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  1. Is there a limit on how much you can get demoted?
  2. About non ranked games
  3. If you could remove one faction, what would it be?
  4. Goodbye from SpaceElephant
  5. New patch + extra rewards. What are they?
  6. Spectator mode is so broken! Please set an option to control it asap! Or I wont play!
  7. All the small things
  8. ubi's logic=punish diligence?
  9. Could we get the gold difference for our campaigns credited to our account?
  10. Idea: Frames with new colors
  11. Bug or game hack?
  12. Base Set 1 Achievements - Still work?
  13. malkorion's guide for new players
  14. UBI is a plauge
  15. Is it possible to delete an account and restart?
  16. New patch: a bug and a design error
  17. 80% discount of DLCs in the Steam Store
  18. How do I cash in my daily rewards now??
  19. Should we expect a new sale soon before Griffin's Bane launch ?
  20. please give us the option to have more than 30 decks..
  21. Old player coming back
  22. A1 Alliance: behind the scenes ( Team League winner)
  23. 5000 games in 6 months :)
  24. A wakeup call to the DoC dev and community manager team.
  25. Good job - DOC team
  26. The Problem with DOC and why every other game has passed them
  27. Question about evade
  28. Stoping the game
  29. Epic Game
  30. Welcome to MMDOC Chinese server, which is same as the international one, BUT!
  31. I thought this deserved its own topic/poll
  32. Duel of Champion T-Shirts?
  33. New player coming from that other TCG - question about premade deck in shop
  34. Some quick questions about GB
  35. Complexity of the game
  36. Cannot log into DoC-says server offline
  37. No new offer?:(
  38. Story season 1
  39. New - help me understand retaliation
  40. MMDoCKing NEWS - Change of team
  41. Rewards in Ranked, Unranked
  42. 200 gold/win
  43. Full Card list
  44. Help me!!! Why i can't use these cards??? they're all red to my deck..
  45. Technical side of DoC
  46. Competitive duel? You mean ranked?
  47. Wasnt playing for around 3 months, what did i miss?
  48. Kat's Grand Finale
  49. Sound Problems
  50. How does Unranked work?
  51. A newcomer enters the field.
  52. Griffin Bane not available for gold?!
  53. How to refer to friends after GB?
  54. I got the achievements of new decks but did not got any decks as rewards
  55. Issue with swiss for devs
  56. 2000 Seals: spending advice?
  57. Cheater Builds with MASFAR HERO
  58. Refer a Friend feature is now live!
  59. My Best Move - if you want like it
  60. Paypal Transaction issue - fixed + compensation
  61. How is this possible?
  62. Did the expansion release already? Can't say I've noticed
  63. Best moves
  64. Zero rating
  65. Kal-Azaar's OTK Deck
  66. How do ranks work
  67. New Accounts only - 6 free Starter decks
  68. I love GB expansion (: u too?
  69. stupid wording on cards in griffin bane
  70. Enhancement Request: Please add guilds and guild chat
  71. Enhancement Request: Please have Standard Swiss available every day
  72. How does Towering work with Blinding Light?
  73. Anyone asked about this?
  74. Ladder reset
  75. Suggestion: prohibition of the use of DoC-ReplayManager to show the deck of opponents
  76. Thoughts and a sugestion from a new player
  77. About Dark Lotus Pond
  78. Fireball
  79. Any New Codes?
  80. Came back after a year, game is more fun than ever
  81. MMDoCKing Chat
  82. Guide - Quick Pros and Cons for all Factions - Beginner
  83. Stability Issues
  84. how can i see the weekly format?
  85. Griffin Bane code?
  86. New Player with 7000 Seals... Need advice
  87. Coming to console?
  88. "Can't be Targeted"
  89. Top 3 Griffin Bane Cards
  90. new banners/achievements?
  91. Foiled Cards = new Cards
  92. Ladder reset - how does it work?
  93. Why is Swiss weekly ????
  94. New Player!! Need Advice!!
  95. this game has future
  96. Base Set 1
  97. Empowered Spell and a Devilish Idea
  98. Poor graphics on 1080p PC
  99. Most viable stack creatures/faction.
  100. Question: Invite a Friend possible also with existing friends?
  101. Infernal pit.
  102. MMR and Replays
  103. OTK decks and No creature decks - Again!
  104. Starter decks (Expert) vs. Super packs, early in the game
  105. Open vs. Standard
  106. Back from vacation - what did I miss?
  107. We need standard tournaments...
  108. Question: Why isn't my winning stats working?
  109. What is the weekly format?
  110. Another bug or hax?
  111. r2p random competition
  112. Formula for gold and exp rewards ?
  113. Empower Spell Thoughts and Musings
  114. Rotation question for a new player
  115. Jason Paradise & Garant OTK
  116. Infernal Pit & HoN Cards
  117. What is Wombo- combo
  118. dont you think that daily rewards are too low?
  119. mmdocking not working with new cards, what now?
  120. network not responding??
