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  1. Quiter / No CR vs AI Solution
  2. Hearing Opponent
  3. End War Server Down?
  4. Problems with game freezing or crashing during 2 vs 2 in Skirmish
  5. is anyone having problems with Leaderboard with 2v2?
  6. Not Getting Points After a Victory??
  7. Error on the Theater of war
  8. Poll for Theatre of War Proble,s
  9. trouble loading a game
  10. Official EndWar Bug Reporting Thread
  11. leaderboards and freezeing
  12. Official EndWar Bug Reporting Forum
  13. Hi guys,
  14. Game Ends and says "Victory" during Critical Points
  15. BUG: Issues with Deep Strike at Uplinks
  16. Loading the trasnports
  17. Single player issues
  18. TOW loading and connecting bugs
  19. Rare crash during TOW (User can not play TOW)
  20. Evac Troop's staying on the command bar.
  21. "unit 2" problem
  22. PS3 Demo freezing
  23. TOW map status meter not working.
  24. 2 vs 2 Crash freezes everyone's Xbox 360
  25. EndWar:ToW Mode (Bugs/Feedback.)
  26. EndWar:Singleplayer Mode (Bugs/Feedback.)
  27. the ps3 version of endwar won't instal
  28. Voicecommand problems
  29. BUG: Unit names
  30. My Voice is Too Quiet?!
  31. Offical PS3 Headset Mic Too Quiet
  32. Multiple Questins
  33. Please HELP
  34. Units disappearing??
  36. Can't connect to EndWar servers at all (PS3)
  37. Record not recorded?
  38. can not link xbox live gamer tag with ubi
  39. Game freezes after 30 secs of play (ps3)
  40. PS3
  41. EndWar VIP Website Problem
  42. EndWar:ToW (No Credits for Wins)
  43. EndWar PS3: Bluetooth Headset and Voice Commands
  44. Units KIA while being transported to Landing Zone and Opponent lags out...
  45. Problem with Deepstrike
  46. infinite loading bug
  47. Some issues with infantry in cover
  48. Glitch deploying low ranking units first
  49. CR Sign-on and Award Bug
  50. Sudden Soldier Death Syndrome
  51. Cant use supports
  52. Skirmishes and Coops
  53. Voice Stops Registering
  54. Some problems with voice recognition
  55. What the heck is wrong with replays??
  56. Endwar Freezing
  57. Quick Match Glitches
  58. infantry transport glitch
  59. Leaving room to find another room problem
  60. Replays getting confused -- crash
  61. Infantry getting stuck
  62. wait time in the patch
  63. Stuck riflemen
  64. Russian UAV/CV
  65. deepstrike bug
  66. Fix the cheating issue of quiting game and not getting the win
  67. Keeps firing even after Evac
  68. Multiplayer Matching Issues on PS3
  69. "The host has left the session"
  70. command vechile replaced by tank...
  71. Bugs glitches?
  72. Deploy Error
  73. End War has support/map balancing issues.
  74. Problem securing enemy garrisoned uplinks [Xbox 360]
  75. Can Pc users play with PS3 players?
  76. Free Credits & Barracks Problem
  77. Freeze, But not so much
  78. [PS3]Choppy game
  79. spelling
  80. Voice Commands
  81. I think my battalion just got wiped...
  82. lose 3 elite ranks that havent even been used
  83. Rank and upgrades lost
  84. TOW Faction Change
  85. Weird connection issues...
  86. Damage from enemy attacks being higher then it shoud be.
  87. Switching targets after the enemy dismounts his Infantry.
  88. viewing replays
  89. Russian Artillery Upgrade DOESN"T WORK!
  90. XBox 360 ToW Gameplay Freezes while Capturing Uplinks
  91. Units randomly moving to different locations
  92. Can't chat in private matches (xbox)
  93. New Glitch Found
  94. extra long cease fire(360)
  95. Cache/Cookies
  96. The Amazing Vanishing Airstrike!
  97. Russian Artillery Upgrades DOESN"T WORK Glitch
  98. TOW Server Down
  99. PS3 Bluetooth Problem
  100. Headset and Pad problems
  101. Any way to avoid 2vs2 game ?
  102. Magic ninja riflemen
  103. Lost Rank
  104. MAJOR bug in Ramstein
  105. End War freezing PS3
  106. Legendary tank dissapears after dropped from game
  107. EndWar looks like it's been rushed!
  108. Raid Missions
  109. Destroyed Uplinks and Game Freeze?
  111. Air Stike LAG!?!?!?!?!
  112. Instant unit KIA
  113. Problems Connecting... Any suggestions?
  114. Unit overwritten by new unit deployment
  115. Freezing during message typing
  116. Gunship Problem [very serious]
  117. Noobie Question: Do USB Headsets Work For EndWar On A PS3?
  118. Log out problems
  119. Units MIA
  120. Unit Experience in Seige Mode: Bug?
  121. Units AWOL?
  122. Alpha not Delta ...ahhh!!!!
  123. All of a sudden I can't get the game to save my Lowest to Highest setting
  124. units losing rank?
