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  1. Companion, do i need to be online in Unity to play?
  2. AC Unity Companion App
  3. Assassin's Creed Unity - Companion app grey map bug on Asus Transformer Prime
  4. Unity Companion app just doesn't work.
  5. It finally Happened to me
  6. AC:U Missing assassins fixed, immediatly broken again in mission Knock Out.
  7. Sorbonne Glyph Puzzle
  8. A suggestion for those with Companion syncing issues.
  9. How to equip hidden blades and other weapons assassin's creed unity
  10. Official Unofficial Glyph Puzzle Help Thread [SPOILERS]
  11. AC Unity Companion Cross-Platform
  12. AC unity app not compatible
  13. unity companion reset problem
  14. Can't progress on AC:Unity companion app - stuck in training
  15. Porbleme coffre Nomad
  16. companion app problem
  17. AC: Rogue app question
  18. Either revamp this "app" or patch the game ....
  19. Workaround found for "Grayed Out" Nomad Brotherhood button!
  20. This app is terrible...
  21. Assassin's Creed Unity does not register Companion application unlocks...
  22. please do not force companion app integration in the future.
  23. Completed nomad companion missions before sync
  24. Companion Mission won't load on Unity
  25. ACU App never finish synchronizing
  26. All puzzles, nomad assassins and nomad points are missing
  27. Problem with Assassin's Creed Unity Companion
  28. nomad chest wont open please help
  29. Lost progression again even after update
  30. Lost premium twice in ome day
  31. I am so sick of the timers resetting on me
  32. Everything reseted. How hard is it to make something work?
  33. Unity Companion app hasn't been able to sync for days....also lost Premium App!
  34. AX Unity compagnon app
  35. AC Unity companion app: Brotherhood button gray out
  36. AC Unity companion app only sync on WiFi
  37. Companion app won't connect to Xbox One, keeps trying PC
  38. ETA for Unity Companion app update for Windows Phone?
  39. Companion App Not Completing Uplay Actions
  40. my AC Unity Companion app can not synchronize(unable to synchronize)
  41. Timmer stuck at 00:00:00
  42. Can't use assassins in companion app???
  43. Can't download companion app from Google Play Store
  44. companion app for unity- still unable to play due to dead nomads
  45. Companion app wont sync to ps4
  46. Uninstalled. I'm done.
  47. Assassins Creed Initiates
  48. Companion App fixes inbound!!!
  49. Assassin's Creed Initiates not recognizing ALL previously played AC games from Uplay
  50. Still NOT getting UPLAYaction completion
  51. Just uninstalled the Companion app
  52. LG G2 is not working
  53. Lost my game on the Companion App !
  54. Playing the Companion App prior to Unity
  55. Unity companion app is........
  56. Just lost all of my Companion App progress
  57. Lost data from app
  58. How to unlock Altair costume ?
  59. Unable to Sync Unity Companion for several days now
  60. Companion App on PC - for those who dont have mobile device.
  62. Lost all Progress
  63. Companion app stuck in training.
  64. Paris Stories and other missions
  65. Companion App Reset?
  66. Free*Kali Meehan vs Shane Cameron L-i-v-e S-t-r-e-a-m Boxing show Online
  67. Mobile App chest
  68. 36 hours for one mission? wtf?
  69. I can unlock Nomad chest in Mobile but I can't open it in ACU Pc
  70. Assassins stuck in limbo
  71. Assassins are away
  72. Unity Companion App Reset Workaround
  73. When i obtain the rewards in the AC Companion
  74. AC unity APP:unable to synchronize...
  75. App keeps crashing why?
  76. Versailles Nomad chests
  77. New Game in Unity, Companion App progress remains.
  78. Remove "Premium" Features of the App
  79. So has there been any word?
  80. Companion app premium wont work
  81. PLEASE HELP ME!I can not sign up to the app
  82. Specific Unity Companion App issues
  83. Played all nomad missions for one area / glyph, but chests in area won't open.
  84. Unlock chests in companion can't be opened in game
  85. Nomad Chest: 250f? That's it?
  86. Nomad Chests won't open anymore
  87. companion app frustration
  88. Companion App odd resolution issue...
  89. App wont allow me to only attempt to sync to pc and not Xbox One
  90. All of my progress has reset and I have no assassins
  91. lost compatibility Ac Unity app
  92. 100% Chance of success... Failed. Lost 2 premium assassins...
