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  1. Why is matchmaking still broken?
  2. Market Place Deals Feel Like A Scam
  3. yukiko alt art exist?
  4. Am I missing something?
  5. How do I reach champion 1
  6. Daily Quests for Different Levels
  7. decklist from todays R2P?
  8. History of Weekly Formats
  9. Where may i see August Road to Paris stream video?
  10. Assistance with clearing FIve Towers part of Campaign
  11. cant play quickgame.
  12. Sylvan as the new faction of duel of champions
  13. Epic Luck With Epics ........ NOT
  14. ELO - help
  15. Elo - help
  16. Do you play into removal or make worse play anticipating it?
  17. Rankings - how do they work?
  18. The Philosophy Behind Altar of Destruction
  19. Returning player. Should I make a new account?
  20. help with sms payment method
  21. Can we improve mmdoc's steam page?
  22. Why does Shinje Warrior cost 24 wild cards
  23. Couple questions
  24. I have 100 Wildcards - buy 4 Wolf Captains?
  25. altar of wishes cards in base2 can make only that u already got?
  26. [Video Tutorial] Recording Replays / The easy way!
  27. Strenght in deversity achievement
  28. Convert normal cards into foils
  29. Hasafah vs Archlich
  30. Give us something to spend gold on..
  31. MnM_vs_Smarties' Best Moves thread
  32. Current T1 meta?
  33. Was Chaos Comics Purgatori Inspiration for Dhamiria?
  34. New Player here
  35. Is MMDoCKing dead/ no longer updated??
  36. Damran, Chosen of the Thorns in the Infernal Pit
  37. New account can not play std quick game
  38. New video!
  39. The Next Series
  40. Newbie Question - What is Moon Phoenix for?
  41. extend late summer sale!
  42. So we basically have a Standard Weekly this week..
  43. Halloween Alt Art
  44. Been Happy/Lucky with the Pit recently
  45. Disconnects!
  46. New to DoC. Need info about meta and more
  47. 2nd 3rd turn quitters not counting for quests
  48. Moon Phoenix Altar of Asha Time of Need Campfire
  49. Interaction Question: Aura of Frost + Thunder Weapon
  50. demotion/promotion
  51. Interaction question: Magic Guard + Magic Resist
  52. BS1 Foiled - A reply to Kimmundi
  53. In Pit: Foil Kieran (Rewards Version)
  54. Emilio's Pack available for gold!
  55. Jackpot Tournament and Tickets
  56. R2P - Sept.
  57. Game Down?
  58. 3/6/3 Garant Fundeck video
  59. in game news
  60. M&M Duel of Champs Forgotten Wars (Original Decks, Factions, Heroes, Spells)
  61. Questions about ongoing spells
  62. The Value Pile podcast
  63. UK DoC party? o/
  64. Next Expansion Speculations
  65. what do i do about my launcher ?
  66. GB boosters problem
  67. First Attempt at Commentary,Kat Mirror v Cucu99, Would appreciate any feedback!
  68. Need a honest response from ubisoft
  69. What BS1 hero should appear in the pit?
  70. UnoPro back with a new video series: Beating the Meta With Kat!
  71. More LORE text for more cards - an event, perhaps?
  72. Want to buy GB packs, should I wait for after expansion?
  73. Puzzle giveaway!
  74. Introducing the Beginner Series with UnoPro
  75. New fansite with deckbuilder, ratings, comments, all cards up to Griffin Bane
  76. I think Ubi is trying to tell me something...
  77. Is there a topic for people to add on the friend list?
  78. (UnoPro) Beginner Series Announcement: Send in your replays to win Griffin Bane Super
  79. BS1 Garant's Purge in the Pit!
  80. Why the lack of advertisement?
  81. Limited to 3 Series
  82. UnoPro - Sins of Betrayal Card Reveal!
  83. Decklist format in replay files
  84. Export card list
  85. Tourni idea I would liek to run depending on interest. Feedback pls
  86. Watch commented replays from Platoon cup!
  87. Some new cards!
  88. About the update..
  89. Petition! "Reconnection" function in the Swiss.
  90. New changes in economy
  91. DoC and Iphone 6 (orIphone 6+)
  92. Tournament tickets for gold!
  93. Tournament tickets will become available for gold
  94. Double Deck series - Aza404online youtube channel
  95. Importance of 1 cost creatures after update
  96. Toghrul in pit
  97. Promotion Luck
  98. EnlightenedOwl Now in Charge of MMDoCKing
  99. Duel Of Champions Puzzle Solutions (With Commentary)
  100. changes to standard after expansion?
  101. New wildcards promo
  102. New Player. How did I lose??
  103. Puzzle giveaway!
  104. Getting specific cards from packs
  105. Week of Enrolment [25/9 - 1/10]
  106. Questions about the standard format...
  107. New video (commented beginner replay) and puzzle giveaway!
  108. Infernal Pit - Time for a change
  109. Got my first Wild Cards. Card list anywhere? And recommendations?
  110. The game need our help
  111. Most influential cards in GB
  112. Noob Question - Checking my ELO
  113. Draft Mode Idea: DoC Vintage
  114. "Did you see it?" without Masfar?
