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  1. add me in the game
  2. Competitive Teams
  3. Question about Daily Rewards
  4. Any discount for purchasing decks soon?
  5. I think this idea would make popel enjoy the game so much more! PLS CONSIDER ;)
  6. AMA with Live Producer Samuel Jobin delayed to January 8th at 3pm EST.
  7. Fairly new, need tips on picking out a deck.
  8. Question - Spending Seals
  9. Mysterious Game Ending. What's going on?
  10. Game leavers for Ello Drop
  11. PC Gamer Facebook Code
  12. more Alienware codes for new accounts less than 6 hours old
  13. Question concerning the number of cards in each set
  14. where can i get
  15. RNG Calculator
  16. Streaming 1100 ELO - Next Couple of Hours
  17. Seria, Seeker of the Lost Souls (Flyer deck)(3-6-3) currently 1100+ elo
  18. This game never ceases to amaze me
  19. The Box
  20. Best deck to counter kelthor decks?
  21. Ignatius
  22. How do i get Lurked in the Dark?
  23. Getting started Academy
  24. confused with this card's effect
  25. For whom the bell tolls vs Rewind
  26. Recognizable characters?
  27. Ariana or Adar-Malik
  28. Is there some guide on how to get the most out of a match?
  29. What is the deal with vengeful spectre and Crusader Vanguard? Is thisa bug?
  30. Sister's Tent: How does it work?
  31. Mulligan Yes/No
  32. Gazal vs Crag Hack any chance at all?
  33. Make A Wish Achievement
  34. This game stole my Card Game concept I made back in 2003.
  35. How do I share my victories on Facebook?
  36. pack that gives best gold to wildcard ratio (for new players)
  37. "DoC - Replay Manager" yet another tool, try it !
  38. Newbie question
  39. [Guild] A1 Alliance expanding to MMDoC
  40. Small Paacckksss?
  41. refer friends?
  42. Is it still possible to up 1500+ ?
  43. Daily Rewards post 5T
  44. Quitting swiss tournaments
  45. Sales
  46. Genuine appreciation thread
  47. What is the next featured sale?
  48. Adar-Malik ressurection change clarification
  49. Card Artworks
  50. A Couple Newbie Questions
  51. Frustrated New Player
  52. What Are Unique Cards?
  53. Sale end time is being posted
  54. Jackpot ELO question
  55. Best Haven Strategy
  56. Game rewards penalize certain decks
  57. Why do I have to count cards if everything else is done by the computer?
  58. Was this a bug or does this always work like this??
  59. Buff The Infernal Pit
  60. MILLl vs 100+ decks
  61. Infernal Pit - Revamp suggestion
  62. Merry Christmas! Have a card...
  63. Mizu-Kami Twice in a Row (Infernal Pit)
  64. Idea about alternate art
  65. Any Kind Soul out there ?
  66. Best deck builder website to share your deck with?
  67. Where is the line between getting gold and exp or not if player surrenders
  68. A Critical Flaw
  69. New player needing help
  70. Christmas Wish
  71. Strategies against mill decks? (NOT a complaint thread)
  72. Decksize/Number of Coppies and Mulligan Chart
  73. Feedback: US Price Point tweaks needed
  74. 2 new Merry Christmas card :)
  75. Loading screen...before match!
  76. Winter sale: 20% off everything except "Champions Pack 2"
  77. Server down?
  78. DoC Team League Partners with ESL Spain!
  79. This game just went from fun to frustrating in an instant.
  80. Draft
  81. Box Offer again ? eg from 3000seals slashed to 2400s? Will this happen again soon...
  82. Regular game version with timer.
  83. Special Rewards?
  84. Game turned into total **** after last 2 expansions
  85. Something really annoying about the matchmaking system
  86. Draft Play it's here! [Unofficial Draft Mode]
  87. 5 towers = weak set?
  88. Card Draw
  89. I need a piece of advise
  90. No holiday in-game sale? 2 days away from christmas soon... Suggestions?
  91. Why did I lose?
  92. Hakeem >>>> Creature decks?
  93. Phrias worth it?
  94. Is there anyone who plays Noboru?
  95. Type of decks
  96. How to report players?
  97. Please fix stall decks
  98. What should I spend my wildcards on?
  99. Alternative art from Ishuma
  100. Bot Behavior?
  101. Interconversion
  102. Developers Bulletin - Dec 2013
  103. the launcher dont update new version!
  104. I am ***** big time because of people surrendering
  105. they must be joking right?