  93. Second time i loose progress on the companion app, this time premium went to....
  94. Unity Companion App: Frozen Progress
  95. Downloaded update - still not working
  96. Yet another problem with 'nomad chests'.
  97. Assassins Creed Unity companion App-lost everything
  98. Lost all Progress on AC unity companion app !!!! WTF.....
  99. AC Initiates not syncing
  100. Anyone try it since the update for iOS rolled out today?
  101. Anyway to recover the stuck blue chests?
  102. Triangulation
  103. Anyone still playing Black Flag? (Kenway's Fleet friend request)
  104. No Fix for Unity app......yet?
  105. Finally it's my turn to lose progress in companion!
  106. Premium version of Unity companion app?
  107. Companion app Premium content fix on iOS
  108. I didn't know premium version means "stress premium"
  109. AC Unity companion app
  110. Any solutions for Support Ticket: 01627633?
  111. Possible New Patch 3 Connectivity Issue - Helix Markers Not Synching
  112. Unity Companion App - Still can't get past training after update - iOS
  113. Problem with nomad chests and missions
  114. Just ignoring us??
  115. Companion App Not Syncing To Uplay?
  116. Locked Chests in ACU
  117. Location setting not working on companion app
  118. Helix Marker Not Working
  119. "Cannot Connect to PS4"
  120. Controlling the assassin sent to get nomad chests or go on missions?
  121. [READ THIS!] Urge all people to request a refund for the broken unity app.
  122. Unity App on LG G2
  123. Help Turning off Notifications in Unity Companion App
  124. AC: Pirates constant crashing
  125. Transfer game data for AC Pirates
  126. Unity Companion App: Do the rewards ever really pick up?
  127. Why I No Have You Altair?!?
  128. Are people still losing progress in the companion app?
  129. Assassin's Creed unity companion app. Lost all 4 assassins I had...
  130. how do i make my assassins NOT collect my in game rewards!!!??URGENT
  131. Assassins Hogged for 24 Hours with out Sync
  132. Unity App compatibility with Moto G
  133. Altair's Outfit
  134. Assassin Creed Unity Premium Content disappeared! $2.99
  135. for PC unlocked multiple chests, save got erased, now what?
  136. no reply from Ubisoft support
  137. Fix it or remove it
  138. The Unity companion app is GARBAGE!!
  139. I really tried but.. Your Unity app f@cking sucks.
  140. List of nomad mission times? How long is the longest?
  141. Re-Play Nomad missions in Unity?
  142. No change after updating.
  143. Assassin's Creed Unity Companion app lost compatibility
  144. rewards not synchronized
  145. No Unity App for the Nokia 635 Windows Phone
  146. AC Initiates & AC Unity app
  147. ACU is a lesson in how to get the concept of a Companion App COMPLETELY WRONG.
  148. What was the trick???
  149. Companion mission reward can't be equipped!?
  150. Cancelling Missions on the AC Unity Companion
  151. Paid for the Companion Premium Version, but nothing happened.
  152. [warning] new update will reset progress < do not update >
  153. Unable to sync Helix marker after app-update
  154. Where do I exactly found the ...
  155. Unity Companion App crashing on Nexus 5 unit.
  156. The app on ios can not synchronize,but if you change another new account,it works ok.
  157. Still can't progress past the training - iOS
  158. Assassins Creed Unity Companion App on Moto G
  159. ACU companion APP - sharing Windows PC internet via USB cable bug.
  160. from where the alleged attacks
  161. Unity Campanion APP doubles mission time if play offline
  162. companion app fails to synchronize
  163. Lost my save data on my Xbox1 but not the app, now I have a bunch of unobtainable che
  164. Awww the worst mistake!
  165. Companion app Outfit not unlocking
  166. Companion App: Auto collecting after 24 hours?
  167. [WP]Assassin's Creed Unity Companion crashes
  168. [WP] Companion App Disappeared
  169. Helix artifacts
  170. Can someone please help
  171. ACU Companion App "UNABLE TO SYNCHRONIZE"
  172. Sooooo.... APP is done?
  173. AC UNITY Companion issue
  174. Companion App Randomly Quits To Desktop
  175. Is the ACU companion app supposed to connect to XBOX One?
  176. Helix Markers from Companion App don't sync with the game?
  177. It's about time the "No assassins available" issue gets fixed
  178. 100% Companion App not syncing properly in-game.