  115. Idea to promote MMDoC, will make it popular again
  116. Week of Enrolment - Making it Rain
  117. All games should count for daily rewards
  118. Currency of the Shop?
  119. Share your puzzle and win a xp boost code!
  120. Steam expert packs content. Anyone?
  121. XP
  122. Week of enrolment giveaway!
  123. Post R2P Player made tournaments and tools - Questions for devs!
  124. Beginner Replay Analysis Part 4 - Arianna + Giveaway Thread (favourite card + why)
  125. BS1 Kal-Azaar Infernal Pit
  126. What should I buy from the altar of wishes?
  127. XP & Gold boosts -- where?
  128. Puzzle giveaway!
  129. how do I link steam account to game already installed?
  130. Steam puzzle deck question and best moves voting question.
  131. Infernal Card question...
  132. suggestion on how to improve player retention (Please read this dev's)
  133. Sins of Betrayal - spoiler stream
  134. Platoon world cup replays
  135. Battle rewards need an improvement
  136. Surrenders Before Turn 4 and the Lack of Rewards
  137. Best bad move.
  138. Improve the Action History List
  139. We should have more Standard swiss tournaments
  140. Are these cards worth it?
  141. Help me help the game (Negative/ positive reviews)
  142. Forgotten Wars
  143. Flags
  144. Full card review stream
  145. Happy week rewards
  146. New code. Take it fast!
  147. whats going on with those new achievements...
  148. Sins of Betrayal now live on CardgameRobot.com!!!
  149. Sin Cards
  150. How to tell if we are going 1st or 2nd?
  151. SOB patch thoughts
  152. Are the Old Replays Broken?
  153. Fail to update with iPAD... AGAIN???
  154. Dailies? WHAT
  155. Tickets
  156. Halloween is coming
  157. Unable to play on the iPad after opening SoB packs on PC
  158. The new 1st & 2nd turn feature is awful
  159. RMAH will profit players and ubisoft
  160. Infernal Pit Card Algorithm, purposed Scam or Randomness?
  161. Why be Champion 1,2 or 3 now?
  162. Why did the Mobile payment disappear in the seals shop?
  163. Plz make wolf trainers effect clear/ or its a bug
  164. Cardgamerobot.com site update
  165. the new cards
  166. Why can't I put this into my deck
  167. Ninja changes
  168. new series of cards
  169. griffin bane packs cheaper whit new expansion?
  170. Dragonís Crystal OPOP nerf plox?
  171. Swiss rewards
  172. People quitting when they get first turn
  173. Again rush deck rules this game: please rebalance it.
  174. Arianas ability
  175. why Ariana and not Nur?
  176. Inferno in Standard
  177. Weekly formats should be standard!
  178. Newegg - Sale up to 57.5% on Codes
  179. Legacy cards in the Pit
  180. Is there a benefit to saving duplicate Rares?
  181. Weekly format and Infernal Pit day
  182. RSS feed for Infernal Pit
  183. Sins of betrayal available for sale on Steam
  184. Help me spend my seals
  185. when will tournament tickets be available for gold
  186. New serie 7 only with seals!!??
  187. One little question
  188. I got the feeling ubisoft really wants me to play Necropolis.
  189. I was upset before....now i'm RAGING
  190. Seriously? Why am I not able to access items in the shop?
  191. BS1 Fleshbane Infernal Pit
  192. Stalling for Experience/Gold
  193. Fleshy
  194. Codes
  195. Is there a Base Set III down the road?
  196. About the Statue of the Spider Goddess
  197. [Poll] Pay 1200 but the new box cost 1250!
  198. Noob Necro Needing Advice
  199. How to get more faction decks?
  200. Ladder reset
  201. New cards that need nerf or buff
  202. factions need some serious rebalancing
  203. something weird abour wolf justicar
  204. How come I can't access the store?
  205. Packs and Factions
  206. Rendezvous ranked game
  207. Card collection sheet
  208. A small request
  209. Apparently I'm not the only one lagging like crazy
  210. More Noob Questions
  211. Daily Quests and Reward system designs need an improvement(s)
  212. So what does legacy stand for, my old cards dont work?,
  213. If you could replace a faction
  214. Cardgamerobot.com site update Oct.14th
  215. Intro kinda loud
  216. MMR and Jackpot
  217. Code exchange
  218. When can we expect SoB packs for gold?
  219. Suggestion for Daily Quest Rewards
  220. new resorce system what do you think?
  221. New replay folder
  222. Game format in replay files
  223. Swiss Queue taking forever
  224. Only 3 patches can be bought by gold?
  225. Good news,today's premium her.Morgen in the pit.
  226. I want to spend real money on the new expansion ... but
  227. Sins of Betrayal seal rebate
  228. Swiss Tournament are broken
  229. Sins of Betrayal sale: opinion from an old player
  230. Is there any point in keeping legacy cards?
  231. German Community seems to die
  232. Cardgamerobot.com site update - Replays now available!
  233. No more ideas for a game.
  234. Why don't you care about the game?
  235. Just another Draft idea....
  236. BS1 Altar of Asha in the Pit
  237. Getting SoB cards in Altar of Wishes
  238. Time to admit the invoker change is an issue
  239. New poll on CardgameRobot.com
  240. Better Altar of Wishes
  241. Why doesn't Have have a 2/0/1 ?
  242. Kimmundi ,check this!A few advices.
  243. Streaming!
  244. Myranda the pit,So glad to see her!
  245. Desilusionado y esperando cambios para el bien del juego
  246. Can someone explain why we have open format and standard?
  247. So where can new players look at player made decks?
  248. How many packs is "enough" to start using Wildcards?
  249. Cardgamerobot.com - I want ALL your replays
  250. BS1 Only Premium deck