  121. When can we expect GB packs for gold?
  122. The Fankit is available! [Update with SoB. Oct. 2014]
  123. Inferno need rebalance... and 'What's the point in scaling with EXP'?
  124. Griffins Bane Seal Price Question
  125. Campaign Fights
  126. the card stacking system in the infernal pit
  127. Export Collection
  128. Tired of playing Inferno
  129. Why is Griffen Bane not available for gold yet ?
  130. NO win when they surrender before turn 4, WHY?
  131. Daily Quests... where are the WC shinies?
  132. Legacy Premium / foil cards
  133. "Storm Scale" for Duel of Champions
  134. Any chance old packs can be purchased with gold again?
  135. Griffin Bane for gold in shop.
  136. Returned to the game after half a year and Necro still OP
  137. Ubi please upload replays of R2P
  138. questions about this game desing choices (resources and hand size)
  139. Older Achievements
  140. Spending WC.
  141. Referal code(how does it work,etc.)
  142. Question from a noob
  143. Some statistics on user levels
  144. Tower of elders - bug or misinterpretation?
  145. Reconsider
  146. came back after a while and all my decks are banned!?
  147. New player - Box purchase?
  148. Theorycrafting: MMDoC with physical cards
  149. New player - is it worth it to buy HoN boosters ?
  150. New code
  151. Working Codes - Since BS2
  152. Kieran Card
  153. Community i call U!
  154. Differences between Lord Commander and Champion?
  155. Necropolis
  156. ES otk
  157. Vote for the next Hero in the Infernal Pit!
  158. Newbie banned creatures question
  159. Elo / MMR
  160. Is 11th place on jackpot enough to get the biggest prizemoney?
  161. One good point for ubisoft - game is now really free to play
  162. Infernal Pit: Void Judgement
  163. The Next Card Lurking in the Dark
  164. Suggestions for improving Card Texts (Compilation of Errors)
  165. Will there be Premium Pack available on gold in the future?
  166. Which Faction has the Best Tokens?
  167. Looks like Jason let us down this Friday
  168. griffins bane and http://mmdocking.com/
  169. Premium cards art
  170. Lower duration of each turn
  171. In-Duel UI suggestion (pic inside)
  172. Convince me to spend 50 dollars!
  173. 2 quistions
  174. Auction House?
  175. question about pao deathseeker and dark assassin
  176. Game Mechanics?
  177. Opening 64 Packs @10 viewers on Twitch - Info Inside
  178. [Website] MMDoC Tools: Cards, Replays (and decks soon)
  179. incorect wording on bloodsnake shaman
  180. Stacks in Sanctuary in Monthly News #4 ?!
  181. old game user here: is this game worth playing again?
  182. Longest duel ever?
  183. Hasafah Chosen of the Shadow.
  184. UBI,you begin to piss me really off!
  185. New player concerned about tournament format
  186. where can I check which cards are in each expansion?/which expansion should I buy?
  187. [06/8] Dev Diary
  188. Best move issue on road to paris website
  189. The Light of Tomorrow - JasonParadise Signing Off
  190. R2P - August
  191. List of creature types
  192. epic bug on jackpot
  193. Which standard hero would you like an alt art version?
  194. Client bug or my fold?
  195. Would I like this game?
  196. Bye for now DoC community!
  197. A replay manager that does not contain virus?
  198. Dumbest thing you've done in MMDoC
  199. 1st in jackpot tournament
  200. Coming back to DoC.
  201. jackpot points are stupid
  202. When should I stop buying Base 2?
  203. Buying cards ... Which expansion/set to buy?
  204. ohyaku doest let my barracks stack produce creatures
  205. Steam Puzzle decks
  206. Haven in current standard
  207. What do u think about this (new alt art cards)
  208. When can we expect Emilio's for gold?
  209. how can i reach champion 3?
  210. Akane + Ice Meteor
  211. Free Pax Code
  212. So long ...
  213. How is ranking system exacly working?
  214. To those of you crying about the paywall...
  215. Ingame song?? is there any lyrics??
  216. Oh nice
  217. Kimmundi on holiday from the 13th to the 21st :D
  218. An inquiry on how high elo players deal with the wild card daily.
  219. UBI, a web based deck builder is needed
  220. it is possible to join the duel of champions client from 2 different steam accounts?
  221. Requirement for daily quests
  222. What are the deck lists for the default decks?
  223. What card would you like to see in the infernal pit?
  224. the game should record the deck u was using...
  225. Expansion Symbol images
  226. http://www.platoongaming.fr/
  227. Where do I go to get a list of Top Tier Decks?
  228. wins not counting before turn 4
  229. Wow, this explains SO much!
  230. login rewards...
  231. Kaiko, Invoker of the Depths
  232. Deck series
  233. what is the status for a draft mode?
  234. Swisses improvements.
  235. UPLAY points and duel f champions
  236. overlikk achievement its broen?
  237. Weekly rewards
  238. Quality match making
  239. Friend Match Rewards
  240. Any new news regarding Android?
  241. Weeklies
  242. Infernal pit not really random;)
  243. Finer points on Stacks and Tokens
  244. Weekly Formats
  245. Standard Format card question (new player)
  246. How many pts do I need to reach T1 in Jackpot?
  247. Question from a new player
  248. HELP!!! Titan Workforce
  249. im so scared
  250. I finally did it