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  2. Will "Assassin's Creed Recollection & Rearmed" be available on PSN, too?
  3. Card List
  4. Android port?
  5. question to the community at large
  6. Recollection on iPod?
  7. AC Rearmed is now universal.
  8. If ACR's Den Defense was an app, would you buy it?
  9. Rearmed patch - now works on ipad, but starting again????
  10. AC Recollection has been updated, 25 Jan 2012.
  11. Recollection: Max credits earned 0/0 bug possible fix.
  12. Rearmed bug
  13. Roll... Roll... Roll...
  14. [AC Recollections] Valentine's Day is coming!
  15. Valentine's day's special
  16. Recollection: For a limited time, Recollection is FREE!!
  17. How to get AC art book in Recollections?
  18. Recollections becoming a reality in reality?
  19. im getting tired of this game
  20. Expertise limit?
  21. Recollection coming to iPhone/iPods
  22. New Assassin's Creed on GREE platform coming.
  23. AC RECOLLECTION - Special Weekend Offer!!
  24. Assassin's Creed Recollection is coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch!!
  25. Recollections
  26. Assassin's Creed Recollection now available on iPhone and iPod Touch for FREE!!
  27. Assassin’s creed® recollection leaps onto iphone
  28. Any news on Assassin's Creed Comics for iPad?
  29. Forgotten Temple
  30. Credits not deliverd
  31. :mad: Credits were not delivered!
  32. Credits were not delivered!
  33. Assassin creed vita
  34. Forum Rules
  35. Assassin's Creed Recollection :What The Hell Gives?!?
  36. Can't connect to multiplayer
  37. 3d open-world game for ipad
  38. Assassin's Creed Recollection has been Updated!!
  39. Unable to connect to Ubisoft servers - error
  40. Suspected bugs with card effects
  41. Really love recollection!
  42. Recollection buggy after update!
  43. Recollections is practically unplayable.
  44. make your own Assassin's Creed contest
  45. Assassin's Creed Utopia, coming soon
  46. Losing Credits Due to Server Connect Failure.
  47. Assassin's Creed Recollection Uplay Artworks
  48. Recollection - Quantity over Quality not unlocking
  49. This game is realistic!
  50. "Purchase timed out" Error on every attempt to in-app purchase?
  51. AC Recollection - The AC Revelations Update!!
  52. $50 IAP Gone In A Flash
  53. Aassassin's Creed Utopia won't link with AC III
  54. Is Recolletion going to support on iPod3?
  55. AC The Fall now available on iPad
  56. any news about recollection or rearmed coming to android?
  57. Assassin's Creed Rearmed Bluetooth XP
  58. So has anyone bought Assassin's Creed Revelations for Android? (From Gameloft)
  59. Recollection: Unable to log into Buy cards
  60. Assassin's Creed on Xperia Play
  61. Discount sale my extra animus credits
  62. Windows Phone - Level 11-1 The Chalice
  63. Assassin's creed 3
  64. Assassin's Creed Recollection UPDATE! - V.2.15 is now Available
  65. Assassin's Creed III mobile
  66. Anyone excited for AC Utopia?
  67. Assassin's Creed Recollection Polish Forum
  68. Assassin's Creed Utopia at TGS 2012
  69. iOS 6
  70. assasins creed revelations
  71. Assassins Creed HTC
  72. Assassin's Creed: Multiplayer Rearmed - Employee of the Month
  73. ACII: Discovery ios 6 problems..
  74. AC III multiplayer characters/locations in AC Rearmed?
  75. A better type Assassin Creed game for iOS and my problem for the brotherhood series
  76. question about rearmed and recollection
  77. Assassins Creed 3 Liberation: A Broken Product??
  78. Can we get an Assassin's Guild mobile management game?
  79. when will recollection and rearmed be updated?
