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  1. Do The Box/The Serious Box include new cards?
  2. Insults I have received - A fun thread
  3. Can the heroes of first base set appear in Emilio's pack (20000 gold pack)
  4. DoC on other platforms
  5. Post your final day rewards!
  6. Problems with final day reward
  7. What is the best way to buy cards and find rare cards?
  8. TalkDoC Pilot with Matrix & Rancord today 18:00 CEST
  9. About ridiculous matchmaking system
  10. Emilios Packs
  11. Forge Replay [Replay Manager]
  12. Tired of playing vs Negral and Arianna 75% of games.
  13. Matrix_disc graphics contest
  14. Help
  15. Bad behaviour
  16. How to play MMDOC on IPAD?
  17. Lvl 7
  18. Most balanced cards ever
  19. Idea for a new kind of pack
  20. Stronghold vs Ariana
  21. The Song of the Lost + Ice Splinters
  22. How do I enter a swiss tournament?
  23. where is my gold?
  24. 5.079!
  25. Someone play and win with a bug...
  26. Why I love Maintenance
  27. 20 HotV packs, zero new heroes :/
  28. Suggestion: Make all heroes avilable
  29. Is there a way to play against people with similar card pools?
  30. orc camp
  31. And, guess who's gonna pay for bugs?
  32. Launcher widgets layout is messed up
  33. Pay to win?
  34. How to beat Nergal/Kelthor as Ariana?
  35. Whats wrong with haven? I play a whole day swiss,no one(some comment about herald)
  36. Is there any marketplace for players in M&M Duel of Champions?
  37. questions about "heavy onslaught"overwhelming bonus" or whatever its called
  38. How often does stuff go on sale?
  39. back again
  40. Achievement 50 friends!
  41. Why not just delete Inferno Faction ?
  42. Kat vs Fleshbane
  43. Bugs everywhere!!!
  44. Counter for mass removal?
  45. Heros and the faction icons
  46. Do Swiss tournaments favor Rush decks?
  47. New player, 1375 seals. Wait for serious box?
  48. Is there a way to report bots?
  49. Why cant we put 1 cards in different deck?
  50. Newbie question on heroes
  51. Lack of Viable Heros
  52. Using same cards in different decks
  53. How to get champions I want?
  54. Cards you want to see added to the game.
  55. Welcome to Duel of Nergal
  56. Why didn't i get the reward from using the new iPad version.
  57. Question about packs
  58. should i buy
  59. Daily rewards
  60. Poison & Nekro: Duel of Nergal
  61. Grand Final Atack
  62. Brain teaser with Okane no Okane
  63. No XP for instant wins ****s me up
  64. Remove the artificial floors in the Elo system please, a plea to the game designers
  65. Nergal oh Nergal
  66. Sunday - 16.06.2013 - Tournament hosted by Enclase
  67. How to Chat and play with friends?
  68. How long does player base last?
  69. Duel of Champions- why NOT to start!
  70. What to do?!
  71. Alternative Seria card
  72. Daily rewards are.... WTF? xD
  73. Atropos, Weaver of the dead.
  74. Matrix_disc streaming!
  75. Question about being demoted frmo 1001
  76. MMDoc on Mac os [?]
  77. Plenty of ideas to improve the game
  78. What are the current T1 Decks right now?
  79. What do you think about naga tactician ?
  80. swiss bugs, bugs all aound
  81. Servers Down?
  82. Error Direct3D devices
  83. Archivement: Army of the Void
  84. Pack Buying Strategy
  85. How does elo/skill rating work?
  86. We need to change things if we want this game to become a serious competition
  87. Serious balance issues/ None-interactivity
  88. was I drunk?
  89. The Swiss tournament Structure is broken.
  90. Neverending duel
  91. Foiled infernal pit
  92. Duels are bugged too?
  93. servers down?
  94. Just a suggestion
  95. Quick question about elo
  96. DLC Code
  97. DON'T go >500 ELO!!!
  98. Fireball and Immolation
  99. Ubisoft silent on the server downage the other day?
  100. Poll, Nerf Necro, Some creatures.
  101. Wondering if I will ever pull a Kelthor?
  102. Might & Magic Duel of Champions - New Streamer (English) Sry IF I cant Post here
  103. Premium packs, no duplicate?
  104. swiss games timer is not enough !!
  105. We need more pre-construced decks!
  106. problems with swiss tournament duels
  107. We need to change things if we want this game to become PROFITABLE
  108. Discounts and promotions
  109. how many single player mission in this game??
  110. [MoMCards] - International Takeover
  111. DoCTalk Episode 2 - Thursday 20th of June 18:00 CEST
  112. Agony vs Weakness
  113. Question about Swiss Tournament
  114. Question about Swiss tournament breakthrough
  115. Share your replay
  116. So why can't enemy spell immune creatures attack through stoneshields?
  117. what are the chances of getting necro cards ?
  118. Some Problems about the Gold Seal and the Prices
  119. Infernal Pit is really infernal! We need trade
  120. Hypnotize effect
  121. International Takeover Chat [21.06.2013]
  122. 3000 seals, Which box should I buy?