  106. Deal/Offer question. Champions box-how many times has this gone from 3000 to 2400seal
  107. Yeah for the RNG!
  108. You're Thoughts on the Road To Paris Pre-made deck
  109. What decks are in the Steam Starter Pack?
  110. The problem with Gazal (HoTV)
  111. List of games and DLCs with DoC codes
  112. Solution to Stall decks
  113. 200k gold, 2000 seal new (inferno) player seeking advice on what to buy
  114. Obtaining New Academy Heroes
  115. New Playing Need Shop Advice
  116. Compilation of ways/cards to counter stall decks
  117. Duel of Champions tool for Android users
  118. Have some questions ?
  119. Duel Faction Heroes
  120. The perfectionist in me almost cried of joy..
  121. Mandatory payment on event cards
  122. Imperial Guard and Towering, is this working as intended?
  123. Reaching 1001 elo
  124. Another broken Mechanic?
  125. My tips for beginners (or what I would do if I started a new account)
  126. I'm a bit confused. PAO isn't a creature.
  127. Holiday themed cards?
  128. Ink warrior and Dragon golem
  129. Need some help with what to do next
  130. Hi Relatively New 1000 elo player looking for tips
  131. For real... fix the ****ing stall decks
  132. Paris 2013 Deck - How long will it be available?
  133. Losing players?
  134. My elo does not go down?
  135. Forgotten spell glitch?
  136. How many WC I will get from forgotten box ?
  137. Reduced epic drop rate?
  138. Acamas and the Paris Deck sale question
  139. How many times more
  140. Campaign
  141. Gonna change my mind about stall decks...
  142. Altar of Wishes
  143. Tie game?
  144. 1001 ELO and surrenders
  145. I have several ideas how to make this game more enjoyable for everyone
  146. Staples that every player needs to have
  147. How to ruin a game...
  148. New faction?
  149. Altar of wishes -- which cards are overpriced?
  150. New Alienware Codes
  151. Reporting a player
  152. Late in Life Game Breakers
  153. Lvl 60-90 SEAL Achievement please?
  154. Level cap?
  155. I .... HATE ..... Kelthors
  156. Romania :D
  157. Few new ideas!
  158. Error with pao deathseeker
  159. Doombringer + Altar of Asha bug
  160. About HoMM 6 and cards...
  161. Someone from Bulgaria?
  162. So.... new player needing questions answered :)
  163. Weird glow around my cards in booster packs
  164. Filters on Altar/Pit (scrolling everycard is tiresome)
  165. Discard heros not worth it
  166. Steam gift
  167. Duplicate Unique
  168. Locked Stat vs Stat Allotment for Heroes
  169. newbie question
  170. Who do I have to contact?
  171. anyone that bought the champ pack on steam
  172. (new) Inferno player requesting shopping advice
  173. New player , seeking a bit of advice
  174. Selling my account Lord_Calh 105 level
  175. Elo
  176. People Breaking ELO system, Twinking
  177. Fire Blast
  178. Hero Packs
  179. Card Packs
  180. Is Road to Paris deck such a good idea after all?
  181. Card info box gone
  182. Opponent with 150+ card or so makes you DC, Crash Hack?
  183. New game mode coming soon!
  184. Timer soon ending, anything new coming? Suggestions/ideas...
  185. Great Hunt event: strange behavior
  186. Leaderboard Rank - Elo reset
  187. Revised Tactics - Quick Question
  188. [Question] Random cards eng/br
  189. This is how you manage your business?
  190. I dunno if im jus really unlucky
  191. Long Story Short
  192. Seriously considering restarting
  193. Rift's echo on infernal pit
  194. Where are some good deals?
  195. Is Necro worth pursuing?
  196. I hope they put the Champions Box on offer again eg 3000 > 2400 seals i think it was.
  197. Card Translations for Korean(한국) players
  198. server down?
  199. Five towers pack, worth it?
  200. The reason I'll never play this game again...
  201. any one experiencing errors "can't log in to steam blah blah"
  202. Stupid question from "stupid gamer"
  203. Life at the 501 ELO level
  204. New Game Mode Idea
  205. crafting cards or buying packs?
  206. Steam Trading Cards
  207. Steam Sale Over?
  208. How to get ahead in MM:DOC
  209. Card Hack?
  210. Lower ELO Necro decks
  211. Lowering ELO, Possible?
  212. Redeem Codes
  213. Spelling Errors and Inconsistency in Game Terminology
  214. What are you guys buying these days?
  215. Can i somehow undo a purchase, purchased with seals..
  216. BIG Creatures, do any decks use them?
  217. Where can I find a list of cards for Five Towers expansion?
  218. Wild Cards: prepare for the worst
  219. Deckbuild Tutorial Stream
  220. Kelthor feedback
  221. No Emilio's Packs for 3000 seal purchase?
  222. Need advice about making a cheacp rush inferno deck
  223. Gold/XP Gains
  224. Just won a swiss tournament match.
  225. Song of the lost + Ice splinters.
  226. question about this scenario
  227. Skipping turns with intention of losing the match.
  228. Shop
  229. ELO by Champion
  230. Request for Pack Info
  231. Wild Cards and Necro
  232. Extremely abusive timejump combo.
  233. Trade new system?
  234. rank 35 bug
  235. How to identify unique cards?
  236. Fixing the ranking/rewards system
  237. Five Towers - one month on
  238. The logic behind card design: Negate Magic
  239. Some General Beginner Questions.
  240. Need blank card materials,please help me
  241. Perspective of a new player: The future of the game
  242. Exclusive Ishuma Altwork available in the shop !
  243. Alternate Ishuma in the shop
  244. Disapointed with Tower Pack and Santuary Cards
  245. Ajido's Stream: Tons of Entertainment & Questionable Plays
  246. Jackpot Rewards
  247. What do you want in the next sale? (Each Wednesday i think it's, i think) ....
  248. AMA (Ask me anything) with DoC Live Producer Samuel Jobin today (January 8th)
  249. Alt Art Ishuma
  250. Packs are too many expensive