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  1. Watch dogs new vehicles, such as helicopters and tanks, new missions, & other stuff.
  2. Why am I not becoming a Mayor and help with City Spot Badges
  3. disc 1 coruppeted file and ctos towers not connected and all data reseted (xbox 360)
  4. Is there anyway to censor nudity and language in Watch_Dogs?
  5. DLC not working HELP
  6. Please keep Aiden as the main character for the next watch dogs
  7. How to reduce waiting time for online hacking sessions
  8. New Game Plus for Watch_Dogs
  9. Watch Dogs new clothing, weapons.
  10. What do you love while hacking?
  11. Starting a new campaign
  12. Presenting the solid evidence of where the next WD take place
  13. Skills vanished!!!!!!
  14. Idea for WD2
  15. Watch Dogs Box "ARTS" question
  16. 等級、技能...等歸零bug
  17. Game reset out of no where!
  18. Can't Access Online?
  19. Ever thought that cop in your game didn't look quite right?
  20. Secret Achievements Wont Load
  21. investigation glitch
  22. Problem with the worse mode
  23. One more online hack then I don't have to play it online anymore.
  24. **Possible spoilers*** Story feedback, little details that don't make sence, etc
  25. XBOX360- Multiplayer
  26. Season pass question
  27. Disk Space Full Trophy (Only need one song for platinum) Cant find it anywhere!
  28. I did a video lol more coming ;)))
  29. Ubi has my money, now doesn't care; this is my last Ubisoft game, feels like lionhead
  30. Why, Ubi, Why? :( [Act IV/V/End STORY SPOILERS!]
  31. Floating car drivers glitch.
  32. PS4: Can't buy Goblin Spec Ops
  33. Thought I had the hacker cornered, then this happened...
  34. Shutdown Side Mission
  35. Xbox Live XB1 Cheater post, Infinite Jam Comms
  36. Access Granted pack question. PS4
  37. Please fix the cheating.
  38. Hacking Like Deus Ex Human Revolution… What if it was?
  39. XBox One//Freezing, lagging, bad graphics ONLINE GAMEPLAY
  40. Bundle Edition Exclusive Content - Singapore - Code giveaway
  41. What's your favorite car?
  42. Why i dont have online decryption or free roam on PS3?
  43. If I like Assassins Creed, would I like this game? ( More questions inside_
  44. ctOS Control Centers
  45. Whats the point of being mayor?
  46. Suggestion for watch dogs 2
  47. How do you want WATCH_DOGS 2.0 to be?
  48. [feedback] for watch_dogs & for ideas for watch_dogs 2 :d [feedback]
