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  1. News from Paccus, maker of the first hydraulic-FFB joystick
  2. Ubi announces Cliffs of Dover
  4. OK who has already baught it??
  5. Il2 vs Cliffs of Dover
  6. Boxed edition in Europe?
  7. So what planes are confirmed for IL2COD?
  8. CoD, will it be a 'finished' game?
  9. The inevitable DRM thread
  10. IL-2 COD FM/DM
  11. German Campaign ????
  12. Cliffs of Dover
  13. Upgrading for C O D ......
  14. COD trailer vid
  15. can you navigate by the stars in cod?
  16. Countdown to CoD
  17. 59 Days untils CODsmas: the COD Advent Calendar
  18. Dover sys reqs
  19. Trains in CoD
  20. Cliffs of Dover "Activation"
  21. Cliffs of Dover box art
  22. American Aircraft in the Battle of Brittain.
  23. IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover System Requirements
  24. Welcome
  25. No Uplay DRM means this is my first UBIsoft purchase in over a year
  26. US release date on the 22nd?
  27. COD Patches you would like to see
  28. campaign start date?
  29. What new features do you like the most?
  30. Wow Did not expect this
  31. Anyone else just about beside themselves with glee?
  32. 28 1 2011 Update.
  33. collectors edition
  34. Cliffs of Dover System Reqs Released
  35. What is the first thing you'll do in COD?
  36. SH3 and COD
  37. DeviceLink
  38. Any word on skins format?
  39. Dot Visibility in COD and Other Flight Sims.
  40. I wonder how long it will be before....
  41. Will COD support vertical resolutions?
  42. Does anyone know if....
  43. anyone know about this in COD
  44. so how much cod collectors editions gonna cost?
  45. An airfield somwhere in England ;)
  46. Screenshots & Trailers [Updated 9/2]
  47. Can we be told by betas how is the trim system?
  48. How much to spend for a new PC to handle CoD
  49. Calmed down, just saved myself over $500.00 USD
  50. How much infulence do UBI have
  51. Q&A (Updated 10/3)
  52. Useful Links & Information UPDATED 23/5/11
  53. Any interest in a Battle of Britain Quiz?
  54. System Specs
  55. Complex Engine Start
  56. Nice Slideshow About A Restored Mk.1 Spit
  58. 4 2 2011 Update.
  59. Battle of Britain & Blitz Quiz
  60. COD release date and distribution.
  62. Johnnie Johnson
  63. Will CoD be on Steam?
  64. collectors edition
  65. COD vs IL2
  66. IL2 Road Map and Lifecycle
  67. Tages and compatability
  68. Collector Edition in NA
  69. Furor at SimHQ not present here
  70. He-111 features
  71. Turn in your Il-2 game get a seven dollar COD rebate
  72. russian test of COD
  73. Poll: Aus/NZ customers where will you purchase IL2 COD?
  74. Great Interview with Ilya and Oleg at PCGamer
  75. Ideas for player-created COD campaigns?
  76. Why no boxed or collectors edition for the Southern hemisphere?
  77. we also are waiting CoD in South America
  78. Has CoD been region locked?
  79. The rise and fall of gun turrets
  80. Extended Download Service?
  81. cool short vid
  82. More about the game ?
  83. Su-26
  84. Any information about The real 116 JagdGeschwader?
  85. me-109 e in HD
  86. Historical Accuracy of COD aircraft skins
  87. Possibly the best CoD video yet...with sound.
  88. Old school IL-2 pilot... :)
  89. Some questions
  90. IL-2: Cliffs of Dover Developer Questions
  91. some infos from a german offical UBI ;)
  92. This may be a very common event when COD hits the shelves...
  93. UBI - try doing the right thing by your customers
  94. Battle of Britain home page
  95. Aircraft identification
  96. Confirmation of Kills - some wishes
  97. release date put back?
  98. What is the name of the whole series going to be?
  99. RAF or Luftwaffe
  100. Real footage of near disaster during Axis take-off at rain soaked runway
  101. Airfields
  102. High Res screens posted by Luthier
  103. Please are we going to get a pacific add-on?
  104. PVP, questions
  105. Game Review/Preview, Tons of Info!!!
  106. Fighter Boys
  107. IL2: Cliffs over Dover
  108. Squadron markings within game
  109. anyone else having ominous feeling having preordered COd?
  110. Help with Graphic cards.
  111. Amazon
  112. COD, in a few months I'm going to be asking you guys an important question !
  113. Triple Screen?
  114. mark 1 spit and the two speed propeller
  115. GAME in the UK will not be stocking CoD
  116. Numbers of aircraft available in CoD Mission planner etc.?
  117. pc gamer and cod
  118. 332Viking Squad recruting for IL2/COD!
  119. just a thought re pc specs
  120. Begining to feel a bit disapointed about CoD
  121. Doods will this run COD?
  122. UBI and COD Marketing
  123. Still appear to be using the same fire/smoke/explosion effects of IL2
  124. Colletors Edition of COD ?
  125. A CoD Primer: A 109 & Spitfire comparison
  126. Collector edition Spitfire Manual
  127. Zeroing guns of Hurricane and Spitfire what range?
  128. buy boxed in italy?CE?
