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  1. Demotion to lower rank
  2. Base Set 1 Valid Premium Deck
  3. 7024K,still waiting for the SoB gold pack
  4. Sins of Betrayal - Available for Gold NOW!
  5. When will Griffin Bane be discounted to 15k
  6. Tournament tickets at 20K Gold. Fair or Overpiced?
  7. So I wanted to play again...
  8. Cardgamerobot.com - New Poll 'Favourite faction'
  9. What's wrong with developers attitude?
  10. Best weekly ever
  11. Paper Duel of champions, I want it NAO.
  12. Can we have Standard Swiss tournaments everyday now please?
  13. Sharing replays
  14. Standard Set Rotation - Something to think about
  15. New improvement idea, 3D DoC!
  16. The road to champion 3: A smurf's journey
  17. Open/Standard/Weekly rotation suggestion (compromise)
  18. MMDOC Korean language patch (in case there are Korean lurkers)
  19. Such a disappointment...
  20. The grind : A look at DoC and Hearthstone.
  21. Now cards can turn into wildscard.Can we expect premium card in the Alter?
  22. Infernal Pit 2.0 - How much did you get?
  23. Kaiku invoker of depths in standard?
  24. Should i spend money or just wait for the base set 3?
  25. Current state of the game
  26. Can we get a new mode in the next big update?
  27. How do you calculate you ELO
  28. Penalisation for playing open format?
  29. Missions wont save victory
  30. Mukao in the Pit
  31. Inferno Pit needs this
  32. Daily quests on steroids
  33. Looking for a link for the last ROAD to Paris stream
  34. Planning to stream later today, send in deck ideas!
  35. If you were a creature card, what would you be? ...and why?!
  36. Cardgamerobot.com - New Poll 'Favourite Inferno hero'
  37. No premium cards in alternative art packs
  38. Buggy today
  39. Games crashes and not able to reconnect in to tournament
  40. How do you play against MASS RAGE?
  41. What's this about no new factions?
  42. When will be ladder reset?
  43. Which cards got their rarity changed going into BS2?
  44. which cards did u got in the spooky pack?
  45. Happy birthday, DoC...
  46. Where did Al Kazar go?
  47. cant find this anywhere- when do you get to try a different faction ??
  48. Post Patch Meta
  49. Kimmundi,new BUG
  50. when you don't attack
  51. New to streaming. Any advice?
  52. Why I think adding more "cripple"-effects is bad for the game
  53. Idea for a weekly format
  54. I would like to have information about future of MMDOC
  55. Cardgamerobot.com - New Poll 'Favourite Expansion set'
  56. Ranking Noob Question
  57. Road 2 Paris LIVE FINALS!
  58. The game needs marketing.
  59. Swiss Meta?
  60. ubi world imagine games
  61. Old player coming back to the game after 12 months.
  62. Heroic Friday Deleb in the Pit
  63. ubi games
  64. Sorry but i dont play versus Inferno
  65. So Uby just screws us in the Inferno
  66. whats the best way to get WC
  67. Some things I would like to see implemented in the game (better before than late)
  68. Dark instant kill taking over again
  69. So where are the community gifts after Road2Paris final?
  70. CardgameRobot - Now on Twitter
  71. Obtaining all the cards
  72. DEV insights for MMDOC Post-R2P? Baguette Included!
  73. Emilios is back in Shop !
  74. Why were premium versions of alternate art cards available to ONLY chinese servers
  75. Changing ID
  76. How do you get the Eventful Victory achievement?
  77. Tips for playing Token Seria?
  78. Bought Seals But they never arrived
  79. venting
  80. New video up (Mother Namtaru Asha's Nightmare)
  81. May be simple answer but is there a way to know when sales are on? Like an email
  82. How Do I Find My ELO
  83. Hakeem, Seeker of Mysteries in the pit
  84. Advice about the game
  85. Swiss cheese
  86. [Criticism] why do you still open sever for DOC
  87. How I think drafting could be implemented in MMDoC
  88. Eille les dev de Québec ! postez donc qqch tabarnack !
  89. It will be any DoC promotion in steam for this BlackFriday?
  90. Dump standard
  91. Replay feature is badly implemented
  92. Hero Cards Gain
  93. I found the solution to fix the loading problem
  94. 03.12.2014 18:00 German Community Stream - Bomy as special guest (engl. interview)
  95. Some sportman that was...
  96. Need help with campaign please
  97. New video - couple of ignatius replays :)
  98. Is it just me or does the game lagg for everyoine?
  99. Information about the future of MM: DoC
  100. So long, and thanks for all the serpentflies! – A goodbye letter from Kimmundi
  101. Polish Speedcup Grand Finals - stream!
  102. Ascension of Legends Finals replays!
  103. 10.12.2014 18:00 German Community Stream - CuCu99 as special guest (engl. interview)
  104. Montly reset
  105. Hakeem, Viable?
  106. Jackpot Tournaments at a new low
  107. The loading screen issue (unranked and ranked)
  108. MMDoC: Development Style - Commentary
  109. Kal'Azaar counter?
  110. What do you want from BluByte (apart from draft) and who's going to play HOMM3HD :D
  111. Loss vs. Faction Results over 123 Games
  112. The incomplete Elementals cycle
  113. Power of the Commons - done!
  114. In Game Replay Question
  115. Quest Help Needed
  116. 50% Happy Hour
  117. Infernal pit. Same cards each week.
  118. Meantime on DoC forum sections
  119. 17.12.2014 6:00 pm (CET) - Community Stream - Special Team Event with Co-Caster Bomy
  120. Suggestions to Improve the game
  121. Maintenance 18.12.2014
  122. What promo would you like to see on Christmas in DoC?
  123. Losing ELO after winning unranked games. Not due to no recent ranked games.
  124. Average level for Champion 3 promotion?
  125. Unlocked Achievements 174 / 196
  126. Wandering BardS
  127. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, Alternate Cards Contest!
