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  5. Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold
  6. [Accessibility] Immortals Fenyx Rising languages
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  8. [Keys/Codes] Playstation 5 upgrade pre-order content
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  10. PS5 upgrade not showing itself
  11. [Keys/Codes] Issue with missing content with Gold Edition edition (Disc version)
  12. [Performance] AWFUL stutter in performance mode
  13. [Keys/Codes] Preorder bonus code
  14. [Bug/Glitch] PS5 Disc Version In-Game Store Blank
  15. [Bug/Glitch] PS5 5.1 Audio voices are very very low.
  16. [Ubisoft Store] I just recieved my bonus code for pro ordering
  17. Rumble bug Dualsense controller
  18. Twitch Monster Hunt bonus items
  19. Brightness settings
  20. [Keys/Codes] Immortals Fenyx Rising – Digital Gold Edition PS4 & PS5
  21. [Gameplay] playstation5 dualsense button O,X problem
  22. [Bug/Glitch] Cant finish
  23. [Bug/Glitch] Cant finish 1 iles / impossible de finir 1ière île
  24. [Feedback/Suggestion] Epic Chest with Goat Statues Locked Out
  25. [Bug/Glitch] (PS5) Audio of Fenyx is not able to be heard [Videos Attached]
  26. [Feedback/Suggestion] Skin packages QoL make it where it stays active untill i change it.
  27. [Bug/Glitch] Clashing Rocks Big Lyre Fourth Golden Light
  28. Bought PS4/PS5 version and pre-order code content not on PS5
  29. [Missing Content] Bought PS4/PS5 and bonus pre-order mission not on PS5...
  30. [Achievement/Trophy] Trophy are not unlocked
  31. Ps5 Controller Haptics stop working until game reset
  32. [Accessibility] Language Activities and trophies
  33. [Bug/Glitch] Narration audio between Zeus and Prometheus no longer working.
  34. Photo mode
  35. [Ubisoft Connect] Online Service Error
  36. [Ubisoft Store] Can’t connect to store or Ubisoft connect
  37. Activity Card Resuming loads game with broken sound
  38. [Ubisoft Connect] Can’t connect to store or Ubisoft connect
  39. Trouble with immortal's Fenix rising
  40. [Performance] Graphical Artifacts
  41. [Bug/Glitch] Main Quest: A Crying Shame *BUGGED*
  42. [Crash/Freeze] This game is bricking up my PS5
  43. [Achievement/Trophy] Trophy issues with cross save
  44. [Feedback/Suggestion] Can not connect to Ubisoft Online
  45. [Bug/Glitch] Heroic tasks progression - Combat section not retroactive (PS5)
  46. Story progression locked after bug
  47. [Bug/Glitch] Small Graphic issue after remaping keys
  48. [Keys/Codes] Missing Pre-order DLC
  49. [Bug/Glitch] Audio bug (no sound) for character voices
  50. [Missing Content] MISSING DLC & Preorder Bonuses (Gold Edition)
  51. [Bug/Glitch] I cant complete the Main Mission athena glitch
  52. [Bug/Glitch] A Crying Shame Mission
  53. [Achievement/Trophy] mission complete trophy
  54. [Bug/Glitch] Pecking Orders
  55. [Bug/Glitch] The no wings glitch?
  56. [Bug/Glitch] Dual Sense vibration not operate
  57. One week on, still cannot access the bonus content from the Gold Edition.
  58. [Bug/Glitch] Vault of aphrodite
  59. [Download/Installation] Can't pass the "Blurry Vision" mission part
  60. [Bug/Glitch] No Preorder bonus mission & a few bugs to report
  61. [Missing Content] PS5 dlc still missing.
  62. [PS5] [BUG] Headphone audio changes when entering/exiting menu
  63. [Achievement/Trophy] Servant of the Gods trophy not popping
  64. [Missing Content] Missing the 3 weapons and bird skin from the 2 currency bundles
  65. Any updates on known issues since title update 1.03?
  66. [Issue Not Listed] Please someone help me! Its very upsetting I cant play this game that I love!
  67. [Bug/Glitch] Missing Constellation - Grove of Kleos
  68. [Missing Content] Missing midnight fragment (game crashed when opening chest)
  69. [Bug/Glitch] There are still issues with haptic feedback
  70. [Missing Content] Gold or preorder content missing on ps5? Look here for a working solution
  71. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Online services error
  72. Microstutter on PS5
  73. [Bug/Glitch] No sound from main character (but Zeus and Prometheus sounds are fine)
  74. [Bug/Glitch] Phosphor skin not unlocking
  75. Can UBI soft add the map soundtrack for the ps5 ui icon music?
  76. [Accessibility] Dismounting your mount should be tied to the drop down button
  77. [Bug/Glitch] Save file sync issue
  78. [Achievement/Trophy] Certain Trophies aren't unlocking
  79. Crash During Endgame Cutscene
  80. [Bug/Glitch] Pecking order bug
  81. [Keys/Codes] Ps5 upgrade not showing up
  82. [Achievement/Trophy] wing nut
  83. Gold edition digital content missing
  84. [Bug/Glitch] Missing Fragment
  85. [Achievement/Trophy] Ornithology Bug?
