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  1. :( I hope WiiU WatchDogs worth the wait... at least have download content
  2. Question about the content unlocking codes
  3. Immobilizing?
  4. Concerns with the Palace and Breakthrough and outfit packs.
  5. How do you surrender?
  6. I can't find online decryption (Ps3)
  7. How do you ensure you are on the same team with your friends in ONLINE DECRYPTION?
  8. Servers Down (Xbox One)
  9. CTD ERROR 0xC0000188 within 10 minutes every time I play
  10. On-line player invasion help (PS3)
  11. Is it true, that xbox 360 didn't have Free roam?
  12. Ubisoft, cheated on all
  13. Breakthrough Missons
  14. Free Roam for Old Gen (Xbox360 + PS3)
  15. Crafting
  16. installing game of data on the HDD ..!!
  17. Missing collectibles?
  18. Abilities unlocked through minigames?
  19. Questions about Graphical settings in the .INI
  20. DedSec white suit GONE!!!
  21. Your Gameplay Stories (Free Roam And Multiplayer) Possible Spoilers
  22. Watch Dogs (ps3/xbox360 with Freeroam)
  23. //n/ Dark Clouds
  24. Some questions about Watch Dogs
  25. How to do online contracts for multi mode
  26. Audio And language [PS4]
  27. Watch Dogs PS4 online contract
  28. Requests / Suggestions
  29. Aiden avatar
  30. Watch_Dogs MP suggestions
  31. Ubisoft. Well done.
  32. worst online multiplayer
  33. Can hack/invade other players, but never been hacked MYSELF!?
  34. A support forum shouldn't require you to log in to search
  35. Remember Sony 4% Trophy rule....
  36. How do you connect to friends using the companion app.
  37. All assault rifles gone. Help?
  38. Is this a glitch?
  39. 360 and PS3 missing online features. Opinions?
  40. [Possible SPOILERS] Please help with the ending, it's impossible?
  41. [Spoilers] my review of watchdogs so far
  42. Controller Issues!
  43. [Suggestion] (nerver)end game. Lively world
  44. Why are building reflections so wrong?
  45. Weapons gone?
  46. PS4 Watchdogs exclusive content code not in the box.
  47. Spoilers - Ending
  48. Shooting while driving
  49. Superb game! Just 3 wishes...
  50. What if hackers joined the game?
  51. Playing Watch Dogs with friends, help me!!
  52. Watch Dogs Multi-player on the PS3 ((Playstation 3 System))
  53. No slide animation or cocking animation on weapons....?
  54. Where does the breaktrough exclusive mission continue ?
  55. Need help on how to use baton stick - ps3 controller
  56. Game modes for PS3 and XBOX 360
  57. [SPOILER] My Thoughts So Far With Some Issues
  58. online hacking searching for player problem
  59. Can we play ONLINE PUBLIC matches with friends?
  60. Customization?
  61. "Hack your friends" PUT IT IN THE GAME!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!
  62. HELP (Back Seat Drive Bug)
  63. please help online contract issue
  64. Cheap way out of invasion?
  65. I'm sorry, but this game feels cheap.
  66. My Thoughts on Watch_Dogs after Playing it For Awhile
  67. Can you invade the specific people who invade you?
  68. Fix this call of duty point system
  69. Amazon Pre-Order not received and Customer Support down.
  70. Is the season pass functional?
  71. Xbox 360 first person driving?
  72. Clearly no one at Ubi has ever been to Chicago.
  73. got my used copy of watchdogs less then 48 hours after release
  74. PS3: Where does one enable the retaliation when hacked?
  75. Possible NVIDIA PhysX Smoke Patch?
  76. Xbox 1 .. Multiplayer crashing game when launching session
  77. Can't hear same conversation twice is not true.
  78. meds
  79. Replaying main or side missions?
  80. They need to scale back the radius of the random crime in progress missions and ..
  81. Online Multiplayer Issues/Glitches
  82. Talk to us, Ubisoft. Just be straighforward, please.
  83. Geolacated Achievement didn't unlock and I have 100/100 check-ins.
  84. matchmaking time
  85. Had my first live hacker
  86. Is Watch Dogs running in 60fps on PS4?
  87. Is Being attacked by random NPCs part of the game?
  88. [Watch Dogs] Where Is The Police??