  128. Something to hold you over while we're waiting
  129. Why a game like this has no Linux client?
  130. Please fix this infinite loading in standard game!
  131. Christmas sealed pack
  132. Is it really dying?
  133. Is it really dying?
  134. ubi world imagine games
  135. Whoever says Haven is weak has not tried Makeshift + 3 Vestals
  136. Stop...
  137. Happy holidays, everyone!
  138. MMDoC is not dying yet! 128 slots draft tournament!
  139. back after half a year and ......
  140. Please fix this infinite loading in standard game! DC
  141. BlueByte website
  142. Can't use new card
  143. Well thats disconcerting.......
  144. Fix the infinite loading screen, what a joke
  145. ideas
  146. Epic tuesday??
  147. Is this a bug or what?
  148. Possibly good news about new expansion
  149. no hero on the infernal pit
  150. BlueByte Screwups
  151. Im baaaaaaccccck and didnt i tell you so ? Lmao!!!!!
  152. A ray of hope for anyone who cares
  153. A happy new year and some small insight into 2015
  154. The incoming set of cards
  155. Can anyone give all the alternate artworks pictures here?
  156. Stronghold Starter Deck card list
  157. Some of the things I think went wrong with Sins of Betrayal
  158. New Player Campaign Confusion
  159. Mushidoz' Help for Newcomers
  160. Back after a while (need tipps)
  161. Questions about cards
  162. A Suggestion to Blue Byte
  163. Mushidoz' Campaign Help Guide
  164. Question about mechanics and what does #/#/# mean
  165. New Community Manager
  166. Everything You Need to Know
  167. Base Set 2 Starter Decks
  168. Active streamers
  169. Standard vs. Open
  170. Just decided to see how things going.
  171. New Year Welcome Kit, A Gift to the Community
  172. Enchant creature spells are too weak
  173. New artwork
  174. New things happening in Chinese server. = )
  175. My ideas to Blue Byte
  176. Grammar errors on some card descriptions
  177. New Player just wondering what to expect.
  178. Humble Bundle on Card Games
  179. New player: Weekly question
  180. Need advice on how to get achievements
  181. replay program
  182. can you sell cards?
  183. 15 min of fame reward
  184. [edited]
  185. Premium Packs??
  186. Tier Rewards?
  187. What packs to buy (with gold) as a new player.
  188. Customer Service or ticket submission?
  189. Newb looking for some clarification
  190. Happy Hour bonus seals not working?
  191. MMDOC art??
  192. Request to Ubi
  193. My personal take on the necessary balance changes
  194. Looking for a biased opinion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  195. Best idea ever?
  196. questions about the pit
  197. referral question
  198. Can i run Doc?
  199. Suggestions for Improving the Pit and the Economy
  200. Surrender before turn 4
  201. Daily quests
  202. Another reason to be jealous of CN DoC
  203. My Celebration Thread.
  204. I guess it's time to ravamp the alternate cards joke....
  205. Is player base healthy in this game?
  206. Open format Packs
  207. BlueByte Screwups 2 - What is the situation now?
  208. Tide is coming
  209. An eventful victory
  210. Teams/tournys/community stuff?
  211. New Daily Events for the Community!
  212. codes
  213. Thursday Event: Swiss Tournament!
  214. Friday Event: Beat the CM (6th Feb 2015)
  215. Emilio
  216. What legay boxes would you buy?
  217. Is this Game Dead?
  218. need advice for new referral recruit.
  219. Some of my heroes are missing when I'm creating a deck
  220. Discussion Video about Community Attitudes and the Power of Kal-Azaar (UnoPro)
  221. Game Wait Times.
  222. reconnection option
  223. champion PTS?
  224. Duel of Champions time zone
  225. Tuesday Event: Tournament (Swiss | Format: Standard)
  226. Planned uPlay Maintenance
  227. Game Server down?
  228. Necro weekly
  229. Why are some heroes cheaper than others?
  230. Just started--- question
  231. Necro RAGEHATERS ANNONYMOUS (Not really, Names are disclosed)
  232. Set Announcement: Time of Renewal
  233. Last Nights game.
  234. Infernal Pit Tip
  235. Friday Event: Valentine's Special!
  236. Legacy will be Available for Gold.
  237. Attitude or why i turn chat off
  238. Xorm OP
  239. To VIP testers
  240. How to deal with Winferno.
  241. Can't scroll in Deck Rules, also is there cards only obtained by paying real money?
  242. weekly format proposals
  243. Tuesday Tournaments Swiss (Standard | Light Side!)
  244. When does standard Cycle? And what set goes out?
  245. Card's Frame
  246. Steam puzzles from summer sale 2014
  247. Jackpots: Still one of the most annoying things!!
  248. Community Spotlight: MoMCards
  249. The Weekly Swiss Tournament - Theme Suggestions
  250. DoC Advertising