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  1. The Atmosphere of Stealth [Favourite atmospheric levels/moments]
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  3. Splinter cell "black list" rumor
  4. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
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  6. Splinter Cell Blacklist No Michael Ironside Petition Forum
  7. Do not buy Splinter Cell: Blacklist!!!
  8. The Return of MP GameMode: Spies vs. Mercenaries
  9. SC Blacklist + Wii U = Magic!!!!
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  11. Bring back the original matte black Tac suit
  12. Sam's voice around the world
  13. Making-of Splinter Cell Conviction - 2010
  14. Article from PC PowerPlay : "Out of the black"
  15. This suit in Double Agent
  16. Splinter Cell Videos: If you make or have Splinter Cell videos post here please!
  17. EuroGamer Expo : SCB will be there !! (29th Sept)
  18. Why Sam isn't wearing a balaclava???
  19. Watch the EuroGamer conference here LIVE (at 12:30 AM)
  20. [Article] Interview of David Footman in spong.com
  21. Maxime Beland interviewed by New York Post
  22. [Interview] Zack Cooper is a short guy :o
  23. [Off] All bonus missions for Splinter Cell games
  24. [Article] "Blacklist has 'more realism' than MGS Ground Zeroes"
  25. [Article] "Blacklist examines some of the realities of the war on terror"
  26. Interview with David Footman on Ginx TV
  27. Interview of Maxime Beland about morality and violence
  28. [Article] "Splinter Cell Blacklist: the myth of redemptive violence"
  29. Andriy Kobin back in Blacklist ?
  30. [Article] "AAA not the future, says Splinter Cell: Blacklist director"
  31. Old article of Uproxx about Blacklist
  32. [Off Topic] Abduction, an independant stealth game
  33. [Article] "Industry must offer more than violence" (Patrick Redding)
  34. (Off Topic) Karambit and torture in Black Ops 2
  35. [Off Topic] First artworks for Hitman 6
  36. Themes of Splinter Cell Blacklist by Sencit Music
  37. Splinter Cell Blacklist LOW FPS OPTIMIZATION
  38. [Poll] Do you want WNM back?
  39. UAV, drones, robots,... let's talk about it !!
  40. "An interview with David Footman"
  41. [GotGame] Ask your questions to the devs
  42. Blacklist also on next gen consoles ?
  43. Ubisoft-TV : Hands on the game...but in German ( Andre202, we need you here !! )
  44. Press Event January 2013 : Entire gameplay video
  45. [OT] GTA 5 will be released September 17th
  46. Blacklist's story: The extra personal conflict for Sam
  47. Michael Mann vs Michael Bay: Why Blacklist Needs More of the Former
  48. [OT] Multiples endings in Double Agent and Conviction
  49. Impossibility to throw objects to distract ennemies
  50. Animations you would like to have in Blacklist
  51. NVG screenshot here !!
  52. Interview: "We went loud, we went explosive"
  53. SCB Takedowns So Far
  54. Win an exclusive Splinter Cell Blacklist Xbox 360 !!
  55. [OT] This game will be better than Blacklist !!
  56. [OT] Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag : First Trailer
  57. Blacklist will be at PAX East 2013 (March 22-24)
  58. Splinter Cell Ultimate collection (PC)
  59. All Splinter Cell Blacklist Gameplay Videos [may contain spoilers]
  60. Tech guards and jammers: my other version
  61. [OT] Metro Last Light : 3 minutes of stealth gameplay
  62. [Video] 1 minute of the PAX Demo in Benghazi
  63. [Article] Jade Raymond talks about Blacklist and next-gen consoles
  64. Will there be underwater gameplay in Blacklist?
  65. [Article] Blacklist Impressions: Bloody Chaos
  66. Ubisoft Toronto working on AC5, R6 Patriots and one new IP
  67. [Article] Jade Raymond interview at MCV UK
  68. [OT] Splinter Cell 7: What are your first expectations?
  69. Raymond talks about future of AAA games and Blacklist
  70. [Article] Redefining Splinter Cell: How Blacklist Stands Apart
  71. Suits List in Splinter Cell Blacklist
  72. Splinter Cell Blacklist is coming to the Wii U
  73. [Article] “Stealth is not a nice thing"
  74. Splinter Cell VS Metal Gear Solid
  75. Scott Lee interview: "From DC Comics to the soul of Splinter Cell"
  76. Zack on Playstation Blog
  77. Patrick Redding interview on The Married Gamers
  78. [Article] Has Sam Fisher discovered the fountain of youth?
