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  1. Currency set as Euros in U.S.
  2. Server offline at 1630 EDT.
  3. Why does the shop load so slow..
  4. What is the point of the wildcard?
  5. People leaving early? (Do I smell?)
  6. Crashes attempting to start Replay
  7. Headers in Swiss Tournament results
  8. Is there a way to farm for seals as a beginner?
  9. 1500-Elo-Challenge with new Account v2
  10. Factions and their play styles
  11. Printable card lists?
  12. Can some1 please explain me?
  13. What use are these cards?
  14. Help with my Seria deck?
  15. Puppet Master and Shadow Image shouldn't control uniques
  16. Some Questions of someone new.
  17. Forgotten Spell Bugged?
  18. Best bet for getting the cards I need?
  19. The thing that upsets me the most in this game...
  20. Quick Maintenance on October 1, 2013 at 03:00 PM Paris
  21. DapperBurd Stream Thread
  22. Swiss 24/7
  23. So...Dhamiria...
  24. Love playing with all these new cards
  25. i sold my account
  26. unable to connect to server?
  27. Why can't I complete the "Premium deck" achievement ?
  28. Are you afraid to play against human opponents?
  29. Battle for 1500 elo L1ve event on twitch.tv
  30. sms payment don't work on italy?
  31. Penny Arcade
  32. Possibly MMH7?
  33. I need some advice...
  34. Help me spend Wildcards
  35. Real *******
  36. Counterproductive & unnecessary turn timer
  37. Crag Hack draw skill bug in swiss
  38. Upgraded versins of common cards
  39. Wtf ********
  40. When should I stop buying Reinforcement Packs?
  41. Annihilation achievement
  42. Make third place get Emilio's Pack in Swiss instead of random?
  43. wild card choice -- help please.
  44. Recommend for A New Tournament Mode---More Funny and More Attractive to New Players
  45. Instant quitting
  46. Might & Magic Clash of Heroes free until October 15th for Xbox Live Gold users
  47. [Twitch Stream] Password saved in options.config
  48. Scripted speed
  49. ArcaneAzmadi
  50. PvE
  51. Can i stack in this game?
  52. Which class(?) is the best?
  53. Mechanic questions re: Anchored vs Puppet Master or Homebound Winds
  54. Change font color
  55. Topdeck Quiz
  56. Codes from russian site
  57. Daily Stream Monday-Thursday US Hours - Focus on Helping the New Players!
  58. Belias farming. How to get gold and lower your elo.
  59. Petition: Make it so people can't surrender on an opponent's turn.
  60. Wild Cards in Daily Rewards
  61. About Wallpaper from begining
  62. Hakeem - card and creature removal.
  63. Herald of the Void box or Keiran Deck?
  64. How many cards have you 'sacrificed' ?
  65. This game will never be competitive
  66. Bugged achievements
  67. Can i decrease my Elo Below 1001?
  68. And speaking of bugs, when are you going to fix the mulligan bug?
  69. Haven heroes
  70. Ammar nerf?
  71. Ariana & Necropolis Deck?
  72. Search tools for the Altar of Wishes?
  73. Attn devs: How come...
  74. What should I spend my wildcards on?
  75. New Player Needs Help!
  76. Searching for Replays!
  77. is broken bridge more rare than other uncomon fortunes?
  78. Tournament Crash
  79. Time Jump Spell
  80. i may be the only one to think it...
  81. Why does it auto-sort my hand, and WHY DOES IT SHOW MY OPPONENT?
  82. Stream MnM_vs_Smarties
  83. Bug with the Water Spell card: Blizzard ?
  84. Factions an alliances
  85. Looking for New Cassandra Players to Feature on Episode one of "DOC Building"
  86. Frenzied Maniac,damage on first turn really?
  87. A new player's perspective..
  88. Suggestion for handling forfeits
  89. Opponents surrendering as soon as the duel starts
  90. Just reached 1500 ELO ^^
  91. Ammar: Ten First Impressions
  92. duplicate hero names?
  93. why does 70% of players se necro?
  94. Inferno Faction Play Options
  95. The annoyment of 1000 elo
  96. deck having it's own lvl ?
  97. Not letting me buy wildcards...any help?
  98. 1520 eloh vs 1001 eloh, WHY?
  99. 2/0 in Swiss yet 3rd Place, Total Bs.
  100. Base set premium deck achievement problem?
  101. Really sick of the creature spam necro decks...
  102. Poll of Super Import(!!!)
  103. Has there ever been a sale for store items?
  104. Do you "gg" to OTK players?
  105. Necro deck is WAYYY to OP
  106. Seriously Ammar??
  107. Advices to improve my Heaven deck
  108. What deck AREN'T you sick of? Anti-QQ thread
  109. Aza edit: NO
  110. I need help! Should i buy the serius box or 2x FW boxes
  111. Alter of wishes unlock?
  112. DoC just passed half a million members today.
  113. 30,000 Facebook Likes?
