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  1. MMDOC vs Hearstone
  2. Card questions
  3. Odds of Epic/Heroic Card
  4. Varying daily rewards
  5. Plz remove the elo drop on instant surrender
  6. If someone runs out of time in turn, give him only 30 seconds next 3 turns
  7. New Player, best haven pack?
  8. Repeatable achievements
  9. Will the New UI be Touch-friendly?
  10. Players losing interest in MMDOC?
  11. What to buy?
  12. Possible solution on how to fix the ELO ranking and "farmers" in general
  13. New to game
  14. Swiss tournament stats for 2nd place prize
  15. Two Asalah Questions
  16. T1-t5
  17. N00b Questions
  18. I was beaten badly
  19. Selling
  20. Best decks and packs for inferno
  21. I call this screen...
  22. If money was not an issue....
  23. Want a cinematic??
  24. Server down,or its just me?
  25. Beat the Jack metagame breakdown!
  26. Swiss help
  27. The Cheater
  28. [BS2] Full changes (pictures)
  29. Base Set Two - Preview Tournament! This Saturday, Feb 22nd @ 1pm EST / 7pm CET
  30. Week of the Mercenaries alt art
  31. Looking up players ranks and profiles
  32. Fleshbane/Fate Weaver
  33. Swiss bugs
  34. Two Gazel and Two Akane Heroes?
  35. Mastering diversity
  36. Worst Hero Cards?
  37. What level
  38. AL-Kazar is Dead :D
  39. Some specific suggestions to improve interest in the game
  40. some idea's
  41. Power of the Commons?
  42. Army of the Void
  43. Different ELO system
  44. Bad luck / thoughts
  45. Monsoon?
  46. Deck list by tiers - new version?
  47. Steam offer, just 1 hour to go
  48. Spellthor the only deck post 1000 elo?
  49. [Clarification] Pay to win
  50. Opening packs is too frustrating
  51. Server Status
  52. General Game Improvements Suggestions
  53. New noob around!
  54. [BtJ] Stream tomorrow
  55. MMDOC at tcgbrowser
  56. MMDoC keyboard shortcuts (PC)?
  57. FW achievements...
  58. Chance of getting rares and epics
  59. five towers pack
  60. "Loading" Bug
  61. New Redeem Code
  62. Ammar vs hakeem MiLL
  63. maybe its just me
  64. Question on loss
  65. Payment method
  66. Why this new """offer"""?
  67. How to contact support
  68. Future Expansions
  69. [Suggestion] Could we include other faction creature at a higher cost?
  70. Is the server down again, or its just me?
  71. Did the game DOC shut down?
  72. New player and decks
  73. Lamasu, Untamed Wraith, or Undead Minotaur??
  74. Being banished is the same as dying?
  75. Isn't it funny...
  76. some toughts questions and ideas about the game and upcoming expansions
  77. The real issue with MMDOC is the attitude of the community
  78. New Player Advice
  79. Please help me i do not know what to do more
  80. Requesting Necro Deck Assistance
  81. Changes that MUST be made to SURVIVE.
  82. Tie Games
  83. Could someone help me?:)
  84. Minimizing Repetition (Hearthstone Comparison) [Suggestions]
  85. Known Issue: Silent Death bug after new patch
  86. This Elo system makes no sense...
  87. This Thread - Too Meta
  88. New Faction
  89. How to win with Kelthor without using Kelthor?
  90. Crag Hack where?
  91. [Curious] Why do I keep facing ELO 1400+ while I am just 1050?
  92. make this game for facebook
  93. Post unique patch metagame
  94. Fix them swisses ffs
  95. Haven't played in a year ned a little help
  96. How about to...
  97. *hint* *hint* Just leaving this here...
  98. OMG!10 times loading in today
  99. 1700 elo? it's done.
  100. Whats your favorite card??
  101. A simple question
  102. Newcomer - Help on Packs/Boxes
  103. Phrias
  104. Alter of Wishes Changes
  105. How I got from 1000 to +1500 Elo in 10 days and what I learned
  106. Help with Gold/Seals
  107. Outmanouver this!
  108. DoC at IEM in Katowice - the "Champion's revenge" with BenQ
  109. Help with packs
  110. Any way to go below 1000 ELO?
  111. Top 10
  112. My account lost all of its INFO?!
  113. Regarding The Serious Box
  114. DoC shop BARGAIN!
  115. The Troll
  116. ZArdoc or Takana (BS2)
  117. What should I do?
  118. Hint Hint #2 - Another quick sneak preview. Take a look into the future.
  119. Could someone do me a favor?
  120. Duel of Kelthor - chess boardgame version
  121. What new players are doing?
  122. Post duel rewards
  123. How to deal with the delayers?
  124. Seria after bs2 patch
  125. Ice Shell vs BB question
  126. The Big Cheese - post Base Set 2
  127. We need rules written down
  128. lost XP & Gold Boosts
  129. Deck tech with hectoring - "Bro, do you even Kelthor?"
  130. Why I bought 30k seals
  131. 2 Questions- About JP and XP boosts.
