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  1. Perplexed
  2. alla hero (the healer) op ?
  3. UBI support says no more swiss tickets will be refund in the furture!!
  4. thread closed without answer
  5. JasonParadise Introduction - New Road to Paris Community Manager
  6. Lacerator and Tormentor
  7. A bug?
  8. Sanctuary 5 drops. Which to use?
  9. The Serious Box should become serious
  10. A game full of Bugs, it deserve the fate of Dota 2
  11. Amount of Jackpot competitors in decline
  12. Reasons why I won't recommend this game to friends
  13. I Have an Idea!!
  14. New code
  15. Player Base
  16. New player, stuck at end of 'wolf solders'
  17. Add me as a friend!
  18. How best to obtain Akane?
  19. Herald Box or Hero Box?
  20. "Card Fabric" - An idea.
  21. My playstyle, need faction advice
  22. Dhamiria *2 Slowpoke + 1 Arbiter Dhamiria* vs 3 Milling Ariana
  23. Belias Farming, Dev Support, and other Rants
  24. Everything down? forums server etc?
  25. So: Say I want Banshees
  26. Reporting bad player...
  27. ELO for reasonable chance at a pack in Swiss?
  28. Developers Bulletin #3 - July 2013
  29. Mill/Milling Decks?
  30. Soul eating Lich - Flavourbreech lazy desighn...
  31. infernal pit ... epic water spell
  32. Sorry but ive had it..
  33. Am I an idiot for getting Emilio's packs?
  34. What to buy
  35. Multiple decks
  36. Support no longer refunding tickets for Swiss Bug Crash. Are we going to do nothing?
  37. Behavior ingame ?
  38. Question
  39. Duel of Champions elo grind stream!
  40. I think 500 elo is harder than 800
  41. Sanctuary discussion
  42. Leaving Swiss Tournament
  43. currently 7/2013 most op cards, which need further balance
  44. Reset rewards? Any ideas what it is?
  45. Failed to get gold reward
  46. Card designs !!
  47. Question about -Inferno- and the -Fireburst- ability.
  48. My MMDoC-Streams are back :)
  49. Can Ishuma hit Tier 1? Deck list?
  50. How to fix Sanctuary - brief summary of the discussion.
  51. Reach 1001 friends does not give you any hidden achievement
  52. what deck should i buy ?
  53. No or too few premium cards
  54. Infernal Pit is worthless
  55. Atropos + Adar-Malik
  56. Jackpot/Swiss cycle
  57. Cards among multiple decks
  58. New Facebook Code
  59. Problem with Invokers
  60. Silent death
  61. Interface Click Glitches
  62. Escape from the Loging screen is even harder that getting Epic card in the game.
  63. Trading system
  64. When is the patch with the nergal nerf and question on sales.
  65. Need suggestion on using seal for the second times
  66. Duel option with 30second or 1 min turns
  67. Wandering Bard BUG...!?
  68. Really? A design flaw
  69. Bots?
  70. What to do about...well, what is the right word?
  71. [Tool] Resource Unpacker
  72. Have all Necro Related Cards, what deck should I play?
  73. Sunday: JP-Tournament - 10 hour Challenge - 11point5ft vs. Enclase
  74. Is anybody using NAMTARU CHANNELER???
  75. New Business Model That Allows Trading
  76. Pao Deathseeker in Infernal Pit!
  77. Quitting DoC : How the luck threw me out
  78. The Necropolis - Seria Seeker of the Lost Souls
  79. Sanctuary vs Severed fates
  80. Been saving up! Now what?
  81. What does Unique actually mean?
  82. UI Fixes
  83. Pao deathseeker- needed so much?
  84. k
  85. Rating vs rewards
  86. Broken Game Mechanic - Strength of the Sea
  87. Do something against that - QUCKLY !
  88. Will there ever some kind of sale?
  89. Which DoC card sets do you have completely?
  90. Any anti Nergal Decks?
  91. Bug again this is frustrating so much!!!!
  92. Another why I and you should not spend real money on this game
  93. Ever worth it to spend seals on XP & Gold boosts?
  94. Seals prices should be lower and adjusted to average salary in various countries
  95. Meltdown London - Tournament and Meet the Team!
  96. High-value cards.
  97. Quick question
  98. Noob question about gold and tokens..
  99. How much would you pay for epic card?
  100. This guy is throlling!
  101. Flash Bolt does not work?
  102. Ridiculous hero-abilities
  103. bad players toxic: The nergal begger
  104. More crashes, RL CASH LOST now..
  105. Swiss tournament probabilities of ending 2nd
  106. Is this game worth playing if you don't play undead ?
  107. Has anyone been opening Emilio packs?
  108. Questions about tournaments
  109. Streaming site
  110. Stupid Mistakes
  111. Come back to play.. 2 Questions
  112. Magic Peddlers - My Desesperation
  113. Overkill - the annoying, emerging trend
  114. Honest Criticism
  115. How many top players have not spent any money on the game?
  116. July 2013 Features Preview by SpaceElephant
  117. Challenge #2 - Race to 1k Elo (New Account) on Sunday
  118. Race: 1001-1501 Elo in one session! Saturday, 14:00 CEST
  119. Who says there isn't any variety in this game?!
  120. Sandolphon OTK deck ?
  121. At what point do you win Experience/Gold?
  122. When will be next update ( or Expansion ) ?
  123. Random Number Generator for card packs.
  124. Is Pao worth a box?
  125. Why I won't be spending any money on this game, though I like it
  126. Why if I beat someone in 5-6 turns I recive less gold/exp if I do it in 20 turns?
  127. Swiss Tournament Question
  128. Help with Army of the Void Achievement
  129. The closest game in the history of forever, Cassandra vs Nergal !
  130. Got code for Crag Hack? Check here.
  131. Q about campaign
  132. is it Greater Earth Elemental Day?
