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  1. Another Special Stream at Thursday
  2. What's the link for uraxor beat the jack tournament???
  3. DoC Producer answers community questions (Includes first picture of new game UI!)
  4. UI Advances :D
  5. Haven's "I Win Card" Prison
  6. A question about steaming.
  7. Shop ERROR
  8. Noob card questions
  9. Confused on Swiss prizes
  10. FAQ for beginners [To read before asking!]
  11. How to Get Back to the Tutorial
  12. Idea for Single Player content in next patch/release - "Find the Win"
  13. Do Faction Decks change cards?
  14. When will a new deal come out?
  15. DoC Team League - Registration Closing Soon! Still time to join!
  16. I hate the rush deck meta.
  17. A question about Gazal, Lady of Secrets
  18. This is how you make drafting work in MMDoC
  19. Make a Wish Achievement
  20. Game crashing
  21. People plays too slow
  22. Small Pack for Staying in Swiss..?
  23. a Trading card game without trading? (Ubisoft money grab)
  24. Why cant I see the card he got?
  25. bought anael card at altar of wishes
  26. Hit the Jackpot!
  27. 18 to -10 in one hit
  28. Dear diary...
  29. Regeneration applies first
  30. Possible to filter by name in the portal of desires?
  31. "You're reported by the way"
  32. You hate slow turns? Read this!
  33. You played pile of gold first turn and week of taxes was in effect. What to do?
  34. What if the limit on normal cards was 3 instead of 4?
  35. Deck's played between 1300~1500 Elo?
  36. Which is the cheapest t1/t2 deck actually?
  37. AFK: a new "problem" of the game
  38. how can i contact ubisoft team that works on mmdoc? my game crashed 2x during swisses
  39. 501 Elo
  40. Play Belias = Ban?
  41. Does it worth playing a Jackpot with RTP2013 deck? What can i expect?
  42. altarnate card of cassandra
  43. How can you see the amount of xp/gold boosts you own?
  44. this game is crap
  45. Ubi should better do something good/Fast
  46. A New Type of "I win" Card
  47. anael card isue resolved"kinda"
  48. bug...achievement
  49. Pack worthiness calculator
  50. ELO Hell
  51. champion box
  52. doc with 3d models possible?
  53. donate cards
  54. Streamers: to your battle stations! MM X Legacy needs you!
  55. opinion please:D
  56. How to make these achievements?
  57. Daily rewards - a 10 weeks summary
  58. Would you buy physical DoC?
  59. Funny game moments: Animated Edition
  60. Info about this base set 2 i'm hearing about? I'm oblivious to this really
  61. New'ish player curious about the shop
  62. New Promo Code
  63. Another Sideboard Vote
  64. What DOC needs to punch Hearthstone?
  65. Wild Cards Newbie Question
  66. Instant surrender penalty ?
  67. Game crashed. Why?
  68. stoneshield + manastorm
  69. Doc Team League Announces Team Invitations, Begins the Draft Tournament!!
  70. La-Ku Streaming ^_^
  71. Oh no im losing.
  72. Make it more rewarding to spend money
  73. How many duplicate Unique cards can I put in the deck?
  74. Gold boost massive ripoff!
  75. Infernal Pit needs a buff
  76. Help describe here an unusual deck
  77. Buying Cards Questions...
  78. Should I Spend Seals On A Pre-made Deck Or on A Box
  79. achievements are broken?
  80. La-Ku Streaming ^_^
  81. Raele 1300 to 1400 elo stream!
  82. Loading Screen Forever
  83. Warning! Do not pass 1000 elo
  84. Based on these numbers, what to buy next?
  85. Fix Prison Lock Now.
  86. And here comes the Joke!! (Deal)
  87. a little help?
  88. Steam badges or cards or something....
  89. New to game need help
  90. priority poison / heal / ...
  91. Raele 1400 Stream: Adventures to T1 Jackpot
  92. Go first and lose.
  93. Next German Event Stream
  94. Spirited Away
  95. La-Ku Streaming ^_^ Swiss tour
  96. Ishuma printed in mtg.
  97. Do rewards for dueling increase when you enter higher brackets?
  98. people should stop "stalling" the stallers with their rush decks
  99. Getting cards. Rank expansions from best to least, prefered for cards.
  100. [Elrath's Protection] effect on enemy target?
  101. Factions in an order if possible. Are some stronger than others?
  102. [Stream] GZ_TV
  103. LoL players In DoC? would have to think a system to report these actions?
  104. Best non-unique 4-drop creature
  105. 90% Luck, 10% Skill
  106. How can i view replays?
  107. the best overall 3-drop creature
  108. DoC Team League First Broadcast begins NOW!
  109. Purchased Champions Box (for the 2nd time). I feel overwhelmed a little now...
  110. Greek players read this!
  111. Strange words on censorship in the chat.
  112. Jackpot Players kept decreasing
  113. Wild Cards. Are there just not enough? Quite hard to come by...
  114. Should I spend 36 WCs to complete the first base set?
  115. Enough Kelthor alreay. Implement a filter?
  116. Sanctuary lock deck.
  117. Advice re Avatar / Champion
  118. and advice?
  119. [Stream] jkkk89 1600+ elo
  120. Skip turns to fast lose and donw your elo is against the laws?
  121. What happened here...?
  122. It's occurring way too often...
  123. Djinn Catalyst
  124. Okay guys I am out.... I just opened my 5th Asalah from the last ~8 packs.
  125. Alienware code for new one :)
  126. Alter of wishes. I wish they changed the interface. Filter by factions would be great
  127. I need some help from pro players.
  128. is it just bad luck?