  79. [Interview] Jade Raymond on transition, PS4 and playing the platform game
  80. A lot of previews about Coop and SvM
  81. New Blacklist SvM Gameplay
  82. What interests you most in Blacklist?
  83. Interesting interview of Max Béland (Conviction, Blacklist story, SP life span,...)
  84. Splinter Cell Blacklist performance on PC
  85. A video about Ubi Gameslab : Blacklist and....balaclava?
  86. Q&A with Zack today (23rd May at 12:30pm ET) on Playstation Blog !
  87. The last thing you want to add, tweak or modify in the game
  88. [Article] "Eric Johnson on being the new Sam Fisher"
  89. About perfectionist difficulty : do you prefer a difficulty mode or options?
  90. "Splinter Cell Blacklist Spider-Bot" - a mobile game on iOS
  91. My Splinter Cell Summer !
  92. The Fourth Echelon Recruitment Program -- Find friends to play co-op/SvM with!
  93. Hunter mode is back in Blacklist !!!
  94. Question about Customization/Outfits -- Stealth? If Zack could clarify it'd be awesom
  95. Videos and pictures
  96. Feeling frustrated about balaclava news? Then sport these lulzy sigs!!!!
  97. Stereoscopic 3d support?
  98. Lethal non-lethal takedowns variety in recent videos
  99. Hey Ubi, we want Zack as our comdev for Splinter Cell 7
  100. What do we want to see in SC7
  101. SC7 Wishlist/ Must Have Elements/ What Blacklist Did Right and Didn't Do Right
  102. good news for private matches!
  103. Balaclava Gameplay
  104. How to play Blacklist multiplayer PC?
  105. "Cannot load resource files. Reinstalling the game may fix the problem"
  106. Splinter Cell: Blacklist Suggestions and Feedback - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!
  107. Xbox 360 controller not recognized properly on pc version, and having problems
  108. Patch 1.01 renders Blacklist unable to run
  109. SC: Blacklist- How to start a new game and re-downloading pre-order DLC (Xbox 360)
  110. ShadowNet website and Spider Bot app [service resumed]
  111. Host Migration = Horrible
  112. Brightness text not appearing
  113. Eric Johnson
  114. What happened to analog movement in Blacklist?
  115. Dis-GUSTED with this game's UI and netcode
  116. High Power Pack not working/installing.
  117. Game chops or stutters after dying or restarting.
  118. Ubisoft: How to Improve The PC Controls
  119. Why do I sometimes get the 'Hostiles Evaded' bonus instead of 'Guards Untouched'
  120. Crash at 1st cutscene.
  121. How do I force SP:BL to start in dx9 (steam version)
  122. Black bars while gaming
  123. charlie's missions SUCK... please fix please fix please fix
  124. Splinter cell black list low fps and lag fix?
  125. The Big Fix List - They can't fix it, if you don't say it's a problem.
  126. Splinter Cell BlackList wont Start
  127. Elite digital ghillie suit
  128. How/Where to buy the other DLCS?
  129. nVidia Driver crashing
  130. [Challenge] Let's find Zack and the UbiTor team mocaped in the game
  131. Hackers already ruining Splinter Cell Blacklist
  132. Shadownet Website - Login Problems
  133. SC: Blacklist's Favorite Gearlist
  134. Wii U split screen co-op patch?
  135. [FIX] Blacklist DX11 and 64bit Windows (uPlay Users)
  136. 0xc0000142 error on Windows XP
  137. The Blacklist to be Continued - American Dust DLC? (Spoilers)
  138. URGENT! - A Temporary Fix for Launching Issues
  139. I hope this doesn't end up like Hitman: Absolution
  140. Continuing missions from last save point.
  141. Splinter cell black list FPS issue
  142. I can't believe that nobody noticed this.
  143. [Spoilers] When do Dead Coast/Billionaire's Yacht take place?
