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  1. Loading screen transition issue
  2. Why no Team deathmatch online!!!!
  3. Still having 90% load issues even after update? [PS3]
  4. Hacking music from citizens
  5. PS3 Season Pass in PS4
  6. Game constantly freezing/locking up (xbox one)
  7. Ubisoft servers unavailable [PC]
  8. Issue with Third Person Driving on PS4
  9. Online Hacking, might be the worst online play ever created.
  10. PS4 Act3: For the Portfolio, T-Bone gets stuck and the story won't progress
  11. unbelievable these issues haven't been addressed!!!
  12. Where is Brad Keselowski?
  13. The Ghost Car Glitch
  14. Help, not getting the achievements
  15. Rage quitting is a hacker's only defense until ubisoft fixes exploits!!!
  16. An option to remove the "Neutralize" prompt for hacks
  17. How To Be An Assassin In Watch Dogs
  18. PS4 GodMode Hack?? in multiplayer?
  19. Are you supposed to be killed in 1 on 1 hacking?
  20. Gang Hideout Missions
  21. Multiplayer mode scoring?? what a joke.
  22. Trends, Bellwether and recent Facebook reveal
  23. ULC Pack
  24. Willis Tower roof?
  25. Last-Gen 1v1 (Online Free Roam)
  26. 1v1 Hacking ... can't do it!
  27. WD needs a "hardcore" difficulty setting
  28. Watch Dogs error at the loading screen!
  29. Secret tailing trophy
  30. watch dogs hacks
  31. Remove The Destroyer weapon from multiplaye hacking
  32. Suggestion box?
  33. Notoriety Points
  34. spicy up freeroam, please read DEV'S !!
  35. Is the new Dlc more stealth or action?
  36. Watch Dogs Season Pass problems. Please help..
  37. Is act 3 trophy glitched?
  38. audio logs and phone conversations sound really bad...
  39. Choosing a multiplayer character?
  40. Watch dogs DLC suggestions or ideas
  41. Make civilians shut up when you are doing an activity
  42. Potential Gain / Loss
  43. Season Pass Question
  44. Completed side missions stil showing on map
  45. New DLC
  46. Stuck at 99.5% completion because of the ******ed drinking games
  47. Bring free roam and a run and shoot skill
  48. Season Pass PS3, PS4?
  49. Capture the...information?
  50. Does anybody else murder all the NPCs in the hack zone you setup to scare the player?
  51. Online free roam xbox360 (I'm a noob, don't rage if this was answered)
  52. It is possible to transfer SAVE DATA from PS4 to Xbox One?
  53. Replaying The Story Resets Notoriety???
  54. 15th gang hideout
  55. Watchdogs things that need to be fixed
  56. Problems that need to be fixed in Watchdogs
  57. What gives Ms.Crumby...? Songsneak
  58. The silencer of vector SMG is rediculously long
  59. Free Roam Multiplayer on Current Gen Platforms(360&ps3)
  60. Online Hacking is dumb and Streaming/Being social with Watch Dogs on PS4
  61. Can't find 9th weapons crate
  62. DLC How do they work ?
  63. something rong!
  64. Any one finding Social Lubicant Achievement/Trophy Hard?
  65. Escaping level 5 police?
  66. Watchdogs multiplayer
  67. Xbox One Access Granted Pack Broken ?
  68. about hacks
  69. Watch_Dogs Online Race: Rigged?
  70. Newist pach
  71. Three Questions Regarding PS4 Verson...
  72. Ubisoft Devs please confirm patch for social lubricant trophy
  73. Fixer's Psychic?
  74. Other cars stutter in ps4 ...
  75. [Spoilers] My honest feedback about the game (hope that developers will read this).
  76. Don't patch Social Lubricant
  77. Patch fake surrender before blackout
  78. "By Any Means Necessary" enemies "popping in"...Immersion killer!