  129. The Grind to 1500
  130. BUG ? Why I posion my void wraith with my decay spitter, but my void wraith did not .
  131. The Best Creature Ability
  132. Infernal Pit
  133. Thoughts from a Newbie
  134. Mending
  135. If someone has useless alienware code.
  136. hey, ubi, please remind to me why are you waiting to fix singularity??
  137. What's changed in the last four months?
  138. If you have more than 4 of 1 card. Is it fair to say they can go in Infernal Pit?
  139. Jackpot ended and nothing? What the hell?
  140. Why nobody uses Myranda?
  141. Few questions
  142. Build a Fundeck Contest by GZ.Milky
  143. Card list
  144. Assassin's Creed Arena Board Game and DOC packs?!
  145. Crossing 1500+
  146. A link to a deck please
  147. DoC Team League, Round of 64 Stream LIVE NOW!
  148. Another way to make sideboards (?)
  149. Twitch.tv question
  150. Ideas for 2vs2 mode
  151. [suggestion] duel 2vs2
  152. Need help with events
  153. Request for Advice on Winning against an Academy Deck
  154. Have I missed something with JP?
  155. I'm just saying...
  156. Should i have a strong deck now? I have purchased 3 Champions Boxes.
  157. Help
  158. wolf captain
  159. Sayama Stalker and Pao Deathseeker
  160. It Is Time To Take The Luck Out Of This Game
  161. [German Stream Event]
  162. All in one packs
  163. Team League Announcements! Round of 32 and more!
  164. Idea on how to incentivize bigger decks
  165. Base Set 2 question if this forum can help me with please...
  166. Some maybe needed explanations - BS2 and more
  167. Necropolis as it stands
  168. Next Game Expansion
  169. Couple of questions
  170. Hi a new player on Might and Magic Duel of Champions Seeking help :D
  171. Current Meta Cards Removed for Base Set 2: Sorted List
  172. Base Set 2 Question
  173. What is "meta"?
  174. The RIGHT approach for Base Set 2
  175. what will happen to base set 1 achievement?
  176. Good point raised by someone - Ishuma alternate art. Will be made redundant??
  177. Raele 1500 stream: Tier 1 Jackpot Lets Go!
  178. Question about packs and other stuffs
  179. Advice:)
  180. Good and bad things about BS2, and my suggestion
  181. I don't understand how 'throne of renewal' works.
  182. Poll: Upgrade Swiss tournaments; bring back Forgotten Wars?
  183. Which Haven hero is best? I might use Wild cards on....
  184. How to watch the pictures of the cards w/o gametext?
  185. Help for new player :<
  186. Isn't it funny?
  187. What should I do?
  188. Petition: Old sets should be still avaible for gold
  189. Rules Questions
  190. What a joke.
  191. Ariana bs2
  192. subscribe to forum?
  193. This game crap
  194. BS2 School of Magic Direct Creature Damage Imbalance - Air > Dark > Water >All others
  195. Seria base set 2
  196. Need help for academy deck
  197. A few things that could make the game better
  198. To day 3th time
  199. BS 1 Out of Print confirmation
  200. Should I, or not?
  201. Daily rewards
  202. Please tell me why??
  203. opinion on zardoc Bs2
  204. Sahar brute, Crusader treasurer and Sayama dune prowler -> lower drop percentages ???
  205. More single missions?
  206. Who tested a miranda bs2 deck post here:)
  207. Should I start saving gold for BS2?
  208. Creature type question.
  209. DOC. Free to Play.at its best
  210. The Infernal Pit - To obtain a card is toooo steep? I feel that it is....
  211. How to deal with Arianas?
  212. swiss sucks
  213. How to make a list of missing cards
  214. campaign is too hard?
  215. Need help with 9 damage overkill achievement
  216. Image verification?
  217. What is the Blue Panther
  218. Rules for selling an account
  219. For the resignation of the marketing team
  220. Emilio's Packs for the future
  221. MacOs please
  222. Card back
  223. Replays Help!!!!
  224. Daily Log In Rewards and Drafting
  225. Annoying stall Decks
  226. This is crap I am stuck at 1001 elo
  227. Adjustable turn timer in ranked duels and jackpot
  228. why do people say swisses are easy
  229. Full card viewer (without the description window)?
  230. Game History Viewer
  231. Daily Rewards ends up pushing away the casual player
  232. Sanctuary heros question
  233. Tower of the inventor + evade = fail
  234. [IDEA]Deck elo.
  235. Step by step- how to get champion/epic card you want when you are starting player.
  236. Scamed by UBI didn't get heroic packs
  237. Pls nerf the might of nature
  238. Valentine's Day Special Event - Special Prizes!
  239. Share cards ?
  240. Just a curiosity...
  241. Swisses- Acamas or zardock?
  242. Why not infernal pit?
  243. combined problem of the doc
  244. Team League Draft Tournament Round of 16 and Round of 8 Saturday @ 12PM EST (6PM CET)
  245. Request for Jackpot Tournament Details
  246. First Polish Live Hangout!
  247. [Beat the Jack] Underdog Commentary
  248. Do Premium Heroic Packs Actually Increase Chance For Premium Hero?
  249. Base 2 Doubt
  250. Banners 35 and 36