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  1. We should not be able to tackle someone who doesn't have the ball
  2. loving the game but
  3. Add training arena
  4. general feedback
  5. Make the Menu songs play in-game too
  6. Add more stats
  7. Make an accept/decline button when you find a game
  8. Mouse Sensitivity is Extremely Sensitive
  9. Music at Skatepark
  10. This game is not ready at all.
  11. Comment on the game
  12. Tengo algo que decir
  13. One color or custom color for our team
  14. Tengo algo que decir
  15. add hoops on both sides in the arena + gates depending on the direction of the player
  16. Better tutorial
  17. Voting for a map
  18. My impression after 2hours of play
  19. Player list on Tab
  20. a different sound when an opponent runs through the gate
  21. Sound in Skater Creation
  22. Game over after 5 Points
  23. después de probarlo mas
  24. Penalties for frequently leaving match mid game?
  25. The tackle hitbox need to be more refined !
  26. Catching hitbox when performing a super jump save.
  27. Better Tutorial needed!
  28. My impressions of the game
  29. Feedback Based On Beta
  30. Ball Timer + Free Play while searching
  31. Cancel shot
  32. Some Feedback
  33. accents on all arenas when you capture a zone
  34. the sound of the received ball
  35. "Quick Play" with a choice of the number of players
  36. text chat
  37. smaller nicknames during the match
  38. adding perks for the player
  39. different shapes of arenas
  40. Music
  41. ******** when both people tackle each other
  42. sobre el juego
  43. Left handed People
  44. Ranked 2 VS 3, yeah great fun :(
  45. Give cool down to tackle / 3 VS 3 not fun at all
  46. Banned from Ranked without reason
  47. Improve match making
  48. A better Tutorial or a Video before a game
  49. A smaller ball icon and shorter display time after the player's acquisition
  50. Improvements to the game
  51. Roller Champions Suggestion Idea
  52. add a timer in "hot potato" mode
  53. General Feedback
  54. color "SPARE" depending on which players were knocked down
  55. [PC] Someone leaves in ranked
  56. Roller Champions Beta Feedback
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