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  2. Information/Ideas
  3. Endwar intel site!
  4. All the info I have so far:
  5. compilation theories...
  6. REV64?
  7. Have you heard it??
  8. Other Clancy sites
  9. IM going to through a curve ball in the twist!
  10. Tom Clancys: Splinter Six Recon
  11. Three Series, One Setting
  12. Rev64 -> Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 3?
  13. Rev 6.4=BIBLE, Red Horse=Bible
  14. Put all theories here **NEW MEMBERS READ**
  15. Why assume Firehawk? Tom Clancy's Crossfire.
  16. Transcript
  17. Joined/posted for rev64?
  18. Jack Ryan
  19. Rainbow Six reference?
  20. Would you pay for a mix?
  21. What the game is probobly about!
  22. Who is JSF?
  23. Curious and extemely excited!
  24. Would you PRE-ORDER this game...even if you don't know what its about?
  25. rev 64
  26. GRAC?
  27. They should make a movie out of this
  28. So....
  29. Does the way Vegas ends have to do with this?
  30. Anyone expecting an update to the page?
  31. Factoring down the facts....
  32. game informer
  33. Might be crazy or maybe not
  34. Something about Cincinnati, Ohio
  35. OPP:CAPE
  36. WWIII
  37. y'know what this reminds me of?
  38. confirmed locations
  39. Electronic Gaming Monthly?
  40. Theory
  41. Tie in story with all three franchises
  42. Year Zero?
  43. Proof that is is a combination game of GRAW SC AND R
  44. PROOF of a Cross over of all 3 GRAW, SC, R
  45. Splinter Cell references in GRAW2
  46. My thoughts regarding 'new' franchise
  47. Genre???
  48. What we need...
  49. Injured Soldier
  50. Interesting Question about this Game...
  51. Im think its a game on the seven year war to the end of the world
  52. Makes no since but 1 word.
  53. I figured it out
  54. What is JSF28555833-80604722?
  55. What if its a MMOG??
  56. Tom Clancy's Firehawk
  57. East coast shut down
  58. POW
  59. I'm Going To Go With Splinter Cell...(Evidence)
  60. Reverse Migration Poll
  61. new character for sure...
  62. Main Charecter
  63. I hope that this game is a mix of all 3 titles!
  64. The Movie Decompiled
  65. It's a preview to the Movie Rainbow six
  66. possible proof of 3 of them,
  67. ~~~ passcode is s9p1z6 ~~~~
  69. Rev64 may refer to Book of Revelations
  70. Is this research?
  71. What does "jsf28555833-80604722" imply??
  72. Can anyone make head or tails of this?
  73. Could extremely amazing voice control be the big thing for this game? EGM speculation
  74. Game to happen in 2026-2028
  75. What I have gleamed from radio news
  76. My Findings Before I Leave
  77. LOC ( / 12.0N
  78. Suggestions for this game
  79. A Few More Hints
  80. This is...
  81. Found This.....
  82. Possible Story Line for the new game(s)
  83. The Rainbow Six SC connection
  84. Copyright?
  85. (lack of) updating of website
  86. US fighting itself?
  87. Why this will NOT be a GRAW/RB6/SC video game!
  88. Nick Salvatore?
  89. anybody get the new egm?
  90. Blackfoot Studios, possible co-developer for next Clancy game?
  91. This sounds alot like something to do with joint vision 2020
  92. JSF= all three games
  93. Maybe this game is something alogn the lines of.....
  94. Instellar Marines
  95. Dunno if this has already been though of...
  96. Moderators are Here..Hide the Bacon?!? (gender-friendly title noobs)
  97. Has This Viral Campaign....
  98. What Weapons/Vehicles/Troop Forces would you like to see..
  99. Word Association Game
  100. Buy it?
  101. Officially announced as the RTS Tom Clancy's EndWar!
  102. Password For new update
  103. A new association to Splinter Cell
  104. EndWar Logo!!!
  105. Tom Clancy's Endwar - its not an RTS
  106. Secret Videos in the site
  107. new rev64.com - post what you get here
  108. video on the new site...
  109. what could this be ..?
  110. Convenient stream of EndWar videos
  111. I can already tell this game will suck
  112. Look its a bird, its a plane. ITS NOT AN F-22!
  113. just wondering
  114. GO to this link, for EGM cover of ENDWAR
  115. im sorry for this but,
  116. Lots of new EndWar info!
  117. Will this game...
  118. Video?
  119. The passcode?
  120. EndWar for PC
  121. The Armies
  122. NOTE to devs about PHYSICS and Animations
  123. EGM on Store Shelves...
  124. What the voices in the intro are saying...
  125. So... is this JSF game Endwar?
  126. weapons for US and Units
  127. What Does the Late May Video...
  128. Devs: I have lots of research info on future weapons
  129. Campaign Speculation...Enter at Yer Own Risk
  130. which system will you be playing endwar on?
