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  1. Horse Haven is currently in Friends & Family Test!
  2. Horse Haven is in Closed Beta!
  3. Welcome to Horse Haven Open Beta!
  4. Game is currently in MAINTENANCE!
  5. Game is back up! Discover the Breeding Paddock!
  6. Game is currently in maintenance!
  7. Horse Saga is moving to Horse Haven
  8. Discover the new items and Splicers in the shop this week!
  9. New collection system in game!!
  10. neighbors/friends
  11. Horse Haven partners with Angel Acres to make horses lives better!
  12. Patch Notes! Check out all the new features and bug fixes done in the game.
  13. May Flower Event! From May 31st to June 21
  14. May Flower Raffle Official Rules
  15. Flower Event Winners!
  16. Friendathon Event!
  17. Game currently under maintenance
  18. Freunde gesucht