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  1. Dissapointed with weekly format
  2. Final day for the free sanctuary starter deck?
  3. Infect Blast and Darkwood Hermit?
  4. What are the benefits of experience and levels?
  5. (for korean users) Finally finished the Korean translations of HoN cards.
  6. Questionable opponent matches.
  7. If a booster runs out while playing...
  8. Heart of nightmares has no flavor text.
  9. Noob question about gold
  10. FanSite kit
  11. What's the difference between "Standard" and "Open" format?
  12. question about time limit on packs in shop
  13. AFKers in Swiss tourneys...
  14. Solutions to end the exile of players (and many more problems)
  15. Lists of cards by series?
  16. Addiction Ranking System
  17. An analyzeling about standart heaven
  18. MMDOC cards spreadsheet
  19. Tier promotion
  20. Haven vs Masfar OTK: help required
  21. Thank you so much for this week's weekly format!!
  22. Game Questions
  23. I pass Level 5, still cannot unlock Squire
  24. Artistic oppertunities :)?
  25. How hard is it to start out?
  26. The cheapest card!
  27. Jackpot
  28. Dailies reset/ remove button planned ?
  29. cassandra t2 started deck help
  30. Still too much grind?
  31. Broken Economics (Images Included)
  32. Developers please stop being arrogant and stupid
  33. Road to Paris Questions and Concerns. Please Jason Paradse explain this to us newbies
  34. Keithor - Alternative card
  35. Impossible to get other expansions card without paying??
  36. Weekly Format
  37. Light of Tomorrow cannot be dispelled??
  38. Daily quest can be nice and make sense
  39. My grumbling
  40. Daily Quest and a short list of quests
  41. Difference between cash in and hold over daily rewards?
  42. Necropolis: Standard
  43. Could you enable us to entitle our "best moves" videos ?
  44. Daily Quests - Possible solutions
  45. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be :)
  46. Daily Quest Suggestion Box
  47. Tier Progression - Champion II
  48. Idea to fix the economy!!
  49. I gave in and payed 66€.
  50. Puppet master cards - any defense?
  51. how i get wildcardS??
  52. How the hell are you supposed to complete the "Strength in Diversity" achievement?
  53. A suggestion TO DEVS from a perspective of a new player...
  54. Sincing between IOS and PC
  55. Swiss matchmaking needs improvements
  56. crashing
  57. Pay Wall or no pay wall
  58. Wildcards
  59. Timing for the swiss tournament rules
  60. Skipped tutorial by mistake
  61. Question
  62. Blocking Void Wraiths- Funny moment
  63. Question about Card Cost in the Alter of Wishes
  64. Jackpot post-BS2/HoN patch
  65. 'Weekly format tournaments': what an utterly stupid idea
  66. Microtransactions
  67. Inirteresting outcome, obligated to share
  68. How are the other forums reacting to the economic change?
  69. Ask about Heroes 6 shades of darkness - DoC package bonus
  70. Most dominant spell schools (stats)
  71. Is anyone really solving this problem ?
  72. Question about ranking system
  73. Feature Request - Consolodate cards in Deck Builder
  74. I'm Stoked on this Weekly / Still Some Minor Issues
  75. Alternative artworks in the game economy
  76. How many points are needed from Champions I to Champions II?
  77. Request to Link for Video
  78. Request to remove swiss reward immediately or make a button to skip quests
  79. Necro Decks
  80. event cards bug
  81. The Ranking system and Road 2 Paris – Note from the Developers Part II
  82. Noob question about rank progression
  83. Worth buying Heart of Nightmares?
  84. Sale/Box gold prices?
  85. Posting while waiting for updates
  86. Why was I demoted from Champion II to Champion I?
  87. Campaigns have no replay value.
  88. Please Add Daily Reset/Exchange/Replace
  89. Just wondering if there is a way to report players?
  90. Swiss matches must be longer give us moAr time for fck's sake...
  91. Best series for Academy cards
  92. Swiss issue need jason or someone to answer
  93. Sun Tzu Anaylsis on MMDOC
  94. Am I the only one that can see how broken & absolute ridiculous this is???
  95. White screen instead of shop
  96. Open format bugged?
  97. What's with the Sound FX?
  98. Online practice feature requires the ability to queue.
  99. Time Jump is broken beyond imagination how about devs admit it already&do something?
  100. Why I think MMDoC is better than that other fantasy card game
  101. Why is mmdocking in hibernate mode?
  102. Is there any Community Menager here?
  103. The Weekly Format doesn't work
  104. How do you progress after the tutorials..?
  105. report?
  106. Against all odds - Achievement Hunters
  107. Starter decks for campaign?
  108. Goodbye to Daily Pests
  109. Weekly Format poll - What should be next? Vote here before this Friday, May 16th!
  110. a simple question..
  111. Anybody else taking a huge hiatus
  112. 20 Hero cards for 1 rare card?
