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  1. Tips for Fresh 1001 ELO Player?
  2. Altar of Wishes and newest expansions
  3. Can you buy new cards with gold, seals or both?
  4. Alienware code
  5. about the leaderboard
  6. champion pack on steam
  7. Daily Rewards
  8. Achievement idea!
  9. No Counter for Xp and Gold Boosts?
  10. Is redeem code feature in the shop coming back?
  11. No wonder that there is so few caster decks.
  12. For those who bought MMVI Complete pack on Steam regarding Code
  13. Swiss Breakpoints - 3rd Place.
  14. What should i do please. I've 200k gold. 1.3kseals. I've only bought the ChampionsBox
  15. Alia in Aktion-Stream
  16. Fleshbane in the campaign...
  17. Does swiss tournament have elo bracket?
  18. Elo problem!!!
  19. There shouldn't be neutral creatures.
  20. What should I do if I get a DA against Ishuma?
  21. WolfyTheStreamer
  22. Why have this game been balanced like this?
  23. What the smeg is going on tonight?
  24. Why has this game been balanced like this?
  25. Let me have a chance at 2nd place?
  26. Which box/deck/packs to start ?
  27. How Long Until the Promotional Offers Change?
  28. Whats the use of getting over ELO 1001 other then the 50k gold reward?
  29. is there a CONFIRMSTION toggle I can turn on...
  30. I love you moon phoenix
  31. Alienware code
  32. Might & magic games that give DoC codes on steam?
  33. Pick Adar Malik, and you don't need to think anymore.
  34. Encouraging people to play: what DoC can learn from HS and MTG
  35. I am saving money and seals for christmas. Is it a good idea, or not?
  36. Win 30 ranked duels using Sanctuary decks.
  37. A lot people seem to just copy paste best decks and really don't know how to play.
  38. Devs, time to do something about Cosmic Singularity?
  39. Five towers Academy anti-magic djinn
  40. Big Issue I'm seeing in the 501-600 ELO range.
  41. puppet master vs anchored creature
  42. Can i integrate 2 or more unique cards like Eleonore, voice of Harmony into my deck?
  43. How to play against OTK/fortune decks?
  44. Ishuma not really a Tier 1 deck to start with?
  45. Android tablets??
  46. Who is Al-Kazar ?
  47. Games randomly ending??
  48. Time for a break i guess.
  49. New to Game - No Way to Report Players?
  50. little help for a noob?:)please
  51. Hostile players
  52. Let us change the background during the game
  53. Spend Seals on first!!?
  54. Whats up with that ?
  55. How long will each featured promotion offer last?
  56. Swiss: my only loss was the last match. I finished FOURTH!
  57. Daily bonus idéa (Not very original, but still, i think it would be great.)
  58. This got to change removing new players!
  59. Five Towers Releases December 5, 2013
  60. players behavior
  61. All We Know About: Five Towers [Spoilers]
  62. Release Party #2 - The Five Towers Livestream
  63. Need help with sealspending!
  64. History of the MMDOC metagame
  65. The past few days have been extremely irritating...
  66. Request to add 8 neutral event cards to each duel
  67. What kind of knowledge needs to Jackpot ?
  68. All cards of the new expnasion - Overview
  69. New Expansion.
  70. GG Ishuma
  71. How is 1000 elo for lvl 13?
  72. how to kill best card game on market!
  73. New Haven Creatures Are Trash
  74. No new heroes?
  75. Game improvements
  76. Guide to get like lvl 20 and 200k gold in a week for free
  77. How does one submit a ticket?
  78. Guild system?
  79. Inferno in 5T all discard themed?
  80. Everything that needs to be said about Five Towers and how it will influence the game
  81. Void Ripple and Buildings
  82. Silver Bowl Spirt is too OP (new card from five tower expansion)
  83. Five Towers - New shop - What are you buying?
  84. Thx 4 the new expansion
  85. Maintenance
  86. - You will now be able to use any card you own in every deck you create.
  87. Large/Costly Creatures obsolite ?
  88. top issues after towers are out
  89. Thank you for the new above level 100 achievements ubi - I LOVE YOU GUYS FOR THIS
  90. Weekly rewards doesnt make much sense
  91. I guess its wise to wait for a promo before buying anything :(
  92. An Achievement appeared?? Get both NUR and alter of wishes. If anyone knows...
  93. Currently Under Investigation: Sporadic Matchmatching Bugs
  94. Game not working for people. Thought i'd mention
  95. Infernal Pit giving wild cards ?
  96. Question about gaining XP
  97. Mending Effect - How does it work?
  98. loading
  99. Continue to make things worse for new players nice work Ubi.
  100. Did New Expansion Screw Up the Coding?
  101. lagg or server instability which is it?
  102. Bug maybe?
  103. Cant even log in
  104. How do you claim a daily reward manually?
  105. Server Offline?
  106. Why some cards are loked???
  107. How to share wins in facebook
  108. On a much brighter note
  109. ahhhh the shop is still in maintenance?
  110. How to get your Daily Reward (Solution)
  111. Just starting playing today!
  112. All My Repeat Cards!
  113. Improve deck building UI (some feedback)
  114. Where do you report a bug?
  115. cosmic singularity help
  116. Can't play swiss
  117. What is happening???
  118. Strenght in Diversity Achievement Problem
  119. Card modifictation, very iffy practice
  120. Please add a 10-second wait to Surrendering
  121. they sed!