  123. CHat room takeover 6/21/2013 - what happened?
  124. How about having sales more often?
  125. What decks are there?
  126. Darkwood Forest
  127. Your worst moments in Duel of Champions
  128. Report of a new Bug (just in case the developers want to know)
  129. New Player - 4 Quick Questions
  130. Why NOT purchase Void cards?!
  131. In-depth analysis: This is why Invoker suck.
  132. Change Kieran and Siegfield back?
  133. fraction
  134. Newbie's next step/decision
  135. Help needed - daily login rewards missing?
  136. Embarassing Rookie Question
  137. Keep your skill rating when you get disconnected
  138. What to buy?
  139. Three simple questions from a new player...
  140. Can this game be played without microtransactions?
  141. Ridiculous cards
  142. Free premium reinforcments and seals
  143. Void Arbiter analysis
  144. Heroes 6 shades of darkness - DoC bonus
  145. Really? My first duel is against somebody way higher lvl than me?
  146. Wii U port?
  147. Completed first 3 mission campaign areas. . . what should I use my in-game money on?
  148. Is there a level requirement for practice?
  149. Which card you want... badly!
  150. Promo codes on Ipad
  151. Sigh..
  152. whats those numbers mean ?
  153. Something wrong with herald boosters?
  154. Infernal pit questions
  155. Some Fun Haven Card ideas
  156. Need Paos to be competitive?
  157. Might and Magic HoC in Reddit?
  158. Deck preview shows the names of cards, but without hotlinks to what they actually are
  159. One Deck at a time? FACEPALM DESIGN
  160. Selling my acc!
  161. daily/weekly reward!
  162. DEVS. Please fix
  163. Void Rift typo
  164. Cannot redeem my code...why? Is the promotion over?
  165. Low level gameplay too limited / boring. . .
  166. Are swiss tourneys down again today?
  167. Swiss Tournament Fail by Ubisoft
  168. Ice Shell vs Necro
  169. New Player - How Strong does my deck need to be to hit Tier 4?
  170. the hell is going on in this
  171. Rezzed Competition players and Rezzed Triers
  172. Why is gainst rules to sell acc?
  173. The Void Premium achievement
  174. Blizzard bug?
  175. How will the Meta shift when Nergal / Wild Spirits change hits?
  176. How rare are epic cards?
  177. Buying another pre-made deck even worth while?
  178. Fire shield become Combustion !
  179. How to use Dark Assassin properly
  180. Daily Rewards Challenge: Can you get a lower weekly value than I did?
  181. I think I'll abandon this game (extreme disappointment)
  182. Happy level up to Matrix
  183. Post for Ubi & Players
  184. 1000+ elo games are boring!
  185. Cant decide if I should buy the Arianna deck or not
  186. How should I approach 1001 elo
  187. Hi im very new, some Questions
  188. Why people surrender before the killing blow?
  189. why are server offline?
  190. ELO Points for Win/Loss Ridiculous
  191. Have vs Have Nots - an Open Letter
  192. Bug's in draw's a cards
  193. For a new player, when is the best time to start using XP and Gold Boosts?
  194. campain cheats
  195. Players throwing games on purpose?
  196. Reaching 1500 live!
  197. Best way to earn gold and seals. And which packs should i buy?
  198. Phrias the worse inferno hero
  199. UPLAY points in DoC
  200. Tournament Question
  201. how do I make a poll
  202. Are people actually complaining about Kitten Warrior or Joking?
  203. I can't beleive I am actually going to rant about this free game but I am.
  204. Ticket Refund
  205. Is the Serious Box worth it (general acquisition strategy)
  206. How are chances to get an epic card in reinforcement packs and void rising packs?
  207. The 501 Train?
  208. Hello guys! new to the game, help me find out which card was it?
  209. Why spent $ on game you don't own?
  210. How do you report botters?
  211. Whispering Forest Fleshbane...
  212. Change in elo anomaly?
  213. overwhelmed and fustrated
  214. Quick Question regarding ELO 0 (zero)
  215. HELP!!! I Keep getting logged out during Campaign and deck building
  216. As a new player, which pack should I be buying
  217. What are the different gold awards, and how do you get them?
  218. Why Can't play Swiss tournament
  219. Weekly Prize
  220. Can I make a new account?
  221. Chat font
  222. Lvl 43, 0 insect swarms,0 vulture riders. Which I aim for?
  223. Checklist for your collection
  224. Swiss Tornament's Time ;)
  225. Who are the best players in the world? Rank your top 10.
  226. Day of the Sanctuary... how exactly does it work?
  227. How the heck do you fight Lilums.
  228. Kelthor becoming the new Nergal?
  229. Unique and non unique cards?
  230. Diversity, can we have it?
  231. The reason why I don't spend money on this game.
  232. [Feedback] Ipad client improvements
  233. Game.exe sending traffic
  234. This game is nothing but a cash grab
  235. Quick question regarding a hero.
  236. There's no achievement for Herald of the void premium cards
  237. Stronghold Decks have 0 options vs OTK?
  238. Is hall of torment good?
  239. ive uninstalled D:
  240. Ariana - some questions (help pls) :)
  241. exchange code 275 seals and 3 reinforcement packs for the dlc code Ariana heroes VI
  242. Remove haven as selection for new players.
  243. Game is becoming a little stale
  244. Really fustrated, paying player
  245. Security update regarding your Ubisoft account - Please create a new password
  246. [Bot] What can you do against that ?
  247. Aza, why do Achievements stop at level 50?
  248. What do you spend your seals on, Boxes or Tickets?
  249. gold reward per match is unbalanced
  250. Gift 3Packs, 5Boosters and Alternate Art