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  1. view of the whole thing from a flight sim newbie
  2. Latest Patch Notes
  3. MAY 24th
  4. Mission Builder Question. Static Vehicles?
  5. US release date
  6. RadeonPro CrossFire Tweak - Major FPS Boost!
  7. So I crashed in the Sea and hit the 'Esc' Button...and then CloD closed but....
  8. can't install
  9. Has cliffs of dover Been released ???/
  10. Incremental adjustment Q
  11. Repeat game crashes - help please
  12. Faint voices
  13. IL2 Cliffs of Dover 40% Off !
  14. is the game working yet?
  15. Vehicles missing drivers ...
  16. what a waste of money (and i got it 40% off)
  17. why are there so few people online?
  18. Why didn't anybody tell me BoB was out!?
  19. I Should Have Paid a Lot More For Cliffs of Dover!
  20. Another waste of time and money
  21. Campaign being made for Clod.
  22. Troubleshooting
  23. I'm new here, and a bit nervous
  24. So what forum do the most COD people hang at?
  25. Manston under attack! - new youtube vid by me (best seen in 1080p and full-screen)
  26. Can't seem to get the engine started!
  27. Radio subtitles
  28. Footnote.com Best HiRes photos I've ever seen. Free!
  29. How to share a pdf-file?
  30. Perforated!
  31. Waiting on CoD? Rise of Flight is now free to download.
  32. building new PC, any ideas/sugestions would be appreciated
  33. FMB
  34. Messerschmitts vs. Hurricanes over the Ärmelkanal. Yet ANOTHER vid by me, sorry.. :-)
  35. Various probblems
  36. Newbie Help
  37. Dear old BSOD, ATI Issues?
  38. Well I'm just about ready
  39. Clod doesn't work for me
  40. Just order new Video card
  41. Cliffs of Dover on Ubuntu Linux
  42. Oleg posted a video
  43. How to get your money back (preorder_Ubisoft)?
  44. any news on more patches?
  45. A few questions before I buy
  46. SDK or Flight Model Output?
  47. HUD window assistance needed
  48. CD-rom or DVD?
  49. CoD is far Superior to Rise Of Flight..and I'm a fan of RoF.
  50. Any future patches.
  51. How to turn of the on screen text and throttle indicator
  52. Several key strokecommands not working - suggestions?
  53. Should my rig be more than enough.
  54. Stuka Angriff! - Shipping attack in The Channel. Yet another video by me...
  55. White spot where map normaly opens?
  56. V.14762 BETA Download Links
  57. COD latest version status
  58. Trouble flying on line
  59. License to splurge
  60. SOUND
  61. Laptop video card, could this work with cliffs of dover?
  62. Screen goes black.
  63. Bf-110 hosing down His Majesty's Wellingtons... - Yet another annotated video by me.
  64. Blenheim Fuel ***** ...........
  65. Half product
  66. Watch live Airshow Airpower 2011 now!
  67. Exterior views of aircraft- how do I keystroke?
  68. Sound repair
  69. Game does not launch !!!
  70. US/Canada Release News?
  71. Ju-88 joyride through the Vallée de la Risle to Le Havre - youtube video by me
  72. Gun Controls
  73. Thinking of Buying COD???
  74. Take the Experten Challenge!
  75. Single missions missing
  76. If your on the "fence " watch this
  77. Availabilty?
  78. COD movie "Battle of Britain-The Day Before Adlertag"
  79. Will this run on a laptop?
  80. The ultimate rig for CLOD
  81. multiplayer client timed out
  82. Still a very stuttery game for me
  83. no new patch this week?
  84. Saitek Cyborg F.L.Y 5
  85. What´s up with the campaign?
  86. IL2 COD
  87. Hurricane night intercept - new youtube vid by me (best seen in a darkened room)
  88. Can I get you to buy IL2: Sturmovik game?
  89. It's July 19th and Amazon and Steam both show pre-order status
  90. Stuka & Controller
  91. now avalable in Canada
  92. Joystick recommendation?
  93. Just got the DVD today USA!!
  94. FWIW... I am DLdng CoD now from the UBI store...
  95. What is with the menu system?
  96. CoD..do my PC specs checkout?
  97. Pardon my stupidity
  98. Does it work with Triplescreen
  99. Link for your system capability for CLoD (and other games)
  100. Game wont load/Launcher has stopped
  101. trying to get a grip
  102. Trim and Torque help please
  103. State of it
  104. Steam DL/no 64bit executable?
  105. Have my copy~
  106. TrackIR 4 or 5?
  107. Worst Game Ever?
  108. So much for weekly friday updates
  109. stark and simple question.
  110. FSX Video
  111. input lag from joystick
  112. Need some guidance for takeoffs
  113. Where/when to open console with "`"
  114. Single Player?
  115. keyboard commands
  116. Frame Rate
  117. How to close this "white window"?
  118. Mini review - my experience so far with Cliffs of Dover, steam edition.
  119. unable to launch game
  120. oline?
