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  1. [PS4] Online now, tail me and will tail back for the Traced trophy :)
  2. shooting ranges, more indoor places and other stuff
  3. (xbox one) looking for a player on watchdogs bad blood
  4. dlc side missions are stupid difficult
  5. Navigation chevrons
  6. #WDCoop session 10/09 from 3-4 PM EDT
  7. Bad blood trophies won't appear.
  8. Patch
  9. Bug Watch Dogs Trafico de personas/ human trafficking(PS4)
  10. More and diffirent/better outfits and weapon crafiting system
  11. Running Animation
  12. Watch dogs won't launch after bad blood patch.
  13. PS3 - Asian English version Bad Blood DLC unavailable
  14. Car scene always freezes
  15. Citizen Vehicles
  16. Notoriety points
  17. Watch Dogs Freezes
  18. An interview with the Watch Dogs soundtracker
  19. Online hacking points min. 100 to 50!
  20. Police Car, Firetruck and Ambulance. (XBox 360 Singleplayer)
  21. better gunfights and driving- 5 things needed ubi plz read!
  22. #DevInvasion 10/16 3-4 PM EDT
  23. More outfits
  24. idea for online gameplay
  25. Watch_Dogs 2: details (OFFICIAL STATMENT NEEDED)
  26. [PS4] Season Pass Problem
  27. Season Pass PS3 to PS4
  28. DLC question
  29. Indoor shooting range, more indoor locations suggestions
  30. can't install bad blood dlc on PS4
  31. PS3 Watch_Dogs error
  32. Where is the 416 rifle in the Bad Blood DLC?
  33. weapon crafting system- would it be a good idea?
  34. #WDCoop session 10/23 from 3-4 PM EDT
  35. DLC disappeared!
  36. Ubi plz fix- atrosiously bad gunshot sound effects and animations
  37. Online hacking melee
  38. Online Tailing
  39. game still has loading problem in game
  40. BAD BLOOD Bug. Ubisoft, read this.
  41. Help Me Get Traced Trophy
  42. Watch Dogs like film
  43. Why does the Wii U version even exist?
  44. Help me !! WatchDog Deluxe Edition key buying from G2A Not Season Pass and DLC.
  45. Q
  46. Destroyer and Many Other Gun Issues...
  47. Disk Space Full Achievement - Still can't complete
  48. Ubisoft, pleeeeeeaaaaaasse read this!!!!!!!!!!!
  49. Notoriety points aren't updated/added.
  50. Bad Blood: street sweep daily challenges not resetting.
  51. Bad Blood: Anyone out there? Hello?
  52. Watch Dogs 2... wich City do you prefer?
  53. How is online?
  54. Do i need xbox live for online hacking?
  55. uplay points not validated
  56. Is Ubisoft serious with that driving contract? [PS4]
  57. DLC Final Investigation...
  58. Wii U
  59. Watch Dogs Wii U Deadsec Version
  60. Nobody is buying the Wii U version, can you blame them?
  61. Watch Dogs They Can't Hide Bug
  62. Conflicted About Getting Watch Dogs for Christmas, Advice Needed
  63. Give me some feedback on this idea
  64. Remove HUD
  65. New DLC's
  66. first-person mode/glitch?
  67. Ps4 Xclusive Content no longer available?
  68. Still can't get all my content for the season pass on Xbox One.
  69. I need help, stuck in a black screen.
  70. Where do I download Watch Dogs latest patches/updates?
  71. season pass watchdogs
  72. Finals Mission related post... hey, it's still Watch Dogs so it still counts here. :)
  73. All SP XP gone
  74. Watch Dogs Bad Blood Potential Crimes
  75. Need co-op partner for Bad Blood DLC co-op trophies
  76. Brought BadBlood DLC
  77. Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition Exlusive Content
  78. Can I purchase Bad Blood DLC without the main game on PS4?
  79. Multimedia app says "unavailable"
  80. i can't find anymore gang hide outs
  81. Watch dogs wont launch UPLAY
  82. PS4 controller - can I get to the menu while playing?
  83. I need help, loading error
  84. By Any Means Necessary: Enforcer and Iraq won't appear, mission can't progress. HELP!
  85. The Windy City vs The Grubby Streets of Paris?
  86. Uplay off
  87. i cant play on bit-32
  88. Hotspots
  89. Game Won't Start
  90. Brand new to the game and its all ready getting old.
  91. Ganster gun glitch
  92. loading screen 90% help me plss
  93. season pass?
  94. What are some ways to earn XP as a good guy?
  95. No Miiverse screenshots allowed for the Wii U version?
  96. If this was real
  97. Will 'DedSec versus Blume' be carried to the forefront?
  98. Can i please look up? PLEASE?
  99. Different Running Animation?
  100. non-explosives
  101. Finish game or content first?
  102. frozen game please help
  103. Is there no Shame? The dishonest approach to UBISOFT's WD Season Pass DLC.
  104. Can Aiden die if...
  105. Add ons - order to install
  106. PS3 Version or wait for PS4?
  107. Are the servers down? (PS4)
  108. ctOS Control Centers?