  89. Police AI, and some civilian AI, is horrendous.
  90. Online Invasion Query
  91. xbox one hacking issue
  92. Clarification, possibly? (About the Season Pass)
  93. Xbox One players to play Watch Dogs with?
  94. Being Hacked - Advice Please
  95. Still cannot connect to UPLAY
  96. Linking Watch Dogs to account?
  97. No dialog on main carracter
  98. 1v1 purple circle gets to small and invincibility
  99. Do not buy Watch Dogs dear console users here's why
  100. profiler stopped working for ps4!!!! its unplayable!!! really ubi??
  101. Watch Dogs How to buy more blackouts & jammers
  102. Loading screen Issue (possible different?)
  103. Has anyone seen a female criminal in Watch Dogs. (NOT PLAYERS)
  104. So about this season pass thing....
  105. If there is a God? Or anyone capable? Please
  106. Online Profiler Tailing is far too Exploitable by cheaters
  107. Add option to disable object highlight.
  108. How Realistic Mode Could be Harder
  109. Watchdogs Uplay pre order questions
  110. Watch Dogs Season Pass Compatibility Question?
  111. Reflections?
  112. Anyone gotten a bounty mission for another player? how did you get it?
  113. Watch dogs issue cannot conect to server to verify licence (ps4)
  114. Where are the Multiplayer Skins or outfits?!?
  115. Really enjoying the game so far.
  116. Watch Dogs Editions
  117. Watch Dogs, Online Decryption. HELP ME.
  118. When Could Watch Dogs 2 Come out?
  119. Multiplayer Locked
  120. Can't Redeem Code
  121. Where's the Polish presence in Watch Dogs?
  122. Join Public decryption mode as a group.
  123. Online Hacking Defense rating -- What goes into it??
  124. Online Hacking Defense rating -- What goes into it???
  125. Watch Bugs
  126. Watchdogs - Detailed list of Redeemed Code and Season Pass!
  127. Is this only me or have online modes only 15fps (beside the massive lags)?
  128. Disappointed
  129. Multiplayer Free Roam Fix!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SWEGGG
  130. [Spoiler] Location for the next Watch_Dogs revealed at the end of the campaign
  131. Help please, helicopters
  132. Ubisoft, Watch Dogs needs infinite or replayable missions patched in
  133. I'm dumb - how do I open the map?
  134. Erorr
  135. Wish your company. (Pass the developers)
  136. So Far So Good
  137. Multiplayer Skins
  138. Xbox 360 question
  139. Xbox 360 multiplayer: watchdogs
  140. The little things ( you notice in watch dogs) that make it great
  141. Weapon Reel?????
  142. Can't buy it
  143. How change Uplay account in the game?
  144. What's So Bad About the Driving?
  145. Intrusion hacking match making Noteriety point system broken! Help!
  146. Streaming | Female Watch Dogs | I'm a Boss *** *****
  147. Mad Mile Chess puzzles 7 and 10
  148. Changing controls?
  149. Didn't get any of my PlayStation Exclusive content
  150. Which game mode do you play first?
  151. For PS3 Players, post here when you're playing for online fun.
  152. Customize?
  153. Anybody else having problem with finding opponent online on ps4?
  154. Why are some NPC profiles in red?
  155. Interior Simulation
  156. Decryption points are WAY out of wack
  157. A new content idea for the devs for Watchdogs
  158. Female Watch Dogs | I'm a Boss *** ***** Streaming
  159. Watch Dogs PC Version won't Install
  160. crafting items
  161. Quick question about hacking people.
  162. WATCH_DOGS: A Brutal/Honest Review
  163. Where are these online gamemodes?
  164. Product key ban stem
  165. Stuck in a glitch and need help!?
  166. Didn't get act 1 trophy
  167. Watch_Dogs is quite simply AMAZING!!!
  168. [SUGGESTIONS]Things that should be added to Watch_Dogs!!
