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  1. Horse Haven Facebook
  2. Horse haven engergy
  3. Licorice candy and mint candy
  4. Horse Haven Glitches/Bugs
  5. Horses reaching retirement way too soon
  6. Happy states
  7. amount of weed has increased to unacceptable amounts
  8. Standings
  9. How to report a bug? –READ BEFORE POSTING-
  10. HORSE_ACT Errors
  11. Known Bugs
  12. Wont load past "Initializing",
  13. apple cookies
  14. Accidentally retired a horse!
  15. Service errors
  16. FP not replenishing?
  17. bugs
  18. Horse Retired Before It's Time
  19. I have no horse!
  20. Quest & Achievement
  21. Great game but common sense went out of the window a little
  22. My horses can only go to petting zoo or breeding facility. no competitions or trainni
  23. Horse don't find Hay/water
  24. Visiting friends
  25. Important quests missing
  26. mastery levels training
  27. Coolest Glitch Ever?
  28. my level has reset!
  29. starting services error
  30. Server loot and collections errors
  31. Glitch On Start And Email Spam
  32. "Magical" Socks
  33. Can't Scroll Horse Discipline Mastery
  34. Cannot help my friends
  35. Cannot post to wall asking for help
  36. Can't breed, among others already stated...
  37. Missing items
  38. Incorrect text
  39. Not Receiving items after helping friends
  40. Second Place doesn't register?
  41. Bakery
  42. Not Rewarded for Acheivements
  43. The Green Screen
  44. Bypassed bus stop quest, did not get achievement
  45. Can't upgrade nursing barn
  46. Breeding Padock
  47. Accepting friend's help costs me energy?!
  48. Level 8 issues.
  49. FP keeps reloading as I help friends
  50. Stable boxes
  51. I can't accept gifts from my friends!
  52. Friends picture stuck over building or farms
  53. Can't Enter Competitions or Train
  54. IOU's Not Showing Up In Inventory
  55. Stables Capped at 3?
  56. not gaining breeding badges
  57. Nursing stable
  58. Horse Retired Too Soon
  59. Camera option removed?
  60. Mystery Boxes
  61. Foal Stuck in Stable
  62. Repetitive threads! Look for your answers!
  63. Money vanishing
  64. Unable to do competitions.
  65. Had 4 Boxes in a Stable... reduced to 3...
  66. Stable trouble and breeding problems
  67. new foal ...i cant play with it
  68. Cob webs in all stables now
  69. Breeding Badges, Stable Caps & Upgrades
  70. Not retired but can't be in a competition
  71. No Path Found
  72. Won't load.
  73. not earning badges
  74. Items Not Moving, Imitating other items
  75. My horse retired too early?
  76. Lost Facebook Credits!
  77. Breed Mastery not unlocking
  78. No Appaloosa Breed Mastery Page
  79. Training Levels
  80. Second compost not working
  81. I can't see my horse
  82. So...many...glitches...
  83. Ok this is annoying now!
  84. Unable to accept gift's. help please.
  85. Helping My Neighbors
  86. the rianbow is a bad memory and I am sickened by it
  87. Foal bug. no foal to interact with but still takes up space in my stable! HELP NOW!
  88. 2 Stables and horses within the same
  89. my horses will not level up at all in training i cant do shows
  90. Cannot Upgrade Stable
  91. Game crashes
  92. Training and map
  93. Enough with the weeds already!
  94. Other Player Stuck On My Screen
  95. Faulty link when requesting construction items
  96. Added Players, But Can't Find Them
  97. Unable to Interact with the game almost.
  98. Can't post feed and no IOUs
  99. Game issues
  100. Expansions www.facebook.com/#!/lisa.mcdowell.12
  101. Skipped a transport level.
  102. crash after retireing a horse
  103. "click to start" buttons are gone
  104. Problem with loading game
  105. Stable/Nursing Barn Glitch?
  106. Trailer Quest
  107. Getting nowhere, can't do anything
  108. A couple of bugs
  109. Having some issues
  110. Unable to upload stable
  111. Retired horse glitch
  112. Just to mention a couple bugs with the Horse Creator...
  113. Bus Stop
  114. Horse Glitch
  115. I don't get money from friends shareposts.
  116. Upgrade nursing barn
  117. Stable space
  118. Help :(
  119. im not receiving any gifts
  120. Stable/Nursing Stable/Stall Problems ....
  121. Breeding Stable/Foal problem
  122. Tree Collection
  123. Nursey barn
  124. Deed & other gifts vanish?!
  125. Having Problems
  126. A lost Foal and Wrong Count
  127. help for bakery not come
  128. Problem with Angel Acres Horse