  125. SKIRMISH & 2Vs2 battles
  126. My complaints (not to complain but to see something done about it)
  127. Units Dying Completely For NO REASON!! IMPORTANT!
  128. This was odd...
  129. War 2 Changing factions sever not working after
  130. Got reset to faction
  131. Game not recording wins
  132. Can a community admin please help?
  133. DISCONNECTED!!!!!!
  134. JSF 8th Assault missing upgrade
  135. PS3 Hard drive full ERROR MESSAGE
  136. options resetting
  137. 3v and 4v match bugs
  138. Parch 1.02 for Xbox on PS3?
  139. Patch 1.02 PROBLEMS
  140. Game Crashes
  141. Patches & Britain
  142. Escalation Pack Achievements
  143. PS3 Non-Patch Users = Impossible to Find Games
  144. END WAR PS3 won't go past load screen
  145. Units dissapearing/ being replaced in battle
  146. Anybody have problems downloading the expansion?
  147. PS3 Escalation expansion pack huge problem!!!
  148. Expansion pack and Tom Clancy pack in offline mode
  150. PS3: voice recognition has problems with numbers
  151. Brenner Pass Deployment Issues
  152. Units randomly disappearing. Why is this still happening?! Devs?
  153. PS3 TOW Destroyed....
  155. Explosive shell special attack doing no damage.
  156. Server Migration Issue - Games not Counted
  157. some support needed!
  158. Unit Death - no apparent reason
  159. expansion packs dont work with my game?
  160. Exclusive camo from VIP
  161. EndWar Red Screen Glitch/Problem?
  162. Units Getting demoted for leaving game
  163. units ranks
  164. Issue back again about stats not counting various other bugs
  165. DEVs: Pls fix serious bug on Brenner Pass/Chattanooga/Rondane
  166. Super Soldiers Achievement bugged!
  167. Crashing during Unit Selection
  168. Matchmaking system for EndWar
  169. Disconnecting
  170. Two. Two! TWO! TWOOOO!!!!!!!
  171. my microphone isnt working on PS3 system
  172. xbox 360 controller
  173. No credit
  174. Yet again, i lose another Legendary unit to the MIA bug
  175. blue tooth
  176. how do you get jeeps
  177. Where is the single player baracks?
  178. Xbox 360 Wired headset problem
  179. Cases where gunships instantly die
  180. Voice Output Not Coming Through Headset Only Speakers
  181. Host Supposedly Keeps Leaving in Matchmaking
  182. Lost Units and AI's
  183. host has left
  184. how to set land mines
  185. Anyway to guage enemy units skill/rank?
  186. Devs or Mods please read: EFEC Tanks VICRATOR doesnt work
  187. Setting up Bluetooth like Xbox Headset?
  188. Op For achievement glitch
  189. voice comand
  190. Developers READ NOW.
  191. Someone Official Plead Read
  192. very poor screen resolution
  193. Napoleon achievement
  194. Game lock up
  195. Problems Playing Online With Friend
  196. Multiplayer
  197. Server just went down- Hope it's to fix the issues.
  198. Game freeze while facing Europe?
  199. Hostile?
  200. Devs, some help please
  201. Stupid Question, but
  202. NOt getting money after a fight? AI related?
  203. Should it be a littler eassier to level up in light of how easy it is to Die?
  204. Voice Recognition Problems
  205. BLOS not working
  206. super soldiers trophy
  207. DEVS please read and FIX
  208. downloaded both downloads off market place. I don't see the specials? help
  209. Would it be possible to get a playercount online for each faction?
  210. Unit Loss Pre-loss Info For Devs
  211. Hard Crash in ToW (Xbox 360)
  212. Prevent freezing from "host has quit session"
  213. Voice Command - Alternative ways to say it
  214. Units Not Upgrading
  215. unit promotions
  216. nooo!
  217. 4vs4 on PS3
  218. Developers please read
  219. Damage Control
  220. (ps3) cant connect to server
  221. ok fix the glitch
  222. Developers please fix promotion glitch
  223. Units Not Getting Credit For Battles
  224. When is Promotions Getting fixed
  226. Can't Connect to TOW
  227. ok whts the deal
  228. you have GOT to be kidding me
  229. I swear to God...
  230. Unit Promotion & Lost XP
  231. Dev or Mod please read - Mission Options Problem
  232. Looks like the Developers are finally shaping up.
  233. Spzt 17
  234. unit KIA on Shenandoah...but not?
  235. This glitch is quite annoying
  237. Freezing 2 minutes into every game.
  238. 60 minutes + of failed game starts
  239. New Problem Where people suddenly drop from room
  240. Air Support Glitch- PS3
  241. Make it Harder to Murder Units! That would make the game way better?
  243. SGB Alpha Brigade glitch?
  244. Assault Evacuation Glitch - Super Annoying
  246. Command Veichle not gaining rank
  247. "your ready for theatre of war" achievment bug?
  248. Can't chat with teammates
  249. Games not recording on the leaderboard again
  250. Quitters should not be rewarded