  179. Unable to log in to INITIATES
  180. App won't connect to Uplay, but still syncs with my Xbox One
  181. New Patch........same problem
  182. app unity companion Error
  183. ACU Companion App Cant connect untill "the tragedy of jacques de molay" is complete.
  184. Companion App's artifacts do NOT unlock!
  185. Unlocked artifact in companion but still locked in game!!!
  186. Assassin's Creed: Pirates - The Slavers Fort (La Boca del Diablo)
  187. Companion App mission times
  188. Close to rage quitting.
  189. LG G2 app no compatible, por que?
  190. Companion app Unity - wrong platform detected
  191. Unity App is an utter disaster
  192. How to get styles from Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App
  193. Ubisoft Support - why are you silent about the broken Unity app.?
  194. ACU Nomad Brotherhood stuck in AWAY mode.
  195. Question about AC Unity Companion App.
  196. probleme assasins creed unity companion connexion
  197. Error RPC:S-7:AEC-0 (Google Play Store) and cant access premium content
  198. Unity APP compatible with LG L3 and huawei u8160 but not with Moto G 2nda gen?
  199. missing companion mission?
  200. New AC Pirates update completely broke the game
  201. Can't find Arno
  202. App Issues
  203. Premium Content Question
  204. Unity companion app crashing and not unlocking chests
  205. ACU Companion synchronization error
  206. APP absent sur android
  207. Cant progress on glyph puzzles.
  208. AC: Memories - Development Stopped?
  209. I can't get 100% sync in Unity because of this stupid app not working...
  210. Assassin's Creed Unity Companion app: Which missions for Alta´r outfit?
  211. Need some altair help
  212. I know there are a lot of conversations about it but I can't find a solution(ACU COM)
  213. Assassin's Creed: Pirates save file question
  214. Got Altair outfit, but the artifact memento won't unlock!
  215. amazon app store
  216. Tailored Phantom Coat -HELP-
  217. AC Unity Companion UPDATE 1.0.5
  218. Companion App from Windows Store
  219. Assassins "away" forever?
  220. The AC Unity Companion App is a JOKE!!!
  221. Assasin's Creed: Pirates Broken, will Ubisoft Fix?
  222. Assassin's Creed Unity Companion App fixes inbound ? Any Update...
  223. Problem reported on October 22 and still no solution
  224. How to Play AC on another phone?
  225. Problem while sync with Uplay
  226. Unity app synchronizes with mobile data but not with WiFi connection.
  227. Companion App. Support is apparently unable to help.
  228. Companion App Support = EPIC FAIL.
  229. Resetting the Companion App
  230. AC Memories: multiple errors and no support
  231. ACU App Knockout training bug
  232. Can't level because too low level to play...
  233. Just updated iOS Unity app and all data reset!!!
  234. Companion App stopped connecting after playing Dead Kings
  235. I have a very Weird problem with the companion app
  236. ACU App NOMAD Brotherhood not working
  237. Please... Don't make another App... seriously...
  238. Tilting not working in Assassin's Creed Pirates.
  239. Nomad chests
  240. Scorpion Reef bug or what ?
  241. Stuck at level 32? Level 32 cap?
  242. Companion app not compatible?
  243. Complete app needs more time then complete 100% sync Unity + Dead Kings
  244. Can't find last glyph for the Louvre
  245. New game question
  246. Pirates Daily rewards
  247. Assassin's Creed III: Liberation - PS Vita
  248. Why does the companion app automatically send recruits to collect items?
  249. Can you reset the app?
  250. ACU companion app keeps adding ridiculous amounts of time to missions