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  5. Rayman Legends media [Screenshots and trailers]
  6. is rayman legends only coming for wiiu?
  7. Rayman Legends Single Player?
  9. Just played demo on Wii U. Impressions
  10. Rayman Legends confirmed for PS3 & Xbox 360 release
  11. Ubisoft's rayman legends now coming to xbox 360 and playstation 3
  12. Petition to keep original WII U release date
  13. Boycott Ubi until they stop being hypocrites
  14. March eShop release?
  15. The official protest campaign to release Rayman Legends on Wii U now.
  16. PLEASE Ubisoft, bring Legends to the Vita... I beg of you!!!!
  17. Eexcusivity agreements of games & Consoles amounts to lost cashflow for Ubisoft!
  18. Ubisoft trustworthy or not?!?
  19. Free game in April - September release made redundant?
  20. Rayman Legends and Xbox Smartglass
  21. why no rayman in psvita?
  22. whats the release date for the wii u online mode?
  23. Message to Ubisoft: Please release Rayman Legends for Wii U now.
  24. Release the game NOW
  25. Question about touchscreen play
  26. Meet your Heroes - chance to win a ticket to Gamescom 2013
  27. Do NOT release the Rayman Legends challenge mode.
  29. No Pro Controller Support in Singleplayer = No Sale for Me
  30. Rayman Legends Online Challenge Wii U App Trophies
  31. Rayman Legends Challenge App messing With Wii U's Wifi connection
  32. Rayman Legends - 20,000 lums under the sea
  33. Damn you Ubisoft, you finnaly did it! >_>
  34. Rayman Legends PS VITA confirmed?
  35. Ubisoft announces rayman® legends leaping onto playstation® vita
  36. Rayman Legends Challenge App Anit-cheating Measures?
  37. Rayman Legends PC Poll
  38. My run in with Emile Morel
  39. release Rayman Legends for PC and 3DS
  40. Rayman Legends HUGE Eurogamer live stream! Over an hour of gameplay :D
  41. Sadly won't buy this game
  42. Rayman Legends coming to PC !!
  43. Wii U Version Of Rayman Legends is goin to be the most expensive
  44. Ubisoft®’s rayman® legends making its way to PC
  45. Rayman Legends - Kung Foot with Michel Ancel
  46. Rayman Legends Multiplayer
  47. Unlock mario and luigi costumes in ubisoft®’s rayman® legends!
  48. Does Steam version required UPlay?
  50. Murphy on the PC
  51. Rayman Legends PC Demo PROBLEM
  52. Rayman Legends.exe has stopped working
  53. Multi - Monitor Support (Nvidia Surround / Ati Eyefinity)
  54. Rayman Legends PC Demo Black bars 16:9 1920x1080
  55. Rayman Legends not detecting D-Pad
  56. Delete Rayman Legends steam Demo from Uplay Games
  57. Thank you Ubisoft!
  59. can't play the game at all, "uplay is required to play" (already installed!)
  60. (PC) Framerate locked at 24 on 1080p TV.
  61. Rayman Legends activation problem (steam)
  62. rayman legends crashes at launch (windows 8 64 bit)
  63. USA, Why do we have to wait another 5 days..
  64. Wrong Country in Rayman Legends
  65. Rayman Legends Livestream Weekly Challenge Top 10
  66. Loving it so far! Local Multiplayer Video Included.
  67. Rayman Legends - beat box browser app!
  68. Why can't I stop my controller from vibrating?
  69. DVD Rayman Legends on Steam
  70. Rayman Legends problem with fullscreen borders...
  71. Cloud support
  72. I Hate This uPlay
  73. Unplayable on Fullscreen
  74. How to I delete the Rayman Legend Demo from my Uplay Games library
  75. Missing second captured blue creature in level Winds of strange
  76. Rayman Legends space on hard drive?
  77. Milion Lums and the ranking?
  78. Proof of cheaters in chalange mode!
  79. 1080p@60 not possible in fullscreen (1080i@50 instead)
