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  1. 3 swisses and 1 win..:D LV 11 ^^
  2. DoC Posters
  3. New Player Question - Buy Before or After Changes?
  4. A sad goodbye to our orc population :)
  5. Need urgent help with Wc shopping!
  6. I lost 2 Tournament Tickets as a result of unexpected server maintance
  7. Client instability ruins tournaments
  8. i will make a fire tonight
  9. Probability of getting certain cards? Can someone help me please, please. 4hours left
  10. 3 questions. If anyone can help please. About expansion, wildcards and useable cards.
  11. What cards should a player get pre update? I'm not so sure what the best ones are...
  12. Deck tech with hectoring - some downtime entertainment
  13. Ready for the patch!
  14. SO glad mill is out!
  15. So how many seals did you guys manage to grind out before BS2 hits?
  16. He slides into home base.....and he is SAAAAFFFFEEE
  17. So let me make sure I got this right...
  18. is the game offline for the patch now ?
  19. Ubi cannot find middle ground
  20. BS2 packs Gold Cost
  21. Want to know more about Duel of Champions Story? Join us at 4pm CET!
  22. What will happen to active boosts when maintenance started?
  23. A new beginning!!!
  24. Is "pay to win" such a thing, after all? Lets get things in perspective.
  25. Base Set 2 Means Only One Thing for Veteran Players...
  26. Completing Sets (also preview screenshots)
  27. Did Jason just say 8 card deck limit in open for BS1 cards in BS2?
  28. [Stream Project] Is this game p2w?
  29. List of new achievements - confirmed?
  30. New Heroes ?
  31. Old cards don't work for new achievements
  32. where are the daily rewards
  33. Dafuq?
  34. Weekly login rewards missing after BS2 updated!
  35. So the cards i have from base set 1 that are in base set 2. Can't be used???
  36. First puzzle. How Im getting dmg??
  37. Steam Might & Magic: Duel of Champions - Heart of Nightmares Pack
  38. Standart and future expansions question
  39. Achievements with BS2 rewards
  40. Eleonore - bugged?
  41. Possible Bugs with HON cards
  42. I played for a month it was nice i will stop after the last changes
  43. Thanks for making packs cost more gold :)
  44. HoN campaign bug
  45. Resolution change after patch?
  46. Not Fair
  47. No New Tournament Mode = Expansion Fail
  48. Some strange things are related to new UI
  49. Confused about the new wildcard system.
  50. Cards don't carry over?? How did i miss this??
  51. Question - Recruit rank > Next Rank
  52. Several questionís.
  53. Standard balance fail
  54. New User Interface, new game mode, still 30 decks max
  55. Old cards, now some have BS2 symbol and some have BS1 symbol????????
  56. WC daily
  57. The numbers don't match between my excel spreadsheet and the game stats
  58. Campaign decks breaking the rules?
  59. Daily Quests
  60. New UI and iPad version
  61. Expansion: random thoughts and suggestions
  62. I find it hard to believe...
  63. Petition concerns add premium version of normal Basic Set 2 pack
  64. Really nice job on the new client
  65. New ladder dosent make sens
  66. New ugly font. And why everyone complains If everything is so perfect?
  67. Updated Checklist
  68. Into the heart of nightmare achievement
  69. Aza404 - a Community Manager's goodbye
  70. Puzzled ?????
  71. How find an achievement - something about skirmishers it said. i deployed 30 somethin
  72. Gifting an account legal?
  73. complete screen mode problems after patch. 16:10 (1920x1200) doesn't scale correctly.
  74. Weekly format is in! But...
  75. Need some advice... (Duel of Seria)
  76. Various complaints about the new UI
  77. Gold per match
  78. Questions about quests.
  79. Mirrormatch approx. 50-60 minutes
  80. Academy faction 30 win achievemnet reset, not other factions though
  81. Premium achievements
  82. Nerf banshee or ban serias legion
  83. Ranking Tiers - progression percentage in monthly ranking?!
  84. Back to the game after a couple of months, can someone summarize what has happened?
  85. Was Kelthor's Ability Nerfed?
  86. Download link for pc
  87. Has this game becomes so bad and horrendously unpopular that
  88. 30 minute match rewards
  89. Daily quest question
  90. New expansion packs from achievments.
  91. Doing the Tribal achievements just sucks
  92. New wc ststem suck for old f2p veterans players...
  93. Is the server offline....?
  94. Beway, CP counted everywhere (derpa moment included)
  95. Can this game support more factions ?
  96. Mispriced uncommons from HoN in the Pit
  97. Ok its official - UBI ****ed us all in the *** with the new patch
  98. stupid combo
  99. Daily Quests MUST Be Cancellable
  100. Achievement unlocked! But... huh...
  101. Haven have no damage since they removed Week of Training and Wolf Captains.
  102. Opponent disconnects during a game.
  103. MM sucks
  104. Logicless thing
  105. On interactions; New players, new economy, new cardlist.
  106. Faction rewards in campaign mode?
  107. Why not finished DAILY achievements NOT changes/rotating???!!! - Question to Comm.M.
  108. Make all packs available for gold all the time, and the eco is fixed
  109. rotation of formats in tournaments
  110. Guys, pls quit complaining, new patch is great.
  111. new t1 decks
  112. I can't find my replays
  113. Swiss tournament cheat (free win)
  114. Campaign gives WC
  115. Ghost master achievment.
  116. Suggestion: Offer a limited amount of HoN boosters for gold
  117. How do you get seals now?
  118. The Prophecy has been Fulfilled
  119. Greedy F2P Models fail.
  120. why do I see Base set 1 cards in standard format?