  132. ELO 1001 Hell - Need help to get out of it
  133. [B]Report from a happy camper at the ELO 1160 level.[/B]
  134. Will the revamped wildcard system increase the base set price of wildcards?
  135. A lil' help
  136. Who are the best players out there?
  137. WAD and ToT questions
  138. O_O kelthors passive.
  139. Bought Herald of the Void but dont see Adar-Malik in my collection
  140. Surrendering (just ranting)
  141. M&m nes
  142. It's going to be one of those weeks...
  143. New deal?
  144. Epic creature slaughter fest
  145. Match rewards
  146. Exchange cards
  147. M&M NES I. - Rise of an Duchy
  148. Mill the whole deck in one turn.
  149. Need clarification on certain (advanced) game mechanics
  150. What are the good control decks?
  151. ELO Sucks
  152. Getting rid of the intro flash clip
  153. WTF (not a rant, but wtf)
  154. DoC Team League Season 1 - Week 1 Discussion Thread
  155. Players ditching a match right as it starts.
  156. The condescending tone regarding Kelthor
  157. How to unlock Wolf Captain?
  158. Wildcard for BS2 question to jason paradise or kimmundi
  159. New Redeem Code Time Limited
  160. To buy or not to buy; that is the question.
  161. Twitch Achievement
  162. Ignatius does not follow this game guidelines, needs a fix
  163. During Mulligan, how to tell - who starts?
  164. Economic Changes to Duel of Champions - Letter from the Producer, Samuel Jobin
  165. About the new changes and SEALS
  166. Fortune lock isn't broken but,
  167. Improve play, how?
  168. Goldworth in BS2
  169. When did open format become marginalised?
  170. Help wanted: Start over before BS2?
  171. Okay, now explain these economic changes for the slow kids. What to do with gold?
  172. Is a fourth banshee worth it?
  173. Condensed Feedback on Economic Changes
  174. Is there any public chat room currently working?
  175. What is the best in-game "wealth asset" for transition into the new BS2+HoN update?
  176. Is it wrong to believe that DoC going p2w after HoN release?
  177. Something definitely wrong about rewards right now!
  178. I'm Concerned about the wildcards change.
  179. Open letter to jason paradise, samuel jobin, kimmundi etc.
  180. Pre and Post BS2/HoN Seal, WC, and Gold valuations, including rewards. ++Plus More++
  181. New Sale: All in One
  182. Regarding the question it wasn't asnswered on stream last night
  183. BS1 Achievements after the change
  184. Forfeit
  185. Will we ever get to keep more than 30 decks?
  186. Campaign Turns - AI more cards per turn
  187. Suggestion: Complete collections
  188. Help: Where to spend my gold/seals?
  189. How does Jackpot tournament work?
  190. Jason plz answer this -> Is the cost of WC for bs1 going to be less after patch???
  191. DEAR DEVS:shortEssay: Effective Monetization of a Free-To-Play Experience and DoC
  192. Picture of community mood about economy
  193. Does anyone else find Necropolis Decks boring to play against?
  194. Inferno, Censored?
  195. Haven in Swiss Tournament
  196. Daily rewards gone already?
  197. Still unanswered economic doubts regarding DoC post-BS2
  198. How the puzzle system can solve some economic complaints
  199. Chain casting + Nur asalah.
  200. The most anoying thing in jp, fix please!
  201. Help! Spend or save?
  202. Suggestion: rescue plan to keep Open format alive
  203. Dark elf and dungeon fraction art guidelines
  204. Can you guys query your own data from leaderboards?
  205. Burning out
  206. DoC Balance update!
  207. Legal action taken against M&M: Duel of Champions and Ubisoft
  208. what place do u need for taking the big prize (and basic set box achievement)?
  209. How to tell which creature went to the graveyard last turn
  210. Other revenue stream ideas
  211. Concession wins
  212. Jackpot after economy rework?
  213. offences for being offensive?
  214. Weekly reward for daily log in: 65 seals
  215. what about adding new factions?
  216. The Base Set Sale and its timing
  217. How to get a sanctuary hero?
  218. Wasteland versus Gate of Sheogh, ingame logic
  219. Discussion about upcoming changes this Friday (April 4th) on the Team Stream, 3pm EDT
  220. How on Earth can I beat Hakeem? 1500+
  221. Advice if i should invest in latest offer.Ive bought 3 champbox in game so far 2 date
  222. Keep getting kicked?
  223. When will VR and HoV be seals only
  224. Need second view on my move
  225. Short review of game and upcoming changes
  226. Where can i find info on next patch eg about expansions in shop etc
  227. BS2/HoN update date?
  228. Infernal Pit Questions
  229. AByssal lord bs2
  230. Current Daily Rewards -> future rewards
  231. Free to Play Games and DOC
  232. the imba card
  233. DoC Team League Season 1 - Week 2 Discussion Thread
  234. error
  235. Is Five Tower packs only available by spending seals, now and in the future?
  236. Series 7 - Tears of Fire
  237. Game downtime vs daily rewards
  238. Alternate art of Garant - how to use it?
  239. Wildcard prices post-patch
  240. Strenght In Diversity
  241. Jackpot rewards tiers question
  242. Should I sell my cards before or after HoN
  243. has the infernal pit the same card pool for every player or its random?
  244. Wildcards, legacy format, and me
  245. Will Old Decks be Deleted?
  246. How can i report a player?
  247. Deck tech with hectoring - Kelthor v Cassandra
  248. Game crashes
  249. Yay!!
  250. New Tiers Information (help)