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  1. Achievement - The Collector
  2. Favorite card design
  3. Academy HELP!
  4. Expansion packs for Sanctuary..?
  5. Base cards. How can you tell if you have enough of them? Is there a way?
  6. What should I buy as Haven?
  7. Possible solution for some balancing/semi-unique
  8. Where can we see the name of each banner?
  9. Smurfburn and I streaming
  10. Cant build a valid deck
  11. Incredible infernal pit deal
  12. Steam - Champions Box 2400 was 3000. Has this happened before? Again in December?
  13. Why did I just lose?
  14. Sanctuary lv5: What should i do now?
  15. How long is the Champion Box going to be on offer for?
  16. What should I buy?
  17. What to spend free seals on?
  18. Is there a thread on factions? Will there be any newer factions to?
  19. Extremely bad draws. Something need to be done about this...
  20. Newbie Question: "What happen when... ???"
  21. difference between forgotten war pack and reinforcement pack?
  22. MMDoC Down!
  23. History of past offers/reduction on packs/decks. Any where to find this out?
  24. Is Champions Box a definite buy? Or might a better box come out with new faction in?
  25. Curious - Is there a thread explaining who might be the better heroes?
  26. Is anyone still waiting on support to give them their Alienware code box?
  27. Alter of wishes. I bought Champions box. I still have locked stuff??
  28. What pack should I buy?
  29. Several questions
  30. Number of unique in a deck
  31. Deck builder tool. How it works?
  32. Necropolis Question for Newbie
  33. Can you trade cards?
  34. what pack
  35. What the heck is wrong with me???
  36. how good is 700 elo with basic deck with no epics and only 1 rare ?
  37. Mechanics Thread
  38. simple Suggestions for better UI for PC users.
  39. Servers lagging...
  40. Steam DLC - Champions Pack: Can you buy multiples of this for yourself on Steam?
  41. Really not understanding this
  42. How do I redeem my boxes :/
  43. New player not sure what box to buy or deck
  44. Server lagging / Down
  45. Annoucement Regarding Server Downtime Please?
  46. UBI looking for workers
  47. Unique cards
  48. How works - 2 things...Wildcards and some in game rules
  49. New to the game
  50. Server still lagging for everyone?
  51. New expansion?
  52. Is Area Blast supposed to affect the creature that has the ability[Area Blast]?
  53. 2v2?
  54. Another idea how to balance first/second turns
  55. Streaming Academy Akane 1k+ ELO
  56. Everybody is having problem, devs, where are you?
  57. MMDoC.net is online again
  58. Im sorry if you like this game.
  59. Void Rising content?
  60. What the hell...
  61. Not receiving my deck in Tutorial???? HELP PLEASE
  62. Daily reward?
  63. How do you get cards?
  64. When do cards unlock in Altar of Wishes?
  65. How to get better Heros?
  66. Duel of champions bug (DECK BUG)
  67. Heard rumor about delaying the day u open the pack can affect rare card drop rate
  68. Losing Criteria
  69. 100+ cards why?
  70. Nerf this card already... Hey, Ubi, wake up!
  71. R0 casually going over 9000 ELO :D
  72. Redeem code button
  73. Viewing Collection - Can you...
  74. Add Reconnect Option
  75. is the Crag Hack Precon Deck sold in the shop worth the Seals or Gold ?
  76. Additional Achievements
  77. Purposeful Losing
  78. Help with Rush Deck
  79. Is the steam forum down?
  80. Gold Stacking with Damage/Healing?
  81. Progress is slower than Hearthstone...
  82. The price of using real money in this game is too expensive, ... yes or no ?
  83. Kelthor or Kat?
  84. What to save for after "thebox" and "the champion box" ? More champion boxes?
  85. Duel of Champions
  86. buying packs
  87. Daily reward problem.
  88. Level => ELO
  89. I need deck links
  90. Gold boost... good for progress, or not ?
  91. Necro looking for advice
  92. Advicea noob on what to spend gold on?:)
  93. How often are the rewards you get from buying seals changed?
  94. Streaming 1200+ ELO and climbing with Academy Akane
  95. How to spend seals...
  96. New player, need help with deck.
  97. New Player Question - Mechanics
  98. Advice for a newbie Necropolis player
  99. How many Commons are in each set? (For strategizing Achievements)
  100. achievement Arianna (_triptidon)
  101. Lore
  102. Where is free starter deck?
  103. So when are we getting some news? (new set, balance etc.)
  104. Card collection
  105. New player - best way to spend gold
  106. MMDoC: enjoyed my first week, what now? thoughts (ramblings), and a suggestion
  107. Silly newbie Question, Gold shimmering cards that move??
  108. Pimped out deck achievement
  109. What deck? - Ignatius, Cassandra or Craghack
  110. Steam bug!Any solutions?
  111. Why the hell do ppl take forever every turn?
  112. Steam Deals for Cards
  113. Newbie Question *steam foundersPack + ChampionPack* urgent
  114. is Blizzard broken while Contagion is working correctly?
  115. Game is fun, but losing every game is boring...
  116. How many cards you have when you first create the account?
  117. Using Cards for Multiple Decks
  118. Buy thru STEAM Engine or MnM In-game ?
  119. adar malik
  120. From Academy to Haven
  121. which of this heroes is the best int he current meta?
  122. Discount on starter decks. Worth it?
  123. how long does " sales" last for? specially champion box?
  124. Spell Ward, Hero Abilities
  125. Tutorial em PortuguÍs BR
  126. how to watch replays...
