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  1. Free roam on 360 and ps3
  2. The sequel to watch dogs should borrow for current story arch of person of interest
  3. "Target Has a Bounty" ? (PS4)
  4. Stalkers/Assassins?
  5. watch dog clans??
  6. Am I missing something? (Devs, answer please)
  7. Favorite vehicle so far?
  8. Online Decryption on PS4
  9. Does the driving get any better later in the game?
  10. How do I jump & crouch?
  11. How do I look to the side when driving?
  12. Some idea for watch dog
  13. [Possible SPOILER] Wifey Cooking | Streaming Watch dogs | DeFiler
  14. What to do in free roam..
  15. Starting new campaign...
  16. White Hat Hacker outfit
  17. NG+ or replays?
  18. online with friends?
  19. Social Drinker and Traced Trophy
  20. Another Crackpot
  21. [SPOILER] what Watch dogs need to Destroy GTA 5
  22. Immersion improvements.
  23. Steam key
  24. Can't hack anything!!!! Wtf!!!
  25. Getting tailed by other players
  26. Watch Dogs handles side content expertly
  27. An observation
  28. Why Chicago?
  29. #1 Ranked Player *REMOVED* on 360 Cheating for Rank
  30. [BUG]Infinite loading
  31. Hacking Tailing
  32. Watch Dogs Save data lost
  33. Any news on invading your invader?
  34. Season Pass Content
  35. I lost my gold gangster! [PS4]
  36. Have you tried blowing up a petrol station?
  37. The Palace Pack: ATM Hack Boost still locked after mission & item retrievals complete
  38. Pixel shader 5.0
  39. Season Pass ps4: some details please
  40. How do I "poke followers" in CTos mobile game? It doesn't work?
  41. Still can't play online.
  42. Online hacking
  43. No free-roam for current gen?!
  44. How do you hack the helicopters
  45. Trace profiled online players back which succeeded to escape
  46. Can anyone use a PS4 Controller with their PC to play watch dogs, if so, how??
  47. Total concerns thread. Etc. hacking instructions, to lazy to go to ubisofts tech supp
  48. Fixer Mission: Tracked
  49. Unkillable player
  50. Season Pass question
  51. Where to find a police cars to drive
  52. How does Online Hacking work... or NOT work?
  53. (POSSIBLE SPOILER)Hideously Difficult!!!
  54. Help with some things
  55. Watch_Dogs Xbox 360 Language Text
  56. watchdogs PS3 credit issue
  57. PS4 Online Hacking Top 30 Stream!
  58. Online Hacking Penaties need to be adjusted.
  59. Gang Hideouts and Criminal Convoys Missing?
  60. Content issue with my vigilante edition purchased from ubistore
  61. Sick takedown video
  62. [SPOILER] - Check this out!
  63. 100/100 City Hotspots.
  64. Gas Stations. Whats The Point Of Existence?
  65. Super Mario Girl Streaming Watch Dogs | I'm a Boss *** *****
  66. What!!!!!!!!
  67. Invadee deaths need to be fully animated like invader deaths.
  68. Invisible Invader
  69. Cash is too easy to make, not easy to spend
  70. Why aren't the trains stopping at the station?
  71. How do I pick up/hide bodies?
  72. NPCs to hack disappearing
  73. season pass
  74. "Traced" Achievement help/hints.
  75. Still cannot link account, fix it ffs
  76. I actually like Watchdogs a great deal. haters?
  77. How to play without Uplay client?
  78. Unplayable
  79. Are you guys serious with the hacking?
  80. Online Hacking is ANNOYING!!!!
  81. The outfits in this game (Most but not all) Are absolutely awful.
  82. Opinions on the digital trips?
  83. Does anyone else you empathy when they are stealing bank accounts
  84. How do you get the firetruck on cars on demand?
  85. How does online tailing work?
  86. Traffic Lights...
  87. Level cap?!
  88. How do I hack friends?
  89. Hacking Digital Billboards !!!
  90. Assassins Creed Easter Egg
  91. Can you play a PUBLIC decryption w/friends?
  92. Weapon Wheel Different For Everybody?
  93. Vehicles
  94. Do we get better safehouses later in the game?
  95. Two Watch Dogs Achievements did not activate for me (on Xbox One). HELP.
  96. Watch dogs uplay region change
  97. This game SUCKS
  98. 3D Issue
  99. Open letter to Ubisoft Multiplayer Team
  100. Where are my weapons?
  101. Gameplay Suggestions for Spinoffs/Sequels/etc...
  102. Why Watch Dog's Chicago Doesn't Feel Real.
  103. Watch Dogs is Rubbish
  104. My opinion on this game
  105. Questions on story(Spoilers) if you completed the game
  106. watchdogs code redemption error
  107. probleme au lancement du jeu
  108. Patch missions and side missions with replayability
  109. Q: Do you even use the Car app?
  110. Geolocated Trophy Glitch?
  111. Criminal Convoys at 17 of 18 Prolblam
  112. Criminal Convoys at 17 of 18 have small Problam
  113. skill points is there a limit? and skill questions
  114. No Cops? And other stuff...
  115. The REAL reason behind WatchDogs' online issues! ;)
  116. How to save a game?!?!?!?
  117. aborting online tail/hack without penalty?
  118. Hide and Seek
  119. Breadcrumbs (Briefcase Mission) Glitch, Need Help [X360] [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]
  120. [Suggestion] "catch the mouse" mode
  121. [Player Harrasment] ctOS mobile; No penalty for loosing & no reward for winning
  122. Good actions on the news?
  123. Toggle HUD?
  124. Online Hacking Possible Exploits!
  125. cant start mission?!?