  121. Cannot play Online(Seriously Disappointed)
  122. News from Luthier 07-25-11
  123. Nvidia 470 GTX - the best one for CoD - CoD magic rocks !!
  124. DVD Availability in US
  125. Spitfires vs. Bf-109s at the White Cliffs of Dover - Youtube vid by me.
  126. Patch???
  127. Patch version / Enable frame rate - ?
  128. Game issue
  129. Is it possible to limit the onscreen message text ?
  130. Video issue
  131. A few basic questions about Cliffs of Dover
  132. Modifying the conf.ini file
  133. airspeed in HUD?
  134. Removing The P/T/M/R
  135. New paintschemes/uniforms?
  136. Me110 Reargunner
  137. De-select (3) graphics options for improved fps
  138. When is the Soviet going to be in this new game??
  139. Our friend Blairgowrie Passed away today.
  140. What's happened to the AI?
  141. Will not launch game
  142. No multiplayer? Game lobby always empty
  143. In Multiplay I can not see map...just black box
  144. just played an half hour
  145. Pseudo screen vs full screen?
  146. New UK Price £17.49
  147. Cliffs of Dover
  148. Launcheer worked yesteday when I installed the game, but not this morning???
  149. Game won't launch
  150. Hosting a Game
  151. Stuka Attack,why I love this sim - warts and all-screenies
  152. OMG a WW2 air combat movie!
  153. What if anything will port over?
  154. Truely Awesome
  155. Need help
  156. Nvidia Manager and how to turn on the flaps up and down ?
  157. Record Track Problem
  158. Config.ini water effect value question....
  159. Modified planes in Cliffs of Dover
  160. to outlaw and chivas
  161. I'm convinced
  162. fps
  163. Sound and intro improvement
  164. Propedals problem
  165. campaign: can't get past 2nd mission
  166. Good news for fraps users
  167. The most effective method to boost performance
  168. ATI Video Settings and Joystick Controls
  169. FRAPS + Cliffs of Dover
  170. Huge Gauges in "no-cockpit" view
  171. Bubblehead faces reality.
  172. game wont launch and i get this error
  173. OK Totally Frustrated Game will not launch
  174. Cockpit Reference Guide
  175. Prop Pitch
  176. Can 't get game to start - Just purchased download
  177. Where is this Luftwaffe Airfield?
  178. Legacy View
  179. installation issue
  180. This game is AWESOME!!!
  181. IL2 Cliffs of Dover Missions?
  182. Hurricane power settings
  183. Launcher has stopped working. Game will not start
  184. uninstall/reinstall
  185. Is "Cliffs of Dover" the Same as the long awaited BOB ("Battle of Britain")
  186. Hyper Lobby
  187. Enemy pilot = expert aviators
  188. screen crash after 5 minutes flying
  189. Going up against Beaufighters over Cherbourg - another youtube video by me
  190. Quad SLI 590GTX and Slide Show.....
  191. saitek x52 joystrick
  192. Where is Multiplayer?
  193. News about COD + XP 32bit?
  194. Two Weeks in to CLOD
  195. Antialising modification
  196. Spitfire & Hurricane Engines
  197. Please explain Boost / WEP
  198. COD with Vista
  199. Crossfire-How to get rid of it?
  200. getting trigger to work
  201. Now that I have SLI tools...
  202. Posted August 8th on Steam by Luthier..Good news!
  203. Inflight throttle control
  204. Trains/Convoys
  205. barrage balloons
  206. Flying the Me109
  207. Print control options
  208. Increase FPS-Rate up about 30 % without Render=D3D** at the conf.ini
  209. How do I get close a "Info Window"
  210. Three levers in HUD ?
  211. start from the Air ???
  212. RAF Pilots Wearing German Parachutes !!
  213. Ok I just upgraded my rig!!!
  214. MP crash
  215. Controls ini
  216. GFX Card, anyone have one of these?
  217. Spitfire seems slow and lacking
  218. Il-2 COD running problem.
  219. CLOD for $20 @ Just Flight
  220. Gettin' to like this sim.
  221. Ok let's try this again....Can't get game to start
  222. Controls Issues
  223. Dynamic Campaign released
  224. Mine is bigger than yours!
  225. Just an FYI - Game will not launch
  226. Propellor pitch problem
  227. Opinion of this computer
  228. map controls
  229. Read me??
  230. Starting up a Me 110
  231. Simple question about CloD
  232. graphics new gtx460
  233. Why so few missions?
  234. COD movie receives recognition
  235. Public server question
  236. Game will not launch
  237. Tweaking for better FPS
  238. please help
  239. Change ammo loadout in campaign?
  240. Unable to start engine [single]
  241. Video settings have no effect
  242. Joy Stick Response
  243. Quick Question
  244. Game will not Launch
  245. losing will to live
  246. Wheel brakes
  247. Posted by Ninelives - Graphics testing from PC Pilot
  248. Bf-109: scramble against Wellingtons overhead... - New youtube vid by me
  249. Will my Machine do?
  250. playing with cem