  80. small problem with new Assassin's creed rearmed update
  81. Assassin' Creed Rearmed RESET :(
  82. Assassins Network for Android and IOS?
  83. Make these titles available for VITA or/and PSP thnx
  84. Assassin's Creedesque 'BackStab' on sale
  85. Assassin's Creed: Multiplayer Rearmed - matchmaking
  86. Bloodlines, anyone?
  87. AC Liberation - What is the Mayan Statuettes reward?
  88. AC Recollection - Art button in shop?
  89. AC Recollection - Can't buy card packs
  90. ACIII - Liberation Game Stopping Bug
  91. Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation multiplayer questions
  92. When will you be fixing Liberation?
  93. AC: Utopia OFFICIALLY DELAYED [Details here]
  94. Assassins creed re-small problem.
  95. Assassins creed rearmed uplay problems
  96. AC 3 Laptop Crash - Buy Pistol & Sword
  97. when will assassin's creed utopia come out
  98. AC recollection revelations pack
  99. Please patch assassins creed 3 liberation the game feels broken!!!!!
  100. Assassins Creed Recollection - update 2013
  101. ceremonial with a
  102. AC1-AC3 gameloft
  103. Assassin's creed crossover
  104. Ac3:l dlc?
  105. AC Recollection - can´t login
  106. Assassin's Creed Recollection In-app problem
  107. AC Liberation on console?
  108. Black Flag to launch with free companion app
  109. Guys, help me pls. :( i need this bigtime!
  110. AC2 Discovery IOS
  111. Assassin's Creed Pirates announced - coming Fall 2013
  112. AC Recollection Links
  113. Why not Assassin's Creed Liberation HD for PS VITA?
  114. Companion App
  115. ACIV:BF Companion App Not Syncing Properly
  116. Companion for android tablets
  117. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag companion app for Windows 8(.1) ?
  118. Companion App on Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8013)
  119. ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ Free Companion App Now on iOS And Google Play