  122. Why does the game do this?
  123. Devs, your game game is UNPLAYABLE after the patch, PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY!
  124. what the deal
  125. School of magic of the heros
  126. Lack of an Offcial News
  127. Guide to get like lvl 25 and 250k gold in a week for free
  128. again and again...
  129. This is the worst ART in this game
  130. Redeeming Codes
  131. I'm taking a break
  132. Emergency Server Maintenance - December 6th, 2013
  133. Exiting out of log in screen
  134. packs
  135. Back and forth with luck.
  136. The nerf of week of taxes / manastorm
  137. So new starter decks have FW rares? I wan't mine please
  138. Why Ubi...Why?
  139. Matchmaking system
  140. What am I missing about Swiss tournaments?
  141. [DEV/JAVA] MMDoC Library Beta 1
  142. New player seeking advice
  143. Milling needs to be fixed
  144. Achivement - An Eventful Victory
  145. Strength in diversity achievment.
  146. Looking for seal and gold spending advice
  147. Mighti Crucher
  148. seal spending
  149. Eventful victory achievment
  150. Randomly lost a game for no apparent reason...
  151. New Upgraded, Updated tutorials for new players :)
  152. Advice for new player approaching 1000 ELO
  153. Idea to allow trading cards between players (Please, Dev read this)
  154. How should I use my WC
  155. Alternate Art Card Pack
  156. I lost a bunch of hero Cards after the latest patch ?? WTF
  157. This freakin rush cards is rediculous...
  158. I've spent 200ish dollars on this game....
  159. Want to spend money but not too sure
  160. Server Down
  161. Could you help me with my main deck?
  162. Questing about buyng boxes/booster as Haven player
  163. First impressions and experience with MM DoC
  164. Deck names visible during matches
  165. Insta surrendering crowd
  166. Cannot Challenge Friends
  167. Advice for a newcomer
  168. Swiss Bugged?
  169. Beware! Zombie Wolf Captains are coming!
  170. New Player Around Here
  171. Soulfire Question
  172. Exp + Gold (Jackpot tournament vs dueling) ??
  173. Is it any good to wait for those daily rewards at all? And doesn't it seem lackluster
  174. Cards locked in Altar of wishes???
  175. Amazing discovery about Xorm!
  176. Info: Server issues over the week-end and compensation
  177. Alternate Art of Kat
  178. Randomly Getting time out
  179. Do NOT spend (anymore) money on this game!
  180. Duel of Champions Team League Announcement Thread!
  181. ServerIssues again?
  182. Towers, how do they work?
  183. Latest Changes are fine!
  184. Something about rewards is not right!
  185. Game not ending
  186. Battle loading.
  187. Elo trouble
  188. I'm pretty sure...
  189. Goldpile and Week of Taxes interaction
  190. Report toxic players
  191. Weekly offers gone... will they be back on wednesday?
  192. Ubi refound.
  193. WHY? ... game crashes
  194. Question about Atropos
  195. Facebook achievement crash?
  196. Why do people keep passing their turn over and over again
  197. Deck advice
  198. Need help! OTK Defense against Discarding
  199. Poor Adar :(
  200. Regarding the Compensation and special promotion
  201. [DEV/WEB] Tool: Export cards files to SQL
  202. Gazal Herold Void passive.
  203. Arent turns too long??
  204. Slowly getting sucked towards the black hole that is 1001...
  205. A special gift?!
  206. Wildcard Changes and Server Outage Compensation
  207. I'm searching for Jackpot-Results earlier than June!
  208. Void Shade. Worth it?
  209. where is the Strongold's unique building?
  210. The pricing of The Box
  211. Returning price to normals for a few days does not mean "COMPENSATION"
  212. This game is bugged bad
  213. My view on the wildcard changes (no new discussion, just want everyone to see this)
  214. suggested buy
  215. Anyone reported this yet?
  216. Hey, remember that time...
  217. Top 3 Plays Episode 2 now live !!! D:
  218. Steam Pack Vs Regular Packs Questions
  219. Confirmed people who made purchases before promotion will NOT get anything
  220. Soft fix to insta surrendering
  221. New player point of view
  222. Huge issue with the game
  223. Trying to get better than inferno
  224. Unanswered questions for newcomers
  225. 9 WC for 1 FW uncommon... Hey UBI get serious already!
  226. a few questions
  227. Some Genuine Questions for Ubisoft CM ( not a complaint thread please read )
  228. Starting to realize how stupid certain decks are.
  229. the fight against fleshbane.
  230. Finally reached 1500 at level 43! What now?
  231. New to game - I need advice please!
  232. Some cards that need clarity
  233. Question on What To BUY!
  234. Adar Malik after 5T
  235. May i ask where has the swiss tournament gone?
  236. Next expansion sneak peak
  237. Asalah OTK vs Stronghold OTK
  238. Seria Fan looking for Strong Deck
  239. every maintenance every delay!
  240. Need recommendation
  241. Next expansion sneak peek repost.
  242. Fresh Code Guys!
  243. Story of Shalan?
  244. Cool Marketing Idea : Input Requested
  245. Incorporeal creatures and poison counters
  246. Lock Decks, why not just play solitaire
  247. Spectatator mode
  248. Draft / Sealed / Arena (Limited) In The Works?
  249. Cursed Bond, Both Heros die?
  250. [Help]Forget the email name