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  1. MediaTracker / Map Editor issues
  2. Telemetry interface
  3. Impossible to validate/drive on a map in the editor
  4. Crashes always when trying to open map editor or garage
  5. Shadow calculation issues
  6. Simple Track Editor doesn't let you delete some blocks
  7. Starting Block doesn't exist
  8. Game crash with empty item
  9. Trees are disappearing in the editor.
  10. Editor UI/UX issue cause the lost of the whole map.
  11. Error script in models browsing
  12. Crash when trying to compute shadows with a custom map
  13. Restarting a map in map review crashes the game
  14. [BUG] Visual Bugs in map editor
  15. Bug report - "Left+Off" arrow texture background
  16. [Bug] Track Pieces disappear during placement in editor
  17. [BUG] Crash when Auto generating thumbnail for custom track parts.
  18. Canīt play downloaded maps.
  19. [MESH MODELER] Unpractical amount of layers when creating item from existing block
  20. [Crash][Map Editor] Retire then Respawn in Test Mode Crashes the game
  21. Map Editor Sign Bug
  22. Editor CRTL Z
  23. Track Creator / Physic
  24. Editor crash when testing track
  25. Track Editor, holding Alt/FreeLook bug
  26. Map review time is too short
  27. Missing Maniascript Events
  28. SCreen Stutter with a lot of trees.
  29. Track editor: the way you can build poles should be changed
  30. Map creation / editor issues
  31. map review server status?
  32. Editing Mode: Certain amount of items?
  33. Advanced editor BUG
  34. Issues with Map Test Server & Servers Misreporting times & Trouble Respawning!
  35. Game Exits While Rendering Shadows
  36. Strange behaviors when start and finish blocks merged with free block mode
  37. Clipping issure with small item-ramps on blocks
  38. Can|t upload images, maps, anything?
  39. No item snapping on certain blocks
  40. Map kicked out of queue on Track Review after server split
  41. Game Crash in Track Editor
  42. map review server problems
  43. Custom blocks issue
  44. Editor : Selected block is not visible
  45. Problem with the map editor
  46. Grass boost bug or new mechanic ?
  47. cant add webm files anymore to the signs
  48. Map Review server are constantly crashing
  49. maps
  50. Shadow calculation issues
  51. Map doesn't get queued in Review servers
  52. Disabling "Tile split files" in the screenshot creator produces corrupted images
  53. Normal Maps don't seem to work on Car's Skin
  54. Controller editor texts
  55. Random Crash in editor
  56. Random Camera Shake in Replay Editor
  57. 3D Importation in Map Editor
  58. Free Block Mode Issue
  59. Map and editor completely broke after the update? Leak?
  60. Problem with the editor
  61. Extreme flickering on a Very High shaders
  62. Cant compute shadows?
  63. advanced editor unavailable when your services are unavailable
  64. Multilap tracks are bugged in map review servers.
  65. some blocks I would like to see return
  66. Huge Bug with Multilap
  67. My map crashed the review servers 100% of the time :smiley_with_sunglasses:
  68. Lighting Glitch (High Quality)
  69. systematic crash when respawn in Editor
  70. Map editor closing the game
  71. Grafik bug on new map
  72. Symmetry doesn't work on items
  73. [CRASH?] Via Map Editor
  74. [Weird bug] Respawn at CP after 12 lap -> respawn at red start and then teleport 2 CP