  114. Suggestion: New Turn 1 Drops!
  115. How good/bad would it be if we give new players all 3 decks at the start?
  116. Ammar counter
  117. Is the "pimped out deck" achievement bugged?
  118. How actively does Ubisoft work on this game?
  119. my achievement did not get unlocked
  120. New Inferno Player
  121. Wildcards included in preconstructed decks in shop?
  122. What Time Do Weekly Bonuses Reset?
  123. Why are some cards locked in Altar of Wishes?
  124. Why are the really big creatures never used?
  125. New Stream
  126. Please help with Kat going against Might of nature.
  127. Bot farmer list
  128. How do we make gold/seals?
  129. omg what bot use belias hero? i have them!
  130. Anyone had any luck getting answers from ubisoft support?
  131. Sayama Spy is unbelievably OP
  132. What is really annoying with this game...
  133. Imagine New sound effects etc. !
  134. Sales in shop
  135. Wild cards in packs.
  136. Sahaar Skirmisher - What's with the embarassing english grammar on this card ?
  137. Are some heroes less rare than others?
  138. Redemption Codes - Free Stuff
  139. How do you watch replay
  140. Board wipe combos
  141. What's the chance to get a FW or Academy hero?
  142. wtf is up with the whining
  143. Swiss tickets.
  144. Haven Problems
  145. how to get the cards that i don't have?
  146. Trouble spending for packs or decks
  147. Server down for anyone else?
  148. Need deck advice
  149. Bug with Fate Sealer?
  150. Crash in swiss
  151. Mid level -- help on making decks
  152. Intentionally losing games, is it allowed?
  153. BOTS everywhere and No Bans whatsoever
  154. Need help to pass elo 700
  155. Friends Achievement
  156. What should I focus on buying / save up for as a beginner player?
  157. so this just happened
  158. How Many Account Do You Have?
  159. DoC Player count
  160. Factions and expansions
  161. Deck Builder (yet another...)
  162. Confirmed: Playing Second is an Advantage, and a Pretty Big One
  163. Woohoo, 1500!
  164. [Suggestion] Cards left in pile counter/view?
  165. Can I sell cards after unlocking in the altar of wishes?
  166. Who will win MrH3 invitational #2 tournament?
  167. losing when time runs out?
  168. Arina and rage
  169. New "defeat" bug
  170. Faction Advantages?
  171. Please help me out to sort all this cards
  172. Just wanted to say thanks.
  173. Pack/Box prices and changes
  174. Better shuffle system
  175. Free Box for <6 hours old accounts- what do you think?
  176. Little thing we need in this game......not QQ thread
  177. What does banish do?
  178. Campaign?
  179. Discarding Academy.
  180. Just started
  181. I have a few questions
  182. Are some factions just supposed to be stronger?
  183. If you think to start a new account, or you're a new comer, INSIDE!
  184. Codes
  185. The DA + Pao cancer is spreading out of control
  186. ELO Abuse
  187. Scared to compete.
  188. Why punish Academy for playing as designed?
  189. Daily rewards suggestion
  190. What to buy with gold and seals?
  191. My humble suggestion for campaigns
  192. going to another menu = leaving the tournament??
  193. accused of cheating
  194. Please add a filter to the Altar of Wishes
  195. New Swiss tournament bug?
  196. When should I do tournies or move up in elo
  197. Trade System. Any news?
  198. The best starter faction?
  199. What to buy now?
  200. Basic packs
  201. I have a problem..somebody help me to fix it...
  202. Altar of Wishes Card Cost Table. (There is a pattern)
  203. Swiss tourney went full ret@rd
  204. What is the next card to get nerfed?
  205. Is it worth buying those boxes in the shop?
  206. Was going to buy seals to support Ubi--now I'm quitting instead.
  207. Is it possible to edit the game data?
  208. Predictions about new expansion?
  209. How do you senior players really get enough of the cards you need
  210. Inferno Rush
  211. Incorporeal bust.....
  212. Idea: Mulligan reworked
  213. How does the elo work? Why cant i lose it anymore?
  214. Light deck without wolf captain.
  215. [Tool] DoC Replay booster
  216. Duel of Champions: Plays of the Year 2013
  217. Last Login in Friends List?
  218. Spreadsheet to keep track of collection
  219. New Movie ( novo video ) de Duel of Champions
  220. DoC Insider Episode #1 on Friday, Oct 18! 7:30pm-9:00pm Special Guest: JasonParadise
  221. nerf rogue mercenary it's OP
  222. Forum theme
  223. playing DA and PAO
  224. 1k + elo Matches
  225. Need advice badly...
  226. 1500+ ELO decks?
  227. Which hero should I get?
  228. "Dispells" or "Developers just dont want the balance and make game better"
  229. Why punish Academy for playing as designed? (continued without contents)
  230. Need Friends to unlock premium hero pack for having 50 friends please add me
  231. +30% Seals
  232. Help a new Haven player reach 1000 Elo.
  233. altar of wishes, bitter
  234. Max lvl?
  235. Player vs AI
  236. name and shame
  237. Radoslawl streaming thread ^^
  238. Gold and Exp rewards for winning.
  239. reporting players
  240. Duel of Champions Replayer
  241. Their needs to be a change for exp gold and elo
  242. Duel of Champions Wiki @ gamepedia.com
  243. How to unlock cards in Altar of wishes?
  244. Advise on packs and boxes
  245. Special offers, sales etc
  246. Chain Casting Fix
  247. 2 cards that ruin this game
  248. No Bans on Bot farmers
  249. history of DOC & relations between heroes?
  250. Help with one card.