  169. how can i ride with someone in online free roam ?
  170. Watch Dog no leg bug/glitch?
  171. Assassinís creed: watchdogs
  172. Name of This Beautiful Car Please?!...
  173. watch dogs ps3 shakeing screen
  174. Multi-player xbox 1 watch dogs
  175. Is there a difference between PS3/4/ PC?
  176. Co-Op Companion App Removal?
  177. Do crimes ever not happen (not counting when you scare the assailant off.
  178. Freezing problem on PS4
  179. This game should have multiplayer similar to AC's
  180. "traced" trophy and tailing intrusions
  181. Online Races: Ghost cars appearing out of thin air
  182. sears tower / Willis tower is built incorrectly.
  183. Profiling with ctOS in online mode
  184. [PS4] Hacked leaderboards
  185. Season Pass DLC now up on US PlayStation Store
  186. Help regarding disks and difficulty mode
  187. Driving in Cockpit View (Request for Improvement/patch)
  188. What I think could be inproved!
  189. PS4: No extra save files?
  190. mini games
  191. Damien Brenks Audio Logs.
  192. Side Missions repeatable?
  193. A Blank Spot on Therish - Horrible Mission
  194. Support Ticket Marked as Answered during submission and deleted
  195. Weapon Selector Bug
  196. How to Fix Lag issues in Watch Dogs! + FOV Changer!
  197. Watch_Dogs' Biggest Problem: Lack of Replayability
  198. Still can't log in!
  199. Fixer Contracts
  200. Check out our Watch Dogs Tribute Song!
  201. One thing that this game really needs is mission replay!
  202. So.... I just wasted 20 dollars?
  203. We need a option to remove the pos aim assist and remove the force beatdown bs.
  204. Online hacking of friends
  205. Preordered in february got it today
  206. Criminal Convoys : Excessive Force
  207. Network features for this application cannot be used until the system connects...
  208. i was modded in a online game on pc
  209. Online Problems
  210. Incredibly annoying minigames
  211. This game sucks.
  212. Online Competitive Decyrption With Friends - When do we get it?
  213. Useful Channel about Watch Dogs
  214. How te get a silencer for gun
  215. Alone Minigame
  216. what content is actually available to download on day one with the season pass
  217. No Voice Sound PS4!?
  218. IGN`s graphics comparison on all platforms (very mild spoilers)
  219. Vehicles/Driving.
  220. MP Issues
  221. How to use guns inside of a vehicle (PC)
  222. Notoriety Points? Really Confused!?
  223. 'Forcing' an invasion
  224. Notoriety - Gain vs Loss
  225. Trailer Gameplay Not Present in Full Release?
  226. Never Meant for Current Gen
  227. Do you have a nickname for your baton?
  228. watch dogs Multi problems that need fixing.
  229. Notoriety gain calculation.
  230. After u kill 2XTheTap...
  231. Paranoia vs. Privacy. (Defending against the tail)
  232. Sore LOSERS are disconnecting in 1v1 Online Hacking! Can't do ANYTHING to stop it.
  233. Try This One Weird Trick To Have More Fun With Watch_Dogs!
  234. Random NPC with yellow profile Icon and progress bar.
  235. Non region locked servers!
  236. Search for Cyberpunk Outfit
  237. Friends invite
  238. Abort Onlinehacking
  239. This Is What Ubisoft Targeted For Next-Gen
  240. Online Decryption for XBOX One is unplayable!!
  241. Communication Fail Achievement Guide
  242. Wii U version
  243. The HUD?? Please let me remove things..
  244. Online hacking spawns you in the worst locations.
  245. Unnecessary Censorship - Watch_Dogs, Having fun hacking the dialogue.
  246. Skill points?
  247. Online XP
  248. 1 Save slot? and no mission replays?!?!?!?!?!?1
  249. Average waiting time
  250. How Many Fixer Contracts?