  120. Assassin's Creed Utopia cancelled
  121. PS4 & App on Tablet & Vita 2nd Screen Issues
  122. Companion App Issues
  123. Assassin’s creed® pirates sails to mobile devices on december 5
  124. Companion App on Android 4.4 Kitkat - see this before you update
  125. [AC4BF] Kenway's Fleet not working with Android Companion App
  126. Companion app has no map icons
  127. Assassin’s creed® pirates sets sail
  128. EVGA Terga Note 7
  129. Assasin´s Creed IV Black Flag on Sony Xperia V??
  130. Assassin's Creed in Presia and Japan
  131. AC Pirates: iCloud? Uplay?
  132. Companion App - iPhone 5 and Xbox ONE
  133. Will Companion app be made compatible on all Smartphones?
  134. Companion App AC4 - Kenway's Fleet / No Data Found
  135. Assassin's Creed: Pirates - what do you think?
  136. Companion app wont allow me to login using PSN credentials.. HELP!!
  137. AC4 app not connecting to ps4
  138. Assassin's Creed Pirates - Nvidia SHIELD support
  139. question about future ps vita games
  140. Second Screen PS4
  141. AC Pirates, almost finished game but not all achievements are possible?
  142. Assassin's Creed 4 Companion App - Supported Devices
  143. AC Pirate Race Missions (100%) HELP! :(
  144. Shipwrecked Pirates and one other question about AC: Pirates
  145. Will Ubisoft ever port other handhald AC games?
  146. AC Pirates game breaking bug
  147. Assassin's Creed V
  148. Assassination mission bug
  149. AC Companion App for Android Smartphones
  150. deception Ubisot - Assassin’s Creed® IV Companion does not work
  151. Issues with Pirates (iOS)
  152. AC Pirates on ASUS Transformer Prime
  153. Gaming (Online and/or Offline)
  154. Assassins Creed Rearmed not on app store?
  155. Assassin's Creed Pirates 1.2.0 Crash (iOS)
  156. Assassin’s Creed® Pirates gets a second update
  157. Companion app
  158. Multiplayer and Uplay Enabled
  159. Transferring A:C Pirates save game to new tablet
  160. Recollection, Altair Chronicles, Discovery
  161. Android version Errors
  162. Cannot load into the last map after updated new version
  163. AC: Pirates - Unable to link to Facebook
  164. AC Pirates Links
  165. Swivel Gun Crash
  166. AC Pirates - Chase missions?
  167. Assassin's Creed II 10th anniversary PSVITA-release
  168. Companion App not syncing on IOS
  169. Assassin's Creed: Pirates final mission?
  170. Assassin's Creed Memories Spotted on Uplay!
  171. Daily challenge ultimate strike vs critical strike?
  172. Recollection timer
  173. Assassins Creed Pirates Update July 2014
  174. Having problems fishing
  175. Assassin’s Creed: Memories announced
  176. Assassin's Creed: Memories soft-launched AUS, first impressions
  177. Daily rewards not working
  178. AC Pirates Question About the Names of the Weapons Corresponding to the Icons
  179. AC Pirates Freedom Update for Android ???
  180. Rescuing Bellamy, La Habana - need help understanding what to do!
  181. La Habana mission crashesI
  182. Game Crashes, lost credit and Resetting
  183. Ocean Map and Icons Map not showing in AC Pirates
  184. Hot Shot? Heavy Shot? What are these?
  185. Green / Orange sky glitch on Sony Xperia Z2
  186. Bugs, conundrums, system crashing, oh my...
  187. Lost Everything
  188. AC Pirates not working on Lumia 1520
  189. Invasive new permissions in Pirates
  190. Assassins Creed: Pirates...where is it?
  191. Assassin's Creed Memories now available on the App Store
  192. Assassin's Creed Memories Friend Code + unlock prizes and stuff
  193. Daily rewards is screwed up.....
  194. AC: Memories Inv Code
  195. What to make of AC Memories ?
  196. Here are some AC Memories Item Codes (valid 31.08.2014)!
  197. AC: Memories friend code to unlock extra stuff
  198. Assassins Creed: Memories Hacked?
  199. Assassin's Creed Memories new player? Enter this code for free items and gold.
  200. AC Pirates daily rewards isnt even working now.
  201. AC Pirates goes Free-to-Play with new Cold Blood update
  202. Assassins Creed Pirates
  203. No syncing possible?
  204. Expensive products and crashes too much
  205. AC Pirates Windows Phone Question
  206. HELP! I deleted AC: Pirates to get enough space to update but I lost everything
  207. Please don't forget Android Users
  208. Assassin's Creed Pirates PowerVR very bad graphics.
  209. Assassin's Creed Pirates not working on my iPhone 4S
  210. Assassin's Creed Pirates Merchant Chase
  211. Assassin's Creed Identity in europe
  212. AC Pirates graphics nerfed!
  213. Assassin's Creed Pirates : What is the best ship?
  214. I accidentally reset AC Pirates
  215. Nvidia Shield
  216. ACIV: Black Flag Companion App - fast travel?
  217. Compatibility Issues
  218. AC: Pirates crashes to home screen - gamebraking
  219. AC: Unity Companion App Issues
  220. Will there be an Assassin Creed: Rogue companion app?
  221. Windows Phone Premium Companion App
  222. ACU Companion App - Rewards Not Activating?
  223. AC Unity Companion App, Unable to use "Nomad Brotherhood" Features
  224. AC unity companion app issue
  225. ACU Companion App, Altair Costume Not Unlocking?
  226. Companion Missions not appearing
  227. Got AC unity companion app and still no Altair outfit?
  228. not connected to:pc.... no doubt i play on xbox one!!!!
  229. Unity Companion App on Kindle Fire?
  230. Stuck on a nomad mission for 2 days now....
  231. Puzzles too hard, can hardly see pieces
  232. App Not COnnecting To XboxOne
  233. Can't open chests from completed missions
  234. Companion App - Display Errot
  235. Can't find puzzle glyph stage three louvre
  236. ACU app stuck in tutorial, will not give me assassins, way past tutorial.
  237. No smartphone or windows 8 issue
  238. Nomad Chest wont open after solve puzzles
  239. no connection to pc possible
  240. AC:U Companion APP constantly losing PREMIUM.
  241. Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App fixes inbound
  242. I can't find the last glyph ath the notre dame puzzle
  243. Companion app can't sign in to Uplay
  244. Companion App Keeps Resetting!!!
  245. PS Vita companion app
  246. iOS app update fixed my no brothers issue thanks
  247. Premium version price difference
  248. So far now Windows 8 Companion Update grey out Nomad Brotherhood is not fixed
  249. AC UNITY companion app won't synchronize!!
  250. i'm can not training ground 01