  86. Cant find the when the road gets rocky mission
  87. *READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING* Common issues and frequently asked questions
  88. This game is unplayable on ps5
  89. Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition: My season pass code has been redeemed already.
  90. [Ubisoft Account] Can't play Immortals because I can't Login to Ubisoft Account
  91. [Bug/Glitch] Fresco with only 1 piece
  92. [Achievement/Trophy] Trophies aren't unlocking even after fulfilling requirements
  93. Missing voices since latest update
  94. [Bug/Glitch] Something is missing here
  95. [Bug/Glitch] Forge of the Gods is inaccessible
  96. [Bug/Glitch] Stele of Achilles (Go Do Hero Things)
  97. [Ubisoft Store] Store unavailable at the moment, please come back later.
  98. [Bug/Glitch] Multiple store bugs / glitches
  99. [Achievement/Trophy]C-C-C-Combo
  100. [Bug/Glitch] Defeat Mythical Bosses Trophy/Task Glitched
  101. [Bug/Glitch] Ajax Fort buttons aren't loaded in
  102. Golder amber missing
  103. [Bug/Glitch] PC interface on PS5
  104. [Achievement/Trophy] Wing Nut glitched/not unlocking
  105. [Crash/Freeze] Absturz Aphrodite in der Götterhalle
  106. PS5 - After update game not starting
  107. "Who’s the Boss?" trophy glitched
  108. [Missing Content] Bonus content of immortals fenyx rising gold edition not available
  109. Game crashes when hole in sky opens up.
  110. [Bug/Glitch] Moria Tree Sanctuary Fresco Glitch
  111. Missing Elektrum
  112. Broken wings now missing
  113. [Bug/Glitch] Vault of Athena - Artemis statue won't unlock
  114. Gold Edition rewards
  115. "A debt repaid" quest/ Wings of Icarus vault not opening
  116. [Bug/Glitch] Lol Ps5 Version Load Pauses
  117. [Bug/Glitch] Unable to complete some Myth Challenges due to missing mechanics
  118. [Bug/Glitch] Legendary Heroic Task not progressing
  119. [Achievement/Trophy] Platinum not unlocked...
  120. [Bug/Glitch] Opened a chest but still flagged as unopened
  121. Heroic Task won't progress - Death Becomes Fenyx
  122. [Ubisoft Store] Store region locked?
  123. [Missing Content] Mission "A tale of fire and lightening" & mission "When the road gets rocky" missing
  124. [Bug/Glitch] Crest of Odysseus not in inventory
  125. Season pass
  126. [Crash/Freeze] PS5 Random Crashes
  127. [Performance] PS5 Weird audio stutter
  128. Stuck on top Observatory - Cannot Progress
  129. [Bug/Glitch] Weather won't clear on Kings Peak
  130. [Bug/Glitch] I didn't recieve my reward for the weekly challenge
  131. [Bug/Glitch] Cant finish
  132. [Missing Content] Mount locked after PS5 load
  133. Trophy Bugs
  134. Game Breaking Bug-Herakles Labors
  135. How do i get my rewards from the monster hunt twitch extention
  136. Patch Soon?
  137. [Bug/Glitch] “The Future is in the Music” Quest Not Starting
  138. [Missing Content] Missing wings after ps5 transfer
  139. [Performance] 60fps mode stutters
  140. PS4 disc, PS5 upgrade, no Tale of Fire and Lightning?
  141. [Bug/Glitch] Mount Sprinting w/Custom Controls Bug
  142. Fenyx the Horseman Trophy Bugged (PS5)
  143. [Bug/Glitch] Grove of Kleos Wraith Won’t Appear.
  144. bug/glitch Cleanse Athena's Temple of Corruption
  145. Unable to activate Navigation Challenge on King’s Peak...
  146. [Bug/Glitch] New bug following update 14th january.
  147. [Connectivity/Multiplayer] Online service error
  148. [Download/Installation] Cant download patch 1,10 /problem
  149. [Bug/Glitch] 1.1.0 Graphics glitch
  150. Trophies are glitched post patch
  151. Scrape/Click coming from controller
  152. Ornithology Trophy Unachieveable. Inventory / Chest Bug
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  154. [Bug/Glitch] Did not receive Achilles Seal
  155. [Bug/Glitch] Constant Crashing
  156. Hermès Elektrum Shop Empty
  157. [Bug/Glitch] Orinithology bug
  158. [Accessibility] Removing Community Photos Not Working
  159. [Crash/Freeze] Game is unplayable - Crashes before I can get past title screen
  160. Ever going to fix trophy issue?
  161. [Bug/Glitch] Typhon Portal
  162. [Bug/Glitch] Glitched out of battle in Nest Egg. Map Unavailable.