  144. So SC Fans, Do you think Blacklist has topped Chaos Theory? or is chaos still #1?
  145. my opinions on blacklist pc/xbox360
  146. LOOK HERE FIRST! Important links, workarounds, specs, fact sheets and patch notes
  147. Over 2 weeks and servers still unavailable..
  148. when I use maximum setting fps lock at 30 fps
  149. Holster weapon animation available in Blacklist but I can't access it?
  150. What was today's Uplay update and why did it wipe my save?
  151. Smuggler compound nonlethal undetected ???
  152. Highest 4E multiplier? Gone Dark Missions keep giving you a multiplier?
  153. About the Saves
  154. The Panther Thread - Dominos of Death
  155. New bug since patch 1.03: My character keeps shooting
  156. Noobs Without Microphones... a COOP Story
  157. Can someone please share a PC saved game file with All 24 dead deadrops
  158. How do you reset your Spy vs Mercs stats?
  159. Cheaters and Hacks? Is there a way to stop these people from cheating?
  160. Blacklist DLC Confirmed for Fiscal Year 2014
  161. splinter cell video
  162. Highest 4E multiplier? 35?
  164. Would you buy XBONE or PS4 if Blacklist was re-released with extra SP, MP content?
  165. OPSAT SMI Interface - Explored
  166. Uplay/Ubisoft autopatch/Splinter Cell constantly updating
  167. Game Developers Conference Talk on Blacklist in March 2014
  168. Is anyone out there, please, we need dlc, we're dying!
  169. PC toggle aim setting?
  170. Splinter Cell Blacklist-All takedowns
  171. Explanation of kit elements... detection versus counter?
  172. Splinter Cell 7 - A next gen title
  173. Looking for people to play Splinter Cell Blacklist multiplayer with
  174. [podcast] Tone Control Episode 4 - Clint Hocking
  175. ...... is a speedhack cheater
  176. SvM info for the masses
  177. Spawn killing.
  178. Uplay thinks Splinter Cell: Blacklist is installed.
  179. Inconsistency and Redundancy
  180. Why no quick save anymore?
  181. yet another crappy multiplayer!!!!!!
  182. Swiss Embassy, Rookie Difficulty, Panther Combat
  183. Splinter Cell and Spies VS Mercs. Each sold separately.
  184. What about an "auto cover" movement system??
  185. Still can't ALT TAB out of this game without a mouse lock
  186. Relativity of movement (what Blacklist did wrong)
  187. Blacklist + Wii U = System Seller (IMHO)
  188. Good News Guys: SMI Online Playerbase shows Increased Activity for Blacklist
  189. we all know the truth, ubi. just give us one last hoorah!
  190. a face off mode with the next SC.
  191. How to continuing mission on last reached wave after some days break (without repeat
  192. PC graphics settings: AA
  193. Happy new year Splinter Cells
  194. Im probably stupid but..help me please..
  195. Can we get a Nex-gen port
  196. What happened to SWAT turn from PT?
  197. The game won't even launch...
  198. Spies vs mercs cameras are kind of useless/suggestions
  199. Splinter Cell Gun is Auto Firing and Use key has changed (unplayable)
  200. PS3 Players?
  201. [PC] How do you find your overall playtime? ):
  202. Ubisoft Answer My Question Please
  203. mouse bug last wagon in train sequence
  204. differences is pandora mode vs classic mode.
  205. please give us a REAL legacy mode in SP7
  206. Will Ubisoft's lack of support for Splinter Cell: Blacklist impact your decision...
  207. The Blacklist hacks thread - With videos - Short Clips of all hacks
  208. fixing crc error in splinter cell blacklist
  209. Blacklist Nominated by GT for Best 3rd Person GOTY
  210. Come challenge us
  211. rock paper scissors?
  212. Have the connection and quitter problems got better for pc?
  213. You are a Good Gamer? You are a cheater ...
  214. Get your **** together, ubisoft
  215. Can’t get a co-op mission started, help!
  216. Using Mark and Exucute on the envioronment
  217. *Sigh*
  218. Splinter cell blacklist uplay library rll. error
  219. having a problem after patching
  220. A Different Kind of Message.... Must Read
  221. Splinter cell blacklist Wii u version still with problems
  222. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Lag before 'Retry Last Checkpoint'
  223. DirX11&9 crash
  224. Completed Smugglers Compound "UNDETECTED"
  225. New to SvM... Welcome.. Sign up here
  226. Destest The Plague that is Blacklists SVM-GET YOUR CHAOSTHEORY COPIES OUT !XBOX OR PC
  227. ALL girl Klans/squads
  228. Spies VS. Mercs-Infiltration mode
  229. Character issues. ( Ironside, Sam, the future of Splinter Cell, etc )
  230. Updates EVERY TIME
  231. SvM needs to be a separate entity.
  232. Ladies looking for other ladies to get their stealth on!
  233. cant wait to see how ubi market sc7??
  234. Splinter Cell: Blacklist Multihack tool
  235. The Evolution of Splinter Cell
  236. [PS3] any online/co-op issues here in SC:BL?
  237. Legacy map DLC potential problem??
  238. ETA for next SC teaser?
  239. What's wrong with your keyboard settings?
  240. Awkward suggestion maybe?? ...Female...
  241. How can I get hold of support?
  242. Should Enemies See Your Shadow?
  243. this game will be dead in the near future.
  244. Amazing Game
  245. why a 56 level cap?
  246. Stop the ragequtting.
  247. I need help bad! (Splinter Cell: Blacklist)
  248. [AJUDA] Não to conseguindo colocar meu Blacklist p/jogar multiplayer . ..
  249. Splinter Cell Blacklist Manual
  250. emP team is looking for opponents !