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  1. Change uPlay account on AC: Recollections
  2. Bought a game using an old uplay account...
  3. Sign Up with Steam account
  4. AC3 activation key - but no CD
  5. Question
  6. I can't loggin!!!!
  7. Uplay PC 3.0 is now available!!
  8. Can't Activate DLC
  9. Problems since new UPlay
  10. UPlay 3.0 Feedback
  11. Uplay off display?
  12. Is Uplay & Ubisoft the new EA?
  13. Ubishop vs Uplay shop
  14. Question about activating older Ubisoft games on Uplay
  15. What is the point of Steam/Uplay integration?
  16. Thanks Uplay 3.0
  17. Uplay games not starting.
  18. uplay updated & now refuses to see my account.
  19. Uplay shop other games of the Ubi
  20. Uplay Downloader sucks
  21. Blood Dragon game saves locked !!!!!!!! WTF B(
  22. I Got Trouble understanding some Missions...
  23. Cant login to uplay
  24. AC3 King Washington Acheivements Locked Again????
  25. Benedict Arnold DLC availible to buy for everyone? Really?
  26. :mad::mad: UPLAY IS A PIECE OF S**T LEARN TO CODE:mad::mad::mad:
  27. Uplay isn't Working
  28. Problem with multiplo user
  29. Uplay Lounge. Can I take my son who is 13 yr. old?
  30. Uplay won't start.
  31. Pre-order question
  32. Nvidia promo code
  33. Is there a way to put some uplay bought from my old account to my new one?
  34. problem with uplay
  35. Activation key already in use! Need help please.
  36. orders status question
  37. Oh FFS Ubisoft!
  38. Assassin's creed 3 Black Screen when starting SP
  39. Problems whit starting the game on uplay
  40. Purchasing
  41. Launched game doesn't show up
  42. Can't reinstall Uplay
  43. Is the disc to blame for Uplay not being able to connect?
  44. Assisstance with Account Deletion
  45. Uplay says there is an issue with my internet connection
  46. E3 Exclusive Deals today on the Uplay Shop!
  47. Game Launcher won't start
  48. To Ubisoft
  49. Assassins Creed 3 install error?/ Please help
  50. Uplay won't start at all
  51. Trying to Sync my Existing UPLAY account with AC3 and it's not working HELP
  52. Cannot change my password
  53. Customer Support - Purchased Game Not Appearing in Uplay
  54. Ubisoft support asking me to change my password, is this normal?
  55. I cannot log into online mode
  56. No achivements or achivements tab after updating to 3.0
  57. Can I set my Xbox Live gamertag to a new Uplay account?
  58. Uplay launcher issue with Splinter Cell Conviction
  59. Trade Far Cry 3 Uplay For Assassins Creed 3
  60. Is this designed to fight game addition or something?
  61. uplay window won´t open
  62. Can't sign into UPlay
  63. feedback: game uipdates
  64. Uplay Unit balance increase?
  65. It's the start of an amazing E3 with Uplay!
  66. Dont miss out - Today's Uplay Deal
  67. No download option for my game in Uplay...need help....
  68. Farcry 3 istalled: still have to DL again?
  69. Bought a steam game and can't play it on uplay
  70. Ubisoft: Allow us to change usernames!
  71. HELP. How can I buy ac 4 BLACK CHEST EDITION If I am from Mexico?
  72. Check out Tuesday's Uplay Deal!
  73. Farcry3 wont start plz help
  74. cant login cant get a password reset
  75. Mighty quest download link!
  76. Check out Wednesday''s Uplay Deal!
  77. heroes VI download
  78. [Edit] Account Issues
  79. Check out Thursday's Uplay Deal!
  80. Ubisoft's mistrust and forcing Uplay on steam games cause Steam costumers grief
  81. support
  82. Check out Uplay's Encore Weekend Sales!
  83. FC3 Blood Dragon AMD key not working anymore
  84. Why is the Edit Account under maintenance for so long?
  85. I can't seem to find the download button to any game that I have purchased!
  86. Uplay 3.0 bugged because of E3?
  87. How do I unlink my FB account?
  88. Quick question
  89. UbsoftGameLauncher pop up OK box says "failed to connect to uplay"...
  90. Preventing uPlay games from accessing Steam client
  91. Why have you stolen from me?
  92. Uplay Issues after uptade
  93. Lost uplay account
  94. Assassin's Creed Revelations CD key proble,
  95. Anno 1404 Profile problem
  96. problem with game loading
  97. I cant redeem my Heroes VI Complete edition because i own Heroes VI gold
  98. I want to play the game I paid for. Why cant I log in?
  99. Birthday isn't right
  100. When is the edit account page maintanence done?
  101. Uplay and steam not working
  102. i want to play assassins creed that i bought!
