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  1. Project announcement
  2. No serial number in my box
  3. Who can't wait for it?
  4. Races?
  5. Hopeful beta-testers thread
  6. Beta Key
  7. Client version?
  8. How do I request an invitation?
  9. Smells a bit like HoMM6 prep.
  10. What HOMM race would you play HOMMKingdom?
  11. HOMAM kingdoms: is it a sequal or just another game?
  12. Would you like this game to be a.....
  13. Abit about how this game will be like.
  14. Is HOMM Classic available?
  15. Can U play beta w/out buying anything?
  16. So will there be any guilds out there?
  17. Your questions about the game *** answers from Ubisoft
  18. ingame chat
  19. i have the code then what?
  20. The Tarot Game
  21. Attack is best defense! - [the german Thread]
  22. Guild/Clan/Alliances
  23. Hi there, when can we have the answers to our questions?
  24. Suomalainen Kilta (Finnish Thread)
  25. 建一个*国的玩家公会如何? [Chinese Thread]
  26. When I can play this ?
  27. Brazillians Alliance [Portuguese Thread]
  28. Who is developing the game?
  29. Aos brazucas ...................please
  30. Is this game will be like O-game?
  31. Есть ли кто русскоговорящий? [Russian Thread]
  32. Can i still join beta ?
  33. znorks shiort guid to beta testers!
  34. Futuros Beta Testers Espaoles!! [Spanish Thread]
  35. Romanian players [Romanian Thread]
  36. Play online
  37. French players [French Thread]
  38. the new beta
  39. dutch players [Dutch Thread]
  40. Racial superskill - the outcome
  41. internal server problem - Some posts were lost
  42. fanousci pod tatrama i pod krkonosema (Czech /Slovakian Thread)
  43. Suggestions (pre-beta)
  44. How do I get in with my key?
  45. How do I play the beta
  46. make it not too much as an normal online game
  47. advantage in troops
  48. 2 things - involvement game masters and pay-to-play
  49. Hungarian players [Hungarian Thread]
  50. Here is some Estonian Testers also [Estonian Thread]
  51. "Not-so-silly" question about the key
  52. Beta Tester Italy [Italian Thread]
  53. hommkingdoms community
  54. gold edition
  55. Ajde valjda ima i ljudi sa upka svijeta [Balkan Thread]
  56. Bulgarian players [Bulgarian Thread]
  57. SWEDEN HOMM players? [Swedish Thread]
  58. Playstyle of Races in HOMM 5
  59. game
  60. Polskie gadanie :) (Polish Thread)
  61. Gostilna za slovence [Slovenian Thread]
  62. Can this be a study to see if a real HOMM MMO would fly?
  63. j'ai la clef pour la beta, impossible de trouver la beta?
  64. Direct2Drive Homm5 Complete Edition doesn't have beta key?
  65. HOM&M Kingdom Sprache
  66. Did i miss somthing? (mascots offical congrats to ouer new mod)
  67. Please welcome our new Moderators
  68. American guild recruitment
  69. o da
  70. FAQ [Concerning Beta] [Updated 26-09-09]
  71. Croatian player [Croatian Thread]
  72. Where is the CD-Key located?
  73. Norwegian HOMM Players? [Norwegian Thread]
  74. wow!
  75. Singapore and Asean Players.. Gather Here!!
  76. who make the game?3DO or Nival
  77. Vietnamese Player [Vietnamese Thread]
  78. HOMM Kingdoms - Evolution of Travian?
  79. Discussion about Cav. vs Inf vs. Sho
  80. My doubts
  81. Order way of playing hereos
  82. Costs to play
  83. Advice please?
  84. Turkish players (Turkish Tread)
  85. a question, real time or strategy game?
  86. I want you to see this webgame
  87. Website registration
  88. beta reg pass key
  89. league
  90. Relays tutorial
  91. How many friends do you really have??
  92. New units
  93. The HOMM Kingdoms team wishes you a merry Christmas and happy Holidays
  94. how to play
  95. how to get the pass key in China?
  96. European Guild
  97. This has to be a joke
  98. Project update?
  99. How much Advance Notice will we get of the open beta starting?
  100. Any users complety new to the HOMM...
  101. Improving the trailer
  102. il sort quand ce jeu
  103. News... updates...?
  105. Why are there no Beta-Keys anymore?
  106. Jugadors de Valncia, Catalunya i Ses Illes [Catalan Thread]
  107. Help...
  108. i have got to take a....