  49. Possible future minor update
  50. Online Defence questions
  51. About that random red tanker
  52. Progression Reward Bugs...
  53. Hacking online friends
  54. Did they fix the exploits?
  55. Just turned on my PS4. The update is out.
  56. New patch, Opponent disconnecting results in loss of 180 points for ME!
  57. Is disconnecting retroactive?
  58. Ubisoft - please clarify punishment for disconnection system
  59. Critics missing the point on Watch Dogs minigames
  60. I DCed, now what?
  61. Thank mother of earth the drinking game is fixed!
  62. Online Hacking close spawn..
  63. Fair and fun Online Hacking/Invading? Reply here!
  64. Fix the DC issue or roll it back to how it was!
  65. WATCH_DOGS SEASON PASS Outfits and missions
  66. WOW! Penalized for opponent disconnects!!!??
  67. Shell game
  68. Ok, is the hacking game now glitched or what?
  69. Police system sucks, needs improved
  70. Blume
  71. Question about resetting side-missions
  72. Replaying one of my favourate gang hideout location
  73. login error, after change the uplay password
  74. Social Lubricant Trophy didn't pop out PS4
  75. Watch Dogs unplayable on Ps3. How to get refund?
  76. Biggest Blind In Game?
  77. Cheaters what is best place
  78. Watchdog should do this FEATURE
  79. [XBOX360} T-Bones trap wont start
  80. Well, I have to say....
  81. Coat Which I was looking for since the release
  82. That's What I Do When I Fail
  83. Silenced Sniper Suggestion?
  84. Hacking: I can only find a few players/victims
  85. "Saturday Night Special" Achievement Will Not Unlock
  86. About reseting the replay convoy and hideouts
  87. Please tail me for trophy
  88. Trophy for completing act 4 of the storyline remains hidden.
  89. Glitch Found
  90. Has ubi ever thought about expanding the game universe?
  91. Disc Full Trophy - Patch?
  92. Thank you for making a bad situation Worse. Great way to discourage future buys.
  93. Erro Na Legenda PT-BR no PS4 / Error in the legend PT-BR [PS4]
  94. Bunker bedroom
  95. Installation
  96. Persistent Connection
  97. Multiple Save Files, Weather Changing Option, and other reasonable request.
  98. Help my skills got reset
  99. What Kind of Hack You Like?
  100. No Players Online
  101. Ubi unpatched the patch for CTOS Mobile disconnecting?
  102. Watchdogs not working [PC]
  103. It doesn't pass the first loading image!!!
  104. check this watchdogs gameplay
  105. ctOS Mobile Question
  106. Boosting 'Tailed' Trophy
  107. T- Bone Missions??
  108. They See Me Rollin' (Song) Lovers! In Here..
  109. Watch Dog Voices
  110. Disk Sapce Full - Missing 1 Song! Possible in freeroam???
  111. Watch Dogs: BAD BLOOD (T-Bone's campaign DLC) is coming September 30th!
  112. Weapon customization? new outfits? plz read ubi!
  113. Epic Hack MUST WATCH
  114. Sniper rifles
  115. Onlime free roam for xbox 360 and ps3 idea
  116. Act I Burner Phones
  117. Sick of cheaters? It's your lucky day! [SOLUTION]
  118. Glitches I've seen
  119. Watch dogs on ps3 and xbox 360
  120. Watch Dogs: GREATEST FIRE that modern-day Chicago has seen!
  121. ctOS - Mobile Challenge (Epic Fail)
  122. The aircraft should come to the game and modifying the car must come
  123. Watch Dogs is my GOTY for sure
  124. Losing points if other player quits
  125. Proof That Profiler Is Overpowered
  126. season pass download button does not appear
  127. Ubisoft® unveils Watch_Dogs: Bad Blood DLC
  128. Madness is really hard!
  129. Watch dogs dlc make more!!
  130. DevInvasion 09/04/2014 3-4 PM EDT
  131. New Code aka Me.vs.U.vs.TheLaw
  132. Next DLC
  133. Does Anyone Know This Spot?
  134. Error in Game?
  135. help, game reset to 0% again
  136. How To Escape After Being Profiled
  137. Criminal Convoys: Excessive Force is ridiculous
  138. That pesky #100 city hotspot
  139. Pls. help with further examples : screen Tiering effect problem
  140. TRACED Trophy cannot be earned!
  141. Omg it's spoderman!
  142. No Players Found
  143. Changing outfits and other stuff in WD Ubi please read!!!
  144. Can't get free radical or traced ? PS4
  145. Invaded-Prob The Best Vid I've Done-MUST WATCH!
  146. This Is My New Account!
  147. Question about a strange yellow profiling!!! Loading stopped at 75-76% (PS3)
  148. Bounty Questions
  149. Impressed ( Spoilers )
  150. How do you acces the T-bone campaign and how does the bounty/intrusion system work?
  151. Why only 10 points when people DC?
  152. No phone audio or subtitles, cant progress with game.
  153. The best/fun way to handle invaders
  154. Aiden is a rebel
  155. Rescue?
  156. Dear UbiSoft, why bother releasing Watch Dogs on the Wii U?
  157. Ladders
  158. Heavy class car on demand
  159. Which missions have nudity in them?
  160. Which missions have nudity in them?
  161. Can you start a hack through a scope?
  162. Expanding Watch Dogs map? take notice ubi!
  163. Garage
  164. I got a problem
  165. Er, where did my DLC go?
  166. WATCH_DOGS: BLACKOUT do not gets dark the game... PS3/XBOX360
  167. Ubisoft Server Load Tests - Preparation for the Holiday Season
  168. Carjacked by target and not profiled. :)
  169. How to hack 23,000 Notoriety players camping on rooftops
  170. is online worth playing?