  79. Online Hacking: Is cheating truly worth it?
  80. Your funniest online moments.
  81. Why no one is hiding in plain sight in online hacking?
  82. How to play t-bone campaign in xbox 360 season pass.
  83. Bugs Report Multiplayer
  84. My opinion [Devs and all should read] <<<---- READ
  85. Plese help
  86. Bug report
  87. New Rescue Feature
  88. How to Play the conspiracy DLC ?
  89. Developers read this!
  90. any new patch in the future ? PS4 , PS3, ...
  91. An interesting detail about the ambulances. (dispatch cancels the call?)
  92. Erro na Dll
  93. So can anyone even play online tailing or is this just me?
  94. DEVELOPERS: Please Consider These Requests
  95. Watch dogs season pass damaged
  96. Ubisoft says players are more open to DLC
  97. Watch Dogs Could of been Better. (Includes Suggestions to put into the Game)
  98. Some tips for hacking/tailing.
  99. Issue with DLC Download PS4
  100. How to load previous game after starting New Game? (WATCH DOGS)
  101. How do you do Wheelies on PS4?
  102. Mouse chases Cat
  103. Is the profiler too strong?
  104. Do you lose Hotspot Badge progress if starting a new game?
  105. Patch The Cheats For Online Hacking/Tailing
  106. So many annoyances in the first few hours of the game
  107. Error - file damaged or missing, help?
  108. What do you do with runners?
  109. Season pass\DLC question
  110. I can not find final privacy invasion on Xbone
  111. Watch Dogs on PS4 accuracy
  112. is the points for losing too much?
  113. Stealth driving neglected?
  114. Dear Ubisoft
  115. Why is there no motorcyclists?
  116. Done with this
  117. A few questions about invading people
  118. Season Pass - T-Bone single player mission
  119. Watch Dogs PS4 - Anti-aliasing
  120. Mini games
  121. this game is great! wait just a minute where's my game save????
  122. I just finished the campaing
  123. Online Hacking/Tailing is a joke!
  124. Feature suggestion
  125. How come people know they're being invaded in Online Tailing?
  126. Can you deduce farming from generous win/loss offers?
  127. Most things reset
  128. PETITION Suggestions to fix exploits. DEVS MODS please read, GAMERS please sign
  129. We could do with a hackable camera in Super Stakes Poker.
  130. Petition for the option to replay missions in Watch_Dogs
  131. How was I profiled?
  132. What is the highest point that you can reach?
  133. Don't you love sticking it to the annoying players?
  134. Does progress save on spider tank mini game?
  135. possible features ? ( POSSIBLE ? )
  136. A humble, certainly unrealistic, request for the developers.
  137. Should we be able to kill once profiled?
  138. Is there's a patch incoming?
  139. Why can you pick and choose hacking targets but not tailing targets?
  140. Can't profile the invader even though I found him.
  141. [Bug] - Online Hacking "Retaliation" Bug (Spawns Character below map and immobile)
  142. New online exploit that ruins hacking.
  143. Some Few Questions (Hope devs see this)
  144. Disconnects with the CTOS mobile need to be treated same on both sides
  145. Scoring for Online Races/Online Decryption
  146. Anyone know the max range of weapons, specifically the destroyer?
  147. Watch Dogs Loading error
  148. Why do all sandboxes have magnetic cars?
  149. Online Co-Op Missions
  150. Watch dogs guards/enemies respawn...
  151. Another Hacking/Invading WTF?
  152. Stuttering at mission completion & disrupting calls! report frame-rate drops!
  153. watch dogs modes decryption, team deathmatch and free roam on ps3 and xbox 360
  154. For the love of god....don't just run like a little girl when you're being invaded
  155. *HELP* Watch dog freezes
  156. Watch_Dogs Online hacking, people disable internet.
  157. Online contracts
  158. No I'm not chasing you across the map.
  159. _I CAN DO THAT WITHOUT DedSec. (Watch Dogs ACT V WAY B)