  80. Vita version of Rayman Legends missing Invasion levels?
  81. Game crash at startup
  82. Does entering a pre-order-code of a different platform unlock the respective skin?
  83. Cheaters.. already?
  84. Problem connecting to ubisoft servers with Wii-U
  85. Level Breaking Bug on Mariachi Madness
  86. Is there a way to make a second save game on Rayman Legends
  87. Rayman Legends Demo PC co op
  88. Can't access Challenge mode a.k.a. 'Ubisoft servers are momentarily unavailable' PC
  89. [SPOILER] Third Teensie in 'Dashing Through The Snow' on 'Back To Origins'? [SPOILER]
  90. 100% savegame
  91. Totaly Awesome!
  92. Rayman legends at 24fps
  93. Resolution issue
  94. ETA on rayman legends in the nintendo eshop please!
  95. How to Shoot Your Dragon will not load
  96. Become a bubble in co-op
  97. Murfy levels on the Vita suck!!!!!!! Make it like the CONSOLE VERSIONS!!!!
  98. Still can't launch Legends unless offline
  99. I need help to enter codes for Sam Fisher costume (Xbox 360 pre-order bonus)
  100. Help! Is it always possible to collect EVERY SINGLE LUM in all levels?
  101. 0xc0000142 error
  102. Is there a way of finding out the creature names after unlocking them?
  103. Rayman Legends Showdown - Play the Daily Challenge and Win Prizes from The Next Level
  104. I can't even start the game.
  105. [spoiler] ubisoft trolling!? [/spoiler]
  106. Seriously!! Where is the support for pro controller for singleplayer (Wii U)
  107. Barbara Assassin's creed Costume?
  108. Key bindings get reset after launch, when a controller is connected
  109. Challenge vidéo
  110. Are the servers still offline for anyone else? (Vita)
  111. posting screenshots / names of cheaters.
  112. Error with an error in it! Can't save progress.
  113. Level breaking bug/glitch on Gloo Gloo 8-bit edition level
  114. How to uss Cloud service for saving the game states? Rayman Legends Steam Version
  115. Game in Slow mode running at 1920x1080
  116. Please make online multiplayer for the Vita possible!
  117. Rayman legends runs extremely slow, nothing helps
  118. Why am I getting different number of lums for "identical" runs for some levels?
  119. Set an awesome time in - Iv got a filling (Invaded) - 33.36 secs!!
  120. Raymand Legends Save Game Corrupted PC
  121. [Suggestion] Rayman Legends level editor
  122. Keyboard multiple key issue
  123. Ridiculous lack of precision with controller in QuickSand level?
  124. How diamond cups work on online challenges?
  125. Sharing save files.
  126. PC Version is in Super Slow Motion
  127. Analog Reviews: Rayman Legends
  128. Rayman Legends PS Vita: OK, now I'm tired and I want some answer...
  129. Rayman Legend savegame folder
  130. Why no achievements on Steam?
  131. Need help! Problem in getting Perfect 100% Run in The Amazing Maze level?
  132. Multiple bugs: Underscanning at 1080p, keybindings not saving properly
  133. More musical levels (DLC)?
  134. Today's dojo is a good example of why co-op scores need a seperate leaderboard.
  135. how to change ingame language?
  136. Only one slot savegame, most stupid decision!!!!!
  137. Issue with first two Princess Levels
  138. Is anyone else having issues monetizing Rayman Legend gameplay one YouTube?
  139. Rayman Merchandise Hoodie
  140. Problem with the Murphy Levels on Wii U
  141. Not able to continue (PS3)
  142. How do you come to a sudden stop during sprint?
  143. A Fail of a Level because of Controller Lag (Infiltration Station)!
  144. Lost progress
  145. Can't launch Rayman Legends.
  146. eror 0xc0000142
  147. Can't connect with the Ubisoft servers
  148. Rayman Legends Vita 28 Missing Levels Patch
  149. Rayman Legends Wii U Debacle
  150. Raynan dlc Pack.
  151. Can't "Continue" from Title Screen (PS3)
  152. Legends Vita. "Regards to online and Trophies"
  153. Rayman Legends PC Known Bugs
  154. Patch notes – rayman legends pc version (1.2.103716)
  155. [Placeholder] Error during load, you will lose your current progression
  156. can't save/resume game!
  157. Xbox: Where is my savegame?
  158. How can I get more lucky tickets?
  159. Still have issues with Ubisoft Servers Rayman Legends (Wii U)
  160. [Request] In-game timer
  161. Orchestral Chaos Bugs
  162. It's been 2 months: Rayman Legends while ONLINE STILL doesn't work.
  163. Rayman Legends Rubbish Game Manual
  164. Free Exclusive Costumes Idea....
  165. Can't Download 20 new levels
  166. Ubisoft please adjust cups percentage for online challenges!
  167. rayman legends?