  171. City Hotspots
  172. WATCH_DOGS Surrender after beating the game. When Ubisoft will fix it?
  173. #DevInvasion 09/18 at 1 PM EDT *TIME CHANGE*
  174. WATCH_DOGS FAKE SURRENDER. When Ubisoft will fix it?
  175. Running Slow while playing watch dog draft match?
  176. PS4 players, please read: anyone notice DLC go missing?
  177. How to always get a one-shot snipe kill video
  178. Dowgraded graphics, missing content. yuck.
  179. Hack Worth 1K Points
  180. Anyone looking for friendly hacking now???
  181. Conditions For Suspending A Cheater?
  182. suggestion for next WD map
  183. Missions seemed unnaturally separated (Contains some spoilers)
  184. Servers Down, Can't play Watchdogs online?
  185. Watch_Dogs Online Achievement Xbox 360
  186. How to go on joyrides with invaders
  187. Make 8 players freeroam intresting.. less than 2 months
  188. Where is ms crumby!!!!!
  189. Bad Blood DLC preview stream 9/22 @ 1 PM EDT
  190. Region 2 Game & A U.S PSN?!!
  191. check out this gameplay
  192. Disappearing invaders...
  193. Bad Blood DLC for Season Pass Owner on Xbox 360
  194. How do I download Bad Blood DLC if I already have the Season Pass???? (PS3)
  195. the gunshot sound effects suck
  196. Bad Blood DLC Delayed
  197. Bad Blood Problems
  198. Where is the DLC for season pass holders in the US?
  199. Missed Audio Logs
  200. why no bad blood download as of 21:20 GMT
  201. Notoriety and disconnection
  202. Just got Bad Blood PS4
  203. Watch Dogs Gameplay Feedback & Suggestions
  204. Solution #2 For Busting A Camper
  205. Counter-Camping Video #2 How to hack 22,000+ Notoriety players camping next to lifts
  206. Heists in watch dogs?
  207. bad blood not showing up
  208. #Lets_Play session with Animation Director Colin Graham 09/25 @3 PM EDT
  209. Ubisoft must REALLY not want my money.
  210. XBOX ONE - not able to download ACCESS GRANTED PACK with my Season Pass
  211. Missing and new weapons?
  212. Ubisoft lied about COOP in Bad Blood
  213. Weapons missing from inventory
  214. A tip for idiots - Start game ammo
  215. Map Keeps Popping Up While Driving
  216. It's 5:30 EST which means 2:30 PST
  217. WatchDogs Xbox 360 Update yet no DLC
  218. Watch Dogs DLC?[XBOX360]
  219. ATTN Ubisoft
  220. Explain this Ubisoft, because this feels like false advertisment! (pic inside)
  221. Can someone please tail me? (PS4)
  222. Proof that there are many of us who still aren't seeing the DLC in the menu.
  223. Finally showed up.Bad Blood for 360 Season Pass owner.
  224. Watch dogs over gta 5
  225. hideout trouble in bad blood dlc ps4
  226. Bad Blood fox hunt investigation
  227. Less Repetitive Side Missions
  228. Can T-Bone get invaded? Also: where's Dark Steering?
  229. Loss of all save game data for watch dogs
  230. Backseat Driver Mission. No internet connection.
  231. BAD BLOOD - Are some vehicles meant to be unavailable to unlock? Missing 8
  232. Bad Blood: Street Sweep driving missions
  233. Online Hacking - camping v. Hiding?
  234. How Do We Report bugs????
  235. What Time will bad blood be playable
  236. Has the game breaking online glitch been fixed?
  237. stupid gang missions.
  238. 5 things that could make watch dogs better ubi plz read!
  239. Bad Blood, out of control ambulances?
  240. False advertisment on weapon customization
  241. How many DLC packs are scheduled & when are the approximate release dates?
  242. Beyond Stupid
  243. I can not do the mission at all. I have a solution, please tell me.
  244. Ubi should make a dlc with new multi and single player fixer mission types
  245. Missing sound effects.
  246. Bad Blood 360 - Looking for friendly hacking/tailing
  247. Bad Blood (Audio Logs)
  248. Game will not load on PS3 after clean installl
  249. Help:DLC Survey mission crash phenomenon
  250. Multiplayer lag (ps4)