  75. Forum Rules
  76. Undo duplicates ghost blocks
  77. Deleting Individual Items
  78. Game crashes when trying to load any map in the editor
  79. Interna server error 500 Map review
  80. 3D triangles
  81. Created Map Issues (Map Editor)
  82. Convert Macroblocks into Items.
  83. [Bug/Glitch] "Undo" button in the Editor also undoes mediatracker changes
  84. [Bug/Glitch] Tree Shading Bug
  85. [Bug/Glitch] Editor: removing one item removes other distant items
  86. [Bug/Glitch] (TM2020) Banked Dirt roads not listening to air block mode
  87. Openplanet + Map editor bug
  88. [Gameplay] TMUF Track Editor
  89. [Bug/Glitch] Posible editor bug with start/finish block
  90. Game freezes when refreshing lightmaps and starting test mode at the same time.
  91. Ice surface doesn't catch light on shader setting 'High'
  92. [MapEditor] using $n makes a Folder name of the map
  93. [BUG] Cannot delete Uploaded Maps
  94. [Bug/Glitch] Block impossible to delete in editor
  95. New Textures are a bit strange partially
  96. [Bug/Glitch] BUG: Error after opening an item in mesh modeler
  97. Texturemod
  98. [Bug/Glitch] Game freeze after finishing a track
  99. [Crash/Freeze] Meshmodeler selecting non visible material
  100. [Crash/Freeze] Game crashed after 6 hour validation run
  101. [Crash/Freeze] Review Server Crash at restart voting
  102. [Bug/Glitch] Almost all textures except tracks are black
  103. [Bug/Glitch] Can't set custom times for medals in the editor
  104. Shadows Problem
  105. [Bug/Glitch] Creating a GPS doesn't work AGAIN, but it's diffrent this time
  106. Scrolling problem: Slide bar disappears
  107. Mapfile to big
  108. Issue in the lightmap calculation on custom materials
  109. Geometry mistake on blocks 9-1-9, 9-2-9 and 9-3-9
  110. [Bug/Glitch] (Exploit?) Runs from custom modes get submitted by to the ranking
  111. [Crash/Freeze] Crash after in-game replay plays on completing track
  112. [Bug/Glitch] Map Editor: disappearing flat surfaces
  113. [Bug/Glitch] Cant raise or lower blocks in Map Maker
  114. [Bug/Glitch] Spawn issues.
  115. [Bug/Glitch] CP not being taken during OGL step
  116. [Bug/Glitch] Checkpoints not getting triggered
  117. [Crash/Freeze] rendering lights and validating is broken?
  118. [Bug/Glitch] Missing texture in the meshmodeller
  119. [Bug/Glitch] Custom Metal material shows fully black
  120. [Crash/Freeze] Crash when cutting selected free-placed ground blocks
  121. [Bug/Glitch] Inconsistent behavior of GetBlock in map editor plugins
  122. [Bug/Glitch] When using the copy option in the map editor, preset trees change.
  123. [Website] I am put as 'Submitter' for many maps, what does this mean?
  124. [Bug/Glitch] Editor music stopping and no race music.
  125. [Crash/Freeze] Game crashes everytime i load a map after update
  126. New Lightmap algorithm is severely broken
  127. [Bug/Glitch] Item in meshmodeller suddenly loses all textures
  128. [Bug/Glitch] Select All tool fails to pick up all the blocks
  129. [Bug/Glitch] Trying to save selection as Macroblock crashes the game
  130. [BUG] Impossible to make a custom item from blocks 2-1-2-1-[4-->7]
  131. Using mod has chance of making map brighter/dimmer
  132. Can't queue map in map review
  133. How to report a bug in the Trackmania forums
  134. [Issue Not Listed] [creativity] Mod.zip what is possible and what not ?
  135. How to change color of the checkpoints
  136. Map Editor (not responding)
  137. Shadow computation disabled (mapping (BlockId doublons ?))
  138. [Bug/Glitch] can't set a time on the leaderboard (only on maps i made myself in editor)
  139. [Bug/Glitch] Thumbnail black
  140. Lighting on he checkpoint
  141. [Bug/Glitch] Unable to rotate blocks in "free block mode"
  142. [Bug/Glitch] A way to make impossible tracks
  143. [Bug/Glitch] DOF not applied in the screenshot render
  144. [Bug/Glitch] (Trackmania 2020 Trackreview) Can't resubmit Maps that I submitted once before!
  145. [Bug/Glitch] Can't upload my map to the map review server
  146. Help me recover my map!
  147. Media Tracker Text/Triggers question
  148. [Bug/Glitch] Unable to upload 1 map anywhere.
  149. Koop een geregistreerd en vals paspoort, ((https://documenteverywhere.com/)) koop een
  150. [Bug/Glitch] I can't submit my map to map review
  151. Tilting blocks + Remove connection indicator
  152. Map won't load [Dedicated Server]
  153. [Bug/Glitch] New materials (Bouncy, NoBrake, Cruise) don't work.
  154. Problem with ring effect blocks
  155. [Feedback/Suggestion] 'Water' reflections leave weird artifacts in overhangs
  156. [Crash/Freeze] Map editor crash
  157. [Gameplay] New physics broke some of my tracks
  158. [Bug/Glitch] Map editor no text for new effect blocks
  159. [BUG/CRASH] Can't edit / create a map in the editor!
  160. [Bug/Glitch] game is unplayable because small 2x3 signs don't display ads
  161. [Bug/Glitch] Royal mode validation
  162. [Bug/Glitch] Car steers left automatically when driving in certain water blocks
  163. [Bug/Glitch] NadeoImporter is not compatible with new colorable textures
  164. [Bug/Glitch] Block coloring broken with custom blocks.
