  198. A Solution For Heroes Is Needed.
  199. The opening cinematic of Might & Magic DoC is too loud !
  200. Wretched ghoul up in the infernal pit!!
  201. Emilio's Heroic Pack
  202. Hello Balkan!
  203. My Suggestions
  204. Swap promo code?
  205. Ariana -- how to use?
  206. Atropos: In my opinion Should be slightly changed
  207. Game is broken unable to get 200Elo due to peole.
  208. had to surrender 10 times in a row
  209. Hey made a little video for this game...not sure where else to post it though ^^
  210. Things that should be fixed
  211. Things I would rreally want in the game
  212. 1984 Threads Dedicated To This Topic
  213. Exciting Gameplay Video!
  214. Acquiring new base set champions
  215. Cards market
  216. What's the Highest Weekly Rewards You've Seen?
  217. So hey if you want some more english DoC content maybe I'm your guy?
  218. hoping for some advice , new player =]
  219. Specific card acquisition.
  220. Need help on final tutorial!
  221. Duel bug, time stopped
  222. Free Bonus Package
  223. How long have you played DoC
  224. How long have you played DoC
  225. Thinking about getting 7000 seals, what should I get
  226. FB 25k likes
  227. why the " for whom the bell tolls " destroy the " arcane ward" ?
  228. So with the addition of single card purchasing,
  229. I'm rank 3 while the enemy I defeated rank 2
  230. Game is so much better when you draw one card per turn
  231. What Playing a Lock Deck Says About The Person Playing It
  232. 3 Packs & 275 Seals for $1?
  233. Improve Resolution and spells on the cards
  234. Unlucky maintenance
  235. My Two Cents!
  236. Please give us the option to hide the ugly premium foil effect
  237. Idea for a new Infernal Pit
  238. Developer's Bulletin - September 2013
  240. emilio's packs in the new expansion
  241. Didnt get my week earned gold from daily acumulative bonus
  242. Anyone else come across this kinda nonsense?
  243. Need help!
  244. Week of Bugsterity
  245. Level thresholds
  246. Are gold/xp boosts worth it?
  247. Guides
  248. Is dark too over powerd?
  249. herald of the void or void of the rising box
  250. First breaking 1600 !