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  2. I can't find the Gold Edition Pre-order for the Switch
  3. [Bug/Glitch] Buy abortion pills in dubai whatsapp:+1(424)4443857
  4. [Ubisoft Account] Whatsapp:+1(443)7189645 buy abortion pills in umm al quwain
  5. [Download/Installation] Standard Edition (Switch)
  6. [Download/Installation] Gold Edition Pre-order Format
  7. [Download/Installation] Digital Gold Edition / Pre-order Bonus Questions
  8. [Website] RŠpido Licencia de Conducir sin examen (EU) (https://www.auto-licenciadeconducir.com)
  9. [Ubisoft Store] Are the pre-orde physical gold edition for switch on US amazon will be multi-lingual?
  10. Physical Gold Edition not available in Canada?
  11. Stadium Armor?
  12. [Keys/Codes] A Tale of Fire & Lightning
  13. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  14. Anyone experiencing game crashing upon launching / loading?
  15. [Keys/Codes] Haven't received pre-order bonus content
  16. [Crash/Freeze] Fenyx whiout audio and then crash.
  17. [Missing Content] Bought the season pass in the eshop, game doesn't recognize it
  18. [Bug/Glitch] Achilles Vault First Puzzle not working.
  19. Photos
  20. [Bug/Glitch] Narcissus Fresco Bug
  21. Blurry Vision Quest Bug
  22. [Bug/Glitch] Getting stuck midair
  23. Orbs are Stuck for Eros
  24. puzzle at the turtle mountain
  25. [Crash/Freeze] My game keeps crashing
  26. Icons constantly disappear from mini map
  27. [Bug/Glitch] Glitch preventing puzzle progress
  28. [Bug/Glitch] Minor visual glitch in menu
  29. [Bug/Glitch] Possible Visual Glitch on certain wings?
  30. [Bug/Glitch] Pecking Orders - Not registering I have completed but rift closed
  31. [Bug/Glitch] Impossible Saving in safe area ?
  32. [Crash/Freeze] Keep crashing randomly
  33. Elektrum Rewards Not Working
  34. Checking for additional content...
  35. [Bug/Glitch] Game crashes/closes when waking from sleep
  36. Aiming sensitivity greyed out
  37. [Bug/Glitch] Receive error during auto save and loading start of digital game.
  38. [Download/Installation] Link account uplay to switch
  39. [Bug/Glitch] Bug preventing a kings peak constellation puzzle progress.
  40. [Bug/Glitch] (Game Breaking Bug) Shaken To The Core Mission
  41. [Bug/Glitch] Ero's heaven blue ball bug
  42. [Issue Not Listed] Online save problem
  43. [Bug/Glitch] Underworld armor skin not changing face
  44. [Issue Not Listed] Thank you Ubisoft
  45. [Bug/Glitch] Crest of Atalanta disappeared from the inventory
  46. [Bug/Glitch] Female Fenyx Drops Items to Right
  47. Problem with Hermes shop
  48. [Bug/Glitch] Kings Peak Tic Tac Toe Epic Chest
  49. Small Lyre - Ajax's Fort
  50. [Gameplay] Wont let me start the game.