  113. MMDOC King is gone ?
  114. Jackpot and Ranking system questions
  115. Extra Credits - How Bad Monetization Harms F2P Games
  116. Info for a near (?!) future, about the game ?
  117. Bugged card “Ur-Jubaal’s Call” to be hotfixed (and more information)
  118. I did not get any wildcards in the BS1 packs rewarded in campaighn!!!
  119. Uplay currently down for maintenance, DoC will be down for a short period of time.
  120. Daily Quests Redevelopment. A Project.
  121. Replay Manager's bad effects
  122. Open letter for ur-jaballs call issue and other issues in this game
  123. Suggestion: to Hotseat
  124. Tournament Legal Cards
  125. Need replays from Silver league players for Road 2 paris stream
  126. The *BIG* question (for devs and fellow players)
  127. Infernal Pit is badly designed
  128. I love this game, but is dying
  129. Void Rising Question, and then a general query
  130. Where can I report a achievement issue
  131. Unable to practice weekly mode. Why is that?
  132. Good and bad Weekly Format designs
  133. Suggestion: change gold/total time to gold/opponent's time
  134. So... can someone explain me point behind this whole BS2 patch?
  135. For new players, is it worth to buy starter deck at 50k gold?
  136. Hakeem vs Ariana, who is favored in this matchup? who is advantageous? why?
  137. New Player Resource Thread
  138. Road2Paris top moves selection by team?
  139. Most entertaining duel in my DoC history
  140. Congratulations Ubi (banshee alt.art) a right step
  141. Solution to daily quest fiasco incoming. Prepare for the worst!
  142. Quitting before I even got started really
  143. banshee alternate art
  144. Why are swisses disabled?
  145. Duel won't start - BUG??
  146. Preview on upcoming updates
  147. Simple Starting Out Guide for Newbies
  148. Error in Achievements
  149. This game and my opinion of it.
  150. Is there Swiss Open format tournament?
  151. WTF how do break points work
  152. Where is the FUN?
  153. 100,000 reasons to play a different game until they improve it and the economy.
  154. Championship Points and Elo ISSUE
  155. Deck problem
  156. Info for newbie
  157. Suggestion: make weekly the new open
  158. Why isnt the eternal loading screen bug fixed yet?
  159. I admit I was wrong: eating my words right now about swiss tournaments
  160. A suggestion for expansions with new factions
  161. Concerning ranked matches
  162. road to paris
  163. Just wasted 50k gold on the Necropolis starter set because of missclicking
  164. New game feature proposal - clans
  165. How to spend my wildcards?
  166. Champion level, how does it work?
  167. People just...waiting.
  168. From Player Perspective Problems and Solution Suggestions
  169. I want more Alt. Art Cards!
  170. Card Number to win achievement doesn't match to quantity number
  171. Need help to complete a set
  172. Haven and Sunburst - Standard
  173. Free code - 2 super packs!
  174. Increasing rank only by winning streaks?
  175. Finally a solution for the daily quest fiasco
  176. Swiss tournaments and players
  177. Weekly: Crag Hack week
  178. Need Necropolis strategy-deck tips) to reach 1 place in Jackpot and beat OTK/discard
  179. Great customer service, thanks Aurelien
  180. Upcoming changes: Daily Quests, Unranked Duels, Refer a Friend, Spectator Mode
  181. Yay finally a quest cancel ability after what 10 + weeks ? Good job ubisoft!
  182. What's the best way to get new cards?
  183. New player wishes for help to contenue playing!!!
  184. mmdoc getting completly destroyed in a comparison between online ccg
  185. Emilio's packs for gold in the shop
  186. I have no words for this game...
  187. leaderboards -- friends list???
  188. Changing time for R2P?
  189. Game suggestion
  190. Suggestion: A Card/Deck filter to stack duplicate (Premium/Standard/diff sets) cards
  191. It is just depressing....
  192. Question for Ubisoft MMDOC Artists: Why Extra Arms?
  193. Games in swiss tournaments not contributing to champion points
  194. Ideas for Improving the Game
  195. New player ask for help
  196. No spells no Neutrals Weekly
  197. [Newbie] Really confused about a couple of things
  198. That's what I call LUCK!
  199. Free Code till midnight valuable !
  200. lets discuss some numbers
  201. Returning PLayer Needs Help
  202. Winning a game before turn 6 or so, doesn´t count, it´s unfair
  203. Please do not remove Emilios Pack from Shop !
  204. Omg are you serious ubisoft ?
  205. DOC still avaible for all player on the F2P?
  206. [B]Friend Refferal - Anyone tried this function already?[/B]
  207. About streams
  208. Quick Question
  209. Sveltana's Appearance in Base Set I Cards?!
  210. Vampire Assassin - Rare or Epic?
  211. haveing a problem finishing sets ?
  212. .................
  213. New player needing a little guidance.
  214. Swiss, Standard, and Weekends
  215. Daily Quest Bug
  216. double cards or what?
  217. double cards or what?
  218. OPEN format, why do people still get angry at ANY type of deck
  219. Returning Player Seeking Advice
  220. Dev Diary - June
  221. [REQ] Allow battle reward timer up to 60 minutes
  222. Economy and ranking reward questions
  223. Piece of *** client/servers
  224. Hi everyone!
  225. Download card images
  226. SO nerve racking!
  227. Changes I want to see
  228. Trying to uninstall Duels of the Champiions program - is it a virus?
  229. How to distinguish epic cards from unique cards?
  230. this game...
  231. Five new puzzles/decks available on Steam!
  232. Friday Team Stream new mechanic info
  233. Looking for a buddy to farm Dailies with
  234. Ubisoft DoC Survey E-mail
  235. Gold and XP
  236. Are you TRYING to run off new players?
  237. Duplicate Heroes, Go **** Yourself Ubi
  238. How is the Gold rewards under current economy?
  239. r2p best move cheaters:-?
  240. This is absolutely insane!
  241. Missing 1 card for the Collector Achievement
  242. Question about buying stuff on steam
  243. Which has the largest community Standard or Open
  244. Elo question
  245. Female players
  246. Combo weekly or Rush weekly?
  247. Need an advice about my daily quest
  248. great idea
  249. Is there a limit on how much you can get demoted?
  250. About non ranked games