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  1. Next Gen Version= PC High Settings
  2. Multiplayer with Friends only?
  3. Can't login
  4. Sloppy sound design
  5. STUNNING PS4 Gameplay (Gameplay Spoilers)
  6. Any Chance Of Early Download for PS3??
  7. Pre-Download Watch Dogs?
  8. Will there be a Far Cry 3 easter egg?
  9. Hacking another person
  10. Question re 1on1 tailing/hackin
  11. Clueless Gamer-Watch_Dogs
  12. Why!?
  13. WatcDogs Uplay Exclusive Edition ps4
  14. Whats the name of the ctOS mobile game
  15. PS4: Are you looking for people to play multiplayer with?
  16. Game Just Received - Pre-order Question - No Spoilers
  17. UBISOFT PLEASE CLARIFY: Offline punishes notoriety even if no connection present?
  18. Watch dogs already leaked full game on this youtube channel?
  19. Lets talk melee
  20. How do I access extra content?
  21. No Worries, the game is amazing!!!
  22. watch dogs already out and people streaming on ps4
  23. When will watchdogs get delivered from GAME?
  24. Please Report And Take Down These ILLEGAL UPLOADS!!!
  25. I received my copy early (today), will I have any trouble playing it ?
  26. Watch dogs ps3 digital version
  27. Pre-download only for Europe on PS4? Ubisoft doesnt like Americans?
  28. watch dogs website?
  29. Since some people have the game... *SPOILERS*
  30. *****irony*****...............
  31. Starting A Squad~
  32. Multiplayer
  33. Gang Hideouts One-Time Affairs?
  34. [SPOILER] - This is what a thread with spoilers should look like
  35. Did you get your copy from Amazon UK today?
  36. Who's got their game from GAME in the UK?
  37. Driving System
  38. Companion App
  39. A few questions for the lucky ones who have the game (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  40. Pre-ordered from Amazon uk not dispatched yet
  41. Pre-order question
  42. Where can I pre-order the Uplay exclusive edition for ps4?
  43. PS3 anyone?
  44. Pre Order Clothes?
  45. Playstation Plus Subscription?
  46. PSN Pre Ordered Content
  47. [QUESTION] Does anyone knows if PS4 on standby mode ....
  48. Non-Story related question to everyone who already has the game
  49. Watch_Dogs release date broken
  50. Can you hack your friends?
  51. Multiplayer Team modes?
  52. 'Dot ConneXion' mission E3 2012 - In the final game? *SPOILERS*
  53. Will we be able to upgrade to deluxe edition post release?
  54. What I've found so far of the options menu
  55. So what songs are in the game? (music spoilers?)
  56. [SUGGESTION] No cruising police?
  57. Shipping question?
  58. Police?
  59. Pre-order PS Store, Can I download the game today
  60. Will the season pass unlock...
  61. Clud, Theater, Stadium
  62. How Come there is No Character build up / development in Watch Dogs
  63. Can't join friend in online or private sessions
  64. How does the multiplayer work?
  65. Public rep build up
  66. Why did I not win these online matches?
  67. Why does the Watch Dogs Vigilante Edition takes so long?
  68. mask automatic and online ?
  69. Where is this game?
  70. PS4 Questions
  71. [QUESTION] Free copy with Nvidia Video card
  72. Watch Dogs console (and pc I guess) deals for anyone interested
  73. Realistic Mode (To anyone who already has the game)
  74. When is shipping?
  75. Weapons (To anybody that has thae game)
  76. Was on board, now on the fence. Clarification on side content
  77. Preorder Offer - Where do I find it?
  78. Did you scan the QR Codes in the Game?
  79. Driving Physics Discussion
  80. Replay missions
  81. Gun blowback action?
  82. No water on PS3 and XBOX360?
  83. Can we skip cutscenes?
  84. Watch_Dogs problem areas
  85. a few hours untill the release
  86. PS4 Digital Copy pre-order question
  87. Disappointed at Ubisot (PS3 players)
  88. Qusetion about XBOne version
  89. Watch dogs on PS Vita
  90. I sure do love broken AAA titles
  91. Questions
  92. Any one else with the same problems on XBone?
  93. Watch dogs – ctOS mobile app FAQ and download links
  94. Will the Xbox One version use the cloud?
  95. Is it worth it ? getting it tomorrow
  96. No Group with Friends for Team-Modes? (Watch Dogs)
  97. Cheats???
  98. Sortie officiel: Mardi 27 Mai 00:01 ou Mardi 27 Mai 23:59 ?
  99. Only a few more hours until WD, spend them with this movie..
  100. Not recieved costume pack from Uplay Edition
  101. [SPOILERS] Things You Can Do In Watch Dogs (List I Made)
  102. Does this Watch Dogs card include Exclusive Bonus Pre-order code?
  103. Collectors Edition Bummer
  104. Worst Game Mode Ever Online Dercryption
  105. its time
  106. no blind fire!?
  107. Time zones and release times!
  108. Black Viceroy outfit was changed. Why :(
  109. Watch dogs online
  110. Ubisoft Shame on you
  111. My ONLY Problem With Watch Dogs: A Small Petition (Gameplay Spoilers)
  112. It's Here
  113. Ps4 No Dialouge Problem Watchdogs
  114. Cannot download, PS4
  115. Bought (preordered) Watch Dog PS4 digital gold edition 00:36 ET .. NOTHING??
  116. Overhyped ?
  117. Anyway to fix this horrible camera?
  118. Not Impressed So Far
  119. Dont see my day 1 edition rewards??
  120. Blue Screen
  121. Watch Dogs Wiki
  122. Severe Stuttering with 6GB Titan using Auto-Detected Settings!
  123. Multiplayer buddy-up thread
  124. 1 hour away
  125. Online Hacking mode is bull****
  126. Ps3 80029753 error
  127. When do the DLC missions pop up?
  128. Terrible Driving Mechanics?
  129. Max Lvl and Max SKill Points ?
  130. anyone else having problems holstering your weapon
  131. watchdogs android app help
  132. Audio mix is terrible?
  133. Peds driving off after you crash into them
  134. Where is the Season pass content?
  135. Finding Friends in Multiplayer (PC)
  136. A question I need answering
  137. Well . . .
  138. Multiplayer - Should I Turn It Off
  139. Where is the Conspiracy Digial trip ?
  140. Online hacking
  141. Wtf
  142. [PS4] Game stuck at installation ....