  51. [Bug/Glitch] Clipping Through Ground
  52. Myth Constellation Challenge - King's Peak
  53. [Bug/Glitch] A Crying shame: Not recording Aphrodite's tear
  54. Click to play?
  55. Info about Monster Hunt Twitch Extension
  56. [Missing Content] Ubisoft Club Content Missing
  57. [Bug/Glitch] Ajax Fort Epic Cest barrier wont open
  58. How does Pacific Horizon Male Enhancement Work?
  59. [Bug/Glitch] Retrieve the salpinx from the protectors jaws
  60. [Crash/Freeze] Game card missing error when waking Switch from sleep
  61. [Peripherals] Nintendo Switch: Game wont let me edit x-axis sensitivity when using bow (y-ax-only
  62. [Bug/Glitch] Vault wont mark complete
  63. [Download/Installation] Purchased digital not received
  64. [Missing Content] Athena's vault no longer able to complete
  65. [Missing Content] One of the lyres near clashing rocks
  66. Glitch
  67. [Bug/Glitch] Hermes store no new stock
  68. [Accessibility] FOV silder/options
  69. [Missing Content] Missing Gold Pack
  70. [Ubisoft Account] Link to Ubisoft Account
  71. [Bug/Glitch] Mythical Fragment Missing
  72. [Bug/Glitch] Cant complete quest
  73. [Bug/Glitch] Apollo's Arrows Not Hitting
  74. [Bug/Glitch] Athena is in wrong location
  75. [Bug/Glitch] Canít complete legendary beast challenge
  76. [Bug/Glitch] Clashing rocks small lyre challenge
  77. Fenyx's voice
  78. [Ubisoft Connect] Issues Cross play between Ps4 and switch
  79. [Bug/Glitch] The Future is in Music Crash
  80. Help, game is stuck at reignite the forge of the gods quest
  81. [Bug/Glitch] Athena quest line stops after killing the hydra
  82. X-axis aiming sensativity greyed out
  83. Fresco ChallengeIt's right next to the main statue in the middle in Valley of Spring?
  84. Lighting on the Nintendo switch version is lazy
  85. Athena's last blessing bug
  86. Nintendo Switch bugs
  87. [Bug/Glitch] The characters (not Zeus or Prometheus) are very quiet
  88. [Issue Not Listed] Other Users On Our Map?
  89. [Bug/Glitch] Missing glow effects
  90. [Bug/Glitch] Custom button mapping not reflecting in UI
  91. [Bug/Glitch] The Future is in Music quest
  92. [Bug/Glitch] Screen Goes Haywire
  93. [Bug/Glitch] Apolloís Arrows Lose Control
  94. Tame unique mount breeds
  95. [Bug/Glitch] Fresco challenge
  96. [Missing Content] I bought the Season Pass from the Nintendo EShop, but it does not appear.
  97. Axe of Atalanta
  98. [Bug/Glitch] Canít get phosphor the lovebird - unlocked before phosphor quest
  99. [Bug/Glitch] Post Kallisto soft lock
  100. [Bug/Glitch] Bow Control
  101. [Bug/Glitch] Armored to the teeth achievement
  102. Ajax's Fort, small lyre puzzle
  103. Please fix the framerate on the Switch
  104. [Bug/Glitch] Not getting Elektrum from Live Tasks
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  107. Is a refund possible?
  108. [Ubisoft Connect] Logged into wrong Ubisoft account
  109. [Bug/Glitch] Torment of the Styx
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  111. Nintendo Switch Issues with game
  112. Help Please Forum Admin [De-Link Switch Account]
  113. [Bug/Glitch] Adonis fall glitch
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  115. [Bug/Glitch] War of Den glitch
  116. Gold purchased but still asking me to buy season pass? Nintendo Switch
  117. Litterally stuck in room in Vault of Typhon - no way out!
  118. How to get a fake Leeds Beckett University degree, buy an LBU diploma
  119. [Gameplay] Achilles not appearing
  120. [Feedback/Suggestion] Final post game thoughts
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  122. [Bug/Glitch] Helmets missing from inventory
  123. [Bug/Glitch] I don't have Tarnished Phosphor
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  125. [Gameplay] Customize Controls
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  128. [Bug/Glitch] Not reloading after falling in Tartarus
  129. [bug/glitch] missing block at small lyre in Ajaxís Fort
  130. Has anyone else found this white adamantine shard and are there more then one
  131. [Bug/Glitch] 7847 Days For HermŤs shop?
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  133. Hermes shop dont show the items
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  136. "A Tribute to Family" quest not appearing in NG+
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  142. [Bug/Glitch] Aphrodite Vault Bug/Glitch?
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  144. What to do with the pyre you get at the observatory after talking to the Oracle
  145. Switch version is constantly closing
  146. [Ubisoft Store] "Sorry, no items are available for your account."
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  148. [Bug/Glitch] Ubisoft Connect crash and missing glowing amber.
  149. I can't use purchased armor !!
  150. [Bug/Glitch] DLC bug (possible spoilers)