  126. yawn, over-hyped game
  127. who loves the game
  128. what is the song playing during Backseat Driver
  129. Is there really any point to the main menu?
  130. Target must profile you before killing you. Online Hacking. (make this mandatory)
  131. Put this broken piece of junk out of its misery..
  132. Drinking Game is Broken
  133. Hacking 1v1 is incredibly unbalanced
  134. social lubricant
  135. Social Lubricant trophy really hard!
  136. Watch Dogs Initial Opinion = Awful... But It DOES Grow On You!
  137. WD Hot Spot Mayor
  138. I can hack others, but they don't hack me?
  139. Stop the unfair
  140. UBISOFT: Fix Online Hacking Defense - please
  141. Watch Dogs Weapons Trade Investigation #10
  142. My WATCH_DOGS Review *SPOILERS*
  143. Just wanted to say
  144. Feedback: Stuff I found lacking
  145. How has your online experience been?
  146. Drinking game WAY too hard
  147. Has Ubisoft ever made the kind of post-launch changes people are asking for?
  148. One save slot
  149. My Mini Review - Feedback For Ubi
  150. Watch Dogs: Biggest open world city?
  151. My 2 cents... bit more than 2 cents.
  152. Dilema of my day
  153. so who created Ctos (SPOILERS)
  154. Why does it say "civilian killed" if I shoot them in the toe?
  155. ctOS Breach is frustration x10
  156. Weapons
  157. Decryption for Xbox 360?
  158. need some DLC… Ill have a Palace pack tomorrow and its third if they help! PLEASE!
  159. Adversial Free Roam ( Looking for players PS4)
  160. Damn You 8 of 8 Act 4 *Suggestible Spoilers* Dont Open unless youve finished Act 4
  161. lets talk sequel (SPOILERS)
  162. So...why can't we shoot someone we invade?
  164. Petition for improvements with online play
  165. Social Lubricant & Disk Space Full need to be patched
  166. Online hacking/tailing quitters?
  167. Anyone looking to Mod PC Version?
  168. Why is the driving in this game so terrible???
  169. The notoriety system doesn't make sense.
  170. Free Roam (Team) Deathmatch - Adversial mode [ PS4]
  171. How to change multiplayer skin
  172. free roam multiplayer question
  173. *Rant* Watch Dogs is good but could have been perfect
  174. Grenade launcher vs online hackers...
  175. Weapons Trade Boxes
  176. Onlinw hacking question
  177. I am stuck with very few weapons.
  178. Online Hacking issue
  179. weapon trade bug in the loop traffic tunnel HELP!
  180. Watch Dogs VS Mafia(2002)
  181. Return to main menu - Freeze
  182. MAJOR Bug - Progress Reset
  183. Watch Dogs Focus Exploit
  184. glitch on a mission?
  185. multiplayer nat error can only play CTOS challange
  186. Will i be penalised.....
  187. How do you get more skill points? I've reached level 50
  188. When is the preorder dlc gonna get released?
  189. Wishlist or variations of online hacking
  190. major bug with side missions
  191. Mutiplayer Game-mode Suggestion - Attack/Defend
  192. Aiden peirce just scared me for a second
  193. Digital trip (Madness) tips?
  194. You get your notoriety points removed if you turn off invasions..
  195. When i move around on the train THE CITIZENS BLOCK ME!
  196. Where is the freeroam online session, i cant find it!
  197. Any plans to add Free Roam to 360/PS3?
  198. Hideouts Online???
  199. my game does not come with subtitles in Portuguese in audio
  200. Disconnecting opponents yield no notoriety?
  201. Is my save corrupt? Options?
  202. Spec Ops Goblin [SPOILERS]
  203. online tailing question
  204. I know the game has nudity, is there anyway to advance in the game without it?
  205. New cheats or something?
  206. Can I ever play with my friend?
  207. Character Creator
  208. Hacking Question
  209. Reputation system for multiplayer
  210. I'm having trouble connecting today
  211. couple of ?s
  212. If you could create your own mission/side mission
  213. Trophy glitch?
  214. ???
  215. Ubisoft, if it is possible, should try to remedy a very exploitable invasion issue
  216. watchs dogs has been hacked into
  217. Patch in the ability to reset gang hideouts/convoys a la Far Cry 3
  218. Huge problem with 360 version. Device has been removed
  219. Untouchables Code - Xbox One
  220. Boat docks have no boats
  221. Side Mission
  222. Extra Missions?
  223. Cyborg Mode "Alone"
  224. Okay Ubisoft
  225. Please help with Back Seat Driver!
  226. Wishlist,suggestions, and bugs.
  227. Looking for new PS4 friends for Watch Dogs
  228. How to unlock white hacker suit
  229. Time Dilation in the context of Online Modes
  230. Game Mode Idea: Online Identification
  231. How to get Aiden's iconic handgun: 92-FS? OFFICIAL STATEMENT NEEDED
  232. Cbyerpunk, Dedsec and Blume Agent Pack Missing
  233. Gaming Breaking Bug
  234. Online Hacking & Decryption
  235. Audio
  236. Having to travel to a Hacker
  237. [360] How do i delete the disc 1 install without losing my save game progres?
  238. No sound
  239. Making gang hideouts and criminal convoys infinite
  240. Missing Persons Missions Bugged For Me?
  241. Notoriety Rewards Need to be Bigger.
  242. Decryption For PS3/Xbox360
  243. Tips&Tricks that might help you win easy this is for Tailing.
  244. Help! Forgot to install bonus PS4 content. What now?
  245. What does that yellow line mean when you're being hacked?
  246. OMGGGGGGG Pawnee drinking game lv 6
  247. Why are there bus stops?
  248. Does the shell game guy(s) cheat?
  249. Fan noise
  250. Help with Backseat Driver!