  160. Burner phones -SPOILER ALERT!-
  161. question about online play
  162. Traced trophy question about being notified
  163. Why ubisoft why no action?!?!
  164. Play as T-Bone
  165. Invisible victims when trying to hack
  166. Solutions.
  167. So I don't think I'll ever get the traced trophy
  168. Let's talk about weapon damage
  169. Online hacking eff ups..
  170. Call 911 Phone hack
  171. Why so few points? And why "partial" success?
  172. How to improve reputation quickly?
  173. Question for Mods/Devs - exploits or not?
  174. Data save lost ps3
  175. I just wanted to share my achievement...i finally got social lubricant!
  176. Watch Dogs crashes after beginning sequence
  177. no chat audio
  178. Online Hacking Noobs
  179. Can't do anything online related.
  180. Im trying to get the online decryption and hacking achievements, any tips?
  181. Watch Dogs wish list [SPOILERS]
  182. poker and drink Minigames
  183. DLC Request: Watch Dogs Online Football (Not Soccer)
  184. Getting fed up going to snap disc in half obviously have a corrupt disc!!!
  185. Missing Audio Files Messing With My Serenity
  186. technical issues on skill point
  187. Anyone get a WKZ Truck?
  188. Getting the last song for the song sneak trophy.
  189. Mad Mile privacy invasion possible bug/glitch
  190. Watch_Dogs, Walking Trouble - PC
  191. How to Install the game?
  192. What about these so-called exclusive multiplayer skins ?
  193. I can't be the only one pissed off.
  194. Failed mission bug
  195. Couple minor Easter eggs
  196. Question about Aiden and his family - Plot question
  197. Watch Dogs Chicago VR on Oculus Rift Cinemizer OLED smd ST1080 HMDs+Head Tracking
  198. Graphics
  199. Watch dogs season pass ps3 to ps4
  200. ps4 problem
  201. 94% progress ALL VANISHED????
  202. Longest Wheelie?
  203. Anyone else come across this funny glitch?
  204. Hot spot Mayors... do they have a life? :-P
  205. Will someone join my Xbox One free roam with Dark Steering
  206. Saturday Night Special, Read-only, and One Down, One to Go Achievements Glitched
  207. How exactly does the shrinking circle work?
  208. Finding hackers but not being able to kill them
  209. Such detail!
  210. **** This Game!
  211. why on earth should I buy DLC missions if they can't even be replayed?
  212. Got some dlc ideas for watch dogs!!!!
  213. WATCH_DOGS Enemies after beating the game...
  214. [BUG][XBOX ONE] Using Jam Com, immediately after vehicle entry, often fails to work
  215. Craptastic point loss sytem
  216. What's the OST/composition song called just before the final mission? (sample inside)
  217. Moving problem
  218. lost weapons just after ive bought them, not sure if its the dreaded glitch? help plz
  219. Online contract App glitch...ACT 1
  220. You have 5 mins, and then 1 minute USE it...
  221. Season Pass/ T-Bone Single Player
  222. Quiters...
  223. Malcolm Deodato / Missing audio log
  224. Achievement: End Of Line, not unlocking
  225. Season pass "waiting to install"
  226. Disk Space Full..
  227. Multiplayer skins
  228. Disappointed :/
  229. Online Free Roam Missing on Xbox 360 and PS3
  230. FIREFIGHT MODE!!!! (A New Contract Type idea!)
  231. How the hell am I tailing shoppers so easily?
  232. computer shuts down while playing
  233. Does anyone else just feel....bored?
  234. A Few Questions...
  235. Online down? Xbox one
  236. [name removed] is cheating online!
  237. Loading screen crash
  238. New jersey DLC teased.
  239. 100% game but saying 0%
  240. No challenge left...Is anyone out there able to beat me? (Broken Game)
  241. "Watch_dogs has stopped working"
  242. Using a game save
  243. Disconnected and proud of it!
  244. Traffic Tunnels & Hackable Traffic Signs
  245. Is the Taco truck in the Cars on Demand app?
  246. What can you buy on Chicago Stores?
  247. Inventory management
  248. Watch Dogs Free Roam For Xbox 360 and PS3
  249. Does this game matter anymore?
  250. Watch Dogs 2 Ideas, Ubi listen up!