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  1. Save file comleted
  2. Could Sam stop saying "nice shot Briggs" or "nice shooting Briggs"?.
  3. Splinter Cell Storyline and Character Development
  4. Splinter Cell: Blacklist game director leaves Ubisoft for unannounced Warner game
  5. This needs to improve (spoiler alert)
  6. Game doesn't work! Crash while starting.
  7. Blacklist_Launcher.exe doesn't appear to be doing anything
  8. (OT)Jade Raymond talks about indie-style-projects.
  9. Are The Servers Down On Blacklist? || Houdini
  11. How can Splinter Cell 7 make use of current generation technology?
  12. The Canadian Videogame Awards.
  13. Any good youtube channels
  14. SC7 singleplayer and multiplayer needs to be completely different from each other.
  15. [Article] Stealth vs Stealth - Blacklist/MGS5/Volume related
  16. How would you improve American Fuel?
  17. Game running poorly
  18. Unable to find teammates to co-op or PVP with
  19. Being A Noob Can Pay Off In This Game
  20. Googled "Best SvM loadout" to see what I could find
  21. Restarting a Charlie mission after the first wave the second wave and so on?
  22. Player Report of <removed> on PC
  23. Designing for Failure - Robust Stealth Games
  24. Does the Detection System need Work in the SC Series?
  25. Stats Restored
  26. Anyone still playing Multiplayer?
  27. "Your Gun should always be your Last Resort. Invisibility is your best weapon"