  121. Hi Guys I'm a new player, how shall I invest my gold?
  122. I can't play in tournaments?
  123. "The Collector" versus Base Set 2
  124. question / suggestions for the dev team.
  125. To add a little positivity
  126. Daily Quests = Epic Fail
  127. Little things matter
  128. another issue with the patch
  129. Please make "daily" rewards actually daily!
  130. New Player, Basic Gameplay Question
  131. to all necro users and everyone who doesnt like losing to this op deck.
  132. Future of MMDOC
  133. The ingame campaign - progress / experience
  134. Why do we have the same exact cards twice? (BS1 - BS2)
  135. champion ranks
  136. This new economy system is going to bleed this game dry
  137. 7th Day Login Reward is...
  138. "Exact matchmaking" is not working
  139. Kabuki Dojo and uniques
  140. Weekly Tournament?
  141. It will be as if you get wildcards by breathing
  142. Things you wont see anymore
  143. Ubisoft's Greed Kills Another Great Game
  144. No Wild Cards When I opened Decks
  145. UPlay Are Balancing Geniuses
  146. Turn log question
  147. I think its time to remove gimmic decks from standard
  148. Returning player thoughts
  149. Ubi force us to pay? to complete the daily quests.
  150. Weekly format: all commons. There is a problem.
  151. A tip on how to spend my remaining seals (315)
  152. Chain Casting Ban from BS2 petition
  153. Jackpot is dying
  154. Just starting - Starter decks?
  155. [Suggestion] Emilio's Legacy for gold.
  156. Ubisoft and Might & Magic Duel of Champions kick-off “Road to Paris” 2014
  157. good decks to complete five tower campaign
  158. Level Gap Should Be Used On MatchMaking
  159. What to expect when you are expecting
  160. I admit I was wrong about the new reward system based on time
  161. How can we now get seals?
  162. New Vampire deck is the new kalthor deck
  163. A patch made for new players but...
  164. If we could buy wild cards for gold what should it cost?
  165. When will HoN packs be available for gold???????????
  166. New player: When do I get something besides Base Set boosters?
  167. Very poor notifications
  168. Two minor errors about card names that haven't been resolved in ages
  169. I cant play :( - error in patching
  170. Worth buying start packs with gold?
  171. The Monthly Leaderboard and Formats
  172. Hi all Is boneyard bugged?
  173. No Wildcard daily quest. Is it a bug?
  174. Daily reward rotation
  175. New frontiers :-)
  176. New Player's Perspective of MM: DOC
  177. new player needs some help
  178. help with the puzzels
  179. After Patch what UBI did is 2 step forward 3 step back...
  180. How do u filter so u can see the last achievement you completed?
  181. Golds Place in the DoC of Today
  182. ban immolation from bs2 standard?
  183. The new campaign missions...
  184. New server in china can make seal !
  185. Some calculations, analyzing ubisoft's new marketing system and truth behind it....
  186. Leveling up %
  187. I did not recieve my SMS code
  188. Can a new 'free-to-play' player ever get old Phase I sets?
  189. Problem with easter sale (april 14, 2014)
  190. What has happened to my account?
  191. How many Wildcards does it take to make...
  192. Suggestion for a new altar / reason to spend gold.
  193. Lag in Swisses
  194. Req: Fix the Matchmaker so that you don't play the same guy twice in a row
  195. is heaven too underpowered?
  196. Winning in 6 rounds or less
  197. What does Knight and percentage mean
  198. Stats on how PTS, % and MMR are connected
  199. How to ruin a fun idea like Weekly formats
  200. What is happening with daily rewards???
  201. Android
  202. F2P vs P2W
  203. Masfar+Chain casting=totall broken
  204. What happened?? (Textwall incoming)
  205. Is the new expansion good? The cards quite worthg getting?
  206. best place to find out about decks ppl find are good to use?
  207. 2x1 Wildcard in 2 weeks (daily rewards and daily quest combined)
  208. 6th day loging ticket reward reduced from 6 to 1
  209. My daily quests box didn't unlock.
  210. Please Let Us Trade Duplicate Heroes
  211. How does the ranking system work?
  212. Server offline?
  213. Gold and exp time based in duels
  214. Gazal, Herald of the Void campaign mission...
  215. Wii u Maybe?
  216. How many Super Pack Boxes do I need to buy...
  217. What happens to the inactives on the ladder?
  218. Ranking with an individual deck or as a whole?
  219. A Noob Tale (funny)
  220. Are there any active Redeem Codes for new players?
  221. Someone from ubi should explain this ...
  222. 25,000 gold for a SINGLE PACK?!?!
  223. Economic system needs to change
  224. Spent 315k gold on 21 BS2 packs
  225. New players
  226. The "lost" power of light
  227. It's time to show Ubisoft our discontent ("unlike" them on facebook)
  228. DoC compared to other TCGs/CCGs out there
  229. We love MMDOC, but why are you doing this to your game UBI?
  230. My thoughts about the game in general
  231. fair gameplay?
  232. why is haven soo useless in standard ?? buffs plz ??
  233. Daily Quests need urgent improvement
  234. Get rid of swiss rotation and just make queues for each format
  235. Game crash bug
  236. most unique epics
  237. Server population.
  238. Tournaments and daily quest: I think I get it now
  239. are you satisfied with the xp reward?
  240. Help replays please.
  241. The Reasons I Stopped Playing this Game (and why you should stop too)
  242. DoC Team League Season 1 - Week 3 Discussion Thread
  243. What is so hard to get atleats a working concept of draft mode together?
  244. Other DoC more positive forums?
  245. A Few Questions before I download
  246. New hero?
  247. Hope for better UI?
  248. Nekropolis
  249. Bright Side of the Economic Changes
  250. Evil !!!