  133. Did Slowpoke Die or Something?
  134. Use of many Epics - ARE THEY EPIC ?
  135. Swiss tournament ticket refund
  136. Launcher rework suggestion
  137. reward bug?
  138. There is a god!!!!
  139. Card quotes
  140. Drowning in tickets...
  141. Card Pack Generation Explained
  142. Friends List Plague??
  143. Thank you Aza for all you do!!!
  144. Card distribution solution : random tokens.
  145. The good things about DOC
  146. Some thoughts about Twitch and game
  147. Suggestion for Level V Achievement
  148. Any one who can provide Twitch Guide?
  149. Week of Tamed Spirits, design choice or an elaborate joke?
  150. No-Creature Inferno decks
  151. Anyone good at the math - is it worth going for the "pimped out deck" achievement?
  152. Premium Heros
  153. Mechanism for cards exchange
  154. Can the next patch please be about buffing rather than nerfing??
  155. Lets all be winners! (3 easy steps to auto-win)
  156. List of Crag Hack abusers
  157. How to find Jackpot Tournament Results
  158. Any other Sanctuary players really mad about this last patch? AZA PLEASE READ!
  159. Pouquoi avoir changer semaine des esprits sauvage!!??
  160. Swiss tournaments today? Nope
  161. Is there another abuse?
  162. patch did not remov bug as stated
  163. MAJOR PATCH BUGGS, want free wins, read here:
  164. Trading System
  165. Does everthing reset when this game is release?
  166. Is playing with bugged cards considered exploting?
  167. PLease fix Week of Austerity/ Tower Bug ASAP - Jackpot Ruined
  168. Has the CRAG HACK thing been taken care of??
  169. How Do such Terrible Playes get Such Great Cards?
  170. guys, I'm tired of this sick constancy
  171. Suggestion/idea for buff haven in the reta line!
  172. Daily login rewards vs trading
  173. The shop is down?
  174. You Must See This if you've ever dreamed of playing all of your epics in one deck
  175. russian version of client
  176. New account creation
  177. Not getting enough gold/seals for 7-day Daily Rewards?
  178. Default install path
  179. whats the code for saturday?
  180. My Buff & Nerf Necropolis
  181. The Elo system is depend on luck
  182. whats the code for saturday? not trolling .....
  183. well done!
  184. working as intended?
  185. 100 seals and failmilio pack
  186. Deck for stomping Swiss?
  187. seales at lvl up
  188. Shiney Alia is sexy as hell o.0
  189. ELO Floor at 1001?
  190. The Campaign is too short or.... ?
  191. Any specific builds to counter necro unlimited banshee?
  192. Infernal Pit Voting - Every Week
  193. Recording battles!! Help:)
  194. need help from someone wise...
  195. [Tool] Zenity's Modding Tool
  196. Cards in the pit the last 5 days
  197. about the "Badword"
  198. cant reach 1001 elo ... bad luck ?
  199. error gordo del juego
  200. Anyone have any recommendations for the Singleton Achievement?
  201. Let me introduce myself - Pandar - PXM and Road to Paris producer
  202. What faction do you enjoy playing against the most?
  203. 44k gold reward actually gets taxed down to 6k?
  204. Maintenence
  205. About the bugs and the attitude of your whole team
  206. Dark Ward protection, what to do?
  207. Daily Reward Bug
  208. big mistake in duel of champions
  209. New features for the game
  210. Can you lose from taking over 2 min?
  211. Any way I can be charged in USD and not EUR?
  212. Blackskull Crusher and his Magic Immunity
  213. Broken codes
  214. Duplicate Box Bug
  215. should change the name of this game
  216. how can you tell which tier of prize you are currently at in a jackpot tournament
  217. Just starting, best box / pack to get?
  218. Faction-Based ELO Ranking System Idea
  219. Changing the Practice vs AI
  220. Elo Problem
  221. 500 elo range its crawling with bots.
  222. Do I benefit anything if I go over elo 1001?
  223. Suggestion: Hotkeys
  224. What the heck?!
  225. Will the crashes ever actually stop??
  226. Faction Statistics
  227. Any Fix For This Catch 22?
  228. What the hell is taking so long to hot-fix the Austerity bug?
  229. Very unlucky week of Daily Rewards - can U beat me?
  230. Server Offline?
  231. Thoughts About the Challenges to Implementing a Trade System
  232. Tournaments by levels
  233. View of a new player (aiming at the Devs)
  234. Shades of Darkness Promotion
  235. "July Problems"
  236. July problems
  237. Did the tournament just switch from Jackpot to Swiss?
  238. Jackpot Time Limit
  239. How to: Balance the game
  240. Simple change to the Jackpot Tournament interface.
  241. With the Server Down this Long, Why no Message Explaining the Problem?
  242. So, with the Server Busted, what will a 133 Jackpot Score Get Me?
  243. Most unforgiving TCG to casual CCG players? Or is Haven deck imbalanced?
  244. PreMades
  245. Server problems for more than half a day and this is all Ubi has to say
  246. When do Jackpot Payouts Occur? Is there any Notification?
  247. Something is very wrong with this game
  248. Why I barely ever play this game anymore.
  249. Serveur HS ?
  250. What a nice weekend!