  165. [Bug/Glitch] Missing Plastic material in the meshmodeller
  166. Moving parts not in sync offline/online
  167. [Block/LOD] uphill bump
  168. [Feedback/Suggestion] Possibility for ring-like CPs as custom items
  169. [Bug/Glitch] Block 7-9-8-3 doesn't have item slots
  170. [Bug/Glitch] Water reflections on water blocks are choppy, but not on custom items!
  171. [Crash/Freeze] Game crash when trying to play royal mode or trying to create a new royal track
  172. [Bug/Glitch] Map editor selection issues
  173. [Bug/Glitch] Shadow bugs on some of the new summer items
  174. [Missing Content] Missing/Wrong item
  175. The royal update broke moving respawns in the map editor
  176. Err 400
  177. [Bug/Glitch] Missing textures on my blocks
  178. [Bug/Glitch] Starting position of rotating / moving blocks
  179. [Bug/Glitch] Hit Boxes Broken on some of the New Royal Items
  180. [Bug/Glitch] White logos on white platforms
  181. [Bug/Glitch] Ground variant of blocks above the ground
  182. [Bug/Glitch] "Map skipped to avoid server crash :(" in map review server - Royale
  183. [Bug/Glitch] NadeoImporter - CustomGlass material shows up green/yellow
  184. [Gameplay] "Pressforward"-Elements of a Track behaving differently in different areas of the Map
  185. Map Editor Not Opening
  186. [Bug/Glitch] High Quality Shadows computed, but apparently shadows aren't computed.
  187. Trees look wrong under lamps in shadwos
  188. [Crash/Freeze] Crash by editing map
  189. [Bug/Glitch] ItemTrackBarrier gone?
  190. [Bug/Glitch] Missing Multilap/Checkpoint/Finish materials in the MeshModeller
  191. [Bug/Glitch] In editor, weird shaders glitch. (Boxes around the car)
  192. [Dedicated server] Enabling XMLRPC script callbacks didn't work
  193. [Bug/Glitch] TAA anti aliasing tree bug
  194. [Gameplay] Water physics changing back and forth
  195. Bug on the car editor
  196. [Crash/Freeze] Crash when editing in Voxel mode
  197. [Bug/Glitch] Map mood doesn't update
  198. [Website] Reduce background image size
  199. [Bug/Glitch] Shadowbug on DecoWallBase (13-2-1-1-1)
  200. [Bug/Glitch] Multiple rendering glitches
  201. [Feedback/Suggestion] Bad lightmaps on custom items
  202. [Bug/Glitch] Club Items missing name
  203. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Maps from official Roya arel still in Map Review
  204. [Bug/Glitch] Stadium256 boosted volume
  205. [Issue Not Listed] Screen resolutions / screen blocks resolutions panels
  206. [Crash/Freeze] My game crashes when i go into editor test mode.
  207. [Bug/Glitch] offset issue when placing block or macroblock
  208. [Gameplay] Editeur de replay et intro Media Tracker
  209. [Bug/Glitch] Block 5-8-2-4's item slots are upside down
  210. [Bug/Glitch] Club item folder names turn into numbers after leaving Mesh Modeler
  211. [Issue Not Listed] Custom textures for imported items
  212. [Crash/Freeze] Game crashes when pushing test mode button in editor (or enter key)
  213. [Bug/Glitch] Mediatracker block "Time speed" doesn't work at all
  214. [Gameplay] How can I add an opponent (bronze, silver, gold) to the map I created
  215. Item Lighting Bug At Nighttime
  216. [Bug/Glitch] Block 1-3-2-1 misplaced barrier rod/bar
  217. [Gameplay] slope transition
  218. Pressing Enter during Rating
  219. Today update / deform layer
  220. Slowmo triggering 4 times instead of once
  221. NadeoImporter - Decals dont export/show in-game
  222. [Bug/Glitch] (Semi-)Transparent textures doesn't appear when submerged in water
  223. [Bug/Glitch] Placing platformblocks in water is glitched
  224. [Bug/Glitch] Markers on Landmarks are aligned on grid even if Landmarks are off-grid
  225. NadeoImporter - CustomMaterials use UV1 as lightmap now, causing issues
  226. [Bug/Glitch] Shadow calculation issue on a big map
  227. [Bug/Glitch] 3D Triangles
  228. [Crash/Freeze] [BUG/CRASH] Game crashes when I open the Map Editor.