  28. You Play Solo, You Lose Solo!
  29. I didn't know Michael Ironside was in World of Tanks...
  30. PS3 Multiplayer dead?
  31. Pc + Classic Mode = So Much Fun
  32. Anyone would be interested in a favorite mission contest sort of thing?
  33. More DLC pleeeease! ^_^ Maps? Guns? Oh my!
  34. Looking for friends to play with.
  35. GC battle it out in classic
  36. So long SvM, we had a good run but now i'm done! you suck!
  37. I must be doing something wrong.....right?
  38. This is why we hate noobs . . .
  39. Black list
  40. Classic mode more like Chaos Theory VS mode (modification)
  41. ON Topic - Metal Gear Solid "freeze" => A possibility for SC?
  42. The Idiot Plague??? O_o
  43. NON START UP CRASH (iraq mission)
  44. Disconnection Problem after Coop Game Play
  45. Blacklist NPC and PC dialogue is borning
  46. What do you think is/are Blacklist's biggest flaw(s)?
  47. Are save files stored on local PC?
  48. Best Splinter Cell mission contest Round 1, Match #1: Kalinatek vs. New York Skyline
  49. Splinter Cell: Echoes comic coming this summer
  50. Happy Easter!
  51. Ok UbiSoft, The issues with Uplay Losing all of the Saved games is getting old
  52. What is the trick to geting this to work with Nvidia Surround? (3 monitors)
  53. Can't find anybody playing
  54. Blacklist Service is Down???
  55. Splinter Cell 3rd best selling Ubisoft game franchise!
  56. Elite Mooks for SC7: AI which poses a proper challenge
  57. What your dream Splinter Cell mission be?
  58. Beating a dead horse- future gamemodes
  59. Hiding Bodies
  60. Population Question (Xbox 360 & PS3)
  61. I hate you ubisoft!
  62. Control Layout- the good, the bad, some suggestions
  63. Modding tools for SC Blacklist
  64. Splinter Cell Blacklist Multiplayer not working
  65. Splinter Cell connections to Assassin's Creed?
  66. Sam doesn't need his goggles anymore !
  67. Best Splinter Cell mission contest Round 1, Match #2: Penthouse vs. Ellisworth (v2)
  68. Which Splinter Cell Game Should I Get?
  69. Gitmo mission
  70. Would you be satisfied if Kestrel was the Protagonist in SC7 instead of Sam Fisher?
  71. Here's a great idea for Splinter Cell 7!
  72. My Kill Montage Video
  73. Should UBI get Marty O'donnell?
  74. Secret sauce to dialogs: Military Lingo we all love
  75. What Is Your Record For Most Kills?
  76. Should Splinter Cell 7 focus more on fight or flight when Sam is detected?
  77. Looking for Blacklist co-op friends (360)
  78. What's your favorite tool/gadget to use?
  79. I was thinking about Sam Sneaking Suit (of all things!)
  80. Should SC game get "FPS" narrated ?
  81. Should HIsham Hamza Be SC7's New Protagonist?
  82. Lets talk Spies Vs Mercs.
  83. Best Splinter Cell mission contest Round 1, Match #3: JBA HQ LA 2 vs. Jin Mao Hotel
  84. Blacklist combat spies!!!?!?!?!?
  85. SC7 Story Ideas
  86. Leaderboards Are A Joke!
  87. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Cloud Save issue
  88. Читеры
  89. Project Stealth Kickstarter it's gonna start soon!
  90. Splinter Cell 7
  91. Splinter Cell: Blacklist screen tears?!?!
  92. Looking for someone to play SCB co-op missions...
  93. [VIDEOS] Conviction vs Blacklist animation comparison
  94. Grim's voice
  95. Funny SvM Classic Moment
  96. To all of you svm cheating, win-greedy, **** out there ...**** YOU
  97. Anyone concerned with cheats? Where to report for action?
  98. Why did Blacklist not have dark shadows?
  99. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #4: Chinese Embassy 1 vs. Lincoln Memorial
  100. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #5: Chinese Embassy 2 vs. US Embassy
  101. Can't connect to my friends game
  102. does ubi really care about their players??
  103. Making though choices - or making easy calculations? Quid pro quo or moral dilemma?
  104. What is that?
  105. Bring Back Splinter Cell
  106. Should Splinter Cell 7 be Announced and Released within the same year?
  107. Can my son and I play in the same house?
  108. I hope the next game removes the waypoint marker
  109. what are the chances SC7 will be more open sandbox game?
  110. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #7: Kobin's Mansion vs. Site F
  111. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #8: White House vs. Displace
  112. Should SC7 have a Customizable protagonist?
  113. Let's talk knives.
  114. Scenarios and areas to infiltrate in the next game.
  115. my game dosent install
  116. Old Blacklist Video I had
  117. Big Sound Problem In SvM Please Help!
  118. Crash on cutscene 2014
  119. Cant download Splinter Cell Blacklist
  120. No Splinter Cell 7 at E3-2014
  121. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #9: Battery vs. Iceland (v2)
  122. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #10: Hesperia Railways vs. Abbatoir
  123. Any tips on Dominoes of Death?
  124. Anybody here still play Spies vs Merc Classic?
  125. Massive SvsM Cheating Problem!
  126. What enemy archetypes would you like to see?
  127. Request: Blacklist Windows Registry key
  128. The loadout.
  129. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #11: Grand Central Station vs. Bathhouse
  130. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #12: Special Missions HQ vs. Guantanamo
  131. Feedback: Uncomfortable character movements
  132. 1.03 Patch problem!
  133. How do you feel about Blacklist soundtrack
  134. SvM Extratcion Match Achievement
  135. Upgrade
  136. Splinter Cell Movie will Focus on a Younger, stripped down, version of Sam Fisher
  137. [Pc] Is the multiplayer totally empty ?
  138. Human Shields In SVM Poll Yes or No?
  139. Legitimate World Records - Collaborative Competition
  140. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #13: Safehouse vs. TV Free Indonesia
  141. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #14: Kundang Camp vs. Private Estate
  142. He's live streaming *****es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Two Things
  144. Spinter Cell Blacklist mission#8 Transit Yards problem
  145. any tips for pc optimization?
  146. (Off-Topic) Jade Raymond, The Game Industry needs more Mentors.
  147. Splinter Cell Challenges
  148. Every mission in just over an hour.
  149. Hopefully drone operators and full body armor enemies won't be in SC7
  150. SC Spider-Bot app issue
  151. Has splinter cell become more hard boiled? Has it resisted the trend?
  152. Slow motion killage
  153. Blacklist soundtrack vs older SC soundtracks
  154. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #15: Third Echelon HQ vs. Ellisworth (v1)
  155. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #16: Transit Yards vs. Lighthouse
  156. Rumor: Splinter Cell Dark Affair l'E3...
  157. Splinter Cell Devs hard at work on a new project
  158. How many missions does the single has?
  159. Help, can't find internet connection
  160. It's Called Quick Tazing, Not Hacking
  161. Female characters ... WTH is going on?
  162. Sc Blacklist wont open
  163. Does cloaking tech belong in SC?
  164. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #17: Abandoned Mill vs. Hokkaido
  165. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #18: JBA HQ LA 1 vs. Presidential Palace
  166. Should Watch_Dogs style one button hacking make an appearence in SC?
  167. Splinter Cell Blacklist, $10 on Steam this weekend
  168. Breaking the UI
  169. Charlie's Missions: The Highlight of Blacklist
  170. splinter cell remasted??