  143. Newegg Video Card Offer
  144. Why are game companies so inept at launching games????
  145. disappointed with this game
  146. Who enjoyed the game as much as me, so far?
  147. How do I hack my friends?
  148. My Watch Dogs Review! (Wolfmeister Review #4) [SPOILERS]
  149. "_Installing ... 28%" during the first mission.
  150. Hi I was wondering about two things.
  151. Blood effects? What happened to the blood effects?
  152. Does (psn) classic edition + season pass = digital deluxe edition + season pass ?
  153. multiplayer auto aim?
  154. Why’s Watch Dogs 3.4GB only?
  155. UPlay / Multiplayer connection issues ?
  156. Companion app
  157. -vq hack or tail with a friend.
  158. Disappointing
  159. Question About Aim Assist
  160. homeless people
  161. Pre order bonus
  162. white hat hacker suit bug?
  163. Game is not working, PS4
  164. 21:00 the 27th where is the game?
  165. PS4 Multiplayer Decryption Mode
  166. Multiplayer Free Roam
  167. Do you need to download the exclusive PS4 content separately or is it on disc?
  168. Game Install Insanely slow
  169. Loading icon won't disappear?
  170. how do i hack my friends
  171. Need help! Did I buy the game or just the bonus pack???
  172. How to join/invite friends to play on modes like description
  173. Just wondering which way do people download ?
  174. Intrusion Hacking/Following Mode with Friends Sign-Up Petition
  175. PS3 Multiplayer
  176. US PSN for PS4 language versions
  177. it's not possible to replicate the E3 2012 demo
  178. Is it just me, or is anyone else mad that there is no Decryption mode on last gen!
  179. Add Friends Lists to have Fun together in Multiplayer
  180. how do i play decription with friends against a random team???
  181. Please give us auto-aim. Pretty please?
  182. Are you freaking kidding me? (xbox one multiplayer)
  183. Watch_Dogs: PC or console?
  184. Soundtrack - ugh.
  185. Crime probability problem
  186. how do i quit missions?
  187. What is included in the Watch Dogs Gold Edition?
  188. i hate to be a "i told ya so" but i did tell ya so...
  189. Hacking Friends?
  190. Choosing the time of day
  191. PS4 Online Contracts totally down?
  192. Two Questions About the Game
  193. The Scourge Of The Last Gen Devil: Downgrades And Upgrades From E3 2012
  194. How to cancel contracts???
  195. Reasons why I am extremely disappointed in Ubisoft and WATCH_DOGS (PETITION)
  196. Good Game
  197. Online pre-game lobby?
  198. Im gonna ask you one more time WHY THE FU@CK IS MY ACTIVATION CODE NOT WORKING
  199. 1st Person Driving Cam. (Idea)
  200. Expected more
  201. Last-Gen Multiplayer
  202. Looking for PS4 gamers w/ Watch Dogs for team online
  203. Joe D. *SPOILERS*
  204. Sound Crackling
  205. Did you open your PS4 Uplay Edition boxes to find the disks were missing?
  206. A few questions, please help
  207. Live stream ( no problems with Graphics
  208. Crimes unlimited?
  209. Penalty for forced disconnection during multiplayer
  210. hitmarkers
  211. Watchdogs wont start!
  212. Initial thoughts about the online modes
  213. when is the released date for wiiu?
  214. You have been hacked - By the time I got there.....
  215. Ubisoft online store shipping.
  216. [SPOILER] GTA 4 Engine Beats Watch Dogs Pretty Badly
  217. PS$ Watch Dog Gold Edition missing content
  218. "invisibility" glitch
  219. Will German game play in English
  220. Free Roam Issues/Fixes/Improvements
  221. Hacking other players game's "No Players Could Be Found"
  222. Bad driver in Watch Dog. Any advice?
  223. Watch Dogs Multiplayer on new-gen sorely needs these improvements.
  224. Online Groups/Crews in Watch_Dogs?
  225. What happens if police catches you?
  226. Where to send bug reports?
  227. Anyone else not get anything in their season pass?
  228. Question about the enemies
  229. Anyone found out how to hack your friends
  230. How to change language?
  231. Help
  232. Uplay still offline, ETA for fix?
  233. Online contracts locked... again? (PS4)
  234. Well... What happened here? 😃
  235. When will Ubisoft upgrade the Uplay servers?
  236. Game duration
  237. issue with online hacking, this should be addressed immediately
  238. xbox360 & ps3 - Multiplayer Free-roam and Decryption
  239. What should i be getting in the ps3 gold edition???
  240. Time Played Overall
  241. Backseat Driver Mission w/o Xbox Live Gold
  242. ctOS Mobile Co-op Mode Question
  243. Co-Op for WD2
  244. [PS4] Import music in Watch Dogs ?
  245. Decryption custom load outs?
  246. some help on the online stuff please
  247. Has my WatchDogs glitched?
  248. Add me for multiplayer on XBone
  249. Tailing - Can someone please explain the mechanics?
  250. game destroyer