  109. This is driving me crazy;
  110. when the beta of heroes kingdoms will start??
  111. what do you guys think about homm mmo
  112. how i play?
  113. game
  114. we should get some news
  115. So i've ordered the white box online
  116. Navigation, Sailing, Ocean and this kind of stuff
  117. whats up?
  118. Your questions about the game *** answers from beta testers ***
  119. soundtrack?
  120. The United Kingdoms
  121. Which complete edition gives a beta key?
  122. Activity check (please submit your voice)
  123. Idiotic name change
  124. Testers check
  125. Welcome to the new Might and Magic ComDev !
  126. Next step for Heroes Kingdoms and more info!
  127. Is this game free or not...
  128. Might & Magic: A dedicated Facebook Page is live!
  129. Iconography appearance poll
  130. Interview of our CEO at the BMO Capital Markets digital entertainment conference
  131. USA Availability
  132. Greece
  133. Questions regarding Beta
  134. Supported Browsers
  135. game game game
  136. 1 question
  137. i know it sounds weird
  138. Finally Fed Up. Enough is Enough
  139. what is going on ???!
  140. sooooo....!!?
  141. MAM Heroes Kingdoms in Czech Republic ?
  142. Update please
  143. Heroes of Might and Magic online (CB starts 7th of may)
  144. We of HOMM online
  145. MIGHT & MAGIC HEROES KINGDOMS - Opening of the first server!
  146. USA Availability - Part 2
  147. Uk/German release
  148. Newbie Help :)
  149. anyone need an account ?
  150. Multiplayer Coop ?
  151. Servers Down?
  152. Season 1 launch in UK and USA
  153. dutch/belgian server
  154. When will the server maintenance be completed?
  155. Can not attack a city today
  156. Where is the game....
  157. Firefox
  158. Cannot connect to Heros kingdoms
  159. You want to start on a English server?
  160. Instant News on Twitter
  161. cant get into game
  162. Can not load site
  163. might and magis heroes kingdoms
  164. Downloading & Using Custom Maps
  165. Can't load error 500
  166. I want to be able to play too..
  167. Diplomat skill useless
  168. Has the server been down all weekend????
  169. Playing from India! When to start?
  170. is anyone else having problems playing heros online?
  171. Probleme mit Browser beim ffnen der Heroes Kingdoms Seite
  172. Error when trying to log into the game
  173. Troubleshoot for login
  174. Wondering why I'm restricted..
  175. Why play Heroes Kingdom when you can play HoMM Online
  176. Cheating explained, sort of. Is this really what Ubisoft considers customer service?
  177. Login error message
  178. Troubleshoot for login - lame
  179. server down?
  180. When is the beta supposed to start for this game and how do I get in on it?
  181. VIP and website
  182. Internet Explorer
  183. Uptime???
  184. when will the game be back up?
  185. account dissappeared!
  186. Server Maintence
  187. subscription cancellation issues
  188. Feedback: Why I quit the game ... or ... why I only subscribed for a month
  189. Accepting an early alliance offer
  190. I can't log in
  191. the game ...
  192. Splitting armies, combat and keeping busy
  193. Feedback: Cheaters Prosper ...
  194. free subscription to HMMK
  195. Using HOMM6 1 Month Free Sub?
  196. No funciona
  197. unable to connect to the network
  198. Korean Version CD Installer
  199. Why cant I resurect
  200. homm 6 is not self updatiyng
  201. homm6 no se actualiza solo
  202. Forum Rules
  203. Регистрауция Героев 6
  204. help!
  205. logging in
  206. ключ к игре
  207. i cant log in...
  208. Absolute disgrace
  209. Conflux down again
  210. Heroes might and magic 3
  211. Forum Rules
  212. How to get the game to work....
  213. Bought might and magic on steam 50% off on steam...dosnt work...
  214. Heroes 6 crashes on StartUp
  215. cant connect to conflux
  216. Save Games not there!
  217. Since patch and new login, I cannot play. Game goes Immediately to after game report
  218. server shutdown?
  219. 'AI turns' time length on HoMM V
  220. Heroes of Might and Magic source code
  221. M&M Kingdoms voucher.. for what?
  222. HOMMK - categorized as "Phishing"
  223. Trade! СДЕЛКА! Trade!
  224. problem
  225. Problem with HOMM6
  226. Shades of Darkness
  227. Quick Help.
  228. Random Crasses.