  131. Holy Smokes, Do Not Read if You are Blind...
  132. EndWar Trailer on G4
  133. Gamespot preview says there will be PC version
  134. Shacknews preview says RB6, Ghost Recon, SC related
  135. Orbital strikes are in game as I guessed
  136. Some New Stuff!
  137. So many unrealistic things in the trailer
  138. Here's a better exoskeleton for ENDWAR
  139. US player domination?
  140. What Does jsf28555833-80604722 Mean I Know
  141. wtf??? EndWar is a Copy of GR Chilean League !!??
  142. IGN Developer Interview
  143. Just A Thought...
  144. Does anyone know the "password" for rev64.com?
  145. For strategic/tactical weapons, will there be chem or bio weaons?
  146. In this concept art, the guy with the backpack in the background
  147. So this is only for consoles?
  148. Q&A about info-gathering...
  149. all multiplayer?
  150. OH NO! Not the railgun discussion AGAIN!
  151. Game similarities
  152. Beta test in Nov?
  153. PC or not? We deserve an explanation!
  154. New EndWar interview
  155. Welcome to End War.
  156. Devs did their homework regarding background story
  157. New Sub-Forum?
  158. time difference between countries !!
  159. Do UBISOFT devs tend to pop up and comment in forums?
  160. The Self Healing Minefield that some of you read abt in the Endwar novel
  161. A Trailer Remix...
  162. Welcome, let's introduce ourselves! =)
  163. Possible Connection
  164. New interview at Worthplaying.com
  165. Steel Rain Plus - an advanced loitering munition
  166. Advanced miltech for Russia
  167. Light Fighter Lethality munition
  168. Nano camo as being developed for the Future Force Warrior program
  169. EndWar on myspace
  170. s9p1z6 - Sierra9poppa1zulu6?
  171. real life
  172. Dragon Skin body armor VS Interceptor Body Armor
  173. Let's see Robotic Teddy Bears save US JSF
  174. So other then the beta will there be a demo?
  175. Questions
  176. the viral site
  177. Please say there will be a skirmish mode with AI
  178. Things you found in the in-game screenshots and your impressions
  179. If this is coming out for PC, will tools be released for MODS?
  180. China not in EndWar?
  181. Possible Speacial Units
  182. EU forces
  183. Game Type
  184. What is this spaceship?
  185. Naval Warfare?
  186. allies
  187. EndWar goals
  188. Middle East Muslims?
  189. My understanding of endwar
  190. Back story for expansion linked in with ideas for game.
  191. unit size approximation
  192. What if....
  193. EndWar Trailer Disection
  194. Cinematics?
  195. E3
  196. Location of battle in trailer
  197. What camo do you want to see on the US forces?
  198. Russian armor
  199. vote call of duty 4 MW best of e3 2007
  200. Similar to Endwar except in FPS
  201. two videos found on rev64.com
  202. Gameplay vid!!!!!!!!
  203. Here are some interesting videos with relevance to military tech in EndWar.
  204. Retreating
  205. Forum Chat
  206. Realistic settings/damage, hit distance, etc: pls be realistic
  207. Can we have craters like in World In Conflict please?
  208. Ask a dev a question about Endwar!
  209. According to Ubi, End War will support modmaking, which means PC!
  210. Yeah, I gotta question that can't be answered.
  211. So the War on Terror never happened in the world of Endwar?
  212. Stuff to do when it comes out.....
  213. Russia's PAK-FA 5th generation fighter is in development!
  214. Weapons/gear loadout customization.
  215. Endwar runs on Unreal Engine 3???
  216. US countersystem to the Russian UAV drones
  217. Guns You Want To See In EndWar
  218. Equipment
  219. Recommended modern World War 3 novels.
  220. game modes u want to see
  221. New screenshots and review in the Sept. GAMEPRO issue
  222. bayonets???
  223. Clan possibilities
  224. Full scale lost
  225. Special forces you want involved
  226. Prisoners
  227. Airborne operations?
  228. Son's Of Azrael
  229. New Endwar content on IGN NOW and on 8/20
  230. Why is Europe getting DE and non-lethal weapons?
  231. Types of Units/ Features you would like to see in EndWar Devs read
  232. This games sounds AWESOME. Here's how to make it perfect.
  233. PC gamers look here.
  234. Congrats to Mike DePlatter
  235. Presistant war = Presistant battlefield ruins?
  236. I'm on it already, I told u I love this game: new SS
  237. How do I play?
  238. not sure how this will work
  239. News from Lepzieg GC mentions PC version.
  240. END WAR
  241. NEW video interview at IGN posted on 8/24
  242. Retreating question has been answered
  243. I would have liked to have seen for a more realistic storyine.
  244. GAMESPY comments/review about gameplay they saw in Leipzig
  245. Doesn't the orbital strike platform seem kind of weak?
  246. New VIDEO Interview that mentions a PC VERSION!!
  247. Voice commands take over voice chat?
  248. EndWar public BETA?
  249. EndWar Ranking System
  250. Latest Update on Endwar