  103. Rocksmith 2014 on Uplay/Steam
  104. Game doesn't show up in Uplay - technical support asking for my password
  105. Everything gone after reinstalling Uplay
  106. Trouble when logging
  107. Can I transfer a game?
  108. I cannot access Uplay from AC 3 Xbox 360
  109. Got a CD key from steam but UPlay wont accept it
  110. Can't connect to Uplay (X360)
  111. How to delete a game from a Uplay account?
  112. What's the deal people?
  113. Promo Codes Not Working
  114. Uplay not starting at all, not via steam or via the actual uplay icon, tried everythi
  115. Anno 2070 Uplay issue
  116. uplay 3.0 not starting
  117. Uplay won't detect game after Uplay reinstallation
  118. Far Cry 3 Digital Deluxe edition HELP.
  119. Cannot access account
  120. When will you fix your account settings site: This is getting absurd.
  121. Ridiculously slow download speeds
  122. Hey guy's, need help.
  123. Raaaah, I need HELP !
  124. Map editor help
  125. Can't run any UBI games on Steam since Uplay updated 3.0
  126. Help please. Major problem.
  127. It won't open
  128. Problem with renewing password
  129. Problem With CD key activation Trials Evolution
  130. Ask about game activation
  131. Uplay Invalid Activation Code [Assassins Creed 3] (PC)
  132. Activate dawn of discovery on uplay?
  133. forgot old email
  134. AC 3 Problem
  135. Ubisoft expects me to purchase their games right?
  136. Server Error when trying to buy games on Uplay
  137. Uplay Stop woriking
  138. Uplay doesn't recognize installed games
  139. I cannot connect my Uplay with my Assassin's Creed 3 game for PS3
  140. Defauft browser is Firefox - uplay still opens Internet Explorer 8
  141. Serious Problem with Digital Download
  142. Error
  143. Stuck on "Getting Proxy" screen
  144. I Want My F*****g Money Back
  145. I can't change my email address
  146. congratulations on some massive borken copy protection system
  147. Your games will appear here.
  148. LOGIN Uplay error : 15minutes past and Say same error.
  149. Uplay autoupdate aciii
  150. Why do I need Uplay?
  151. Unable to login and failed activation code
  152. Uplay not connecting to internet
  153. Login Failed - Now what?
  154. What is wrong with Ubisoft's sites and Uplay.
  155. Uplay doesnt work and support also?
  156. Uplay not connecting to internet
  157. Feedback: New Uplay user
  158. Why.. Would you do this?
  159. Ubifot lost my account information.
  160. Can't connect to Uplay at all.
  161. WHERE is the new uplay?
  162. issues with Ubisoft today 14/07/2013 - cannot log into uplay
  163. File verify & Installing error
  164. Help at changing E-Mail!
  165. Connection + website issue
  166. All my games are gone after PW update
  167. SO I had Assassins Creed 3
  168. Can't change e-mail address
  169. Steam to UPlay
  170. Is it impossible to download uplay?
  171. AC:Reve activation
  172. Game information is loading...
  173. uplay is absolutely horrible.
  174. How do I let Uplay know I have their games?
  175. Uplay Never Settle Reloaded Confusion.
  176. Change Activation Key for Farcry 3
  177. Uplay starts up and then shuts down 2-3 seconds later
  178. Ubisoft thank you...
  179. Anno 2070 Complete Edition Autopatcher Problem
  180. Can't edit Uplay account info because of this password thing
  181. App crash
  182. Game information is loading with Heroes VI and Steam
  183. Uplay not starting
  184. Anno 2070 Activation
  185. Assassin's Creed 3 gone
  186. Game on my account with full achievements complete THAT I DON"T EVEN OWN....
  187. Installed Far Cry 3 in Uplay from from DVDs?
  188. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
  189. What is wrong with uPlay
  190. Problem with login
  191. problem need help
  192. Account messed up/hacked?
  193. Cant edit my account keep going to reset password.
  194. Cannot find my free game....
  195. Lots of Problems - Tech support is down
  196. No answers from support?
  197. connection problem - two account with same e-mail address
  198. please connect Anno 2070 servers :)
  199. UPLAY is makeing me sooo mad right now
  200. Cannot edit my account credentials, keep getting "change password" redirect
  201. StartUpViewFailedToStartText Error FIXED
  202. Uplay store language
  203. Question About Uplay account connected to Xbox 360
  204. Attempted Phishing?
  205. Is Uplay a community barrier?
  206. Recovering an account where the email no longer exists
  207. possible to delete all achievements and exp from account?
  208. My passport isn't working?!?!
  209. UPlay Account broken
  210. Can the Steam Overlay work with Uplay 3.0 and up?
  211. Assasins Creed III (uplay code)
  212. assassin's creed 3 problem
  213. Farcry3 launches into video mode not supported
  214. I have two copies of Splinter Cell Conviction on Uplay.
  215. Anno 2070 Ecobalance Bug
  216. ACRevelations and achievements in Uplay
  217. Assassins Creed 3 Intsaller freezing
  218. [Uplay PC] Take part in our survey!
  219. Old email doesn't work and need a password to make a new email.
  220. Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 available on Ubistore, Will it still need Origin?
  221. Changing My Username
  222. U-Play password..How will i come by getting one. :confused: :confused: :confused:
  223. Don't use these People
  224. I changed my password and the games are gone!
  225. Far Cry 3 "Play" Button Fading
  226. Cant Login On Uplay
  227. UBISOFT support great experience
  228. Silent Hunter 5
  229. Uplay Usuck
  230. Get your **** together, Ubisoft
  231. So, where is EU4?
  232. King Kong Question
  233. Wii U Splinter Cell Black Pre order DLC
  234. Splinter Cell Conviction launcher error
  235. Owning Assassin's Creed 3 on Multiple Platforms (Please Help) !
  236. Problems with Uplay and installing games after download is complete
  237. Ubi Shop (On Uplay Program & Online) - SERVER ERROR
  238. uPlay store not working
  239. UBI Store server error
  240. Xbox 360/ Uplay and Splinter Cell blacklist
  241. Blacklist now shows up on my games tab!!!!
  242. Unlink Xbox 360 account
  243. Cant join friend. Splintercell Blacklist Pc
  244. Bought game via UPlay 9 days ago, still doesn't show up
  245. I want to change my account email
  246. downloaded game installers get deleted?
  247. Suggestion about Uplay downloader
  248. Can't pre-order The Crew Limited Edition
  249. cant reinstall uplay
  250. Is it possible to close uplay to the tray like origin and steam?