  171. Can't get past "Press Any Button" screen!?
  172. looking for a competative classic 2v2 match.
  173. Does this picture remind you something? :p
  174. Multiplayer does not work. Problems with the connection.
  175. If you had to choose the most intense moments from Blacklist, which would you select?
  176. I can't connect to sever.Help me pls !!
  177. frame rate problem
  178. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #19: Kinshasa (v2) vs. Sea of Ohotsk (v2)
  179. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #20: Mirawa vs. American Consumption
  180. Guantanamo Crash and crash......
  181. MGSV: The Phantom Pain Gameplay Demo
  183. Is Stealth Becoming Mistreated in Games?
  184. Friend can't connect to me, I can't connect to friend.
  185. joel kinnaman as next sam fisher???
  186. Should the next SP7 be based on real world events?
  187. (OT)It's the start of Summer so I wanted to ask what games you're going to play?
  188. ubisoft plz do somethink ..i pay for it !
  189. Is Blacklist co-op really worth the hassle?
  190. Consulting psychologist as crew member
  191. David Footman Still Working at Ubisoft Toronto
  192. Navigational and Stealth Puzzles
  193. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #21: Jerusalem vs. Cryogenics Lab
  194. Low player count in SvM?
  195. Splinter Cell Blacklist - Players who want to play Extraction?
  196. Recently Started Splinter Cell: Blacklist "LETS PLAY" (720p English)
  197. SC Blacklist updates every time i start game!
  198. Cant escape from this blacklist patch error
  199. Returning to Blacklist (PC this time) need new friends for SvM
  200. any news on next gen SC?
  201. C&C Optimized Bug?
  202. can't download latest mutiplayer data?
  203. Can i still use old save game?
  204. pc save game lost
  205. Vsync problems on PC
  206. Should the next SC use *** Creed Unity's "freerunning" or variations of it?
  207. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #23: CIA Headquarters vs. Downtown District
  208. Top search engine for Blacklist video gameplays,walkthrough,playthrough
  209. Watchdogs to Blacklist AI observation and comparison
  210. SC Blacklist starting logo and sound issues in DX11
  211. (OT) Sick and tired of games focusing more on amazing graphics.
  212. The best level in Blacklist
  213. Osterhout X6 : The new military spy glasses
  214. CAPO squad on PC blacklist mode is 2 good for me
  215. Here's a simple question: should SC agents be able to pickpocket?
  216. Lets talk animation: Krav Maga/ Parkour
  217. The Splinter Cell - live action fan film by Atomic Productions
  218. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #26: LAX International vs. Price Airfield
  219. Dead Space 2 has phenomenal lighting
  220. Proposed SC7 challenge mode.
  221. SC needs to bring proper mission briefings back
  222. Your First Experience of Splinter Cell.
  223. Multiplayer Online Issues
  224. diference between single player gameplay and co-op gameplay
  225. Ubisoft says that DLC & Season Passes are More Accepted
  226. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #27: Police Station vs. JBA HQ NY/Boat
  227. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #28: Oil Rig vs. Cargo Ship
  228. Proceduraly Generated Levels in Stealth
  229. How I made Splinter Cell: Blacklist feel (very) slightly more "legacy"
  230. Fabric simulation for Sam's suit would be cool
  231. i dont know anymore, em i a classic or blacklist player? #FirstWorldProblems
  232. Why Sam isn't the king of stealth anymore ? Let's talk about it
  233. traded xbox 360 (and SC) for xbox one.
  234. Mark & Execute Tutorial (how to teach players M&E?)
  235. UPLAY save sync not working
  236. Online Balance Issues and Queries
  237. Conan and J. Cole Play Splinter Cell Blacklist
  238. Splinter Cell Blacklist : Does anyone still play Multiplayer / coop in 2014??
  239. Matchups
  240. Best Play In Splinter Cell Blacklist
  241. Saves gone! Help maybe? (PC)
  242. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #29: Michigan Ave. vs. LNG Terminal
  243. Best Splinter Cell mission Round 1, Match #30: Seoul vs. JBA HQ NY 1-3
  244. Save's !
  245. MGS Ground zero is way better than SC Blacklist.
  246. why not a "Splinter cell: The Sam Fisher Collection?"
  247. Ubisoft: Losing a lot money in the long run - offer more demos for PC please.
  248. I Cant Play | Why ,
  249. Leaving this forum..for now.
  250. this generation of gamers make me so mad!