  168. [bug] the game atl+tag itself all 20-30 seconds
  169. Servers are down
  170. 360 Wireless Controller for Windows not working
  171. how many hour a day do you play ?
  172. I lost my save data (Wii U)
  173. Cant launch the game!(PC)
  174. Game will not launch!
  175. Servers down + Desynched times on challenges
  176. The Rayman Legends customer support doesn't work, the personal is irresponsible
  177. Uplay?
  178. Alright... Let's talk about Multiplayer and The Dojo...
  179. Where's the Vita level patch?
  180. Rayman Legends Multi-Platform Leadboard
  181. Challenges not updating in Wii U version
  182. [PC] Is this a joke? Challenges records
  183. Holiday Events? Monthly Leadearboard?
  184. Rayman Legends: Legendary Theme
  185. Ne1 notice murfys dungeon easier on wii?
  186. No online... What the hell, are you guys ******ed?
  187. Rayman® Legends coming to Xbox One and Playstation®4 on february 28th
  188. Rayman legends bug (vita)
  189. Gloo Gloo 8 bit help
  190. Troubles With Teensies - 100% Crown Not Registering - X-Box 360 Version - Legends
  191. (PS Vita) 0'-1"00 Invasion Times
  192. Weird Graphics
  193. Rayman Legends Daily/Extreme Daily Challenges bugged/glitched/hacked??
  194. [PC] Crash on Startup
  195. Challenge Timeline
  196. If you want online challenges, might want to hold off on buying the game..
  197. OK, this is freakin' ridiculous with these servers (1-5-2014)
  198. You just met Murfy Uplay Action is not unlocking? [BUG]
  199. Connection
  200. sorry ubisoft, but i think you owe us for the mess with the servers...
  201. Truly awesome! trophy glitch - PS3 version
  202. Updated visual effects for PS4/Xbox 1, patched to PC version?
  203. Can't access level Help!
  204. Challenge Mode Concerns that I wish Ubisoft Would Address
  205. Stuck in Mosquito levels (PS Vita) help!
  206. Amount of challenges
  207. Ubisoft, do you have any special plans for the Wii U community?
  208. LOST SAVE Had only 34 more blue guys to go! Now its gone....HELP!
  209. Rayman Legends pre-order exclusive should be DLC
  210. 10th place and a golden cup? Due to a server issue?
  211. Crash on launch is a router or ISP issue
  212. UPlay down
  213. [PC] Undoable challenge time
  214. Servers issues - Please post here if you want a patch too
  215. Armored Toad! Battle Music... Where Is It?
  216. Friends to add for rayman legends
  217. Game and movement mechanics
  218. Xbox 360 - No Surround Sound
  219. To UBISOFT about Rayman Legend Trophy Grind
  220. Rayman Legends(XBOX360) Can't Continue after pressing start at title screen
  221. Challenges... What is that thing I see??
  222. Singleplayer on the WiiU
  223. Here we go again ...
  224. Wii U controls? Seriously how is this not google-able?
  225. This is the DUMBEST way I've ever seen to gain speed.
  226. Ubi community manager - Platinum trophy question
  227. Update
  228. So is the platinum trophy really busted?
  229. place for your hardware question?
  230. Where's Murfy?
  231. Trophy Awesomeness Grind, why? More options please.
  232. Rayman Legends -XBox 360 issue -Saving problem
  233. clé d activation
  234. Grind problem? Support tickets.
  235. Another cheater/hacker?
  236. Competetive Digital Pricing - Xbox One
  237. Game won't load after Intro - Rayman Legends - PS4
  238. Xbox One Achievements Broken (I'm ahead! and The competitor)
  239. Ghosts won't show up for me online?
  240. I can't finish the game because of my eyesight....booooo
  241. Rayman Legends on PS4: Your questions answered!
  242. 'I just love them' xbox one glitch
  243. Does the game freeze often or randomly?
  244. Just lost ALL my save data?!? (Wii U) Can I recover it???
  245. Daily Challenges multiplatform
  246. CHEATERS during the challenges, sent an extensive email, but no response?
  247. Forgotten challenge
  248. New Leader board glitch
  249. Didnt get the platinum trophies i won!!!???
  250. Challenges not rewarding since March 6th