  163. [Bug/Glitch] Missing helmet & chest cosmetics
  164. Completed Ares Pot Ajar not registering
  165. [Bug/Glitch] How to stop ps4 disc installing ps4 version on PS5
  166. [Achievement/Trophy] Potion Professional Trophy gliched
  167. [Bug/Glitch] Unable to speak with Hephaistos
  168. [Bug/Glitch] "A Tribute to Family" bug
  169. [Bug/Glitch] Find a special pearl. Afrodita main quest glitch
  170. [Bug/Glitch] Can’t Turn In Spring Hope Eternal
  171. Unable to Submit Spring Hope Eternal (Video attached)
  172. Fresco completion glitched.
  173. [Bug/Glitch] King’s Peak Navigation challenge (No torches / No Rock)
  174. [Bug/Glitch] A Tribute to Family not appearing NG+
  175. [Bug/Glitch] Enemies Aim got uncalibrated.
  176. 3 glitched Ubisoft Challenges
  177. PS5 Gold Edition Items missing
  178. [Gameplay] How can I change the O an X buttons functions?
  179. Are Trophy Glitches Usually Patched?
  180. [Issue Not Listed] Ppsa number
  181. A Tribute to Family Cross Save Bug
  182. [Download/Installation] A new Hero dlc not shown ingame
  183. [Bug/Glitch] A Breakthrough Quest Not Activating
  184. [Bug/Glitch] Cannot download A New God DLC bug even when i have the season pass on ps5
  185. Ps5 trophy glitch
  186. Mexico Coffee Beans
  187. [Accessibility] https://chrisharrisoncbdoil.wixsite.com/chris-harrison-cbd
  188. Immortals Fenyx Rising PS5 DLC A New God Not Working
  189. A New God crashing when entering trials.
  190. [Achievement/Trophy] Overblessed Trophy Glitch
  191. Fenyx Rising: a new God progress glitch in Trials of Zeus after last fight
  192. [Bug/Glitch] Still cannot progress past wings of hermes
  193. [Bug/Glitch] Finished the DLC and Stuck on 98% of Trophies (Spring Hope Eternal)
  194. Problema dlc immortal fénix rising
  195. Problem dlc immortal fénix rising
  196. [Gameplay] Total Collectables?
  197. [Website] Buy fake money online ((www.legalpaperline.com)) driver's license, identity card
  198. Missing total relics glitch
  199. Returning to original game
  200. [Bug/Glitch] [Bug] All Wings Missing
  201. DLC not working
  202. [Missing Content] Dlc lost me 50 hours of gameplay
  203. [Accessibility] 40+ hrs progress deleted
  204. A new God PS5 not appearing
  205. [Achievement/Trophy] Unable to get "Look, no hands!" Trophy
  206. [Achievement/Trophy] Multiple trophies not unlocking
  207. [Bug/Glitch] Tarnished phosphor not appearing in inventory
  208. [Bug/Glitch] Immortals fenyx rising - apple of discord quest is broke
  209. [Bug/Glitch] Map photo sync bug
  210. [Bug/Glitch] (Another) Progression bug in Trial of Zeus after today's update
  211. Retroactive trophy unlocks for PC Cross-Save
  212. [Missing Content] A new God DLC still not been fixed?
  213. [Ubisoft Store] In-game Store not working
  214. [Bug/Glitch] Story Progression bugged in New Game Plus
  215. [Bug/Glitch] Trophy 'Fenyx the Horseman' glitched
  216. [Bug/Glitch] Fenyx Rising the cyberpunk 2077 DLC
  217. Are Trophy Glitches Usually Patched?
  218. Ever going to fix trophy issue??
  219. [Bug/Glitch] Optimal Life Keto
  220. Trophies are glitched post patch?
  221. [Bug/Glitch] Passage in the Abyss - Chest
  222. [Bug/Glitch] A New God, Hephaistos Trial Locked
  223. Missing Crest of Odysseus
  224. Fast Driver's License without exam (EU) (https://www.auto-licenciadeconducir.com
  225. [Achievement/Trophy] PS4 to PS5 trophies aren't popping.
  226. [Bug/Glitch] It Ain’t Much, But It’s Honest Work side quest bugged
  227. Bug/Glitch Godly powers have disappeared
  228. [Achievement/Trophy] Please fix servant to the gods trophy
  229. [Achievement/Trophy] Cross saves can permanently lock out trophies
  230. New God trial glitch
  231. How much to buy a fake University of Adelaide degree online
  232. [Bug/Glitch] Wings unavailable after using Ares wrath
  233. [Crash/Freeze] Constant crashing with latest update on PS5
  234. Game crashing
  235. Kings peak
  236. [Achievement/Trophy] Not Too Close to the Sun Glitched
  237. [Bug/Glitch] Game unplayable on PS5
  238. systematic crash on PS5
  239. Game keeps on crashing when approaching mid area
  240. Game The New God
  241. [Gameplay] DLC New God
  242. [Crash/Freeze] Go do hero things quest
  243. Connect core challenges not working..
  244. [Download/Installation] Accessing PS4 saves for PS5 using PS+ cloud (not Ubi cloud save)
  245. [Download/Installation] Can't leave the island... Still prepping!!?!!
  246. Fix reaction times of controls
  247. [Bug/Glitch] Taiming new horse crashes my game
  248. [Bug/Glitch] Game in a crash loop
  249. [Bug/Glitch] Wing Nut bug.. Have all 22 and no achiev
  250. [Missing Content] No dlc