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  1. Need more XP for visiting friends
  2. A few questions
  3. New Outfit
  4. Reward
  5. Rabbids Invasion game's error
  6. Cupcake error
  7. Please add new b u t t o n called "Accept all or ignore all" in mail options
  8. Please add help points bu t t on under friend icon
  9. Eggsautling Mystery issue
  10. We need more guide info please.
  11. More items
  12. "Get an expansion!" dialog box wording change suggestion.
  13. Progression
  14. Tasks that have been completed but not "credited" - potential bug.
  15. Adding Neighbors
  16. Problem
  17. rabids invasion for non facebook
  18. Support
  19. the game is stuck!
  20. Inviting Neighbors
  21. New Quest Problem
  22. Lapin Robot Toy ... need one