  127. can som1 explain me
  128. General questions about decks and stuff
  129. Good Garant Rush/Farm deck?
  130. Why do people keep quitting my duels ?
  131. Extremely Lucky- Based Game
  132. 92 wild cards in-hand * need help on cass*
  133. Should you surrender if you go second?
  134. Best Match Ever...?
  135. Noob question: What are the different kinds of decks? And how do they work?
  136. Do seals ever go on sale?
  137. Necropolis
  138. Additional missions in campaign
  139. Props to the devs - commons are actually good in that game
  140. Whats formula for your minimum elo?
  141. which cards from which decks??
  142. is might and magic duel of champions coming to android
  143. Deck building for Academy mill
  144. Help with 50 wins against friends achievement
  145. Issues unlocking cards in the Altar of Wishes
  146. People purposely keeping ELO low????
  147. Song of the lost + Ice Splinters
  148. sound of the login screen
  149. nеwbiе quеstion
  150. Academy and Haven Rush???
  151. Tournament dates? swiss and jackpot this concerns...
  152. Kal-Azzar or Xorm for Inferno deck?
  153. You get way too little seals at higher levels
  154. Positive: DoC finally is close to be balanced
  155. Would like some feedback about a card, possible rework?
  156. Card list help
  157. Which deck/packs for newbie
  158. 1400+ Ishuma Stream Going for 1500+
  159. What's in every pack?
  160. Altar of wishes
  161. Card (Dhamiria) in Steam Inventory?
  162. Pao in infernal pit omg
  163. weirdest sudden finish I had so far (twitch video inside)
  164. Alternate Card Art
  165. Did they Fix intentional elo dropping ?
  166. Shop-Deck: Whats the difference between Herald's call and Crimson Sands?
  167. Is swiss tournament not connecting for anyone?
  168. Ingame shop prices
  169. Watch out for this guy!
  170. Which should i go for?
  171. Noob help
  172. Multiple Decks should use cards from your complete collection.
  173. Where can I enter the codes for free stuff?
  174. Sanctuary
  175. Anyone Having Trouble Like I Am?
  176. Which pack do I buy for water and earth cards?
  177. Redeem Code Confusion
  178. Allow players to wish their starting turn?
  179. 10,000+ person jackpot tourney!
  180. "Basic Premium Cards Deck" achievement still buggy?
  181. Why could the cards we own to be used in different decks ?
  182. Help Request: Altar of the Spider Goddess
  183. 5 in a row
  184. To 501 or not to 501 that is the question.
  185. Fall Open replays of the preliminary phase
  186. No Redeem button...
  187. Does Ubisoft earn anything from this game?
  188. ariana deck help
  189. I have lost a won game
  190. DoC with Android ?
  191. nerf this card please or the necro poisen deck is useless
  192. which deck should i buy to unlock Ishuma in altar of wishes?
  193. I think i found a way to play on android.
  194. Earliest 1500 elo?
  195. Awesome noob questions from an awesome noob
  196. special deals in the shop
  197. But that RNG tho
  198. Exclusive Five Towers card reveal on the DoC Subreddit - Wednesday, November 27th
  199. ahhhhhh...what the hell just happened? I lost when I should of won?
  200. Steam.
  201. Duel of Champions 3rd on Forbes 'Best Digital Card Games of 2013' list
  202. Steam data fiile location
  203. Decks that slow down game = easy wins in swiss tournament.
  204. deck kal azar
  205. Looking to fill me friends list for achievement :)
  206. Streaming my super fun Troll Gate Deck!
  207. how does cassa deal with ongoing spells?
  208. Why is Necro so bad....
  209. Member Drop out rate info
  210. Swiss Tournament Leaderboards Header "Average" what does it mean?
  211. Update the faction intro?
  212. Statistical Meta Analysis - volunteers
  213. Balancing Question
  214. Awesome noob player asks: are there still bugs??
  215. Is the dervish master so rare/useless?
  216. Spend seals on FW promotion or wait for next expansion?
  217. Haven needs a serious buff!
  218. Exclusive Five Towers reveal on DoC Subreddit - Trapper Spider, a new Necro 2 drop!
  219. Help with purchases!
  220. Blackskull-Warchanter 3 hand
  221. Freemium Rewards System - Just how Generous Ubi really is with Currency.
  222. Singleplayer
  223. Help, I can't take much more!
  224. ERROR Login
  225. The Archmage's Last Trick achievement bugged?
  226. Help with the deal.
  227. 40000 fans on Facebook! Any code?????
  228. Advise on hero to be started out with for a newbie
  229. Academy Faction not good or?
  230. Lore anywhere?
  231. What would I change if I was a developer
  232. Changing type of cards inside the packs: my suggestions.
  233. Best way to build collection?
  234. How to aquire a new hero
  235. Achievement - Army of the Void
  236. Five Towers Expansion realease date?
  237. Instantly losing duels
  238. Another reason that swisses are boken.
  239. Is there a friendly list/database that shows all cards and stats?
  240. Hi! New to the game! Buying packs? + Help with inferno deck!
  241. Anyone know what the play style for Sanctuary and Academy are? Ty
  242. Top 3 plays, a new project :D!
  243. Failed to Login for Unknown reason?
  244. Deck Export please!?!
  245. Influx of arianna...
  246. Smurfburn and Deatrick42 streaming on friday.
  247. shrine/sanctuary
  248. 1050 Seals. Should I buy another"The Box" or should I get the void rising box?
  249. "Buy some more cards" comment?
  250. Do they put some free codes for holidays such as black friday?