  129. The probability of ARM version COD?
  130. What the clouds should look like in CoD. Video of clouds at altitude with Fighters
  131. IL2 Cliffs of Dover DRM Information
  132. New vids plus Oleg's update 4 March
  133. Will this manage to run game or seriously struggle? (GPU too poor)?
  134. Looking for an RAF Squadron
  135. No swastikas (again)?
  136. I'd like to see this re-created in CloDo.
  137. COD monitor question ?
  138. Can you tell what it is yet??
  139. some official clarification about CoD's STEAM please
  140. what is the new of IL2 works in vista and win7?
  141. Need a luftwaffe squadron..
  142. This is serious...
  143. CoD download
  144. One Thing I Will Miss In CoD...
  145. IL2: Cliffs of Dover and Steam
  146. Binaural sound?
  147. Cliffs of Dover is out in...
  148. COD questions
  149. New flyables for campaign?
  150. Steam Questions Here
  151. Graphic Card Question
  152. Release date is now the 31st March
  153. No dynamic campaign??? Is this true???
  154. So. I guess it went gold in Russia.
  155. Isn't it fun....
  156. Some things that Steam COULD bring to the table
  157. Saitek X52/X52 PRO
  158. EVGA GTX 280 Supported?
  159. List of flyables and non flyables
  160. game .co.uk release date changed
  161. Boxed Collectors / standard COD will it ever be available in UK?
  162. Unofficial CloDo Trailer - excellent.
  163. Update March 18! It's a beauty!
  164. Clarification on release date, game versions & more (UPDATED 23/3)
  165. Cliffs of Dover at the LLTM
  166. Demo before the release?
  167. Wish to preorder/System REQ concerns
  168. IL-2 Cliffs of Dover.
  169. Preorder now on steam
  170. Il-2 COD Collector's Edition and Steam
  171. Cancel Ubi Pre-order
  172. Wodjer fink ov vis? (update 3: The Beast has swallowed CloD whole)
  173. Nvidia 500 series
  174. Unable to order.... Email Problem ?????????
  175. Order / Account Problems....
  176. Collectors Edition vs digital Steam version?
  177. North American release date
  178. IL2:COD Demo-Trailer Movie (18 March 2011)
  179. steam
  180. Boxed copy not available in CAN/US?
  181. should gatorsub be banned from the forum?
  182. Realistic Plane sounds?
  183. DLC's?
  184. to anyone who I offeded
  185. COD = new graphics engine/physics/ai ?
  186. Oleg is leaving game development (according to SimHQ)
  187. This game is that slice of pizza in the back of the fridge.
  188. Can you Activate retail on Steam?
  189. Online Co-Op?
  190. Information Re: Ubistore Game Dispatch Emails
  191. OMG HELP!!
  192. Graphics card
  193. So I just joined Steam and pre ordered in Oz
  194. UK IL2 Competition - Details Here
  195. UK IL2 Competition - ENTRY THREAD
  196. First 69.GIAP Clod campaign Dunkerque
  197. Ordering IL2 CoD CE on Firefox is a nightmare!
  198. Epilepsy filter ...
  199. To run the game, the Steam service is needed
  200. Ubi Comedy of Errors in Last Few Weeks Alone !
  201. Stand Firm.
  202. Availability In New Zealand
  203. According to Ubisoft CoD Manual - Steam Required At All Times
  204. Sign here if you cancelled your pre order
  205. Any official UBI response to the "Epilepsy Filter"
  206. Community Q&A
  207. so eplepsy filter
  208. Unable to check account settings
  209. Steam release CoD.Does that mean Ubi aren't involved? So Epilepsy filter could be off
  210. POLL : Epilepsy filter
  211. Luthier clarifies epilepsy filter:Its not ubi...
  212. in conf.ini make AntiEpilepcy=0 so simple?
  213. IL2 CoD disk space?
  214. Are you going to purchase/Pre-order IL2: COD on launch?
  215. Biggest botched release in video game history?
  216. Clarification of what this new filter looks like on game please
  217. Always with the negative waves
  218. help on 1946 sound guns and engine sound bad
  219. Airwarfare FAQ
  220. Black Death track performance on your COD rig
  221. Ubi zoo decade, in summation.
  222. CLOD community help forum
  223. COD: In game vidieo from Russian release
  224. CLOD kills polar bear
  225. dvd
  226. NO BOMBER CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!!!
  227. Who is effected by this filter....
  228. How Will the filter effect my rig
  229. Pre-load on Steam?
  230. playable Fps threshold
  231. Where do I buy the game?
  232. Steam Download.
  233. Problem with product activation
  234. Nvidia GTX 590 - Good for CoD???
  235. Does Oleg really need UBI
  236. Order Status
  237. Steam Veterans - How will I know when it's ready?
  238. Collectors edition in Australia
  239. My First Impressions of CoD
  240. CLOD for sale in Canada
  241. I ordered Cliff and got Silent!?! WTH!?!
  242. Just pre ordered it
  243. Update from Luthier: epilepsy filter optional
  244. New Zealands Sales = No stores even heard of Cliffs of Dover
  245. Very good news this morning Epilepsy filter to be optional
  246. Can you use joypads and joysticks for this game and all other flight and combat sims
  247. Have you rec'd your Delivery / Notification from Ubisoft yet?
  248. w00 h00! Finally modeled the .50's correctly!
  249. 16 Spitfires
  250. UK CE Edition delivered today!