  129. Few Things
  130. Dead Spots
  131. Several.. unable to send horses to activity..collecting bar..dirt grounds..compost..
  132. game wont load just initializing
  133. New Horse in Store... but not in Stable.
  134. Horse Bucks
  135. Foal Not Showing
  136. Problem with bakery
  137. Gifts
  138. Two problems - the nursery and racing
  139. horse haven
  140. Just used Face book credit to treat horse....
  141. Riding pal help bug
  142. Can't give treats.
  143. To Boldly Go (2) and Signpost
  144. Helping Friends
  145. Unable to upgrade stable
  146. Markings not showing up after breeding
  147. Friends Not Showing Up
  148. Fences
  149. Breeding Badges
  150. Gifts not appearing!
  151. Horse Haven and Ubisoft nothing but a group of thieves???
  152. treat
  153. Weeds and Trees
  154. Unable to add neighbors or send gifts
  155. neighbor will not leave
  156. Stable, cant unlock next box
  157. Unable to upgrade nursing stable
  158. Cannot access neighbors farms, gift, or accept job help
  159. Unhappy Friends that were listed along the bottom have disappeared
  160. wind machine
  161. quests cant get to them all
  162. Still Having Friend Issues
  163. Training and show problems
  164. Bug report: group gift send not working!
  165. Bug report: store cursor not working.
  166. Bug report: some "friend help" sessions stuck after one action completed.
  167. I can't see my ranch!!! I have friends who have the same issue.
  168. Collected all May Flowers Quest, Now can't Play- Only Have Green Screen
  169. Problems advancing at Cheffyl and Equinia competitions
  170. Unable to enter game
  171. Upgraded Trailer and Saga stuff
  172. Accepting Gift's!
  173. guest house and bakery boxes
  174. Green screen
  175. horse bucks/ facebook credits disappeared!!
  176. Feeds not posting
  177. Regenerating energy when visiting friends
  178. animation bugs
  179. Disappearing foal???
  180. Vanishing Breeding Badges ... help please??
  181. mayflower- after green screen / cannot train
  182. Items I bought with Credit not Showing in Inventory.
  183. breeding paddock problem
  184. 2nd Place = Error
  185. Cheffyl crystal cup prize - 10x breeding badges - yet inventory only holds 5x
  186. Friend Help Glitch
  187. Some problems.
  188. Game wont load instead I get this.....
  189. Can't breed new horse even though I have free boxes
  190. Not loading againg but different msg on screen
  191. game credits lost!!@!
  192. round pen problem.
  193. Breeding Badges Problem ...
  194. What happened to all my Facebook credits/Horse Dollars?
  195. Friends helping.
  196. Round pen problems
  197. 3 things, mayfower counter, training and crashing on helping neighbours
  198. Can't See the Whole Screen?
  199. lost breeding badges
  200. Used Saddle Dollars and didn't get my Foal twice
  201. not counting building already built
  202. problems with bred pasture, and the waste of money for Salon!
  203. New Purchase of Quarter Horse Foals boy/girl - Never out in yard.
  204. Horses vanished
  205. Experience points
  206. Strange Problem
  207. Known problem not fixed
  208. Land Disappearing
  209. Visits not counting down
  210. A couple problems
  211. Storage unit
  212. Can't acess my farm at all
  213. Loading issue
  214. CRITICAL BUG: Storage block
  215. Recurring Quests
  216. Splicer doesn't work
  217. How Long?
  218. Loss of levels
  219. Showing Bug
  220. Haystacks are not working
  221. Stables
  222. help i cant get into my game
  223. problem with nieghbors
  224. Horse Haven Maintenance?
  225. Loading Issues continued....
  226. Says I'm Inactive
  227. Breeding Badges Disappeared!
  228. Items disappear or not useable!
  229. Picking Apples and Carrots that can't be stored.
  230. My Game Refreshes every 5 seconds
  231. Foal Missing
  232. Interesting twist to the loading issue - Mod's please read.
  233. Neighbor Bug
  234. Requesting energy from friends
  235. only have half of a screen...
  236. Where is my foal???
  237. Guest House doesn't pay out
  238. Competitions}
  239. Game feed
  240. More Problems!
  241. Breeding: Problem with Shiny Attribute
  242. New Stable full!
  243. Helping friends
  244. How do we complete the Quest for Intermediate League Domination?
  245. help game wont load
  246. Light Chestnut Color Bug
  247. Water Troughs Not Clickable
  248. Not happy
  249. Green screen
  250. Levels