  109. Why won't WATCH_DOGS let me operate the PS4 with voice?
  110. Letīs play watch dogs hd
  111. preferred travel
  112. Does Aiden...
  113. WD is extremely underrated
  114. Watch Dogs Trophy
  115. Watch_Dogs Sequel Ideas for UBISOFT from Fan(s)
  116. Is Ubisoft going to release anymore DLC for Watch Dogs or are the current DLC it?
  117. Criminal Convoys not showing up (PS3 & PS4)
  118. Bad Blood DLC
  119. Do something about this spammers
  120. If you helped design this game, would you add more XP stuff?
  121. Watch Dogs Leaderboards system?
  122. Hacking from 0 to 100% in 100 different vehicles
  123. when is the next dlc
  124. Watch dogs random crash!!! HELP
  125. ps4 FREE ROAM
  126. Mission bugged?
  127. Can't unlock the The Chicago South Club Outfit :-(
  128. Looking for the last song "Black and white" on PS4!
  129. Watchdogs PS4 game help?
  130. I finally tried out WD and the gameplay of cars/bikes is horrible
  131. Any Talk of the Next DLC?
  132. ps3 game freezes, system freezes, video and audio glitches.
  133. Stuck at level 1 - no phone call
  134. What do y'all wanna see in WD2?
  135. I keep failing "Not a job for Tyrone" mission
  136. Dear Ubisoft, I really don't need 2 minutes to "prepare" for an ambush
  137. Does the Season Pass includes ALL the current DLCs available?
  138. More stealth tools and techniques in watch dogs 2?
  139. Did anyone notice that Watch Dogs' story is HEAVILY influenced by Breaking Bad?
  140. CAN'T SWAP ASSAULT RIFLES + Human Traffickin Bug
  141. A Watch Dogs collage of sorts
  142. Idea for WD2 Driving
  143. **** this game on ps3
  144. Second last QR and missing call from Dedsec
  145. Xbox One - Traced Achievement help! - Gamertag: Windchimepuppet
  146. Watch Dogs White Hat Pack DLC
  147. I never expected much of watch dogs but....
  148. Need help with unlocked uplay item
  149. CTOS companoin app
  150. Uplay Watch Dogs: PS4 game achievements to PC
  151. Any way to buy the season pass on Steam and use it in uPlay?
  152. Question about DLC
  153. watchdogs wont start
  154. What is this? Can someone help explain if anything?
  155. Regarding the Online Hacking/Tailing Cooldown
  156. Why for the love of Gaming did you make this game so freaking hard?
  157. Bugs and promblems in gameplay !!!!!
  158. Setting LA and other suggestions about WD2?
  159. cant swap certain weapons
  160. Watch dogs PS3 brick factory bug
  161. M8-m or gold d50
  162. Missing Notoriety Points
  163. Xbone Online Free Roam
  164. Whatch Dog Issues
  165. Technical issue: Missing textures on roads
  166. A great game - now sadly dead?
  167. Watchdogs Trophy "Traced" Help
  168. First AND third person!? HELL YEAH!!!
  169. Why I can't find sessions?
  170. Need help really badly with a graphic problem for watch dogs
  171. Anyone want to play COOP with me on Bad Blood? Street Sweep?
  172. Watch Dogs not start
  173. bad blood tag team achievement
  174. WDYT: Watch Dogs 2 likely to be announced at E3 2015?
  175. Watch Dogs PS4 frame rate problems.
  176. Cross Platform Saving
  177. PS4 Suspend feature stopped working with Watch Dogs
  178. WATCH_DOGS bugs online free roam
  179. NOTORIETY online skill
  180. max skill??? watch dogs singel players skill
  181. Sound Glitch on PS3 Watch Dogs EVEN AFTER THE PATCH
  182. (Poll) Would you want to explore deeper as Aiden Pearce? Or a different character?
  183. Are progression skills the same as skill tree skills?
  184. Is Aiden human?
  185. Things I think Ubi should address for Watch Dogs 2
  186. Watch Dogs Xbox One
  187. Two last gang hideouts do not appear
  188. Not getting Leaderboard points for contracts over +600
  189. WiiU and XBox players (PC too, but not from here) CTOS App
  190. Any info on watchdogs 2?
  191. A Online Hack Pact: Cop Fight.
  192. Watchdogs Xbox 360
  193. Ever played cash run with old skool 3D glasses???
  194. I rarely get hacked
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  197. Hotspots on a new game save
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  211. Game breaking reset skills bug!!!!
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  222. Suggestion for Watch Dogs 2: Hardcore or Realistic Mode: SP
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